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5 Tips to a Better Medical Floor Plan Design

Healthcare Offices 

Now more than ever, healthcare offices need to pay extra attention to patient flow. How medical spaces are designed can impact the patient experience.


With a good patient flow, you'll be able to provide better service to your patients. Patients, in turn, will be happy with the seamless transition from the check-in to the checkout counter. You'll get to increase your revenue as you see patients returning to use more of your services.

Here are Important Tips when Planning your Medical Clinic Floor Plans

Make Signages Clear ď ą

Let patients know where they are and where they should go. Put up clear signs so they won't have to ask the staff over again to find their destination. This will also benefit your staff as office efficiency is improved.

ď ą

Distinguish one room to another and be sure there are separate spaces for every service. This will make transitions easier and less stressful for patients that are looking forward to a smooth experience in your clinic, even if they have to wait in line.

Avoid Congestion in Foot Traffic 

Be careful so as not to overbook patient appointments. While it is good news to have so many appointments for every provider, you do not want to inconvenience your patients by having them to wait too long for their turn.


Know the number of patients you can only accommodate in a given period. Consider having extra rooms to use for accommodating patients when demand is high.

Make Transitions Seamless ď ą

Design your medical floor plans so that patients won't have to cross paths. Ensure smooth traffic flow right from the checkout counter so that a patient can move sequentially throughout their visit.


Consider having a different check-in and checkout counter along with a separate staff for each so patients will not have to wait too long in line. Often, a patient who has already completed their visit will still have to wait to check-out as the staff is still accommodating patients who have just arrived. Avoid these situations for the convenience of your valued clients.

Ensure Smooth Traffic Flow for the Medical Staff 

Don't forget to pay attention to internal traffic flow. This includes workstations for doctors so they can move from process to another seamlessly. Another factor to consider is the storage of medical supplies.


You can choose to have supplies stocked in every room to reduce wait time. You can also have a cart which can be moved with ease from one room to another. The choice depends on your team. What's important is that you arrive at a decision that enhances staff workflow.

Don't forget your Parking Spaces 

Parking spaces are used by both the medical team and your patients. You want to ensure that finding a space to park vehicles will be convenient for everyone.


Otherwise, this can cause delays in your practice and worse, put off your patients. Apart from the parking spaces, there should also be a clear path where family members or friends can drop-off or pick up patients.

Check these Out! 

Make sure your clinic lives up to patient expectations. Work with medical space planning professionals to help you design an efficient floor plan for your medical practice.


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Tips to a Better Medical Floor Plan Design  

Check out these 5 tips to a better medical floor plan design. Brought to you by iMedical space planning. Need a custom floor plan for your m...

Tips to a Better Medical Floor Plan Design  

Check out these 5 tips to a better medical floor plan design. Brought to you by iMedical space planning. Need a custom floor plan for your m...