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Common Name: White-cheeked Gibbon Scientific Name: Hylobates leucogenys

UNKNOWN White-cheeked Gibbon Distribution: South East Asia

Habitat: Forest

Weight: 5.6kg - 6.8kg

Diet: Omnivorous Fruit, leaves, insects.

White-cheeked gibbons are small apes and like all apes, including Chimpanzees and Gorilla they do not have a tail. A tail is one feature that makes it easy to tell the difference between apes and monkeys. They have long arms that they use to hang from branches and swing through trees. This swinging movement is called brachiation. White-cheeked Gibbons are sexually dichromatic which means that males and females are different colours. Males are black and, as their name suggests, they have white cheeks. Females are golden or buff coloured. White-cheeked Gibbons live in South East Asia, in Laos and Vietnam where they inhabit tropical evergreen forest. Like all gibbons, the main part of White-cheeked Gibbons diet is mainly fruit. As with other gibbons they will supplement their diet with insects White cheeked gibbons live in monogamous pairs, which means that a male and a female live together and rear their offspring. Breeding occurs throughout the year with the females gestation period (pregnancy) being about 200 days. Offspring live with their parents until they are around 8, when they leave to find a mate of their own. Each family lives on a territory that they defend from their neighbours through loud calling displays that are performed most mornings.

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