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Spring Rolls

Skewered chicken strips curried, lathered with coconut milk, and grilled. Served with sides of peanut sauce and a cucumber-andonion mix. $ 7.5

Whet your appetite with a dish of fried spring rolls stuffed with glass noodles and vegetables, and served with plum sauce.

Fresh Rolls

Thai Grill

Wrapped in soft rice skin and cut into four pieces. Stuffed with prawns, bbq pork, cilantro, sprouts, carrots, lettuce, basil leaves and rice vermicelli, and served with our famous peanut sauce. Also available with tofu. $ 7

Your choice of marinated pork loin or New York steak strip grilled to perfection, sliced, and served with our homemade sauce made with crushed dried chilies, ground toasted rice, and soy sauce. $ 10

Bai Tong Chicken Wraps

Crab Wontons

Wrapped in an aromatic pandan leaf and fried in hot oil, these delectable chicken morsels area traditional Thai favorite. Served with a special sweet sauce for dipping. $ 8.5

Crispy-fried wontons stuffed with a combination of crab meat, celery and cream cheese, and served with plum sauce for dipping. $ 7


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