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Branded Content App Get the right message to the right consumer at the right time

Benefits of a branded magazine

Today’s advertisers struggle to gain the attention of consumers. An overload of content has caused ad avoidance and brand marketers now need to create relevant and engaging dialogues. While 85% of marketers publish branded content, only 36% feel that they are doing it effectively (Forrester 2013). This means that over half of them are missing out on the benefits that mobile offers.

• Be where your audience is; one quarter of all organic search traffic now originates from mobile devices (MMA 2013). • Be easier to recommend; brand recommendations from friends and family are better trusted than texts from brands (CMI 2012). • Create an engaging dialogue and let consumers select their own content, push messaging no longer works (Young 2010). • Become a trusted advisor in the eyes of your customers and provide useful information, advice and ideas (Forrester 2013). • Repurpose your content, underscoring the multi-channel nature of content marketing (CCI 2013).

“Most marketers are struggling to build content at scale — to get the right message to the right consumer at the right time.” – Tracy Stokes, Forrester

Taking a Mobile First Strategy

imgZine (pronounced imagine) offers a mobile platform for producing smart and real-time Branded Content Apps, based on your existing content. The platform is inspired by the success of digital magazines like Flipboard, Pulse and Zite, as well as traditional print magazines. This combination translates into a more engaging and personalized experience for your readers. Building on business intelligence and analytics, imgZine offers key insights for you.

• Create an engaging dialogue with your readers • Manage your app easily • Aggregate and/or curate existing content sources • Release your publications in multiple platforms: iOS, Android, Windows and (mobile) web • Get a standardized solution

get smart with branded content

To ensure that your customers are fully engaged, they need to be satisfied with the content that is being delivered. At imgZine, we analyze large amounts of data to understand reading behavior on tablets and smartphones and determine what your customers value and prefer. In addition to these insights imgZine developed a recommender engine that is geared to:

• Target specific content to your customers and ensure that they are engaged • Recommend articles that your customers value and prefer

Recommended articles are read by of users


Non-recommended articles are read by of users


Application Features

Our Branded Content Apps contain a variety of features, including:

• Beautiful design

• Dashboard/analytics

• Content curation

• Real time updates

• Content aggregation

• Multiple languages

• Personalization

• Notifications

• Social media feeds

• Push messages

• Social sharing

• Recommended articles

• Offline reading

• Targeted content

• Advertisements

“The more engaging the role of the brand, the more memorable the integration will be.” – Nigel Hollis, Millward Brown

Increase your brand awareness with relevant content It may sound basic, but a key to the success of branded content is for it to be relevant. Otherwise, why would any (potential) customer want to engage with it? With imgZine’s mobile platform you are able to deliver relevant, entertaining and informative content through real-time communications. Are you seeking to engage your consumers and build a long-term relationship? Contact us today to get started.

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Branded Content App