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Interview Exercise/Speech

Question Writer: I need the list of questions from you. Role: Work with other members of group to develop at least 10 open-ended questions that tell a story about job of the person interviewed. Questions must include: • • •

A difficult situation and how that person dealt with it. A statistic. Something that the speech writer can use as a direct quote.

Researcher: I need a paragraph and citation from you. Role: Research what is available about the job your person does from publications/website/I’ll let you use Wikipedia for this one. You only need to present one source in MLA style. Interviewer/: I need your responses to questions from you. Role: Work with other members of group to interview subject. When you return from the interview, write the answers to the questions in the Google Doc. Remember to write down information so presenter can have direct quote, difficult situation, and statistics for speech. Speech writer/Presenter: I need an outline of speech and you must present the speech in front of the group. Role: Using the research gathered and questions provided write an outline in the doc to give adequate 2-3 minute speech. You need to present the speech based on what you have written. You must practice this speech at least once in front of your group. Each group member must submit what I have asked for on the Google Doc assigned to your group

Week 6: Interview Exercise  
Week 6: Interview Exercise  

Public Speaking Week 5