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How To Make A Link Profile In Excel (Pie Chart) /blog/make-link-profile-excel-pie-chart/ Adys Lynn Dill

Purchasing Domains As a SEO and web designer, I often find myself in a place to buy domains. I buy them for clients to use, buy them to resell, or purchase them to use for my own purposes such as creating digital asset management servers like Razuna. Buying domains can be a crapshoot- it can often be difficult to tell when you are getting before you pay for it. I made the mistake when starting out of purchasing a handful of domains all at once from GoDaddy Auctions. They looked great, and they were only $12 each! The Bad News Well, after you get them , pay the fee, pay the renewal registration fee, they are $30-$40 each which is less exciting. Then I got these domains and I discovered they were junk- spam filled domains with terrible backlinks. One of them even had a Google penalty, which is extra nasty. So I recognized my mistake, and set out to learn from it. There are many different things that go into checking a website or expired domains backlink profile, but most of them are outside of the scope of this article. When searching for a suitable domains purchased their are many factors and metrics I look at. Some of these factors include: PR (though not really), Moz rank, trust flow, citation rate, domain age, number of backlinks, number of lost backlinks, link velocity, quality of incoming links, anchor text, etc. One of the last metrics that I review before I purchased an expired and auctions domain is the backlink profile according to anchor text. This provides a view on what the website was used for and how previous web developers and SEO’s used website. Let’s look at two different examples of back link profiles.

Backlink Anchor Text Analysis I am going to borrow the images from the website located at BigVisionSEO by Daniel Law , who put together a nice article which includes discussion about backlinks- you should check it out.

Good Example Here is a picture of a pretty nice backlink profiles based on anchor text. As you can see from the image the website is pretty well diversified. The brand keywords are not some outlandishly high percentage, while other links is a very high percentage. This is good, because every website linking into your stuff might use different variations of anchor text.

Bad Example Now here is an over optimized site. As you can see the main branded keyword is used way too often to be natural. At this point I already know I do not want this domain- not only is it over optimized, it probably had other spammy techniques used on it as well, which make it almost useless for me. What do I want with a penalized spam laden domain? So while looking for these backlink profiles, there are quite a few tools you can use. There are two major players that display the anchor text/backlink profile in a nice pie chart which allows for really quick digestion of the information, Majestic SEO and aHrefs. The downside to these services is they both cost money. Majestic SEO in particular has a number of free uses you can use in your account, but once those are used up your locked out from seeing more pie charts. So I set out to find a new tool, and began my search in Raven Tools, which has long been my favorite SEO monitor and management tool . Raven has a nice feature called Research Central, which aggregates data from several places and can show you great metrics into a domain. They pull data from Majestic SEO as well, and impose no data limit- but they do not have pie charts.

Download Your Links What they do have is a downloadable backlink list on a domain researched! This can be used to make a quick and dirty backlink pie chart. It is considerably less fast than using some automated tool or website, but it works for me once my free uses of Majestic SEO have expired for the day. Raven Tools Blog has a post on this exact topic, but their post is a little more high level and might actually take you longer than my methods here. A good read non the less: Here are the steps to get your Raven Research Central Data into a pie chart quickly 1. Log into Raven Tools. 2. Go to Research Central and look at your domain name. In this instance we will use 3. Click on the Backlinks Tab. This will give you some charts but also a nice list of backlinks. 4. Click on the gear icon in the top right of the list and select Save All Data to .CSV This will download and save a file to your PC. Find the file, right click on it, and select Open With‌ Excel. For this demo I use Excel 2013- older versions might look different but the process is the same. 5. This will open up a nice list of backlinks. Click on the column header A and drag over to B to select both columns. 6. From the top tools menu select Insert > Pivot Chart > Pivot Chart & Table 7. Leave the Create Pivot Table options to default. 8. In the right hand column, you will see two words which correspond to the columns you highlited

earlier. Drag Domain down to Values box, and Keyword / Keyphrase down to Axis(Categories) box. Now we have to turn this into a pie chart and add labels. 9. Right click on the chart graphic and select Pie and Click ok. (See 1 & 2) 10. Right click the now pie chart and select Add Data Labels, and then Add Data Labels. (See 3) 11. Right click it again and select Define Data Labels. Uncheck Values and check Percentage. (See 4) 12. Hide the columns and resize the pie chart to fill your screen.

In 12 simple steps you can create your own manual backlink anchor text pie chart that beats our aHrefs and Majestic SEO details wise, though it is a little more labor intensive. I normally reserve this process for domains that I am really interested in purchasing, and only once I have run out of free tools. You can add data to this, change your display groups, and then change chart values, colors, etc. I will normally highlight the domain counts and do Conditional Formatting with color bars, which further highlights where the backlink optimization problems lie.

A Finished Pie Chart

Do you have a process or workflow that you do to find anchor link profiles? Post it in the comments below!

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How To Make A Link Profile In Excel (Pie Chart)  

As a SEO and web designer, I often find myself in a place to buy domains. I buy them for clients to use, buy them to resell, or purchase the...

How To Make A Link Profile In Excel (Pie Chart)  

As a SEO and web designer, I often find myself in a place to buy domains. I buy them for clients to use, buy them to resell, or purchase the...