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Common Name:Thick-billed Parrot Scientific Name: Rhynchopsitta pachyrhyncha pachyrhyncha

ENDANGERED Thick-billed Parrot Distribution: Mexico & Southern USA

Habitat: Forest Height: 38 - 43cm Weight: 340g Diet: Herbivorous

The majority of the bird is green in colour, but there are patches of red on the head above the bill and round the eyes as well as on the top of the wings and at the top of the legs. There is a ring of yellow skin around the eye which is topped with a black line. There is some yellow on the underside of the wing. The Thick-billed Parrot is found in Mexico on the western coast. They are found in pine forested habitats, usually between 2 – 3000 m in altitude. The destruction of the pine forests in Sierra Madre lead to a reduction in parrot numbers, the wandering nature of the parrot makes it hard to establish protected areas. The parrots primarily eat seeds from pine cones, but when these are limited they will take acorns, fruits and legume seeds. The parrot moves around a lot in response to the changing abundance of pine seeds. The breeding of the parrot corresponds to the highest abundance of pine seeds. The nest is made in a tree hole and the female lays 1 – 4 eggs. The number of eggs laid also corresponds to the abundance of seeds. When incubating the females are fed regurgitated food by the male. The eggs hatch after about 28 days and the young are independent in about 7 months.