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Kevin Perkin 613-888-2824 88 Mary St. Kingston,ON K7M 2L3


Objective To obtain a challenging position in a fast paced, competitive industry where I can apply my creative and communication skills to help compete in the global market.

Skills Communication

Comfortable with designing and presenting case studies, new product and event ideas, as well as corporate proposals. Confident in writing proposal and informational letters, as well as press releases. High level of competence with public speaking and presenting and can comfortably handle professionally handle question and answer presentations.


Created a print media campaign with central theme that included flyer, newspaper, radio and TV advertisement. Designed cover of community cookbook while maintaining brand identity and consistency. Created collateral material for community business events.

Team Work

Collaborated with group of 5 to plan and execute print media campaign. Organized presentation on multiple occasions with groups of 2-4 to conduct informational and proposal presentations. Delegated tasks and ensured team synergy throughout print campaign.

Education St. Lawrence College - Advertising and Marketing Communications 2014 Learned how to conduct market research and prepare a case study. Instructed on how to package and present in a professional environment. Worked with a team on several occasions to complete projects that involved actual clients. Was taught Photoshop and InDesign skills to apply to marketing and advertising. Educated on marketing terms, trends and processes that are commonly used in the industry.

Experience Mark’s Work Warehouse: Sales Associate 2013 Engaged with customers on a daily basis in order to assist with locating product, product knowledge and customer satisfaction. Operated computers to do product searches and process transactions. Organized store to comply with marketing objectives, to highlight sale and promotional items, and to achieve overall store usability. Worked with a team to achieve corporate goals and maintain a high level of store integrity. Baldachin Inn: Line Chef 2012 Worked in fast paced, professional environment where high expectations are constant. Worked with a team to ensure kitchen functionality and usability. Engaged with customers to ensure satisfaction and build strong loyalty and preference. StarTek: Technical Support 2011 Assisted customers across the U.S. with navigating their mobile devices. Provided in depth product knowledge to allow customers to make educated decisions and get the most out of their devices. Provided high level customer service to customers who required technical troubleshooting.

Awards St. Lawrence College GREG Awards: 1st for Print Media Campaign

Activities and interests Freelance Graphic Design Perth Community Choir Theatre Group Perth/Lanark Midget Hockey Team Enactus - External Communications FUSE Mentorship Program

References and Portfolio Available Upon Request

For as long as I have been paying attention to companies, Valve Software has always stood out to me as a company to watch. With their unique approach to managing their business, paired with their ridiculous amount of success, it would be foolish to not stop and take note of what this company is accomplishing while in an industry that is so often flooded with dirty business tactics and constant reorganizing and rebuilding. Valve has always prided themselves on doing things their way, and with the results they achieve, it would be hard to knock them for it. Valve first started back in 1996 and was best known for their popular game Half-Life at the time. Valve didn’t want to just be know for their games and therefore started expanding and innovating in a big way. They developed the incredibly popular Steam client, which has taken over the digital PC game market. Through this client Valve has managed to position themselves as the main source for PC software, all while being completely digital. Now with the massive popularity of home consoles such as Playstation and Xbox, Valve took note of the rise of living room family consoles that do everything from stream movies, music and of course continue playing games. They have recently released a number of products that has allowed them to expand outside of their PC market. They have just recently announced that they are making their own version of a home console that will allow people to stream content from their PC to their living room with relative ease. Alongside this Valve has also announced its own operating system that will work with this new hardware and allow for even greater connectivity from PC to living room TV. While I could go on and on about the new products and services Valve is releasing and expanding on, I believe the main reason this company is as successful as it is has to do with how they run their business. Valve has roughly 300 employees and yet they have no bosses or managers. No one really has to report to someone else, it is just a collective group of people who want to innovate and create. There was an article written in the Bloomberg Businessweek site that talks about the unique structure of Valve. In addition to this, Valve is very well known to be a very fun company to work at. With the inclusion of a lighthearted Valve Employee Handbook given to new employees, Valve really sets itself up as a fun place to work and do amazing things. I think what ties all of Valves successes together is the fact that at the core of their company, they love what they do and they want their customers to love what they do as well. Valve wants to provide the best products it can without using any cheap tricks. You will be hard pressed to find many people who have negative things to say about Valve.

One of the people I admire is music producer Gareth Emery . Gareth Emery is a 33 year old originally born in Southampton, England. He has been in the electric music industry since 2002 and has since become a major name in the industry. Gareth is most well known for breaking the mold with his music style and is considered to be a “hard trance” style of music. He has managed to stick to his genre of music and hasn’t deviated from his style to appeal to the trends in the industry. Gareth has also had an impact on the industry beyond his performances, as he is the founder and owner of the Garuda night club in Manchester, England. He has also founded a record label with the same name and is constantly signing big names and promoting unknown talent. Gareth also has a weekly “Gareth Emery Podcast” that is an hour long mix of new and exclusive music in the industry. One of my favorite characteristics of Gareth is his refusal to fall into the mainstream trends that are hitting the industry. There is always constant pressure for artists to promote themselves in order to get recognition from magazines and websites that attempt to rank the most popular DJs. He has said on many occasions that the only supporrt he wants from fans is to come to his shows, listen to his podcast, and tell their friends. With the industry becoming rapidly mainstream and many DJs spending more time promoting themselves than making music, artists like Gareth Emery are a breath of fresh air. Don’t vote for me. Seriously, when you buy a ticket to see me in a club, I consider that a vote. When you blast my music in your car, or share it on Facebook, or tell your friends about it, that’s a vote too. Those votes, and the amazing support you’ve shown over the last year, is what matters to me.

- Gareth Emery

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