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IMEM Lifts is one of Europe’s leading lift manufacturers with a well-established reputation for quality and reliability. IMEM Lifts has almost 50 years’ professional experience as a lift designer and manufacturer, including over 20 years of service with the UK lift industry. Our clients and collaborators include lift companies both large and small, architects and consultants, with the straightforward aim of providing British lift professionals with vertical transport solutions of high added-value: lifts which are easy to install and maintain, reliable and long-lasting with competitive pricing and specification.

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What makes imem Lifts unique as a lift manufacturer?

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IMEM Lifts Financial Strenght

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Newsletter LIFTEX 2013

Are you looking for a lift manufacturer who understands your needs? If you are a lift installation and maintenance company, a consultant, an architects’ or engineering firm looking to establish a fruitful relationship with an elevator manufacturer which •  can give you comprehensive advice on the design of complete lift systems based on the specific requirements of your project and decades of practical experience in lift design and manufacture, •  manufactures both the electrical and the mechanical systems of the lift design with the latest technology and cast-iron guarantees, •  can supply lifts for your clients branded according to your instructions, •  and provides the best comprehensive technical support service –both electrical and mechanical– from assembly through installation to after-sales,

IMEM Lifts offers the UK lift sector outstanding lift manufacturing services.

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What makes IMEM Lifts unique as a lift manufacturer?

Our products and customers

Principal specialities manufactured by IMEM Lifts

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Technical support during installation

Close collaboration, high standards & flexibility

Move forward with IMEM Lifts



What makes IMEM Lifts unique as a lift manufacturer? IMEM Lifts designs, manufactures and updates lift systems, delivering effective solutions which meet all possible requirements for the vertical transport of passengers and goods in buildings of all kinds - safely, efficiently and comfortably. • Experience and know-how. We have collaborated with UK lift companies of all sizes for many years. IMEM lift systems are in operation all over the United Kingdom.

• We provide our customers with detailed and comprehensive technical support (both electrical and mechanical) tailored to their particular requirements during installation and/or maintenance operations. • Our lifts have a well-deserved reputation for top quality, reliability, durability and ease of installation and maintenance. • All equipment is supplied with detailed and comprehensive documentation and instruction manuals designed to provide optimum operational assistance.

• We are not intermediaries. • We do not supply end customers in the UK. We manufacture exclusively for our professional clients.

• Our lift systems are fully adaptable, on customer request, for compliance with any particular UK standard or regulation.

• We are experienced lift professionals who design and manufacture our own lift systems. Our experience of lift installation and maintenance within the Spanish market is fully integrated into our design process, giving us the hands-on know-how entirely.

• We are highly experienced in adapting lift systems for compliance with the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA), as well as with the provisions of the Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM) - all our systems can conform to the optimum available sustainability and energy-efficiency parameters.

• Our manufacturing plants are among the most modern and technologically-advanced in Europe.

• We have been designing, manufacturing, and installing lifts for almost fifty years.



Our products and customers

Our lifts meet the needs posed by the whole range of building types: Residential buildings In the lifts we build and install in residential buildings, our emphasis is on passenger safety, the reliability and durability of the lift system, its noise-free and vibrationless operation, its ride comfort and its energy-efficiency. The most usual lift types which we design and manufacture for residential buildings are the electric MRL (machine-roomless) lift and the hydraulic lift (best suited to relatively low buildings and building conversions). Public buildings (offices, hotels, museums, government buildings, listed buildings and so on) This is a very varied category which includes anything from corporate office buildings to commercial properties. What they all have in common is high levels of traffic. What we offer for this kind of building are electric lifts, with or without a machine room and with a choice of travel speeds. The advanced technology we deploy allows us to offer maximum performance and significantly smaller shaft spaces. In the case of listed buildings, our lifts offer the latest technology and innovative designs which adapt to and integrate with buildings of recognised architectural worth, with the minimal possible impact on its appearance. Shopping centres Lifts in larger-scale commercial sites can be electric MRL (machine-roomless) lifts or hydraulic lifts, depending on the particular needs and conditions of each project. An important

distinction to be made is between lifts to be used for both goods and passengers and goods-only lifts. In both cases, the high levels of traffic require robust and hard-wearing equipment, designed and built to last. Hospitals The lifts which we design and build for use in medical centres are bed lifts and stretcher lifts. Whether machine-roomless or hydraulic, our hospital lifts are specially designed to deliver straightforward, safe and comfortable transport for patients, staff and medical equipment. We also provide lift systems specifically designed for hospital passenger traffic. IMEM Lifts offers a wide range of lift car sizes, accessories and finishes to ensure the best possible conditions for patient transport, delivering a comfortable and noise-free ride and ease of use for visitors and medical professionals. Industrial sites We offer a range of lift types suitable for industrial sites dedicated to manufacturing and/or assembly. Our large capacity lifts are much in demand, and are designed for the transportation of heavy goods up to several tons in weight, with or without accompanying personnel and are very robust and hard-wearing.

IMEM Lifts offers a wide range of lift car sizes, accessories and finishes to ensure the best possible conditions for patient transport, delivering a comfortable and noise-free ride and ease of use for visitors and medical professionals


These lifts are highly adaptable to specific environments and functions, and can be supplied corrosion-resistant, specially reinforced and so on, as required. Underground and overground railway stations The high levels of daily passenger use characteristic of the mass transport railway systems common in large cities for inner-city travel and communication with their suburban areas demand very highspecification lift systems, which we at IMEM Lifts have a wealth of experience in designing and manufacturing over many years. Independently of whether the lift systems are electric, with or without a machine room or hydraulic, we are well-versed in the design and manufacture of lifts for underground stations suitable for people with reduced mobility, vandal-resistant, fire-resistant, water-resistant - and many other specifications to suit the relevant standards and regulations. Other uses The variations in possible building types and uses are almost endless, and the decision about which particular kind of lift system to install is not one to be taken lightly. At IMEM Lifts, we can carry out a lift traffic analysis which allows our customer to decide what solution can handle the anticipated traffic most effectively, how many individual lifts ideally need to be installed, what would be their optimum location, how to resolve the principal construction difficulties which might arise, and so on. When embarking on such a project, it is a great advantage to choose a lift design and manufacturing company, which is not only experienced at providing solutions to suit particular needs


and requirements, but which can also bring to bear its wide experience and knowledge, and offer a level of technical support - a combination which guarantees the best possible results, from the initial definition of the project right up to putting the finished lift systems into operation. IMEM Lifts offers all this with the cast-iron guarantee of straightforward professionalism and reliability.



Principal specialities manufactured by IMEM Lifts Above and beyond the wide range of IMEM’s already-existing lift solutions, we also specialise in the design and manufacture of the following lift systems:

Made-to-measure lifts for existing buildings with special

Inclined lifts

or unusual requirements, such as limited or irregular shaft space, or shafts with particular structural complications. We can provide lift systems with or without a self-supporting

Lifts for underground railway stations

structure. Lift systems can be installed with very reduced or extremely reduced pit depths and overhead clearances.

Goods lifts, with or without a self-supporting structure

Lifts accessible to persons with reduced mobility, compliant with EN 81-70

Home lifts, with or without a self-supporting structure

Firefighters lifts, in compliance with EN 81-72

Stretcher lifts for hospitals

Vandal-resistant lifts, compliant with EN 81-71

Lifts with special lift cars or bespoke car finishes For example, glazed panoramic lifts or lift cars specially designed to suit the customer’s particular requirements and tastes, with a very wide range of available materials



Forward-Looking & Financially Rock-Solid Over the last two years, IMEM Lifts has invested over six million euros in a brandnew automated robotic production line, equipping itself with the most advanced European production technology available. We have set up new production offices, introduced new 3D design software and developed our material and human resources so as to reinforce our core capacities. Our investment in R&D has continued to grow at a good rate, resulting in the development of countless new products and applications, including the comprehensive remodelling of our entire standard range of 300-4000Kg MRL SilensPro lifts, the creation of a new-generation lift control system and a multitude of made-to-measure solutions for our customers. In times like these, it is well worth emphasising IMEM Lifts’ firm financial foundations, which have allowed us to finance these advances exclusively from our own resources. Our systematic reinvestment of profits over recent decades has allowed IMEM Lifts to achieve excellent financial results, way above what most companies nowadays have been able to accomplish.

QUALITY: 0 defaults management IMEM Lifts is fully committed to supplying its customers with top quality high-performance lift systems • From the moment an order is received, our Export Department activates an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system to integrate all information across our entire organisation to guarantee full traceability from start to finish.

manuals, fully detailed and in English. A comprehensive packing list is supplied with an exhaustively detailed listing of every single element included in the order, all packaged in easily distinguishable and identifiable units.

• Our production process is unique. It incorporates the latest available technologies in laser cutting cells, automated bending and folding machinery, intelligent storage systems and the automated painting of components. Manual processes are carried out by highly-qualified trained personnel. The result is a lift system with guaranteed performance, error-free assembly, with high-quality finishes and exceptional durability.

• Every system is delivered with all the appropriate certification.

• Every completed lift system is delivered in its packaging and with all the required technical dossiers and instruction

• English-language technical support, with extended opening hours.

We are committed to providing our customers with a top-quality product. If any manufacturing fault leads to any component beingdelivered in a defective or unsatisfactory condition, we automatically and rapidly replace it



Technical support during installation We have a well-established network of partners in the UK available to provide technical help and advice to our end customers, as well as the option of emergency attendance on site by personnel from IMEM Lifts or from our relevant suppliers (hydraulics, car and landing doors and so on) should it be required

We provide our customers with excellent technical support during the installation process:

In addition, we design all our processes in order to facilitate our customers’ work and add value to the systems we produce.

• We supply our customers with a technical support service in real time and with real highly-qualified personnel. No longwinded time-wasting pre-recorded messages. Our professional staff are always available to all our customers for consultation.

• The Packing Lists which we send with every delivered product are the most detailed and comprehensive in the business and include installation and assembly manuals in 3D and with explanatory photographs.

• Our professional record is our best guarantee. In almost fifty years of existence, we have had not a single case of a lift getting stuck or a customer being left unattended.

• The electrical layout documentation which we supply is 100% specific to the lift system delivered - not generic.

• We have spare parts available for all our lifts, all of which are easily traceable using the lift reference number, the plan reference number, the control system reference number - not to mention the site address.

• Some of our products are supplied with explanatory installation and assembly videos. • In the event of any innovations in installation procedures or updates to manuals in response to the FAQs identified by our Customer Technical Support Centre, we automatically send out the corresponding Technical Datasheets.



Close collaboration, high standards & flexibility

Our central focus is the design and delivery of lift systems fine-tuned to the specific needs and requirements of property owners and managers. We work closely with their appointed consultants and provide them with the best possible advice, support and tools including comprehensive customized technical drawings, visuals and 3D projections. Our R&D engineers and Export Department staff are dedicated to providing the best possible advice in order to arrive at the most effective solution for each project, in full compliance with all the relevant standards and regulations, and to ensuring that the lift system is delivered on-time, on-budget and fulfils the highest standards of safety, performance, appearance, efficiency and technical specification.

Move forward with IMEM Lifts We are one of Europe’s most experienced lift manufacturers after almost fifty years of designing and producing goods and passenger lifts of all kinds.

We have wide and growing UK experience, with hundreds of projects under our belt with a varied range of customers.

We design and manufacture in-house, an integrated process which eliminates incompatibilities.

We are acknowledged specialists in the design and manufacture of bespoke and custom-built lifts.

We offer well-informed and straightforward advice and support, ensuring that each lift system is the perfect fit for each project, and outstanding in its competitiveness, efficiency, appearance and technical specifications.

Our aim is simply to establish long-term, mutually profitable and beneficial business relationships with our customers, and to fully satisfy and even surpass their requirements and expectations.

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