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6 Tips for Effective Use of Icons in Web Design

Icons may be used on a small scale in a website like for Facebook or Instagram. But they can be used interestingly that can help designers to provide extra visual touch through the design. Icons can be small or large, white and black or colored depending on the style you choose. Designing icons can be a simple task for designers however an effective use of them can improve the usability and the aesthetic value of any web design project. A functional icon is beautiful, iconic and meaningful. In this article, we will cover some tips on how to create outstanding icons.

1. Add Visual Interest Not every image is going to be a breathtaking landscape. Add Fun iconography to these somewhat uninteresting photos. Icons can replace content of the photo, and make them look more interesting and interactive. The design will look is fresh, bright and inviting.

2. Create Interaction Generally, Icons don’t need to place specifically to encourage the user interaction. The icon element drives interactivity. Pair iconography and parallax scrolling so that items move across the screen. Set icons with images or another background to give an unexpected experience. The movements are simple, classic and highly effective.

3. Use Animation Icons don’t have to be static elements. Animate them with the content itself. Make sure Movements neither be too fast nor too slow because it may discourage users. Choose a medium spot in the middle which can provide a bit of delight.

4. Combine with Trendy Elements Icons can be an important part of your web design strategy. Pay attention when pairing content and iconography to give a modern aesthetic look to any project. Create a set of icons that matches the visual tone and offer flexibility. You can also use them in a material design style pattern, featuring rather flat layers, tactile movements, clean typography and bright color.

5. Create Icon Clusters Clusters of different shapes or interesting hand crafted elements can give a beautiful or out of the box look to a website. Here icons can work as links or just images that cover your uninteresting visuals. You icon cluster can drive that decision-making process.

6. Create Custom Sketches While we see icons more as small scale elements with a super flat or line art renderings. Detailed sketch icons can represent an important part of the brand that uses them. The same sketch style can be used in different part of the design.


While icons may not be considered as focused elements in a design project, a polished one can grab the attention of thousands of users. Custom Website Design Toronto - IMediadesigns all in one prominent website development platform that make sure that every single customer of yours will have a smooth sailing experience on your website.

6 tips for effective use of icons in web design  

The icon element drives interactivity. Pair iconography and parallax scrolling so that the items move across the screen.

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