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Abigail Roberts

705-455-2093 64 Churchill Street, Kingston, ON K7M 2K8

Objective To obtain a exhilarating position in a creative and fast-paced indusry where I can apply my presentation and communications skills to the company.

Education September 2012 - Present St. Lawrence College, Kingston ON Advertising and Integrated Communications * Specialized in Event Marketing, Public Relations and Digital Publishing

Experience May 2012 – Present | Front End Staff Haliburton Foodland December 2012 - August 2012 | Sales Associate Haliburton V&S October 2009| Camp Rock 2 - Extra Walt Disney Television

Volunteer September 2013 - Present Fuse Mentor September - December 2013 Lighting/Sound Techniction September 2010 - June 2012 Yearbook Photographer

Skills * * * * * * * * * *

Communications Marketing Copy writing Social Media Adobe InDesign Adobe Photoshop Presentations Video Editing Microsoft Office Photography

“Abigail is a hard working team member, she is constantly striving to do more and will go out of her way to help others.”

- Emily Fawcett

Skate 4 Cancer is a non-profit company created by Rob Dyer. What Skate 4 Cancer does is the company creator Rob Dyer skateboards across countries to raise awareness and money for cancer and the centre they’d like to eventually build in Toronto. S4C was created because Rob lost a lot of very important people to him in a short amount of time. Rob first got the idea to skateboard from L.A to Toronto to raise awareness for cancer, and he had no idea that trip would spawn a entire business and many future cross country skates. S4C have a dream to create a centre located in Toronto called the Dream. Love. Cure. Centre. Each title has there own meaning to the company.

Love. This stage of the company upbringing is all about the dedication and the hurt that Rob felt when he lost people to cancer when he was young, losing all of those people is what pushed Rob to move

forward and to his first skate from L.A to Toronto. His whole idea was to show people that with his philosophy he could inspire people to stay optimistic when dealing with cancer and all of its various forms. Cure. Over the years Rob was getting people both excited and organized about building the foundation

of the company. As the company began to grow and a team was built, they began to gather all information such as statistics that were relevant to the younger demographic, once they finished with that the teams writers and designers collaborated to create a easy to understand package so the information was more stylish.

“I had a couple of tragedies in my life that were almost like signs. ‘This is what you were meant to do’, this is what I’m here for.” - Rob Dyer

These are only some of the reasons why I admire Skate 4 Cancer as a company is because it started out all on the basis of nothing but love and the strive to have their company gain awareness so that the youth today is more informed on the topic of cancer. Skate 4 Cancer was created because of tragedies, and now those tragedies have spawned an amazing company, and an amazing dream for one man. Rob Dyer pushes himself to skate cross countries to raise money, but also awareness. Dream. Love. Cure.

Three simple words that now mean a lot more to myself and to many others out there, all because of one man. To me the concept of Dream. Love. Cure. Is that all of these small, simple ideas can push togeth-

er on big, main idea that can change the outlook on something that is terrifying to think about.

“As people we have to work together and push ourselves the farthest to actually find the cure for this disease, which I don’t think we really are yet.” - Rob Dyer Cancer is a terrifying subject to try and make it a comfortable thing to talk about in a regular conversation, and they are trying to take the stigma away from it. Cancer has touched so many lives, and it is a terrible thing to have to go through, and we aren’t any closer to getting a cure. The Dream. Love. Cure. centre is a dream at the moment,

but once they have the ability to create it, it’ll be a centre for those who have been affected by cancer in anyway a safe space. To me, Rob Dyer is a hero and Skate 4 Cancer is on of the reason I want to work in the

non-for-profit market of advertising. The company just has such a solid idea, and it isn’t something that they are going to be giving up on anytime soon.

Will Ferrell Will Ferrell is one of the funniest men in comedy. I admire him because he was one of the best SNL actors to date, but he knows his limits with his acting. He has admitted that he knows he can’t play a very serious character, and he never goes outside of what he knows he can’t do. For me personally, Anchorman is one of my top favourite movies to date. He took the character Ron Burgundy and just made him a guy everyone wants to be friends with,

movies you always hear whether or not the actors meshed well together during filming, but with Will Ferrell you never hear much about him having problems with other actors. It’s easy to say that he is one of my favourite actors, and will continue to always be on of my favourite actors.

“I’m kind of a big deal.” - Ron Burgundy

or at least say they know him. When Will Ferrell appeared on Jimmy Kimmel to announce that there would be a Anchorman 2, the world exploded with excitement. I really, truly believe that Anchorman sealed in Will Ferrell’s presence in the movie industry. Will Ferrell always has a solid cast of other actors with him in all of his movies. A lot of the time in

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