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Common Name: White-fronted Marmoset Scientific Name: Callithrix geoffroyi

VULNERABLE White-fronted Marmoset

Marmosets and tamarins come from all over South America and are some of the World’s smallest monkeys ranging from 100 grams to 800 grams.

Distribution: Brazil

Like all monkeys marmosets and tamarins have a tail, one of the easiest ways to tell the difference between monkeys and apes (gibbons, chimps, bonobos, orangs and gorilla).

Habitat: Forest

Marmosets all have enlarged canines because some of their diet is made up of tree gum. They use their incisors to break the tree bark so they can get at the gum underneath.

Height: Approx. 29cm Weight: 190g - 357g Diet: Omnivorous Fruit, gum, insects.

Gum is an addition to their main diet, which is made up of fruit and small animal prey (insects etc) White-fronted Marmosets get their name from their white faces. They have black/brown bodies with tufts on their ears. They live in varying group sizes usually with one dominant, breeding female. After she gives birth it is usual in these small monkeys for the male to do the majority of the juvenile care only passing the young back the female to feed. Despite their small size these monkeys can live for a surprisingly long time often into their mid teens.