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Common Name: Michie’s Tufted Deer Scientific Name: Elaphodus cephalophus michianus

STATUS UNKNOWN Michie’s Tufted Deer Distribution: Asia

Habitat: Various Height: Approx. 150cm Weight: Up to 50kg Diet: Herbivorous

Tufted deer get their name from the tuft of hair on their foreheads! The rest of their hair is coarse and spiky. These deer have greyish coloured heads, a brown body and are white underneath. They males can be told apart from the females as they are slightly larger. One of their most distinctive features are enlarged canines that look like small tusks. Tufted deer are found throughout areas of China and through to Burma where they inhabit a variety of habitats including jungle and mountain forest. They do like to be on higher ground and always close to water. They feed on all sorts of vegetation including grasses and fruit. They browse all day with their tails up in the air! Tufted deer are shy animals who are mainly active towards dusk and do not leave their marked territories. They are solitary, though they can sometimes be found in pairs. Individuals reach sexual maturity at 2 years old. Mating takes place in late autumn and early winter. The gestation period (pregnancy) lasts for 6 months, after which 1 or 2 fawns are born in late spring or early summer. They remain with the mother until they become independent at 6 months old.