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Moving Forward Together with the STC Group, Logistics & Marine Experts Issue No, 10

A Symposium

brought together policy makers, industry experts,educators and researchers from the GCC international maritime college oman

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@ IMCOofficial

Events Dean’s Message

Dear Readers It is my pleasure to present the ninth edition of the International Maritime College Oman newsletter. This edition includes many important news items such as IMCO Graduation Ceremony of the ٨th Batch, inauguration of the dynamic simulator which is the latest of its kind in Oman, meetings of the Board of Directors and Shareholders, signing an academic affiliation agreement, and a memorandum of understanding to offer a new Master of Science in Shipping and Transport hosted by The Netherlands Maritime University. This edition is enriched with other events and activities such as National Workshop on Medical Examination and Issuance of Medical Fitness Certificates of Seafarers, hosting participants of Sailing Arabia the Tour ٢٠١٦ (SATT), in addition to other activities and events the college participated in. It also highlights the objectives of the symposium “Human Capital Trends in the Maritime and Logistics in the GCC” that IMCO is conducting on ٢٤th April ٢٠١٦. Finally, we wish you a pleasant reading, and we look forward to meeting you in the next edition.

Dr. Hilal Ali Azan Al Hadrami International Maritime College Oman

Human Capital Trends in the Maritime and Logistics Sectors in the GCC (Challenges & Opportunites) IMCO conducted a symposium on the ٢٤th of April ٢٠١٦ on “Human Capital Trends in the Maritime and Logistics Sectors in the GCC - Challenges and Opportunities” under the patronage of HE Dr. Ahmed bin Mohammed Al Futaisi, Minister of Transport and Communications, and attended by HE Sheikh Khalid bin Omar Al Marhoon, Minister of the Civil Services, and a number of honourables, excellencies, and officials from Oman and the GCC countries. The Symposium brought together policy makers, industry experts, educators and researchers from the GCC countries to present and discuss the future trends, challenges and opportunities in the Logistics and maritime sector. It also highlighted the procedures and regulations related to the maritime and logistics education and training.

The symposium has left a strong, positive impact as a catalyst, leading many industrial organisations towards investments that will contribute to overall national strategic goals in developing human capital for logistics.

“ The Human Capital in the Maritime and Logistics sectors is a critical topic and considered an essential element to the National Logistics Strategy in Oman ” HE Dr. Ahmed Mohammed Al Futaisi 

International Maritime College Oman

Events Career guidance forum

Following IMCO’s keenness to serve the community, and its belief in the importance of strengthening the communication between students and graduates with various employment sectors in the Sultanate, the college organized the annual career guidance forum on Tuesday, ١٧th May ٢٠١٦ with the participation of twenty institutions from various government and private sectors.

Open Day The Student Council at International Maritime College Oman (IMCO) organized an Open Day at the college campus. The Open Day is an annual event held to give the students the opportunity to show their talents and develop their skills. It creates a team spirit among students. The event included cultural, academic, artistic, entertainment and traditional activities. The Open Day started with the opening of departments’ exhibition and the alumni corner followed by many entertainment activities like poetry, traditional dances and musical plays in the college auditorium. The activities also included a car show, parachute show and sports activities. The Omani Women Association corner (Shinas) participated through traditional handicrafts. The event received many visitors and students from other colleges and universities. The dean of IMCO appreciated the students’ efforts in the success of this day.

International Maritime College Oman

The forum aimed at introducing higher education students and graduates to available career opportunities in the Omani labor market. It also aimed to connect graduates with companies and operating institutions in the Sultanate according to their specialization to enable them to understand the current and future suitable opportunities. The forum has also aimed to enlighten graduates of the most important skills required by the labor market, which qualifies them get employment opportunities in these companies. The forum provided valuable communication opportunities between public and private institutions and the society represented by students and job seekers. These institutions has provided presentations that introduced their mission, future plans, and vacancies. The forum agenda included an exhibition, workshops, and direct gatherings between entrepreneurs and IMCO students, in which they presented their professional careers and successes which qualified them to be successful pioneers.

IMCO at GHEDEX 2016 interact and connect with university representatives, officials and academics from national and international colleges and universities which came together to present their programs, courses and internships. IMCO believes that GHEDEX is a great opportunity for students and parents to make decisions about their future educational preferences.

IMCO Participated in the Global Higher Education Exhibition GHEDEX 2016 which took place from the 19th to 21st of April at the Oman International Exhibition Centre. GHEDEX is an annual event which is held under the patronage of the Ministry of Higher Education. The exhibition attracted students seeking quality education and provide them with the opportunity to


External cooperation Royal Yachts support IMCO with an engine for training purposes

External cooperation Memorandum of Understanding between Gutech and IMCO

In the framework of continuous cooperation between government institutions and higher education institutions, on the 18th of April The Royal Yachts presented a boat engine to be used for training purposes by maritime students at IMCO. This comes from the belief of the Royal Yachts on the important role played by IMCO in developing the experiences of the marine trainees and providing marine experts with high efficiency and experience to the Sultanate and the region. It is worth mentioning that IMCO pays great attention on the practical training through using varieties of workshops and simulators that are equipped with the latest technologies to simulate a realistic work environment in the maritime and logistics sector. This donated engine is considered a good addition to the training equipment at IMCO.

Continuous collaboration with Majis

To strengthen the partnership between academia and industry, International Maritime College Oman conducted a one-day workshop on the 31st of May 2016 for Majis Industrial Services. The workshop dealt with “Getting Things Done - Achieving more through

Personal Accountability.” The main objective of this interactive workshop was to help participants rethink the way they respond to challenges in order to achieve business results. Some of the outcomes from this workshop included recognizing barriers to learning and accountability, identifying ways to transform blaming into problem-solving, the victim mentality into taking ownership, and "poor me" into personal accountability and developing a new context around accountability, where responsibility is welcomed. The workshop was facilitated by Dr. Abdelghani Benayoune, Head of Research, IMCO. It was held at Radisson Blu Hotel Sohar in the presence of Ahmed Al-Mazrouy, the Chief Executive Officer of Majis Industrial Services.

GCC entrepreneurs visiting IMCO An Oman and GCC entrepreneurs’ delegation visited IMCO on the 3rd of May 2016. The delegation was headed by Sheikh Saif Ali Al Shafar, the chairman of Tejar Dubai Youth Council (Dubai Chamber of Commerce & Industry). The visit was part of GCC entrepreneurs’ forum activities and was organized by the Oman Chamber of Commerce & Industry, North Al Batinah branch and JAHZEEN programme. 

International Maritime College Oman

A Memorandum of Understanding between German University of Technology in Oman (GUtech ) and International Maritime College of Oman was signed on the 17th of May 2016 at the IMCO Campus. The purpose of this MoU is to develop research and educational cooperation between GUtech and IMCO. The Rector of GUtech Prof. Michael Modigell, and the Dean of International Maritime College Oman Dr. Hilal Ali Azzan Al Hadhrami, signed the agreement at a function, proposing to closely collaborate to conduct joint research and development projects with particular emphasis on nationally funded projects. The MoU provides a framework for exchanging information related to their research and developing activities in fields of mutual interests.

Two Memorandums of Understanding with Shadeed Iron & Steel LLC and Gulf College Hadhrami, the Dean of International Maritime College Oman, signed the agreement at a function proposing to closely collaborate to carry out joint research and development projects . Another MOU was also signed with Gulf College Muscat. The purpose of this MoU is to develop research and educational cooperation between Gulf College and IMCO.

A Memorandum of Understanding between Shadeed Iron & Steel LLC and International Maritime College of Oman was signed on the 2nd  of  June  2016 at  the IMCO Campus.The purpose of this MoU is to develop research and training. Mr. N.A. Ansari CEO, Jindal Shadeed Iron & Steel LLC and Dr. Hilal Ali Azzan Al


External cooperation

S t u d e nt Activities


Agreement with the Institute of Public Administration A cooperation agreement between the International Maritime College Oman and the Institute of Public Administration was signed on the 6th June, 2016. Sayyid Zaki bin Hilal Al-Busaidi, acting CEO of IPA signed on behalf of the Institute of Public Administration, and Dr. Hilal bin Ali bin Azzan AL Hadrami, Dean of IMCO on behalf of the college.  The agreement was signed at the Institute of Public Administration in Al Khuwair. This cooperation  comes in the context of seeking opportunities for building a genuine partnership and fruitful cooperation with the public and private institutions, in order to exchange experiences in the area of management development, and particularly in the areas of training, research and consulting.

The Regional Clean Sea Organization (RECSO) Each representative from the invited companies also gave an overview presentations introducing their companies and there were some fruitful discussions following the presentations especially in oil spill prevention and environmental strategies.

IMCO attended The Regional Clean Sea Organization (RECSO) Annual Board of Directors meeting at Dubai, United Arab Emirates held  from 19-20 April 2016. The meeting was attended by its Board of Directors, full and associate members. RECSO even invited different Local Maritime Institutes, oil spill response capabilities experts, and major conference organizers.

International Maritime College Oman

PST wins Dean’s cup in the second Female Bowling competition on 9th of May 2016Â

POT wins Colleges’ Fourth football championship on 11th of May 2016

IMCO hosts bodybuilding competition on the 13th May 2016

IMCO scouts celebrate the end of the first scout foundation course


Student Activities


S t u d e nt Activities


Foundation Cares The Foundation Society organized a community service campaign entitled "Foundation Cares" on 11th of May. The campaign targeted laborers and cleaners at IMCO. The campaign started with a visit to the construction site at the college. The students provided the workers with cold drinks and sandwiches.  The aim was to help the workers to maintain a normal body temperature at least for a day. Then, a lunch was prepared for all the cleaners and phone cards were distributed to them so they can call their families. The purpose of the campaign was to encourage the students to care about others and to thank the cleaners for  doing a great job keeping classrooms, offices, and halls clean and organized.

Spelling Bee Competition two rounds. Contestants were asked to spell a broad selection of words with a varying degree of difficulty. The competition was an enjoyable way to encourage and motivate the students to practice their spelling skills and was a great way for them to practice words which they have studied in class.

The Foundation Society held a Spelling Bee Competition for all foundation students on the 23rd of March in the auditorium as a part of the Open Day activities. A student from each class was selected to participate in the competition which consisted of

International Maritime College Oman

Practice Job Interviews On the 18th and 19th May, 2016, the Process Operations Technology and Technical English IV teachers, in cooperation with Student Affairs, organized and administered Practice Job Interviews at IMCO. This activity coincided with the Career Guidance Forum initiated by Student Affairs. The purpose of this activity was to provide opportunities for the Year 2 students to improve their employability skills. The activity involved assessors from industry (IMCO alumni and part-time Bachelor students), specifically from ORPIC, PDO, Sohar Aluminium and Oman Gas Company; other colleges and universities – Shinas College of Technology, Musanna College of Technology, Sohar University and College of Applied Sciences as well as IMCO staff.

The activity was aimed at helping students develop graduate attributes, as well as improving their generic skills. Although it entailed a lot of preparation, it proved that collaborations between industry and academic institutions are beneficial in terms of optimizing student learning. This activity forged a way for IMCO to establish valuable links with industry and academic institutions. In the words of Ali Al-Balushi of Shinas College of Technology, they were pleased to establish this relationship with IMCO and that they are “looking forward to more collaboration.” The management of Musanna College of Technology, as well as authorities in the English and Academic departments of Sohar University expressed the same interest to support such collaborations with IMCO in the future.


Student Activities


Final welding project presentation by marine engineering students Marine Engineering students organized an exhibition to present their welding projects on 19th of May 2016 at the entrance hall of the college. Staff and students from different departments visited the exhibition which aimed to introduce the projects created by the students. There were four beautiful flower pot stands fabricated according to the specifications given in advance by their teacher at the welding shop. Each prototype was given six hours to be fabricated. These future seafarers showed a high level of enthusiasm and interest. Each project was evaluated during the event and feedback was given to the students to improve the quality of the project.

Open day celebrations by maritime department and firefighting equipment. Also, the department organized workshops and visits to the simulators. The guests were very impressed with the simulators as most of them were visiting for the first time. At the end of the event, there was a draw for a free gift and a South African barbeque was prepared at the entrance by Marine Engineers.

The Maritime Department conducted an Open Day on May 2016. The event aimed introduce the students, staff and the public with the life of Marine Engineers and Deck Officers. Different schools and institutions were invited to the event. The guests were well received by Deck Officers and Marine Engineers. An exhibition took place at the college entrance which showcased the lifesaving

International Maritime College Oman

S t u d e nt Activities

P S TPort visit

Shipping industry’s experts meet PST students The services provided by Stevedoring and the Shipping Agencies are the main activities in the port. Therefore, the PST Department organized a lecture of industry expert for Year one Level students in IMCO’s auditorium on the 17th of March 2016. Two experets from Documentation Department of C. Steinweg Oman L.L.C. delivered a lecture on stevedoring while Sarath Yohannan, who is in charge of Seamaster Maritime L.L.C. spoke about shipping agency activities in the port

PST students study tour to Sohar Port and GAC-Shipping Agency The PST Department arranged a study tour for the The Gulf Agency Company is an international ship1st year students from 17th of April to 25th of April ping agency located in Sohar. 65 students visited the 2016. This was to acquaint the students with the port Gulf Agency Company to learn about  the role and and shipping industry. functions of this shipping agency. The branch manager Mr. Ashan Silva explained the role and functions of the shipping agency through his presentation. The operations manager Mr. Janaka Kariyawasam helped the students to understand the internal working of this shipping agency. Students got a more in depth view of industry through this field trip. The students feedback was positive towards both the companies and self-reflective. Indeed, both field trips helped the students to become familiar with industry’s problems, enhanced their motivation and their industry oriented learning. 69 students visited Sohar Port and saw various terminals. The representative of Sohar Port and Free Zone gave students an overview through his presentation and highlighted the importance of Sohar Port in the logistics sector of Oman. Students got an idea about the navigational and commercial functions of the port as well as the historical background and future development of the port.


IMCO Alumni

Student Forum

Threshold towards Fluency

It has been my dream to work at sea and experience the life of a seaman. IMCO was the first step for me in order to achieve this dream and make it reality. My journey started when I joined the Marine Department in IMCO. I learned a lot and was well prepared to go through the first challenge which was joining a ship and experiencing life onboard. Life on board, the ship was very challenging. It required a lot of patience and strength. It has made me stronger. Everything I learned qualified me to join Topaz Energy and Marine Company as a fourth engi-

neer. I gained more knowledge and I came to Oman to work for National Ferries Company. It has been already three years since I joined. I continued learning and I passed the second engineers exam and later first engineers exam. Learning never ends in the Marine field. It is a long journey which is filled with knowledge, experience and hard work. Now I am working really hard to achieve my goal of becoming chief engineer. I ask Allah to grant me patience, guidance and strength to continue this voyage towards success.

We have been studying English at school since childhood. However, nobody has ever told us that language is acquired through practice. It could be a sign of bad luck that we came to realize it late after twelve years of schooling. We have put so much hope in the Foundation Year, or the so-called Saving Year, to help us survive the hardship of sitting an end-of-year exam. Thus, it can be said that the responsibility of realizing this concept has shifted to higher education institutions, particularly my college, which is the International Maritime College of Oman; widely known for its rigorous Foundation program. Prior to joining the college, we had heard stories of students joining only for the sake of the Foundation program, after graduating from which they moved to other colleges. This is because the maritime majors, a reason why the college stands out at the Middle East level, were not appealing to them. As 2011 batch students who joined the foundation program, we will be in no way exaggerating if we consider it as the heaviest in terms of the effort we needed to exert, which is ascribed to the fact that the program is well rounded, serving to qualify students in different reading and writing skills. We engaged in discussion sessions and conducted interviews to afford us the opportunity to practice the language more extensively. This “honeymoon” year, however, proved temporary as soon as we entered our majors, enrolling in courses of a different nature aimed at improving our efficiency in the field only. Here comes a shift from an active practice stage to a passive stage in which English terminology is only received, leaving students with no chance for extensive practice. Isn’t it worth stopping here for a moment to attempt to find suitable solutions? The term “solutions” here does not confine itself to the efforts exerted by the academic staff. Rather, a major thrust represents student desire to create the perfect linguistic base that will equip them for the workforce.

A comprehensive plan comprising the work of administration, teachers and students needs to be devised where weekly training courses are organized, featuring an intensive class helping students to hone their skills. This is a process which requires ample time to conduct a needs analysis in this regard. However, the concrete result will definitely appear in student language competence even at the major-modules level, Social networking sites can also be used to introduce these training sessions, thereby ensuring that normal working hours will not form an excuse for not realizing the idea. They can also be used to create a clear schedule including the number of hours coupled with the presented topics. This is all to be supervised by the original plan makers. It is worth mentioning that the results of these training sessions meant to assist students needing linguistic fluency can be measured through a committee supervising a sample of students undertaking these courses and through regular exams which will verify those results. Another major contributor in assisting and encouraging students to perform at their best would be competitions which feature different language skills, some of which used to be included in our foundation program. In addition, debates are good at enabling students to participate in discussions and fostering confidence. Finally, we are fully aware that improving linguistic practice is the result of an interactive process between a student and his or her academic institution. What has been mentioned above is only shedding light on the rationale for the undesirable results of students, who are in grave need of effective English language practice on campus and also on the solutions hoped to be in keeping with the cumulative result of the reasons. This is enhanced by our confidence that administrative and academic staff are striving to provide the best services to students in different fields.

By: Wedad Al Maniya

Mohammed Al-Riyami 

International Maritime College Oman





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א„›  ‪¬ Á‬כ כ™‪,Ò‬כ‪ª†‡ ¤‬‬ ‫א’“ … ‪“ Æ‬א א א €“א א אŠ‘¨‪ Ë‬א†œ “א‪“ Ì‬א‬ ‫ Žא‪·   ¢‬א ‘Š ‪ ̎Š’ ¤  Ò‬כא‪Ã‬א“א ‬ ‫‰ אŠ‘¨‪ , Ή Ë‬אŠא ‪Í‬א א‪ ‬א‪© ‰  ‰ ¥‬‬ ‫¦  Š ™    א„›Š— א כ™  ‪.Á‬‬

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‫‡†‪ ª‬א“‰‪ ˆŠ’  ‬א ‚‰‪¦ Ò‬א  א ˜א‪š ¢‬‬ ‫א Žž א “א› ‪“  !Ô‬א א¼ ‡“א א‹ ‪ ¦ žŽ  ¢‬א‬ ‫‰Š¨ ‹ א¦Ž‪ ¢‬אŠ ›†¦א אכא‪ „¢‬אאכא‪   ¢‬א‚¦א‬ ‫Š ™  ˜¿‪ Ã‬כ “¦א ‪ Õ‬א‪ ‬א‪ ˆ   ¥‬א  ‬ ‫א

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‫א א Š… ‡†א אא אא Ž‪Š   Ö‬כא  ‪ ¤‬אכא‪„¢‬‬ ‫אא‪¢‬א„œ אŠ   א‪ ‬א‪  š —’‚ ¥‬כ‪„¢  ¤‬א”‬ ‫„ א›Ž  ‪¼ ¤‬א‚¦א א Š€ ‪ ¨ ¤‬כ™ ’א ‬ ‫א‪¦ Ž  ‹   ‬א„א¦… ‡ ¦   Š‪Š ¥  ‬א‬ ‫„א› אŠא˜א” א‪†‡    ‬א א¬א כ‪ ¤‬א“Š Š א‬ ‫›Š‪ŽŠ’  ¦Â‬א” א‪ ‬א‪Ž ̎Š’ ‹ ‹Š ¹‬א‪¢‬‬ ‫אŠ‘¨‪ .Ë‬כ א  כ‪ ¤‬אא›Šא‚ Ž›א¶ אŠŽא© אא˜Š א ‬ ‫Š‰… ‡†‪ ª‬א¨‪ Ë‬אŠ„ Š‹ א כŽ  אא‪Æ‬‬ ‫א›  ‪ ƍ „³‬א א‪ Æ‬אכ  כ‪ ¤ ¤‬א¦א ‬ ‫˜ž א‪ ¤ €Š »Ö‬א’א א”  א Žא‪ Ö‬א ‰ אא‪Ö‬א‬ ‫א‹

 אא¼א× ‪ ¤‬א‰א¶ ‪ ‹ ¤‬א‘‪. ‬‬ ‫א א†כ א ™ ‡†‪ ª‬א א” אŠ ›Š’¦… ‬ ‫’א‚ א‪ ‬א‪ ¥‬א†œ Šא‪ Ø‬א‹ ·א  א ‪  Á‬כ‪¤‬‬ ‫א‪Š‚ ±‬א¶¦א ‪ ¤‬אž “ ¬× ‹ “ ‪ ¤‬א‪¤    ‬‬ ‫‘€Ž ¦†‪ ª‬א„א”   אŠא„א” ‪  „¢‬כ‪ ¤ ¤‬א¦א‬ ‫אŠ‰ˆ ‪Š‚ ¤‬א¶ א  ‹ ‡†‪ ª‬אכ אא‪Ö‬א א‹‬ ‫‰א‪ ±‬א ’¦… א   ’א  א‪ ‬א‪—¬ ¥‬‬ ‫ ‹ †ž א¦ א ‪ Ž‡ ¹Ž  ‬א ’א‰א” אŠ ¬  „‡א‬ ‫‘Š ‪ Ò‬א ¦א„א”  א ‪  – Á‬א… €¦א  ›“Š“א‬ ‫אŠא›’ …  Ž˜Ž‪ Í ¢‬כ†כ א “א‪Û‬א” אŠ  כ‪¤‬‬ ‫א‪ ‬א‪ ¤ ¥‬א ¬א„כ  אŽא„ ¿« „¾ א™‰ א ¬א„כ‬ ‫ ‪³‬א—‪.‬‬ ‫Šאא ‚‪„¢ ‹ ¤‬א א א ’‪  ¤‬א„› א ‪ Á‬א†œ‬ ‫‚‪ ‬א‪Š‚ Ž‡ — ¥‬א‪ 

Ø‬א  ‪ ¤‬א‪ ‬א‪—Š’›É ¥‬‬ ‫אאכא‪ , ¢‬א ·“א‪ ª‬א א‪ ª‬א ‡Ž אא ‪ Ç‬אא‪Ö‬א‪Ã‬א” ‹‬ ‫אא›א‪ ¹‬אŠ א‪ ”¢‬א‹ ‚Š ‪ Õ‬אŽ ‪ ¤‬א‪   ‬א†‪¤‬‬ ‫Šא˜Ž א‹ א

א„› אא  ‪ Á‬א Žž אŠ ‚א א‚¦א‬ ‫Š א¼‹  א“Š אŠאכ   ’‪“Š‰µ  ,¥‬א א אכא‪„¢‬‬ ‫אא‪¢‬א„œ אאכא‪˜ ‹’  ¢‬א‡א ‘ א‪ ‬א‪Ò Š‘  ¥‬‬ ‫א א‪.¤¢‬‬

‫כŠ‪¢:‬א‪ ¢‬א א‚‬

‫  אא‬ ‫‪Newsletter‬‬



‬ ‫




‫Œ „ ‪ ²‬אא אא   א א‬

‫‬ ‫‪   ‬א א א   אא ‬ ‫„ŽŒ א‪    ‬א אˆ‹אŠ אכ ˆא‡† ‪„ 19‬אƒ ‪.2015‬‬ ‫™˜ ‪ ‬א א  ˆƒ—– „ˆ• אא Ž” ‪’„ 4‬א‘‬ ‫— ¦ˆƒ‪ ¤ ¥‬א א‪  žŽ ‡ƒŸ¡ ¢‬אœא™‪ .‬אˆ›š‬ ‫כ” ƒ®¬ ‪ 6‬אא‘ א א‪ ¢‬אŽ” œ© אƒא¨§א‘‬ ‫‬ ‫אŽ א‪‹œ„ Ž„ °„ ±‬א‪ .‬א¯ „ƒ אœˆ‹”‬ ‫אŠ „‪ °‬אא´ אאŸˆא א¯א‡ א ‪²‬‬ ‫„œˆƒ¶‬ ‫‪µ‬‬ ‫ כ” —·א‪    .¹‬א א‡ƒ אˆ§א” „¸ Ÿ·א‬ ‫‪µ‬‬ ‫א ‪ ²‬אŽ ¦‹– ‪º‬אŠ א§Žא‪.‬‬


‬ ‫




‫‪º‬א‪ ¢‬א ‪ œ   ƒ‹ˆ °‬א½א‡¼ אƒא ‪  ¢¤‬א ‪  °‬א‹”‬ ‫¦Žˆ א‘ א ‪  °‬אˆ§»  ‪„º‬א‘ כא‪ ¢‬א ‪°‬‬ ‫„‪ °‬אŸ אא   אƒא ¾  ·א ‪ ‬א ‪ œ ‬א½א‡¼‬ ‫אƒא ¾ א ‪ °‬א‹” ˆ‪„ Á‬א¼ ‪°„ ½ ‡ƒÀ‬‬ ‫‪º‬א‪ ¢‬א•אŠ   אœ אא‪.¤‬‬ ‫א‹‪ ¤‬אא¼ ‪º‬א‪ œ  °„ ¢‬אˆƒ‪  ÂÃ‬כ ‬ ‫ˆאƒ† א‪ .‬כא ‪ ‬א א§א” א‡¡ ƒ™א אœƒ‪° ŠÄ‬‬ ‫‪È ²‬כ » „אˆ „א‡ˆא« א‪À‬א אˆ‪° Å‬‬ ‫א   כא‪ ¢‬א ‪ °‬אא‪.¢‬‬

‫—ƒ ½‡א   אƒא ¾ א ‪ °‬א‹” א‪„ ¤‬א‪¨ ¢‬א‡ א’א  כא "—‬ ‫א– "  ‪°‬‬ ‫‪ œ ‬א‡אא‘ א ˆ§” אƒ א§ˆƒ‪Ó‬‬ ‫א א‪™È Ÿ¢‬א „§’א ‪ œ  °‬א‡אא‘ א‬ ‫אכ‪ .‬א•© א‪ ̓À‬א•ƒ‡ אאכא‘ ‬ ‫אƒ‡× ™˜ א Ÿ·‪ ±‬א‪Õ‬א‡¼ ¦Ž אא‪› ¤‬א‬ ‫א‪ .‡ƒÀ‬כא ¦ Œ „Žא‘ אא ‹א® „כא‬ ‫אא‪  Â‬א™ אאˆ‹אŠ ¦‹ Ž‪ Ø‬אאא‬ ‫א„‪.Õ‬‬

‫Œ ‪ œ ‬א‡אא‘ א „א‪Ž„ Â‬א א‹œ‬ ‫‪º‬אŠ א™ˆ§אא‘ אƒ א§ˆƒ‪ Ó‬א·‪È  ‹ ¥‬‬ ‫„אƒ ‪ 2016‬כ א א א‪  .‬א ‬ ‫אא™ א א א אˆ‹אŠ א‪̓À‬‬ ‫אˆ‪   °Î‬אא‡´ א‪œÖ‬א‘ אא‪¶º‬‬

‫כ א א א‬


‫ ‪ œ Á‬א½א‡¼ אƒא ¾ א ‪ °‬א‹” —ƒ ½‡א‬ ‫  אœ אא‪  ¤‬א§ˆ¼ „‪ 25-17 °‬א” ‪2016‬‬ ‫א‪„ ¤‬א‪¨ ¢‬א‡ א’א ‪È‬כ "— א– "‪.‬‬ ‫¦‪ Í‬א•ƒ א‪ ÌŽ¦ ¤‬א  ‪ ¤‬אƒא ¾ ¨א‬ ‫א‹” א‪.¥‬‬

‫אˆ•א‡ א‪·Ÿ ,¢‬א אאא א‪ Ž„ ¤‬א•א ©‬ ‫אˆא‡‪ Ï‬א‪ Ð º ¢‬אˆ ƒ אœˆ‹‪.‬‬ ‫א„א ‪º‬אŠ ¡א‡¼ ‪È‬כ כא א‪ ÒÏ‬א  „א‪¢‬‬ ‫¨א‡ ‹ ¦Ž‪ Í‬א  ‪„ ‡½ ¤‬א Ÿ·‪ ±‬אƒכא‪.‬‬ ‫‪ ‬א „ א§‪ ²‬א§א” א‪È‬א §א  ‪„ Ó‬א‬ ‫¯א‪ Ì‬כא א ‪º °„ °‬אŠ אŽŒ א·‪.–„  ¥‬‬ ‫כא ‪ ‬א א§א” —א אכא כא‡אא; „ אŽא‘‬ ‫œא¼ א  ‪  ¤‬אאאŠ אא‪±· º‬‬ ‫אƒכא‪.‬‬ ‫™’” א  ‪ ¨ ¤‬א‹א‪ ° ¼Á ¢‬כ‪¤ ©Î‬‬ ‫א’א „‪º °‬אŠ Ÿ·‪ ±‬א‪Õ‬א‡א‘ אא ‪ .‬כא ž ‡½¼‬ ‫Ž א•א ¦•א‪ ±‬א‪Õ‬א‡¦‪ ˜™ °‬א‘ Ÿ·‪ ±‬א™א‘‬ ‫אא  א  ‪ ¤‬אˆŽ‪ „ ¤ Í‬אכ” א’א‬ ‫‪½ ‘¡Õ‬אŽ אƒ—– ˆŽ Ÿ·א א•אŠ‪.‬‬

‫™˜ ¡א‡ א  „א‪¨ ¢‬א‡ א’א אŽƒא ‪¤‬‬ ‫„‪ ̈Ï‬א א‘ ‪ ‬א „‪„ ”Î‬א‪¨ ¢‬א‡ א ‹‬ ‫א¼ ˆ‹ ·‪ ° ±‬א ‹ ‪ Ð‬א‪¤ ¢ƒÀ‬‬ ‫אŸ „א‪¨ ¢‬א‡  ‪  ‬א‪ ²‬א‪„Ï‬א‘ אƒ—œˆ ‬ ‫אœ ‪ .‬כא אכˆœ© א  כ¼ ‪ °‬אא אא™‬



‫א‪ÔԗÔ‬‬ ‫‪ÔÔ‬א •‪ÔÔÔ‬‬


‫א‪ÔԗÔ‬‬ ‫‪ÔÔ‬א •‪ÔÔÔ‬‬


‫  ‬ ‫  א   א אא  ‬ ‫א€­ ‪  ‬א " "  אא  ‬ ‫Œ א‹ ‪ .2016‬א …„ƒ א א‚ א א‬ ‫“א–א •כ א א‹ א“‪ .‬א א ’‹א‘Ž‬ ‫™­ •א› “š אŽ א‘‹ •אכ “™˜ א—‬ ‫–א “•א¡ •א‘Ž ““ א¡ Ÿ„אž‪ƒ„… œ  .‬‬ ‫˜‬ ‫אא‘Ž א‪ £‬א‪¥‬א‪  ‘ © £ ¤‬א‘Ž א€ א—– ‪¢‬‬ ‫כא¬ ‪ £‬אא™¬‪ .‬א‪ª‬א‪   ,‬א א “  א§א› €­‬ ‫ א‚ א א •אא‪±‬א א‪—• ­‹’  £‬א™א¡ Œ א‪° ‬‬ ‫כ ‹‪  £‬אא‪µ ‬א‚ •–אžא‪ ƒ„… ³—  . ‬א‬ ‫א‪ ­€  £‬א— ‪ £‬אא…א˜ •אא¶‹ “Œכ א‚‬ ‫א א ‪  £‬א‪ ¸“¹‬א  ‪  £‬א‬ ‫“‪   ‬א‪ ‚µ¥‬א‘א “אכא‪ º ‬אאא‘‹ “א‪ª‬א א¡‬ ‫•אכ‪.‬‬

‫א•‪ ª‬א€» אאאž‬ ‫א¶א‘ א‪“ º‬א  כ¬ ‪‘ ¬µ‬א א‘כ ‬ ‫אא•‪“ ª‬א ‪™ . £  ‬א˜ אא•‪ª‬‬ ‫“א‬ ‫•€» €  “א–  אכא¡ אא‘Ž‬ ‫‪Ã‬‬ ‫‪¥ ‬א“¡  ‘  ‪•–Ä‬א‪ .‬כא …„ƒ אא•‪“ ª‬‬ ‫– €­ “‪ ¿¥ ‬א— ‪ £‬א‘ א‘א‪ ‬‬ ‫אאאž “כא ‹‪‘ ª‬אž– א – אכא¡ א‬ ‫‘…א  א‪.°µ‬‬

‫א ¡ א   א אא א•‪ ª‬א€»‬ ‫אאאž €­  א אא  א¾א½‬ ‫“א–‹  Œ א‘‪ª• 2016 Á‬א  א‪ À‬כ€¿›‬ ‫ א— א˜ א‪ ƒ„… – .À¥‬אא•‪ ª‬‬ ‫אא— א– א‘ …€א› אכא¡‪  ™“ .‬‬

‫כ א א‹ א“‬


‫א‪ª‬א•א¡ א‪ ¥È‬א€‹‬ ‫™א˜ – ‪ ª ‬א–א¡ א‹ “א§ אא€¿‹‬ ‫ ‹ א¾א  “אא­   א‹ ‪2016‬‬ ‫“•א–א“ ­ ™ Œ‪ “Å‬א— •  “אא‘Ž‬ ‫“‪ª ª ‬א•א¡ “‪• ‹€  ¥È‬אכ‪ .‬א‪Ç £ ‬כ‬ ‫©‬ ‫‪¿ ‬אא ­ ‪ £ª‬א ‪ É‬א “•א‘Ž ‬ ‫Œ‪ “Å‬א—‪„… œ‹ .‬א אא‪ Ë‬א‪Ê   £‬‬ ‫— א א¾א  א‘א‪£ ‚µ  ‬‬ ‫‪Ì‬‬ ‫“‪   .¥È‬א‪–¥‬א ‪—™  ª‬אš א‪µ‬א ‬ ‫)¶‹€ כ א א‹ א“ “‬ ‫אכא‘‹‪ • Á‬א˜ א‘א א€¿ž( “•א‹ ‬ ‫Œכ א“‘•כ‪• ,‬אא‪±‬א א‪Œ £‬כ ‪ Ï¥  ‬א‬ ‫“‪Ä‬א‘ א˜ “Œכ א§א’ א–א “  ‬ ‫אכא¡ “א€א–א¡ ¾¬ אכ א‪• ª‬א‪“ Ê‬אכ‬ ‫א‪• ª‬א‪ “ –µ‬א– ‪Ä‬א‘ “כ א–˜‬ ‫א—‪• ,ª‬אא‪±‬א א‪ ¥È   £‬אכ‪.‬‬

‫אœ  …„ƒ א‪–¥‬א א Ž א— ‪£‬‬ ‫אכא¸ אא‘א¡ א—• ‹€ •אא‪±‬א א‪£‬‬ ‫‪  ‬א‘א‪  ‬א–א‪ £ “ .‬אŸ  אא‬ ‫‪ — ‬אכ¾  א‪• Ð ª ,Â‬א ©א–א“ •‬ ‫א‪µ‬א  “א‪Å‬א¡ אאכא‹ ‪¥‬א  ½‬ ‫‪ –   ‬א—‪„… .‬א אא‪ Ë‬כא •¾א• “‬ ‫‪ ‬א‪—™ ­ ™ ¬Ä‬אš א‪µ‬א  “א‪Å‬א¡‬ ‫אאכא‹‪™“ .‬א‚ אאא‪  /Ç‬אŒ‪Ñž‘ ,‬‬ ‫™ א§ אא€¿‹ •אכ א‪• ª‬א‪• Ê‬א‬ ‫–א› א‪ ƒ„… Ñ‬א–א™ ­ כ א א‹‬ ‫א“ “א "‹—– ¿‹  א–א“‪“ ".‬כא‬ ‫  כ¬  אא‘Ž אכ א‪• ª‬א‪“ –µ‬‬ ‫א‪ ™  “Å‬א§ אא€¿‹ •€א– ‪Ä‬א‘‬ ‫  ‘Ÿ אא‪„… ¬¾   Ð‬א א–א“ ­ כ‬ ‫ א א‹ א“  א‪.¬ª‬‬



‫א ‡א‪ ‬‬ ‫ƒ‪ÊÊ‬א‪É‬‬

‫א‪ÊÊ®€Ê‬‬ ‫‪Êʪ‬א –‪ÊÊÊ‬‬

‫א א  א   אאא אא‬ ‫ ˆ כ א א „ƒ א   אאא‬ ‫אא ƒŒ אא•” ‪‹  Œ2016 ƒ 6‬כ„  אŠ‰‬ ‫א‪–   ˜™ .‬אא– ” א א —כ‪”– ‬‬ ‫Šא¡ –” Ÿ א Ÿ א„žœ א ‹ אכ›‬ ‫ אאא אא ” אכ אכ Šא¡ –” ‪ ‬‬ ‫–” ‪¥‬א א ‪   „¤‬אכ ‰ א  –‪ „£‬‬ ‫אאא אא –א¦ƒ„‪.‬‬ ‫ƒא‪‹Š  ‬א א  ‪  ‬א‪ª‬א א‪    ‬אƒ©א „¨  א§‬ ‫‪„²‬אכ ™‪ ££‬א ‪Ÿ°  „±‬א¯ א‪®£‬א אאŒ‬ ‫א¦א¨‪  ³– ,‬א¡ א¦ „א¯ ‪©  ‬א¡ א אאאƒ‬ ‫–€כ· ‡א¨ ‪©  ‬אא¯ אƒ¶ א ‪µ‬‬ ‫אאŸ€אא¯ אא¯‪.‬‬

‫אכ €אכ ‪ ‬אאא א  א   א  א א‬

‫ „ƒ‪£ ŸŠ ‰ Ì‬א¯ אא¯ א ƒ‬ ‫ƒ — –א ® א„א– כ„ א‪ Œ£‬אŒ ‪2016‬‬

‫ „ƒ‪ Ì‬אא אא‪ Ë‬א€ ” א‪— ƒ ·£‬‬ ‫–כא‪ Ï‬א ‪ ®– ‬א ƒ‪ Î‬א‪±‬א אא‪µ‬‬ ‫‪ 9‬אƒ ‪2016‬‬

‫„‪ ± · ”  à  Ą² Å‬א€„כא¯ ‬ ‫א‪Ÿ°‬א¯ א€אכ ƒ‪ ” ‹  ”¤‬א‪ Ÿ°‬כא‬ ‫‰ א®„‪ Æ‬א €א¯ ‪ ¡™ „±‬כ   א א„‪Â‬‬ ‫א ®‪   ‬אאŸ„א©א¯ א ‪ Ç‬א ‪.‬‬

‫‪²‬אכˆ אכ ‪ ‬אאא א ©œ אא‬ ‫א א „ƒ אא   א   א ‬ ‫א א)ƒכ( –אא –‪ –  ‬אאאא¯ א„–‬ ‫א€‪À  ££‬כ –אƒ¾ ‪ 20-19‬א–„ƒ· ‪ ¤ – 2016‬א‪¤‬א§‬ ‫©œ אא א אאž”  ‪ „Á‬א ‹ƒ” ‬ ‫אƒ ” ‪  ±‬אאŠ אא א „ƒ  ‡ „א§‬ ‫א‪ „ Ã‬א ®‪ ±   ‬א€„כא¯   ‰‬

‫כ א א „ƒ א‬


‫א אכ ƒ   –אƒ א אאŸ‬ ‫אא כ€א ‬

‫אכ ‪ ›¤‬א–‪ £‬כא¡ אאאŒ‬ ‫ ‪ 13 ‬אƒ ‪2016‬‬



‫ א‡Œ …א•‬

‫”אא‬ ‫א א א  אכ  כ אא א‬

‫‚כ­ ‪ ‬א  אא אאא  כא‬ ‫‡žœ אכ  ‚כ­ ‪ ‬א  אא אאא‬ ‫ כא ”· אŒ א¿ ‪ 17‬א ‪‡ ³2016‬א• ¸‪º‬‬ ‫א‪  °‬א–‪ À‬א • ‡אא‡Œ אאכא‘• ‹‬ ‫‡ž ‪ ŠÁ‬אא אאא‬ ‫א™˜‹ ®‪À‬‬ ‫א–‡” אכŸ ‘Ÿ אא ‪ ‬אž‪  Â‬אכ אŽ‬ ‫‹ • ‹ ‪±‬אŒ א‪  •Ã‬אכ  ”• ®‪ Ÿ ‬אž ‬ ‫« כ  אŒ א– א‡ ”• ‡א ¬א‪œà .‬‬ ‫‪¢‬כŸ ‡‪‚  ÄÅ‬‬ ‫א‚כ­ ‪ °‬אא ‪ ‬א‪ ° Ç‬אא‡Œ‬ ‫‪Æ‬‬ ‫‪¢‬א ‪¢‬כ ”• א–‪‡ À‬א  אכ‪¢ ±‬כŸ‬ ‫…א‪ ° È‬א‪¢‬א אא  א‪‚ ° ‡ .‬כ­‬ ‫א‪ ‬א א‪– °‬א‘Ž א א א « א‪ ¢‬א–‪À‬‬ ‫א • ‡א ”• אאא ‪¥‬א אאא‪ ³‬א‪¢‬כ‪.‬‬

‫”• אšא אא‡Œ א ‹ א™˜א אכ‬ ‫‡™˜א א  אא• žœ א א א‬ ‫”• א¡א‹ ‪ ‹ ¢‬אŸ ‘ א  כ  ¡Ÿ ”•‬ ‫אא§א כ žא¦ ‡‪¥‬כ א˜א ”• אא ‬ ‫š – אˆˆא א–‪.‬‬ ‫א • ‪¥‬כ אאא ‹ א אא א‡א–א’ א‚©‬ ‫ – אכ  ”• ¬«Ÿ …–א א‹ ”• אŽ‬ ‫אא® א– ‡”• ” א  ‡א« כא‘‬ ‫‪¥‬א כ‪ ‬א§­ ‡…–­ א‪ .‬א א‚כ אŒ אכ  כ‪° ±‬‬ ‫א א • ”• ´א‪ ³‬אא˜ ‹ …אŽ א‪²‬‬ ‫‡אאכא א‪ ­‘‡±‬א®¶ א«א אאכ –‪µ‬‬ ‫אŸ ”• א«א· א–© ‡א • ‡‚א אכ‬ ‫ א‪¹‬א” ¸ א‪ °‬א«א א– אכ ‪.‬‬

‫ א‡Œ  ‹ אכ  ‡Š  א אˆא ‬

‫‚כ­ ‪ ‬א  ‰כ ‰   ‡אˆ  ‡א…„  כ  א ƒ‬

‫” ¸ א‪ Î‬אא «‪ Ä‬אא‪ ƒÁ‬א­ ‹‬ ‫א א¸ ‪ œà .‬א‰ ‪ Ð‬אא‪ :Ÿ¡ ƒÁ‬א‪º‬‬ ‫ ‪ °‬אא‪ ±‬א• Ž ‘‡Œ א ‡ Ÿ א™‡‪,‬‬ ‫‡  ‡˜א‪" Ÿ ŸÁ‬א«א§ א ‪Ë "³‬א‪Ÿ®" °‬‬ ‫א‪¢‬אכŸ"‪ ‹‡ ,‬א א‪" Ҟ ¥‬א‪ « "Ã‬א א‪ °‬א א‪¥‬‬ ‫ž‪¬" Ò‬א® ‪ Ë‬א כ"‪" ‹ ‡ ,‬אא כ‹" א‪" °‬אא‬ ‫™‡Ž ‰ˆא" ‡… ‪Š® ° © ­ µ Ä‬‬ ‫א™‡‪.‬‬ ‫א‰ כאœ ‹ « אכ – א‪;Œ ‹ •Ó‬‬ ‫‪ ž ŠÁ‬א–¶ כ  אŒ א– א‡ ‡‪¥‬כ‬ ‫‪ ±±‬א‪¢‬אכ ‹ א«א· אאכא‘• ‡žא· אˆא ‪,‬‬ ‫”• ”‪ Ç‬א‘Œ   ¬א ‪ Ã‬א¸‪ Ô‬א®‬ ‫אžאœ כ  אŒ א– א‡ ‡‰ Ÿ ­ ‪³‬‬ ‫א‪ ;• ‡±‬א‪ ŠÁ‬א‪¢ ©‚ ‬כ Š  א‬ ‫‡א® ”• ‪ 31‬א ‪¢ ³2016‬כ Š  א‬ ‫אˆא ‪.‬‬ ‫אˆא ‪‡ .‬כאŒ א¸‪ º‬א‪ ΂ ‹ •Á‬א‰‬ ‫א‪ ‬א  א ­ א‪¢‬אכ‹ ‪ °‬א א‘­ א´ ”• ‘­‬

‫ ž ‚כ­ ‪ ‬א ‹ ‰כ ‰  ‬ ‫‡אˆ ‪‡ ,‬כ  אŒ א– א‡ ”• א¡א• ‹‬ ‫ ‪ °– ³2016‬אכ ‪ º¸ ‡ .‬א‚כ­ א‪ °‬‬ ‫א–‪ À‬א • ‡א אא‪¹‬א” א‪ °‬אא‡Œ ‪•” Ë‬‬ ‫א‪ ¢‬א™‡ א‪ ž‡ .‬אא ‪ ‬אž כא ‹‬ ‫א‪ ‬א‪‰ Ÿ¹‬א‘ א… אˆא©; א‪ ŠÁ‬א‪¢ ©‚ ‬כ‬

‫’א­ ‡א‘ אא אŽ א ‹  כ ‬

‫אŽ ‰   ‡אˆ ‪‡ ,‬אכ אŽ ‹ • ‹‬ ‫ ‪±‬אŒ א‪  ;•Ã‬אכ ‪ .‬כא žאœ אכ  א‪Ã‬א ”•‬ ‫‪ Š ‬א‪‚ ž ³‬כ­ ‪ ‬א א…„  כ  א ƒ‬ ‫®‪ º¸ À‬אא ‪ ‬אž א‪  °‬א–¶ ‡אא‡Œ ”•‬ ‫אŽ א  ‹ א™˜‹‪.‬‬

‫’א ‡” ‹ ‡א‘ ‡א¬א¦ ‡¬א®–א אא אŽ א‪ °‬אכ ‬ ‫‪¢‬אכ   ‡…  ®‪ À‬א‪ Ô‬א” א‪Ò˜ ¿¢‬‬ ‫ • א‪ ¢‬א ‪–‰ Š  ŠÁ‬א¦ א ‘• ‪‡ ”Ó‬‬ ‫ א­ ‡ ¬א  ‘• ‪ °‬א‪ Õ‬אא‪ Ç‬א אŽ  «‪°‬‬ ‫‡א‘ אא אŽ א • ´ ‹ ”· ” א­‬ ‫‪Ö‬‬ ‫‡¬א  אŒ א”´ ‰אŽ א–אš אא‡Œ ‬ ‫אƒ "א‪."‹±‬‬

‫כ  אŒ א– א‡‬




‫אא‬ ‫œ א¬ א „‬

‫א א ‚€‬ ‫ א  אא אכ אא א‬ ‫א ‚€ ­‪  ‬אכ  אא א‬ ‫אא­ א‚‰ … אא‡ א†…„ ƒ ‬ ‫„א‘א„ ƒ’Ž ‘ƒ€ א‚Ž Œ א… ƒא‹‚אŠ‬ ‫ ˜ Œ א—  א…– א•‘א‪“ .‬‬ ‫א‚אא אŒ א Ÿ žœא ƒאכא™  ƒ‬ ‫ƒ„ ƒ­ ­‪•  ‬א א‚אא אא€‬ ‫‪ ¤‬אא‪£‬א אאכא™  ƒ‘כŒ א¡ Œ א†א‬ ‫•™ Œ א‚œא א„ כאœ¦א‪ •¥‬אŸ‬ ‫ƒא¦א אŸ… ƒאƒ‪ ¤‬א œ ‬ ‫‪ €£‬אכ‪ .‬כ א § Œ א א ‚€ א§א‬ ‫א ‪ ¤‬א‪£‬א‘א אכאכ ƒ‪  ¤‬‬ ‫ƒ‘כŒ „ א©‚א¨ אא‹א א •™ Œ‬ ‫אא Ÿ אא‹ ƒŸא‘כ ¬  א א« א א ‬ ‫˜ ƒא ®א Œ ’א¨ œ• •™ Œ א א˜‬ ‫א‪ °‬אœ•‪ •ƒ .‬א®א™  • אכ א•כ‘‬ ‫†א¨ א§  א • א… Œ ¬„™‬ ‫ƒא•אא א א€ †‪²‬א א א‪ ±²‬א א…אא כ…א‬ ‫Œ א´ƒא‘ ƒ©… א אא ƒאכא אא’‪.³‬‬

‫כ  א¶ א… א•ƒ‬


‫·‬ ‫’•‬ ‫ א¶ א… א•ƒ ‬ ‫כ‬ ‫­‬ ‫Œ‬ ‫א‬ ‫א א‬ ‫‪µ‬‬ ‫·‬ ‫א  » א ‪ƒ ,‬א א א „א א†  œ אא‰¸‬ ‫Œ א… ƒא¡ Œ » ¡¼ אא א½¼‬ ‫א‪ “

,£‬אכ א œ א‪¬ ±£‬‬ ‫א „   א‪Ã‬אžאŠ א אŽ ‪ 17‬א ‪2016‬‬ ‫ Ÿא‘כ Ÿƒ¶ ‪ ¼¡ Œ £Ä‬אœאא‬ ‫אכ ƒא¡א‰‪.‬‬ ‫ƒ• א א œ ‚אא ½א Œ א‚–א‬ ‫א ‪ …© „•œ ƒ •„£‬אכ ƒ‪Œ †Å‬‬ ‫©… אכא ƒא אא ƒא •א‘‪²† • .Æ‬א א œ‬

‫אכ•א א†•א‪ °‬א ‪ Žœ “ ‘Î‬א—א א ¬«  ‪,‬‬ ‫ƒא  ‪£Ä …© ¼  “Ã‬א א אא‬ ‫ א‪ƒ £‬א¡ Œ ¦‚ א ƒ©… אכ‬ ‫ƒ’ „א ¦‚ ’א‰ א‚ א½‚ א א­ ‬ ‫‪ Ð‬א ¸ א א  ƒ‘‪ Ï‬א… א¡ Œ אŸכא‬ ‫‪Ñ‬‬ ‫כ¸ ‪¦¦¡ Ê£‬‬ ‫ƒא ‪£Ä‬א אא א‪£‬‬ ‫ƒ‪Ó‬כ ‪  °‬א‚ א½‚ א א… „ ­אא‬ ‫ƒ‪…œ£‬א‪.‬‬ ‫ƒכ א †•‪²† °‬א א œ א§א א …¦ א… א¡ Œ‬ ‫א† א „א‘א א …„א ‪ Ð‬א ¸ ƒא ‪ „†Ä‬‬ ‫¦¨   ƒ½‚ · „‪ Ô²‬אŸכא‪ •œƒ .‬אא€‬ ‫א œ  א ••« ‰א ž‪  Õ‬א‰¸ א…אŠ Œ‬ ‫א ‪£Ä‬א אא ƒא¡א‰ ƒכא ®א‪ Ö¥‬א  » Œ‬ ‫©… ƒא­‪’ Œ ¸  Œ ŒÃ‬א¨ א • †‪Ô²‬‬ ‫א ‪£Ä‬א Œ ƒ‪„  ‚ ƒ ‹ ¤‬א„א‬ ‫ƒ’„א א ‪ƒ …œ£‬אŸא‪ Å‬א½‚ „א‪.‬‬ ‫§ Œ  א‪ Ø‬א œ ‹א ¦א­…א ƒƒ‘×  ¸‬ ‫אא‹א א א¬אŠ œאŠא …א®« ƒא™ אא א¨ »‬ ‫©… אכ א‹א Œ ’א„א Ÿא‘† א „‬ ‫ƒ א­א„ א Ÿא‘ „א א…א¶ ‪ƒ ,‬א א†„ כ א‬ ‫‘ƒא™א א¬Œ œ•‪. „ ³‬‬

‫אכ  ‪•¬ ¤‬כ ‪2016‬‬ ‫ƒא ‪ƒ ŒƒÄ£‬אאכא™ Œ Œ אכא ƒא אא‬ ‫א© ƒא•ƒ א ¬אŠ œ• א „א ƒא•ƒ‘א‬ ‫א•‘… א œ•„א ‪²‬כ • ¬•כ ‰ כ…«‬ ‫… ƒאƒאŠ א‘† ‪£‬א•†  א¡א‪ Ó‬אœא‘ ­¨‬ ‫‪ „…œ£‬א ‪.‬‬

‫®א‘כ“ אכ  ‪ ¤‬א אא אא  ‪-‬‬ ‫¬•כ ‪ 2016‬א‪  •œ ±²‬א‚« Œ ‪ 19‬א ‪ 21‬א¸‬ ‫ כ´  א¶ א•ƒ  א‘‪•¬ •ƒ .¤‬כ ­•‪É‬‬ ‫‪œ ±‬א “ ‘א ƒ‡א‘« א אא ƒ‪Êœ£‬‬ ‫אא‪ Ë‬א…א­‪  Œ ŒÃ‬א א ™« כ א  „ ‬ ‫א‚‰ ‚א¸ ƒאא‰¸ »  ‪ Ã‬א אא‬ ‫‪Newsletter‬‬


‫Žאאƒ‬ ‫‪Ä‬א א‬

‫אא‪ µ‬אŒא‪ª‬‬ ‫  א א  אכ א אא‬ ‫ א אאא כ א א ‬ ‫א€ €א‪  ­  ‬א  אאא‬ ‫אˆ €א‪   ‬א‡„א € א­…א„אƒ א‚‬ ‫אא‘ א‰ Ž אŒ‹אŠ א‰‬ ‫€א•” ‪  ‬א‪  ‬א“’ ­’ א א ‬ ‫אכ‪ • ‬א˜ א—‹

€‡ אŒ–‬ ‫€אא­œאאƒ א•“‪.‬‬ ‫כ א­ „Ÿא א ‡אא אא˜אž €א—אאƒ‬ ‫€אא ‹ א‪ˆ¤ ‬א ‪ £‬אא“ א‪¢‬‬ ‫‪Ž –¥‬אאƒ א•‪¢‬‬ ‫א¦‪ — ‬אכ ‬ ‫א—‪ ¨Œ € ©• ‬א‪ §”• ‬אˆ ‪.‬‬ ‫ ¬ א א«•‪ ¨ ª‬א­—א“אƒ א‪ ‬א€ ‬ ‫א‪ ‬כ  אכ € ”ˆאƒ  אŒ‹אŠ‬ ‫א‪€  ‬אœא כŸכ א‪— ‬א„ ‬ ‫כ   €אœ‪ °‬א‪¯ˆ­  ‬‬ ‫א¨ ­‹• א‪ ±‬א €א‪Ÿ€ ° ‬כ‬ ‫א‪— ‬א„  כ …‪¦ ²‬אƒ אœא ‬ ‫אאאŽ א¨ Ÿכאƒ א‪ ‬א€ אא‪ ³‬‬ ‫א…א אאא  €כ א¦´ €ˆ‬ ‫אאא אא ‪.‬‬ ‫‪ ‬אא ‪ ¨ ‬כ “א‪ “€€ Œ ª‬א ‪ ‬א‬ ‫ „Ÿא א €כא •¶ Œא‪µ‬כ Ž א‬ ‫אŒא‪.¢‬‬ ‫‪„ .‬א‘    א א« ‬ ‫ אכ ‬

‫ € א­…א„אƒ א‚ אא‘ א‰ Ž אŒ‹אŠ א‰ €א¦אƒ א•” ‪²… ‘€  ‬‬ ‫א‪ ‬א€ א¦… )א‪ ‬אƒ €א—¾(‬ ‫Ž ‪ 24‬א– ‪ ’¤ ¢2016‬כ א א א€ ‬ ‫ € •א "א­…א„אƒ א‚ אא‘ א‰ Ž אŒ‹א‬ ‫א‰ €א•” ‪-  ‬א—¾ €א‪ ‬אƒ" ­’ א א ‬ ‫אכ‪ • ‬א˜   א—‹

א•“ €‡ אŒ–‬ ‫€אא­œאאƒ €«• א א‪ À‬א   א„• ‬ ‫א•“ €‡ א¦ א  €  אכ €א‪Â‬א‪Á‬‬ ‫א א €א¦œאƒ  א– א ‹ €€‘ …‪²‬‬ ‫א‪ ‬א€ א¦… ‪.‬‬ ‫”’ „Ÿ‪ Ã‬א€ ­’ ‪€ ¤‬א˜ א‪Â‬א‪ Á‬אŒא €א‪ª‬‬ ‫אŒ‹א א‰ €א•” ‪ ²… ‘€  ‬א‪ ‬א€ ‬ ‫א¦… €אא˜‪€ ¥‬אאכא א“ אא­…א„אƒ‬ ‫א ‪€ Œ ‬א‪ ‬אƒ €א—¾ א‪•­  ‬א”§ אŒ‹א‬ ‫א‰ €א•” ‪  ‬כא ‪ ’‹Ä‬א«•‪ ¨ ª‬אא”א‪ª‬אƒ‬ ‫€אא ‪ ¤‬א‪ Œ ‬א‪€  ‬א‪ ° ‬א‰ €א•” ‪.  ‬‬

‫‪Æ‬‬ ‫‪Æ‬‬ ‫‪Æ‬‬ ‫€“ ­כ’ א€ א‪Ç‬א א…אא €אא‪Ä ,‬כ• Žא ‬ ‫“א אא ‹א¶‪€ ,‬אכ א—א– כ‪  ¥‬אŒ‹אאƒ‬ ‫אœא ‪ • ,‬אא‪¥ Ä‬אאƒ א‪ ÈŒ­ Ž ˆ ­  ‬א„א¯‬ ‫אא‪ Ä‬א­… א•‪ £‬אא ‪ •‹ ‬א‚ אא‘ א‰‬ ‫Ž אŒ‹א א‰ €א•” ‪.  ‬‬

‫א‚ אא‘ א‰ Ž אŒ‹א א‰ €א•” ‪ ‬‬ ‫••Š Ž ‪Ë‬א אא„ €‪  ‬א˜ אא€ א‪  µ‬‬ ‫א‪ Ä‬א­… א•” ‪  ‬א ‹ ‬ ‫א אכ‪ • ‬א˜   א—‹

€‡ אŒ– €אא­œאאƒ‬

‫כ א א א€ ‬



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IMCO Newsletter July 2016  
IMCO Newsletter July 2016