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Common Name: Red-bellied Lemur Scientific Name: Eulemur rubriventer

VULNERABLE Red-bellied Lemur Distribution: Madagascar Habitat: Rainforest Height: Approx. 40cm Weight: 2.2kg Diet: Omnivorous Fruit, leaves, insects.

Red-bellied Lemurs have thick soft fur covering all of their bodies. This fur is mostly dark brown but some areas have a red tinge. They have a dog-like face with large eyes. Their ears are hidden in the dense fur. They have very long fingers and feet for gripping the trees. They are found only on the east coast of the island of Madagascar. They live in the tropical forest that covers most of Madagascar spending almost all their lives up in the trees. These lemurs are vegetarian with the majority of their diet being made up of fruit and leaves. Red-bellied Lemurs occur in groups of up to 10 individuals consisting of adults of both sexes and their offspring. Breeding is done in late spring and after a gestation period (pregnancy) of about 127 days females give birth to one young.

They are completely dependant on their mothers for about 4.5 months when they are weaned and go on to the adult vegetarian diet. Sexual maturity is reached at about 20 months and they can live for up to 36 years.