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Incoming Exchanges (IGIP & IGCDP) MoF for Matching and Delivery Team Leader The Matching Coordinator is responsible of all Trainee Nominees in available, matched and realized in the LC (together with the whole team). He/She is the main responsible and primary contact person for questions regarding the matching processes, legal processes, trainee service and all delivery processes for ICX. Talent Profile: Leader for a Logistic Team People in Charge: 6 Team Members

As you can see, this year IGIP will have five subareas. There is a team for each product of GIP (Management Traineeships, Technical Traineeships and Educational Traineeships). There is a team for design of products and there is a share team with IGCDP, this team is responsible of the matching and delivery processes.

 Is in charge of the TN-Taker and AIESEC relationship and has to check if every TN has an AIESEC responsible.  Tracks the TN Manager and supports him/her with the matching process.  Looking after the documents which are required.  Online representation and documents , eg. X numbers on have to be up to date  Trainee Service for all the trainees of the LC  Legal processes for all the trainees of the LC.  Financial execution of processes of bills from TN Takers.

 # TNs matched and realized  % of exchange quality

     

AIESEC way / AIESEC 2015 National and Local Strategies. TN Flow knowledge (Preferred) Administrative procedures of ICX (Preferred) Exchange Management Legal processes for trainees

Team Management Assertiveness Training Skills Performance Management Listening Skills Decision Making Project Management Time Management Meeting Facilitation Conflict Management

Strong Evidence Strong Evidence Strong Evidence Regular Evidence Regular Evidence Regular Evidence Strong Evidence Strong Evidence Strong Evidence Regular Evidence

Global Mindset Entrepreneurial Outlook Social Responsibility Emotional Intelligence Proactive Learning

Strong Evidence Strong Evidence Regular Evidence Strong Evidence Strong Evidence

Listening Reading Speaking Writing

   

Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent

Microsoft Office Adobe Design Suite Google Apps / Google Chrome (preferred)

Direct communication to the AIESEC Javeriana LCVP IGIP & LCVP IGCDP during planning and execution. Activities should be reported weekly.

6 months January – July 2012

10 Hours

Approved by: Sofia González Position: LCVP IGIP Approved by: Juan David Peraza Position: LCVP IGCDP Reviewed by: Fabián Peraza Diosa Position: LCVP TM Reviewed by: Miguel González Position: LCP

ICX- Matching & Delivery Team Leader (Share Coordination)