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Common Name: Allen’s Swamp Monkey Scientific Name: Allenopithecus nigroviridis

LEAST CONCERN Allen’s Swamp Monkey Distribution: Zaire and Angola Habitat: Forest Height: Approx. 45cm Weight: 4kg - 6kg Diet: Omnivorous Fruit, leaves, animals.

Allen’s Swamp Monkeys are stockily built and have a rather odd feature for a primate in that they have webbed feet! Both the male and female have coats that are are a dusky brown colour. The males and females are easy to tell apart though as the males have a blue colour scrotum. The monkey spend most of their day foraging for food. Over 80% of their diet is made up of fruit but they will supplement their diet with animal prey. If they can catch then they will eat animals such as insects, worms and fish. The monkeys are ‘old world’ monkeys, meaning they come from either Africa of Asia. Allen’s Swamp Monkeys come from Zaire and Angola in Africa where they inhabit the lowland and swamp forests - hence their name. Although these monkeys spend much of their life in the trees they will climb down from the trees and will dive from the trees into the water to avoid their predators. Their webbed feet make them very good swimmers. These monkeys do live in groups and they communicate with each other using a gobble call and high-pitched chirps At the end of their day they will curl up and sleep in trees by the river bank.