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Building Lives, Families, And Communities

Jim Stiff in Goodwill Industries’ newly renovated facility.


hen Jim Stiff came to Goodwill Industries of Middle GA in 1994, he was welcomed by 60 employees, a small thrift store enterprise, several contracts at Robins Air Force Base and a $1.2 million operating budget. In January 2005, Stiff accepted an Existing Industry of the Year Award that recognizes the workforce and economic development contributions Goodwill has made over the past decade. This year, Goodwill has grown to 502 individuals on payroll, 14 value retail stores, over $4.0 million in industrial and business service contracts and a $17 million operating budget. Stiff and his team have built an economic development machine that is destined to get even bigger. Stiff comments, “Goodwill is a non-profit business that works so that people can.”

Stiff and Goodwill Industries actively solicit community corporate partnerships.

As the leading philanthropic organization in Middle Georgia, the Peyton Anderson Foundation and Executive Director Juanita Jordan are passionate about economic and human development; thus, Goodwill Industries of Middle Georgia was a clear attraction. To date,The Peyton Anderson Foundation is the lead investor in Goodwill’s new Career and Conference Center capital campaign investing $825,000 in a project to enhance Goodwill’s capacity to meet local business needs and transition the unemployed and underemployed from dependency to selfsufficiency. Jordan said, “I am pleased to note the progress that Jim Stiff and his team have made in turning the vision of a career campus into a reality. The Goodwill Campus is a positive step in promoting job creation through collaborative workforce development. Eliminating barriers to employment through hands-on training and career development is an essential part of helping our community achieve success.” Local businesses realize the positive impact Goodwill offers. Businesses out-

source their supplementary work to Goodwill. Then Goodwill’s clients in our Industrial Contracts division’s training program can learn valuable job skills while fulfilling a service to existing and prospective Middle Georgia businesses. Companies can recruit directly from this contracted labor pool with advance insight into job performance and capacity. “Cox has long supported the good works of local nonprofits, and Goodwill has quickly become an invaluable partner,” said Jonathan Freeland, Director of Marketing for Cox Communications. “Goodwill’s Industrial Outsourcing Services assemble the Cox Digital Cable self-installation kits and High Definition installation kits used by new Cox subscribers. As for results: we’ve been very pleased with Goodwill’s promptness, attention to detail and customer service.” Cox Business Services also plays a vital role further developing Goodwill’s café business. The Café is a Cox Hot Spot and offers the public free wireless broadband access. Volunteers, clients, staff and the public at large can enjoy a hot cup of

How Your Business Can Benefit from Goodwill • Outsource your supplementary work to Goodwill instead of China (sorting, assembly, manufacturing)

• Hold your meetings in Goodwill’s state of the art conference center • Outsource your fleet’s maintenance to Goodwill • Hire graduates from Goodwill’s training programs • Conduct cause-related marketing campaign with Goodwill and build your company’s social capital

Juanita Jordan and Jim Stiff review Goodwill expansion plans.



Seattle’s Best Coffee, grab a fresh pastry and surf the web on their wireless device. Dan Slagle, Director, Cox Business Services believes strongly enough in the project and Goodwill’s work that he has donated this resource. Slagle comments, “Cox Business Services is a proud partner of Goodwill Industries. Goodwill is an innovative, technology driven company with their sights squarely focused on their customers.These values align with Cox and have solidified our relationship.The cafe is a great example of what can happen when technology and customer focus converge. Cox looks forward to this wonderful partnership for many years to come.” Supporters like Cox have made investments totaling $3.2 million to build the Goodwill Career and Conference Center. Goodwill needs $1.5 million to complete the state of the art facility. The Career & Conference Center located on Eisenhower Parkway across from Macon State College will achieve two objectives: (1) Expand Goodwill’s current capacity to offer additional training programs and (2) Create a

place where the community can experience Goodwill’s mission while enjoying premier conference center facilities. The Goodwill Conference Center is available to businesses and organizations in the community that are looking for a place to hold meetings and events. This state of the art facility offers a 15,000 square foot Atrium/Banquet Hall, five Conference Rooms, and a Computer Classroom. Local businesses are already taking advantage of this conference center that not only meets their needs but also supports a vital not-forprofit mission.The Leadership Macon Class of 2004 hosted the organization’s 25th Anniversary fundraiser at Goodwill in December. The black tie event benefited the Mentor’s Program. The Better Business Bureau is hosting its Annual Meeting there on April 28th. and Rotary’s Career Connection will provide an opportunity for job seekers to connect with local employers on April 13th, 2005. Leonard Bevill, President/CEO of Macon Occupational Medicine, rented the facility for a statewide OSHA conference

this past fall and was pleased with the facility and amenities that Goodwill offered. Bevill said, “The Goodwill Conference Center is conveniently located, cost-effective and spacious with professional breakout conference rooms.The parking and customer service rendered from staff supporting our conference was exemplary.” Goodwill Industries of Middle GA, one of 203 autonomous Goodwills around the world, has a strategic vision to be “The Community’s Trusted Choice for Career Development Services, Industrial and Business Services, Value Retail, and Contributions.” To help build capacity to achieve this vision, the Goodwill Board of Directors approved the development of the Goodwill Career and Conference Center to support a full range of job training and career advancement services. Full funding of this Career and Conference Center will provide Middle Georgia a location where business representatives can scout for talented, welltrained individuals to be solutions for their companies. Two employment services offered on the new campus – Fleet Maintenance and the Polly Long Denton Culinary Arts/Hospitality School – represent new training venues. This 130,000 square foot center will increase Goodwill’s capacity to help more people go to work and have the flexibility to offer career advancement services in the labor market’s demand occupations. Following his retirement from the City of Macon,Tim Stewart, Fleet Maintenance Manager, will launch and lead the automotive training service at the campus. Stiff is conducting a nation-wide search to recruit an experienced VP of Hospitality to establish and direct a culinary and hospitality arts school and oversee

“Cox Business Services is a proud partner of Goodwill Industries. Goodwill is an innovative, technology driven company with their sights squarely focused on their customers. These values align with Cox and have solidified our relationship.” Dan Slagle, Director, Cox Business Services

the conference center and banquet/catering operations. Stiff hopes to recruit a leader with a bachelors degree in hotel and restaurant management and advanced culinary degree from a prominent culinary arts institution. Polly Long Denton, after whom the school shall be named, trained at Maximes in Paris, France. A Macon resident and member of the culinary advisory board, Polly had an avid passion for cooking, entertaining, and for seeing people who are disadvantaged succeed in the workplace. Polly passed away in June of 2003, and her love and passion provide inspiration to the culinary project. Hundreds of Polly’s friends and family have invested in her school and related campus hospitality businesses. Middle Georgia’s local Goodwill is a recognized leader in the international

Goodwill movement. It was the fastest growing Goodwill in the world for five consecutive years and earned numerous international awards for its innovative job placement, community collaboration, value retail, and industrial and business service outcomes. In 2003, its City Cyber Center at Goodwill was awarded the Goodwill Industries International Technology Connections Award, and TAKE CHARGEsm, a holistic service for pregnant and parenting teens with documented a repeat pregnancy rate of only six percent over the past seven years, was an Annie E. Casey Family Strengthening Award winner. Stiff was recognized by Goodwill Industries International with the P.J. Trevethan Award for outstanding contribution to the training and development of Goodwill personnel. He currently serves

on Georgia State Workforce Investment Board, both Goodwill Industries International and Goodwill Global Board of Directors, and is Chair of the Goodwill Industries International Conference of Executives. Five members of Goodwill Industries of Middle Georgia’s staff have served as consultants for Goodwill Industries International, helping other Goodwill organizations build their capacity to serve. All of these accolades have been accomplished because of Goodwill’s vibrant work environment where the rhythm and the power of work are contagious. Work yields more than just economic return: working parents set an example for their children. Working teenagers develop leadership skills and commit to completing their education. Working families

Stiff solicits ideas and input from Goodwill staff and clients. Stiff pictured with future Fleet Maintenance Manager, Tim Stewart and Fleet Technician, Greg Hughes.

Rolf Salo, Chairman of Salo Holdings, a social enterprise workforce development organization based in Hamburg, and Cynthia Barnes, YKK Six Sigma Manager who is a member of Goodwill Global Inc. Board of Directors, meet with Jim Stiff for lunch at the City Club to discuss business partnerships and the potential launch of a Goodwill Industries affiliate in Germany.



create financial goals for home ownership, higher educational opportunities, and retirement plans. The business community, individual donors, service partners, foundations and Goodwill work together to build lives, families, and communities – one job at a time. Goodwill needs additional investors who are willing to help complete this project – one gift at a time. Donate online at or mail your check today to Goodwill Industries’ Development Office at 5171 Eisenhower Parkway Macon, GA 31206. Your gift is an investment with a guaranteed life-changing return. Photography by Ken Krakow

Goodwill’s board and campaign volunteers are offering an investment opportunity to foundations, corporations, and philanthropic individuals to increase the number of individuals employed and experiencing career advancement via Goodwill Industries from 1654 in 2001 to more than 3000 by the year 2007.

Goodwill’s Campaign Contributors: $825,000 $700,000 $487,171 $463,133 $192,245 $125,000 $ 75,000 $ 50,000 $ 27,440 $ 25,000 $ 25,000 $ 25,000 $ 20,000 $ 15,000 $ 10,000 $ 9,749 $3,074,738

Peyton Anderson Foundation The Department of Health and Human Services OneGeorgia Authority Equity Fund Goodwill Employees & Board of Directors Pledges Equipment from Wal-Mart Polly Long Denton Memorial from Clay, Elizabeth & Katie Long Tull Foundation Georgia Power Polly Long Denton Memorial from Family & Friends GEICO Community Foundation of Central Georgia Branan Foundation Publix Supermarket Charities Cox Business Services Grassmann Trust Gifts less than $10,000 TOTAL

Campaign Goal: Support Already Committed: Anonymous Foundation Challenge Grant* Amount left to raise:

$4,825,000 $3,074,738 $ 250,000 $1,500,262

*Important Note: Goodwill’s Challenge Grant will expire in July 2005. In order to secure these final campaign funds for Middle Georgia, one and a half million dollars needs to be pledged before July 25, 2005.

Leonard Bevill, Macon Occupational Medicine




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