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What we do ….  Helidex Offshore supplies high quality aluminum helicopter landing platforms for the offshore oil industry and for onshore applications such as rooftop helipads.  Associated Support structures and equipment.  Lighting and fire suppressions systems  Supplied helidecks/heliports for the following:  Offshore Fixed Oil Rigs  FPSO – FSO  Supply Vessels  Semi Submersibles  Jack-up Platforms  Barges, lift boats  Hospitals, Office Buildings/Headquarters


Rooftop Helidecks

Worldwide presence….  We supply aluminum pancakes, support structures and related equipment, such as lighting and fire suppression systems for offshore platforms and marine vessels for the oil industry throughout the world. We also supply rooftop helipads for hospitals, office and government buildings.  Representatives in 5 continents.  We have supplied decks in the US, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Singapore, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia and the UAE to name a few countries. We cover North America, Central/South America, Africa, Middle East, and Asia

Offshore - Gulf of Mexico

Offshore Rig - Mexico

Supply Vessel - Canada

Supply Vessel - Canada

We can ship your helideck anywhere in the world

Hospital Helipad - Alaska

Aluminum versus Steel ….  Aluminum construction has advantages over steel Lighter weight – Savings of up to 60% over steel Corrosion resistant, no rust Maintenance free Extruded: Deck surface includes non-slip surface. Special paint or slip resistant coating not required.  Lower cost (particularly considering life cycle costs)  Stiffer, stronger deck construction with extruded deck slats versus flat metal plates  Lower fabrication/installation labor cost.    

Aluminum helidecks are used throughout the world

Heliflex Planking….  Lightest deck planks in the industry (8.3 PSF) with high strength to weight ratio.  Original V shape design  Tongue and Groove watertight decking system  Simple clamping system  Easily assembled into panels  Serrated and Knurled topside.  DNV certified coefficient of friction

Patented lightweight planking system in use for over 10 years

Easier Field Assembly Helideck provides fabricated assemblies for either stick built or modular construction NO FIELD WELDING REQUIRED Assembled by bolting or clamping Lower assembly labor cost Stick built  Lower fabrication cost  Higher assembly cost  More time for field erection  Modular  Higher fabrication cost  Lower assembly cost  Rapid field erection     

Assembled helidecks offshore, on vessels and onshore

Modular Construction …  Uses patented design details  Prefabricated assemblies are bolted together  Preassembled Deck panels  Preassembled Safety nets  Unfolding stairs  Very rapid field assembly with less field labor

 Special patented design details permit the entire deck to be assembled at grade and lifted into position  Lower scaffolding costs  Safer construction

Shipped in knock-down form or pre-assembled panels

High Quality Materials …  6005-T5 and 6061-T6 grade aluminum construction.  Material procured from reputable US Mills  Isolation using special fasteners and neoprene between aluminum and steel.  316 Stainless Steel bolts, nuts and washers.  Sherwin Williams/Jotun Marine Grade coatings.  Class 1, Div. 2 Lighting system  Zone 1 lighting system  DNV certified tie-down system  DNV certified safety net system  DNV certified steel equivalency

Helidecks supplied with all certificates and approvals

Typical Services . . . Detailed Engineering and Class Approval Submission Site selection and code compliance review with client Material procurement In-house design and fabrication Shipping of helideck package Engineering oversight during field assembly Client typically provides local labor for field assembly of the helideck under Helidex supervision  Designs approved by ABS, DNV, BV, LR and other agencies       

In-house design & fabrication – Design to any code

Additional Features . . .            

Aluminum or steel support structure Stairs, walkways and FIFI Platforms Conventional AFFF Foam Fire Suppression System DIFFS AFFF Fire Suppression System Piping for drains and fire monitors Fuel/water Separator Solar Powered electrical system Radio Receiver/Controller Landing net Crash-rescue equipment Status light Helicopter starter unit

Supply aluminum pancakes only or complete package

Helidex Offshore Advantages . . .  Helidex provides high quality aluminum helidecks custom designed for offshore and onshore applications  In-house engineering and fabrication  Cost effective system  Best supply lead time in the industry  Company owned and managed by licensed professional engineers  Custom designed and patented aluminum profiles  Patented design details can be used to make field assembly of the helideck quick and relatively simple  No field welding  Fast and easy clamping system

Leading supplier of aluminum helidecks with proven track record

Our Clients . . .                       

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186 Paterson Avenue, Suite 303 East Rutherford, New Jersey 07073 – USA Tel: 1(201) 636-2546 - fax: 1(201) 636-2548

Representatives in USA – Mexico – Brazil – UAE – India – Singapore - Norway

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Helidex Brochure