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OGX Cluster 2 (OGIP & OGCDP) MoF for Account Managers Chair

Generate and Keep alliances with Stakeholders of AIESEC Javeriana and the four universities of the cluster: U. Distrital, U. Nacional, Uniminuto, U. Colegio Mayor de Cudinamarca. Also, support all the recruitment operations in these universities. Talent Profile: Sales, ER & CRM Leader People in Charge: 6 Team Members

As you can see, this year OGX will have four areas, two programs for each cluster. The cluster segmentation is a market strategy to capitalize new universities markets. Each cluster will have three share teams (XCRM, EP Support, and Account Managers). Also, the four areas will share a Development team.

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Execute the pre promotion of exchanges at Cluster 2 major universities and allies. Explore and strengthen new Cluster 2 markets. Support and give information about AIESEC programs. Support recruitment activities at Cluster 2 universities. Manage Data Base with contacts of Cluster 2 universities and people involved. Strengthen universities' affairs being in constant touch. Join international Fairs and different international opportunities events for students. Tracking the legalization of contracts with the stake holders in synergy with Finance and Management area.  Submit weekly management report to the vice presidency, according to the established criteria.

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Participation in LC’s activities. Excellent communication skills Knowledge about AIESEC Programs. Excellent performance giving reports. Excellent Stake holders’ tracking.

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AIESEC way / AIESEC 2015 / Engagement with AIESEC Global Internship Program / Global Community Development Program EP Flow International Affairs & Customer Service. Business Administration. Human Resources & Seller

Team Management Assertiveness Training Skills Performance Management Listening Skills Decision Making Project Management Time Management Meeting Facilitation Conflict Management

Some Evidence Strong Evidence Regular Evidence Regular Evidence Strong Evidence Strong Evidence Strong Evidence Strong Evidence Strong Evidence Strong Evidence

Global Mindset Entrepreneurial Outlook Social Responsibility Emotional Intelligence Proactive Learning

Regular Evidence Strong Evidence Strong Evidence Strong Evidence Strong Evidence

Listening Reading Speaking Writing

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Good Good Good Good

Microsoft Office Adobe Design Suite Google Apps / Google Chrome (preferred)

The coordinator should give a weekly report about his/her management activities to the Vice Presidents. This report should be written and sent to the Vice Presidents’ email and showed it in a presentation in area’s meeting.

6 months January – July 2012

10 Hours

Approved by: Jefferson Rubio Position: LCVP OGIP C2 Approved by: Jeison Salcedo Position: LCVP OGCDP C2 Reviewed by: Fabián Peraza Diosa Position: LCVP TM Reviewed by: Miguel González Position: LCP

OGX C2 - Account Managers Chair