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The chef in you wants to study restaurant management. Why not? You have greater chances of getting employed as a chef if you study restaurant management at a European Culinary Arts school. You are given the opportunity of improving your knowledge on foods and dishes and at the same time you learn how to become a better manager. What are the phases of the European Culinary Arts school? A course in this field lasts for five months, during which time you will be taught the art of cooking and leading a restaurant. There are two types of courses that you can apply for: Higher Diploma and Bachelor of Arts in European Culinary Management, the second being an extension to the first course. You will study restaurant management at professional levels, because in tourism you can only get and stay at the top if you begin at the top. What previous experience do you need? In order to study restaurant management for a Higher Diploma you first of all need to have a high school certificate and at least 17 year of age. The profile of the perfect candidate at the European Culinary Arts school includes previous experience in the culinary field. Those who are already chefs and have been practicing their jobs for a while now are even better prepared for such a course. By enrolling, chefs are given the chance of improving their knowledge and of gaining more experience, both theoretical and practical. After they successfully complete the course the chances of getting employed will rise significantly.

What will you learn? Apart from Western gastronomic cookery, those willing to follow such a course will also teach management and marketing of food and beverage. Among these courses are: Food Costing, Services Marketing, Personal Development Planning, Food and Beverage Facilities Management, and many more. Apart from all these classes, you can also learn how to correctly pronounce the Spanish “paella” or how to put the right accent on the French “croissant” - all this because the curriculum includes an incursion into one of the European languages. Students can choose to learn Spanish, French or German and at the same time they will be continuously improving their English. Thus, a study in restaurant management is aimed at those who already have a bit of experience in the field and who want to occupy junior management positions. The European Culinary Arts school programme is well devised and has visible results in a relatively short amount of time.

The chef in you wants to study restaurant management. Why not