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Nuclear Power generation

02  Nuclear power generation

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Engineering GREAT solutions through people, products, innovation and service IMI Precision Engineering is a world-leader in fluid and motion control. Building close, collaborative relationships with our customers, we gain a deep understanding of their engineering needs and then mobilise our resources and expertise to deliver distinctive products and solutions. Wherever precision, speed and engineering reliability are essential, our global footprint, problem-solving capability and portfolio of high performance products enables us to deliver GREAT solutions which help customers tackle the world’s most demanding engineering challenges. > Reliability We deliver and support our high quality products through our global service network. > High performance products Calling on a world-class portfolio of fluid and motion control products including IMI Norgren, IMI Buschjost, IMI FAS, IMI Herion and IMI Maxseal. We can supply these singly, or combined in powerful customised solutions to improve performance and productivity. > Partnership & Problem Solving We get closer to our customers to understand their exact challenges.

Nuclear power generation 

Proven solutions for the nuclear industry IMI Precision Engineering has intimate applications knowledge and proven technology to design and manufacture nuclear class valves (To ASME, RCC-M, I-EEE, KTA and OTT) for safety related applications on Nuclear Power Plants globally. With worldwide reputation for quality, service and reliability we have Nuclear Class product in service for over 40 years. IMI Precision Engineering is recognized as global provider of instrumentation and automation control solutions. Our products include: > Solenoid Valves to control different kinds of pneumatically operated process valves > Process Solenoid Valves to control different kinds of fluid media > Bellows Sealed and Gland Packed Globe Valves > Bellow Sealed and Gland Packed Instrumentation Valves and Manifolds > Check Valves > Pressure Regulators and Pressure Control Solutions > Excess Flow Valves Additional products are available for industrial automation applications: > Pressure Switches > Instrumentation Air Treatment (Filtration and Pressure Control) > Actuators


04  Nuclear power generation

Globally Installed Base IMI Precision Engineering offers ASME N-Stamp accreditation, with a globally installed base in the nuclear industry – US and Chinese AP 1000´s Chinese CPR 1000’s and VVER´s. On-going support on originally supplied product continues on UK´s AGR fleet and PWR plant for their Plant Life Extension and General Maintenance needs. Additional reactors abroad include: > CANDU PHWR´s (Canada, Romania, China, Argentina and South Korea) > BWR´s (Sweden and Finland) > PWR´s (Belgium, China and Slovenia) > VVER´s (China, Czech Republic, Finland and Slovakia)

IMI Precision Engineering has dedicated technical expertise and comprehensive nuclear capabilities. > Proven in Safety > Proven in Reliability > LOCA tested > Proven in use at harshest conditions and environments > Development and supply Solutions for high performance power stations > Dedicated facilities > Legislation aware > Applications expertise > Single engineering point for fluid control and instrumentation valves

Nuclear power generation  05

primary coolant system

secondary coolant system

cooling water system humid air

1 reactor building

steam generator

2 machine room steam (64 bar 280ºC) high press. turbine low press. turbines generator feed water

reactor pressure vessel


main cooling water

cooling tower


atomized spray air

Quality assurance Our products are qualified for extremely harsh conditions and used extensively worldwide on Nuclear Power Stations, they are easy to maintain, straightforward to operate and remain reliable and trouble free for years of service. We offer a dedicated supply chain with all necessary nuclear industry certifications and qualifications:

> ASME ‘N’ Stamp - Cert # N-2931 > ASME ‘NPT’ Stamp - Cert # N-2932 > ASME SECTION III NCA 4000 > ASME III CLASS 1, 2, 3, Latest Edition > ASME NQA-1 > RCC-M > 10CFR50 APPENDIX B > 10CRF21 > Candu Owners group - COG/CANPAC REPORT # 6-002 > CSA CAN3 Z299.2-1985 > CAN CSA N285.0-95 > CSA B51

> Tractabel Engineering Belgium (Performed by Vincotte) – Cert # 3310 > Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power Co (KHNP) – Cert # SP 201 200714 > ISCIR Romania – Cert # 2N-E01/4-2013 > Det Norske Veritas (DNV) Sweden - Cert # DNV10274 > Scanpower Sweden on behalf of Swedish Nuclear Power Plants > Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) Cert # CE57556 > ISO9001:2008 (Cert # FM 00315) > HAF604 > Rolls Royce Approval # 0052

06  Nuclear power generation

Nuclear We can offer an extensive range of nuclear class valve products for PWR, BWR, CANDU and other proven reactor types. The product range is also applicable to nuclear facilities, waste management and decommissioning programs. The products listed in this section, all conform to ASME and RCC-M Nuclear Class 1, 2 & 3 Design Rules.

ASME Certified Pressure Regulator

Bellows Sealed Globe Valves High Integrity Bellow Sealed Valves provide excellent leak tight integrity on applications such as Primary Circuit Instrument Isolation, Gas Collection and Monitoring, Coolant Storage and Treatment, Gaseous Waste Processing and Hydrogen Monitoring.

Dome Loaded Regulators & Back Pressure Valve Often custom engineered to meet the application requirements, we supply product to a vast range of applications including Hydrogen Monitoring, Fuel Handling, Nitrogen Blanketing, ElectroDeionisation / Steam Generator and Feedwater Recirculation.

Pressure Regulators Our range of Spring Loaded Regulators are utilised in applications such as Reactor Vessel Hydraulic Control, Boron Fast Shutdown Systems, Primary Circuit Moderator Systems, Gas Collection and Monitoring and Coolant Storage and Treatment System.

Welded Inline Piston Check Valve 3 Valve Instrumentation Manifold – Bellows Sealed

Nuclear power generation  07

Check Valves Our Nuclear Class Check Valves are utilised in applications such as Control & Instrumentation, Gaseous Waste Processing, Nuclear Component Drain & Vent Systems, Gas Collection and Monitoring and Nuclear Component Cooling. Excess Flow Valves With an accurate and predictable shut off, this product is typically utilised for Primary, Secondary and Auxiliary Circuit Instrumentation Line Breakage Protection.

Welded Pressure Vessel

Welded Inline Bellows Sealed Globe Valve Bellows Sealed Multi-valve Instrumentation Manifolds

08  Nuclear power generation

Solenoid Valves IMI Herion Solenoid Valves are used to control different applications within many VVER’s (pressurised light water cooled reactors) around the world since the early 1970’s. They are typically used on various ball / globe / gate – valve assemblies operated by high pressure actuators (from globally recognised manufacturers). These actuators require IMI Herion Pilot Operated Solenoid Valves, to ensure safety on water and steam circuits.

Type overview >  1090048: 5/2WV, DN 12, CV >  1090050: 3/2 WV, DN 8, CV >  1090051: 3/2 WV, DN 8, CV, PR >  1090052: PR, DN 8 (Pressure Regulator) >  1090053: 3/2 WV, DN 8, CV, SV, PR >  1090054: 5/2 WV, DN 25, CV, SV, PR >  1090055: 5/2 WV, DN 25, CV >  1090056: 5/2 WV, DN 25 > 1090057: 5/2 WV, DN 6, CV >  1090058: 5/2 WV, DN12, CV, SV, PR > 1090059: 3/2 WV, DN 12, CV >  1090060: PR, DN 12 (Pressure Regulator) > 1090064: 5/2 WV, DN 12, CV, y1 redundant Check Valve (CV) – Ensure pressure maintenance in case of an accident. Safety Valve (SV) – Guard against exceeding the max. pressure. Pressure Reducer (PR) – Ensure a constant inlet pressure.

Certificates/Approval > DIN EN ISO 9001 > German KTA 1401 > OTT87 (design in accordance or complies) > IEEE qualified Solenoid Valve > Pressure Equipment Directive (97/23/EC) > PAKS – Quality Assurance Certificate

Nuclear power generation  09

5/2 way pilot operated valve

Operating pressure 75 bar

3/2 way pilot operated valve

Operating pressure 75 bar

DN 12 10900590949

DN 12


10  Nuclear power generation

Nuclear power generation  11

Process Valves Process Solenoid Valves are applied in different applications across diagnostic and measurement systems. One of the most extended applications is the radiation monitoring system where the valves are used as Isolation Safety Shut-off Valves. Solenoid valves provide an added advantage by its natural position – “normally closed” – which means that when the coil is de-energised, the valve is closed for quick fluid isolation. Most process solenoid valves are equipped with open / closed position indicators. These valves are offered with end-connections to a wide range of specifications.

IMI Precision Engineering operates four global centres of technical excellence and a sales and service network in 50 countries, as well as manufacturing capability in the USA, Germany, China, UK, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Mexico and Brazil. For information on all IMI Precision Engineering companies visit www.imi-precision.com Supported by distributors worldwide.

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Power generation - Relevant product brands: IMI Norgren, IMI Buschjost, IMI Herion


Power generation - Relevant product brands: IMI Norgren, IMI Buschjost, IMI Herion