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Essential Resources for User Interface Designers Nowadays, most of the industries are involved in creating a web presence for the sole purpose of selling their services to the wide range of customers. This is where User Experience (UX) comes. For this, you must develop a usable interface that people can easily read and understand. Being a web designer, you must follow the UI design fundamentals to create a great experience for the people. In this article, we will showcase some essential resources that will definitely help you to advance in User Experience design. 1. MephoBox MephoBox is a design showcase the beautiful interfaces and you can see the collections of common site elements, such as login forms, pagination, headers, and so on. The experience is created using specific page elements, it is a great source of inspiration. 2. UI Patterns

UI Patterns showcases user interface design patterns focusing the recurring trends and best web design practices for a variety of elements. Providing more detail and usage of some elements and solve problems in a different way. 3. Pattern Tap

Pattern Tap is one of the popular UI design showcases, their collections are a bit more varied in categories. It includes elements like modal windows, slideshows, comments, advertising design and placement, and more.

4. Inspire UX

Inspire UX is a user experience design blog that features articles, quotes, case studies and explorations into the world of UX and UI. 5. UX Magazine

At UX Magazine you will find a plenty of original content as well as technical and inspirational web design library from around the web. UX Magazine is a place full of great articles to assist you. 6. UI Scraps

This blog showcases eye-catching and intuitive user interfaces. The site just not contain a great work but it brings you the bad along with the good, making it a great resource for learning what not to do

7. Web Design Practices

The Web Design Practices describes several common website design elements and patterns and discusses frequency of use and effectiveness of each. Conclusion Designing a great user interface is no easy task even if you have the required skills. There are numerous factors need to be considered. Hope this article help you get some inspiration to find the difference between a good UI and a great one. Please share your views in the comments.

Essential Resources for User Interface Designers