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Laurie is an accomplished manager in a large firm. She runs a great team and consistently over delivers on her targets. This year she is already $11 million past her budgeted revenue targets. Right on, Laurie! Yet this competent professional disclosed how she has a real need to please. She craves acceptance and approval. Laurie is also frustrated with her boss who fails to recognize and appreciate her achievements. And yet she also hates to stand out in a crowd. Whoa - talk about conflicted intentions - a need for approval and a fear of fame. No wonder she feels paralyzed. There's no career advancement for Laurie while she struggles under the weight of these hefty, draining vibes. This is how we cleaned up the vibe and got massive turn-around results. Block Buster Tip #1: It's not about your boss. For Laurie, the hardest thing to realize was that no amount of complaining and worry was going to fix her boss. If things were going to change, she had to change. Together we exposed her real enemy: the beliefs that she was not worthy and not good enough. With beliefs like that, who needs enemies? Laurie was systematically sabotaging her own success because of her 'unworthy' vibes. We re-wrote those beliefs with some strong replacements: I am worthy. I am good enough. I am fabulous. We integrated the beliefs using a balancing methodology and presto, Laurie was re-born as an independent, resilient professional. The change was that fast and dramatic. Block Buster Tip #2: Sometimes it is about your boss. With Laurie all pumped up on knowing she was indeed worthy and deserving of acclaim, she realized that her current workplace just did not reflect her idea of a supportive workplace. Laurie could either stay and try to turn the culture around, or leave.

Laurie chose to leave. She has since been employed by a competitor for 30% more money, less pressure, and a boss that is fawning and grateful for her work. When Laurie got her beliefs, and thus her vibe, in resonance with her desires, things just clicked. The thing to note here too is that environments reflect your dominant feeling vibration: once you change your vibration, you'll notice a discord in the situation. You can either stay where you are in that relationship, in that job, in that body), or you can open to new possibilities. Sometimes this means waiting for things change on their own, and sometimes it means you take the plunge and move to a new environment. Whatever feels best for you is always the right answer. Block Buster Tip #3: Stand up, tall poppy, no one is going to cut you down...unless you let them. The 'tall poppy syndrome' is known in Australia as the tendency to cut people down who rise above their station. The fear of getting lambasted keeps people firmly in their place, resisting the limelight. This was definitely one of Laurie's issues. She wanted to be acknowledged, but she did not want to be criticized. It kept her playing, and feeling, small. This fear of fame is like any other fear: there is an underlying belief triggering it. Maybe you have a belief like, "If I am recognized, then jealous people will criticize me", or perhaps, "If I am recognized then people will find out I'm a fake." Guess what happens with these types of beliefs? That's right, folks full of venom and spite are drawn to you. They can feel your fear of fame vibe. They hunt you down like dingos with a scent of blood. Solution? Change the belief, change the vibe, and no more dingos or tall poppy razor gangs dancing on your doorstep. With fear of fame beliefs, there's a whopper of a belief in there like, "I am a fake", or "I deserve to be punished." You'll know what it is for you - it will push all your I-want-to-cry buttons. For Laurie, the belief was "I'm not as good as the others". When we started dissecting this one it did not take long for her to see how unfounded this one was. After all, she was the company's star performer. With these types of beliefs, I suggest you tackle them head first by working out how ridiculous they are. Byron Katie's the Work is a fabulous strategy for this. With your fear of fame reduced to nothing, you'll attract all the fame and recognition you truly deserve and enjoy it too!

Laurie was able to soak up all the praise and appreciation she finally did get from her boss as she was leaving: she stood tall and proud. She knew in her bones that she deserved it. Block Buster Tip #4: Your secret weapon - the fame corner In Feng Shui principles, each area of your home or office relates to an aspect of your life. The fame and reputation area is directly across from the entrance of your office, in the middle of the far wall. It's associated element is fire, and its colour is red. Once you've dealt with your limiting beliefs and are in vibrational resonance with fame, then you can revamp your office space with these simple tips: * Add something red to that area of the room. A photo, a piece of artwork, or even a little piece of red fabric will do. You can even paint the wall red there too. * Place a candle in that area. * Add images of what success means to you. I added a small image of Pepe, the Goddess of Divine Passion - with an erupting volcano in the background (lots of fire there!). What happened? * I was published in a book, Messages in a Bottle 2 * I was nominated recently for my writing in Compass Bearings by the Avatar Awards * I was added to Alexandria's Brown list of achievers * and my newsletter subscribers have soared. Fame? With more readers, sales, and self-esteem, I'm a fan. You can be too!

ZoĂƒÂŤ Routh is the Head Coach at Inner Compass, the exclusive Law of Attraction Growth Center for funky evolved professionals where you can get the FREE Law of Attraction Checklist. Zoe has paddled 30 weeks by canoe, run 6 marathons, hiked hundreds of kilometres in Australia's outback, belly danced at various festivals, written a book, survived cancer, married a fair dinkum Aussie bloke, and wrestled a 6 meter crocodile. It's all true, except for the crocodile part.

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==== ==== Increase the likes on your Facebook Pictures, Comments and FANpages so you can win any contest - its free you only need to download facebook foto liker. You get 85 likes everytime you use it ==== ====

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