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Full Transparency Regarding Links In This Report This report in its unedited form may include some recommendations that have personally helped the author in his online business and are marked between blue brackets E.g. >> << These links are called affiliate links. This means that if the recommendation makes sense to you and/or your online business, the author will make a small commission from your purchase. The commission goes into motivating both the author and his friends to create more reports just like this one and both parties thank you in advance for your support. What You Can And Cannot DO With This Report You Can Share This Report With Your Friends [YES] You Can Share This Report With Your Social Network e.g., Google+ Circles [YES] You Can Share This Report With Your Own Subscribers [YES] You Can Add This Report To Your Own Product If Its Related [YES] You Can Share This Report With Your JV Partners [YES] You Can SELL This Report [NO] You Can EDIT This Report [NO]

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â&#x2DC;&#x2026;Introduction â&#x2DC;&#x2026; If you're a Digi Traffic Accelerator practitioner then you already possess a tool to help you automate the process of getting social backlinks from traffic accelerator sites. Awesome! However, getting social backlinks from these sites should not be the only source of getting backlinks back to your sites. Why? Because it's not the smart thing to do ... I want you to think of backlinks like eggs. Eggs?! Yeah, i know it's a bit unorthodox but think of it this way. If you had a farm (=your website) would you put all YOUR eggs(=your backlinks) in one basket (=your backlinking campaign)? Of course not! Because it just wouldn't make sense if your basket broke (=value of your backlinks devalued by Google overnight in their next update). Hope that makes sense? So link diversity is probably one of the most important mindsets and actions that you should always endeavour to achieve for your websites. So what are these "other sources of getting backlinks"? One of them are Profile Backlinks and in this report you'll learn: 1. Where To Get These Profile Links (=The "Fish") 2. An Authority Code To Help You Get More Profile Links (=Becoming The "Fisher").

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★ 7PR Links aka PR7 Gold Nuggets ★ ** DO THIS PROPERLY (=SOME ADVICE) ** Make sure to create a full account with your penname and take the time to fill in ALL THE DETAILS including an uploaded profile image. After you have created a free account i know it's going to be tempting to immediately add your keywords but don't! Instead, leave the accounts for a week or longer before you add your keywords. This is important since some moderators of the sites may remove your account and you want those links to stick! I got this killer tip from SEO Expert Matt Carter over >> HERE << After you've left your account for 7 days, you'll need to place the links back to to your sites in one of the following areas: a) The signature b) home page/URL/Website(if mentioned) or c) in the "about me" area. Some of the sections will have a editor where you can use one of two codes depending on what site you're at. These may be in HTML CODE or BB CODE (Make Sure To Check That Your Links Work By Previewing Them!)

HTML CODE => <a href=””>your keyword</a> BB CODE => [url=http://www.yourkeyword .com]your keyword[/url].

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â&#x2DC;&#x2026; The PR7 List â&#x2DC;&#x2026; At the time of this writing the following sites are PR7 which may be verified by using the tool called seoquake which you can get over >> HERE << As a special gift i've also included a PR8 site i.e. LiveStream.Com below :o) I've also included screenshots from some of my own profiles(= censored out in black for obvious reasons). This is to give you an idea of where you should place your own keywords a week after you create your accounts as recommended on the previous page. 1. Buddypress.Org (PR7)

2. DotNetSlackers.Com (PR7)

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3. IndieBound.Org (PR7)

4. LiveStream.Com (PR8)

5. Multiply.Com (PR7)

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6. Topo.Com (PR7)

7. Change.Org (PR7)

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â&#x2DC;&#x2026;How To Find More Gold Nuggets â&#x2DC;&#x2026; You can find a lot of sites to leave profiles at by reverse engineering the user names others are using for their profile links. I learnt how to reverse engineer backlinking profiles from SEO Expert Matt Carter over >> HERE << Matt discusses the exact steps to get this done using google's advanced search option. and even covers an authority code to find forums en masse to leave backlinks at. If you haven't heard of Authority Codes ... Authority codes are special codes that you type into google to find high page rank sites to leave backlinks. I've included one of my own authority codes (marked in purple below) below to wrap up this report. This is the same Authority Code i used to find the site Change.Org and have included a small screenshot so that you know where to enter the code. The FB Join Authority Code To Type In Google => site:".org"

"join with facebook"

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So what does the above code site:".org" "join with facebook" mean? Code Translation: Give me all .org sites that want me to connect with facebook. Try replacing .org part of the code with .com and .net and play around with the code and let me know how you are doing :o) Cheers And God Bless, Adam "Let's Share The Knowledge" Tezer – www.DigiArticleBlasterReview.Net –

★ Liked This Report?★ If you liked this report i think you'll like my post at DigiArticleBlasterReview.Net called Six Tips To Converting Your Traffic that will teach you HOW to convert your current and future traffic. Click >>HERE<< to go there now.

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