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Hasbro Hasbro is the company I most admire. This is because they are pioneers in the board gaming industry. Even if you have a very basic knowledge of board games, chances are, you have at least one of their games. In addition to being the leading name in board gaming, they are also reknowned for their toy division. The company was formed in 1923 by Hilal, Herman, and Henry Hassenfeld as “Hassenfeld Brothers�. They were originally a textile and school supply manufacturing company. By 1940, they began their move into the toy industry, producing modeling clay, doctors and nurse kits, and Mr. Potato Head. They realized this was a more profitable industry, and thus changed their name to Hasbro. Nowadays, it is hard to find anyone who knows of their humble origins, and some people are shocked to learn that Hasbro is not the only manufacturer of board games. They have many smaller competitors, but in the end, Hasbro is the king.

Able to work both independently as well as part of a team Proficient in Windows and Mac operating systems, networking and virus removal Always motivated and consistently provide the best work I can

Drivers License

Skills Boulevard


Volunteer Experience Street

Donation Collection

2006 Kidney Foundation

2007 United Way

Assisted in organizing a charity golf event

79 Cowdy Street Kingston, Ontario K7K 3W1

"James is a dedicated time-concious worker that pays attention to every last detail" -Tylor Vankoughnett, classmate

H C S E JAM ealing

Fast-D â—Š The


Education Lane 2012 - Present St. Lawrence College


I am currently enrolled in my second year of the Advertising and Marketing Communications Program, which focuses on developing marketing strategies and designing ads.


Career Objective Avenue To obtain a Marketing Assistant position wherein I am able to provide Hasbro and its associates with effective and efficient marketing techniques and skills.

2013-Present Tim Hortons

(705) 971-9551

Quality Customer service at a fast pace


2010-2012 Sutherland Global Services

nt â—Š

ude ing St arket

Technical Support and some supervisory duties

Extracurricular Activities Drive



-Michael Charry, supervisor at Sutherland Global Services

Work Experience Road

Curling Has helped me become a better team player Independent Filmmaking Established a familiarity with most aspects of video production and editing


"When I need an effective leader, James is the clear choice"

Tommy Wiseau A person that I admire is Tommy Wiseau. He is an independent filmmaker that has a lot of passion and puts his heart and soul into the films he makes and always has a positive attitude. Wiseau was born in 1968 or 1969 (possibly earlier, as he has never publicized his birth date) in either Eastern Europe or New Orleans. Wiseau is very secretive of his past, and as a result it is difficult to find information about him. He is most widely known for directing, writing, producing, and starring in the cult classic film The Room. Despite his movie being popular for the wrong reasons, Tommy instead saw this as an opportunity and now he claims the movie was always intended to be a black comedy. Some people would call that sleazy and opportunistic, but I feel that it’s the perfect example of his optimistic attitude. Not many filmmakers would be proud that their film is considered to be “so bad it’s good”, but Tommy Wiseau is genuinely happy that people are enjoying his movie and frequently visits screenings and interviews his fans. Wiseau has also made a documentary Homeless in America, which is about helping out the homeless rather than giving them handouts. Tommy Wiseau is an extremely interesting filmmaker and is the man I admire most.

The Room cost six million dollars to make and in it’s theatrical release, was a massive flop bringing in less than $2000. Critics hated it, audiences were not interested in it, but Tommy Wiseau didn’t let all of this negativity affect him. Instead, he decided to tour around the United States and book screenings at small independent theaters. Eventually word of mouth spread that the film was “the worst ever made” and to this day it is still being shown in theaters worldwide.

"That's Me" -Johnny, "The Room", played by Tommy Wiseau

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