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Categories of equipment • For dentists, we can name 3 easy groups: * You will be using them during your 5 years of education.

Dental Equipment


Tools and instruments

Machines and devices

Consumables • Consumables are objects you use frequently and that run out quickly from your clinic some of them are disposable and some can be used more than one time but not for many. • We can tell general examples for Consumables: -Gloves -Towels -Masks -Cups -Cotton rolls -Trays -Disinfectants -Dental aterials Ce e t, algi ate, et h, o di g,…et .

Tools and instruments • This ategory is a ore lasti g ategory ; you do ’t re e its contents as frequent as Consumables but it wears out after time. • Examples can be: -Diagnostic instruments (mirror, probe, tweezers, excavator, ..etc.) -Burs -Files

Machines and devices • Machines and devices are the most lasting equipment in your clinic and they are usually the most expensive too. • A dental clinic contains a lot of machines and devices: -Dental units (Chairs) -Air compressors -Autoclaves (Sterilizers) -Handpieces

Have you ever seen some of it ? • Probably most of us have seen many of the dental equipment when you have visited your dental consultant before. • Now, you are going to play a new role, you are the dentist and you will go to buy the equipment yourself. • Here, lots of problems start to appear and we are here to know more about the solutions.

What should I worry about ? • The most important thing you have to worry about is Quality , e ause you are arryi g a issio of gi i g the best treatment to your patients. Thus, any low quality equipment will not lead to the perfect treatment you are aiming for. • “e o d, o es Sales and after sales services , you a sa e money when you receive more services. • Third i priority o es Price , you ha e to a age your resources so that you can still have a good income, so you will dis uss here The minimum quality .

Quality • A dentist is not an expert in the technical details for the products but at least he can still know a bit about the product he will buy so he can compare it to other products. • As a dentist you can at least compare features written in the product leaflets and on websites of manufacturers.

Sales and after sales services

• When you buy a new product you should always care about its warranty. Any product can include a manufacturing defect and even if it does ’t, you ight fa e so e te h i al pro le s due to isuse or working under bad conditions. The only solution for these problems is to have a reliable service station that can help you out with your problem. That’s a after sales ser i e ut a tually the sales ser i es is also very important which is how you will receive the product, the product demonstration and flexibility of choices.

Pri e • Price is a dominant factor on which your choice will depend. Unfortunately, the financial situation affects a lot on the choice of everybody not only dentists and with the rise of the new Chinese Empire, all products are available in cheap prices but in the lowest quality too.

The scariest instrument in the world • • • • • • • • •

Dental Handpiece Dental Drill Turbine Contra-angles Straight handpieces High speed handpieces Low speed handpieces Surgical handpieces Endo handpieces

The most used are Turbines = High Speed Handpieces • How does it work ? Turbines rotate with compressed air. Compressed air passes through the air tubing and reaches the head where a Gear like stru ture exists and causes its rotation. This structure is the most important part of the handpiece and is called Rotor or cartridge

What should you focus on when comparing ? • You should focus on quality which can be seen in the power of a handpiece at cutting, the design and its ergonomic aspects, the lifetime and for sure anything that would harm you. • You should focus on sales and after sales services : warranty and service station and for sure a fair demonstration for the product. • You should focus on price, is it reasonable and matching with its features ? Spare parts, are they expensive ? Repairing, how much would it cost ? Offers, can you get any good offers ? • You should know that this is your first investment for your pri ate li i , do ’t aste your o ey o heap produ ts.

User maintenance for handpieces

User maintenance for handpieces • To maintain your handpieces in perfect conditions as they all consist of gears and rotors which need a frequent lubrication to cool them down and to clean them from any dirt or debris that may accumulate inside their blades and cavities and cause undesired problems later.

IMECO • IMECO is an established company since 1986 selling dental equipment and is partner for many international brands such as W&H, Sendoline, Ionyx, Filhol, Saniswiss, Prestige Medical, etc • We are based in Alexandria and Cairo and covering all Egypt. • In Alexandria we are right in front of the Dental faculty. • We are the partner of W&H the leader manufacturer of handpieces in the dental world. • We offer both sales services and educational sessions to our beloved dentists and students. • We carry the mission of bringing the smile onto the faces of “ ile Keepers YOU

Offers • IMECO holds offers for W&H handpieces and all other equipment and instruments that you would need. • Feel free to ask about these offers.

This presentation is brief • This presentation was brief and quick because we do not intend to bore you and because we would never shut our mouths stop talking without limits but you can always have more information and ask for more clarifications about your dental equipment at our company and we love to do it. • Please feel free to pass by our company to see any of the products you have heard about during this presentation or even if you have seen it elsewhere. • Developing your knowledge is part of our job and mission because we care about the healthcare in Egypt and about the dental career. • You can always follow our latest news and information on facebook through our fanpage.

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By: Dr.Ahmed Bastawissi and Mohamed Bastawissi

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