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ne day a thought fell upon me. It was the idea that love is one and the same no matter who you are loving. It was to my delight that I found the Bible reiterating that same thought. This is my lesson in love; in its maturity, love does not discriminate. As such, the love one has for their father should be the same love one has for a best friend. As is the case with love for your wife and love for your brother, so also love for the fellow believer and the unbeliever. The difference only comes in the expression of love. You cannot express love to your father the way you would express it to your wife/husband. Scripture says in John 3:16 that God so loved the world (as it was in its wretched state) that He gave His only begotten Son. There was never any difference in the quality of love He had for Israel and the quality He had for the gentiles. The words of Jesus Himself reiterate this in John 17:23. As such, through unyielding grace, let us work to attain that maturity in love, to love the other as Christ loves the church. It may not happen at once, but not to worry, all it takes is a little faith and hope that the Spirit will work in you till the fullness of Christ be seen.

In this issue, we have done as much as we can to bring to light the love of God in the many ways it manifests both in our daily lives and in the lives we see around us. We pray it will bless you and bring forth fruit. And now I charge you, love the world! Love beyond the natural realm, love like it’s the only thing you have to give. From us here at Imbue, we love you with the perfect love of Christ!

Nabilah Usman


























FEEDBACK THE COME BACK EDITION In issue 9 with a record 81,000 views and 36,000 downloads, the man of music Jeremiah Gyang shared his thoughts on music and his affinity for the word of God. You can find him making good music with the release of Arise Plateau as he commits everyday to seeking out the Father.

ABEL PAM To be sincere I too was expecting a very long list of gospel artist as His most listened to. It all turns out to be another different stuff! An interview well done �� Great job ✌ Jeremiah Gyang “the greatest”..

Co-Founder Director Jesse Yakubu Editor Nabilah Usman Web & Tech Head Peter Ndirpaya Writers Motunrayo Shafau Nessa Akuboh Peter Akinnusi Nenrot Jesse Ene Adeka Oyinkan Olowu Leo Owan

RAIDEE Correct! Church folk are too hypocritical. They dance Skelewu on Friday night and condemn someone for singing about Love. I have enjoyed this interview. I think people should learn some wisdom from Jeremiah. Love God and stay away from evil. This is the conclusion of the matter.

CEO/Publisher Godfrey Ogenyi

Featured Contributor Paul Angone Levi Henry

JONATHAN L NDIRPAYA Great, my brother Keep the light shining, indeed nothing differentiate the tech and d peper if but we will all use it to transform our lives to be more like the Lord Jesus Himself. Because whether is on paper, stone, wood, iron, or any thing. It remains God’s Word as far as there is no adulteration of anything. The technology makes the spread of the gospel and the teaching of God word very easy and rapidly.

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Eric Arubayi For if we believe that Jesus died and rose again, even so them also which sleep in Jesus will God bring with him. 1 Thessalonians 4:14 KJV


Talking about the effect of procrastination on his life on "Nike." His identity in Christ on the song "X" with a catchy hook, to a well painted picture of love between a man and a woman on "Fyn Geh" with Leo Owan, also talking about his "Desires" and how Imperfect he is on "Imperfect E!" and to top it off by telling us how God feels about him despite his imperfections on the song "Love." Eazy Bob Wizzy takes us on an awesome ride with help from a few friends; Bie, Blazee, Josephine, Leo Owan, Kayleb Acid, Aiken & Sellah to name a few. Serving a handful of verses with the whole package with a combination of hard hitting beats, a little bit of reggae and some totally weird beats all produced by Eazy Bob Wizzy. Get the album for free on and get blessed.



Lauren Diagle I'm Yours


Mali Music Conqueror


Hillsong What a Beautiful Name


David Dam Hail Yahweh


Olawunmi Restorer


Mercy Me Even If


Zusi Williams Forever Yahweh


Frank Edwards Defender


Chris Tomlin Good Good Father



Finding yourself has to do with the knowledge of where you're from, why you're on earth and where you're going. Once you've cracked all three, all you need to do is keep moving till your work on earth is complete. On his debut album, Eazy Bob Wizzy is on a journey of self discovery, a journey to find himself. Speaking about life experiences ranging from life before Jesus and struggling to maintain a relationship with Him, experiences with friends, family, his girlfriend(s), addiction and how everything he's been through so far has made him who he is. A 20year old from Benue state, Nigeria, christened Ezekiel Nabem Iornem, Eazy's sound can be classified as an invention. Something that can only be gotten out of him. On the WHO IS EAZY? album, he takes us through the hall of a typical young Christian's life.



Millennials, Has the Church Failed Us? By Nenrot Dan Yusuf

Because there’s no statistical evidence on millennial interaction with the Church in Nigeria I do not have solid figures to present in this write up. I can only write from my experience working and interacting with youths. I have seen so many young people struggle with their faith in God or just plainly walk away from the faith. Recently, a friend of mine, a believer, told me he is done with church. For him, the Nigerian church isn’t living up to what it preaches. Christianity is a personal race, he argues, and it doesn’t mean he has to go to church to prove he loves God. It is true that church attendance doesn’t necessarily lead to having a better relationship with God, but where I think he’s wrong is that the Church is bigger than what we think it is. The Church, the global Body of Christ, His Bride, wasn’t instituted by man. Jesus Himself instituted the Church and said He will build it. And if we’re to follow Christ fully we must also belong to the family he founded, the Church.  

Our fathers in the Faith, the first apostles did not only help build the church but gave their lives to see the Church and its message grow. They advised us to meet regularly and painted a picture of what church should look like. Church, the Body of Christ, is not only important because it is supposed to be the representation of Christ on earth but it also serves as the way Christ reaches the world. The Church’s message, The Gospel, does not only transcends all tribes, races, etc but also is (and should) be trans-generational. Why then does it seem like the Church is losing its youth population, the ones they are supposed to be handing over to? Another survey conducted by the Pew Research Centre shows that Christianity is rapidly growing in other parts of the world like the Middle-East, Asia and Africa. Especially in Nigeria, Pew predicts that by the year 2050 about 50% of the Nigeria’s population will be Christians. If Christianity is growing why then are we losing the millennial generation, the youth generation, the generation that is supposed to be groomed to further the gospel.  In my interaction with youths these are some of the reasons they feel the church has failed them or is failing them. 

1. Authenticity: One of the reasons millennials feel the church has failed them is the lack of authenticity they see in the lives of some Christian leaders. It is one thing to preach a message, it is another thing to live it. The millennial generation learn a lot by seeing what people do and not just hearing what they say. So many “men of God” are actually “men OFF God”. They do not practice what they preach therefore making the church look like a theatre house rather than the House of God. 2. Doubt: Another reason millennials feel the church has failed them is unanswered questions arising from doubt. If we are all honest most of us have struggled with doubt at some point. We have doubted God’s existence, authority, the authenticity of scripture, miracles etc. Some millennials feel the church has done little or nothing to help heal their doubt. Some of us asked questions and were instantly condemned or shut down. “How dare you question God?”, “Who can know the mind of God?”, they asked. But thank God for Christian Apologetics! Ministries like that of Ravi Zacharias’, they “help the believer think, and help the thinker believe”. Ravi and his team have been instrumental in arming me personally with reason to not doubt my faith and thousands of others. The issue is churches in Nigeria have not seen the need for apologetics and this is 




ore and more millennials are leaving the church in America, reports the 2015 survey conducted by the Pew Research Centre. A lot of millennials (anyone born between the years 1980 and 2000) currently identify with no religion at all. I wonder what the data is like across other nations. Here in Nigeria, you, the reader, may know one or two persons that have “left the faith”, is “bored of church” or “not sure anymore” and for many other reasons are leaving church. But why are they leaving? What can the church do about it?

dangerous because when young people leave the nest of their churches and find themselves in new environments with opposing worldviews, they are defenseless and unable to back their beliefs. 3. Generational Gap:  The generation currently leading the church doesn’t really understand the Millennial Generation. They tag us as lazy, distracted etc. but only pounding out commands on how to live holy lives won’t get to the youth of today. Reaching the Millennial Generation requires dialoguing and empathy. The older generation must know and understand our interests if they really want to impact us. The generational gap is getting wider and wider. Something must be done be done to bridge the gap. The Message of the Gospel is transgenerational and we must find ways to get along.



4. Social Issues: I can’t count the number of times my friends have complained about how the church is failing society by not contributing to some societal need. In America, for example, there have been complaints from the African American communities that White Evangelical churches are not doing enough to speak out against the systemic racism going on. For instance, you find that a lot of churches teach prosperity, which I do not mind, but do not pay attention to other things like unemployment, education, the refugee crisis, racism and so much more. Granted, some churches are paying attention and starting to help reach out with various programs and projects but more churches need to get involved. Millennials feel the church is failing them cause the church doesn’t attend to social issues or they are too late to respond to it. We can be more, we should do more. These and more are amongst the many reasons young people feel the church has failed them or is failing them. What then should the church do about these things?   What is the responsibility of the church to the millennial generation? Millennials want to be somewhere that matters and makes us feel appreciated. We want to be part of something great. The vision of whatever community they are in matters a lot. The older generation accuses us of wanting “cooler” or “funkier” churches but that’s not necessarily the case.

Of course there’s a lot of us who want our egos to be massaged but that’s not true for all of us. Yes, we may want a worship experience that is less orthodox but there is genuine hunger for spirituality amongst millennials. If we feel we’re not being fed, we will leave. Churches shouldn’t just be thermostats alone, they must be thermometers too. Churches shouldn’t just be about setting people on “fire for God” it should also be about testing their spiritual and physical temperatures. Know your youth and you have the future. The Church, if they want to keep their millennials, must engage them. You see, we the millennials have been lied to a lot! Growing up we were promised the future, “You’re the leaders of tomorrow” they said, but it’s starting to feel like tomorrow may never come. The church has an amazing opportunity to turn its youth into leaders. To equip and empower them with knowledge and skill on leadership. They should engage millennials by giving them opportunities to lead. Engage them by dialoguing, have a sense of all that interests or concerns them. Engaging and encouraging us to be leaders equips us with self-

“give me the music of a nation’s youth and I will change a nation’s mind”. Basically, if you want to change a nation, change its youth. awareness and self-confidence that can’t be taught. Especially if the church wishes its vision to be transgenerational then it must equip its youths, it must equip millennials. We do not just want to be told what to do or how to do it. We want to help do it too. We do not want to be told that we will be part of the future, we want to help build the future, today. I can’t remember where I first heard this quote but on so many levels it rings true, “one of the most dangerous weapons on earth is the youth”.  The church must turn these “potential weapons” into tools for change in the spiritual arena and on the national scene. Plato also said, “give me the music of a nation’s youth and I will change a nation’s mind”. Basically, if you want to change a nation, change its youth. Millennials, what then is our responsibility to the church?

Because complaining and doing nothing solves nothing. Firstly, it is our duty to find a spiritually healthy church. We must also realise that there’s no perfect church. Ravi Zacharias says that the day we find a perfect church, we will ruin the church by joining it. There is no perfect church but there are bad ones. Find a church where the Word of God is taught with love and boldness. And if for some reason you’re not yet sure about a church you’ll want to belong to take CS Lewis’ advice. Lewis sees the Church as one large house with many rooms. The House is the global Body of Christ and the rooms are the various denominations/ministries: Anglicans, Pentecostals, Baptists etc. Lewis advises that you shouldn’t judge anyone in the other rooms but stand in the corridor and pray for direction to know which door to go through.  Secondly, do not just ask what they church can do for you ask yourself what can you do for the church. It will be irrationally selfish of us to think we will just be part of a church community where we are continually being fed and not serve in that church. Identify your spiritual gifts and use it for God’s glory. Thirdly, we must recognise that the Church is One Body. There should be no segregation of any sort. Whether jew or gentile, male or female, young or old we are all One in Christ Jesus. We must never forget that. So we should not have an us-versus-them mentally. Love Christ and love His Church. Finally, dear Millennials take comfort in the words of Jesus telling us in Matthew 16 that he will build his church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. I know many of us have been hurt by the church, to be honest, sometimes, it’s our brothers and sisters in the faith that hurt us the most. But that doesn’t mean we should give up on the church. The church is a place where people (embers) come together to set themselves on fire for God.  Do not be discouraged dear millennial, there is an army rising up. Pray for and join the army. The Church cannot and will never fail! 

RATINGS 5 Stars [Buy two copies (you’ll wear out one within a week)] 4 Stars [Must buy!!!] 3 Stars [Skip to the good tracks] 2 Stars [May collect dust] 1 Star [Don’t buy!!!]

More than 10 years since their last solo release, the co-founders of Bethel Music Brian & Jenn Johnson are back with an amazing body of work. Cowriting every song on the album together the couple takes us on an amazing journey of sights and sounds accompanied with timeless lyrics and orchestra symphony-like instrumentation. “We wrote this album because of seasons that God has proved His faithfulness in," shared the Johnsons. "This project is the overflow and expression of that. We hope it inspires you to go after all that God is asking you to, family, and carrying His name - that is the kingdom - and that is for every believer." The slow synth build of ‘Mention of Your Name’ accompanied with Jenn’s flawless vocals is a perfect intro to a perfect album, from there the Johnson’s take us on a ride of worship where they express themselves and what the posture of their hearts should be concerning Jesus as we see in the track ‘Only Jesus’. Brian sings calmly and sincerely about how no riches in the world can compare with the Joy of having Jesus. ‘Gravity’ displays Jenn’s amazing vocals on another entire level. Both the beauty of her vocals and the beauty of the soul with which she delivers her heart of worship accompanied with the smooth piano makes ‘Gravity’ one that’ll take you to a higher level of worship. ‘After All These Years’ which is the title track of the album shows Brian talking about the mercies of God that remained the same throughout the years. Brian’s gritty voice beautifully takes us on a ride of thanks to God for "chasing after us after all years." ‘After All These Years’ is a beautifully crafted masterpiece of art reminding us of what is more needful as we traverse this life. Brian and Jenn pour out their lives and hearts on this one as they lead our hearts to a place of worship as they have done over the years. This album is a must listen to for every lover of music and every worshipper out there.

S.O. – THESE THINGS TAKE TIME EP After the end of the trilogy of albums ‘So it Begins’, ‘So it Continues’ and ‘So it Ends’, S.O is back with another body of work that’ll definitely take you on a journey of deep reflections and thoughts with a perfect blend of fun songs that’ll get you nodding your head. S.O takes us on a 6 track journey on ‘These Things Take Time’ clearly revealing the ‘Things’ that take time. The ep begins with ‘All I Got’ featuring J. Williams. On this track he speaks about his journey, his past mistakes, his relationships and how the culmination of all these things have turned him into a better person. But at the end of the day he’s giving all he got back to God because God is all he’s got. The track features a Kirk Franklin & The Family sample in the beat which was creatively engineered into the track. The Nigerian born now London artist couldn’t hide his Yoruba roots on this one, taking us on a ride of smooth vocals and sweet love bars. ‘I See You’ is a personal fan favorite with a nice Afro Beat groove speaking to all the lovely ladies living for the Lord. Whenever S.O. and GP link up we are bound to expect the perfect blend of rap bars and musical production. The chemistry between both creatives is very evident on the project leaving us with music our ears yearn for leaving the repeat button on our devices broken. In a nutshell ‘These Things Take Time’ is a clear showing of S.O’s growth in his life and in his music. It is a highly recommended project for any lover of music and bars.

PITA: THE YEARNING Peter Linus also known as PITA (Praise In This Age) is one the fastest rising contemporary, Christian artistes in Nigeria. With his quirky song writing/vocal talent and a non-conformist streak, Pita has started to take Nigeria’s music scene by storm. Pita is no doubt wired differently from the regular Christian artiste, this was evident in the eclectic mix in his Album “The Yearning”. The Yearning speaks much about his life struggles and his ever reassuring faith in God. You No Dey Sleep, one of the titles from the album passes clearly message of Gods abundant Love and grace. PITA till date has captured the hearts of many with his deeply inspired lyrics and captivating fresh vocals and an exceptional grace for live performances. His electrifying live music ministry supported by the band Team Pita. Tracklist1. “The One”2. “As Long As I Have You”3. “Eyes On You”4. “You No Dey Sleep”5. “Jesus Did It”6. “I’m Not Moved” 7. “My Prayer” Released November 2016

SOCIAL CLUB – THE MISADVENTURES OF FERN & MARTY Social Club is the best. At what really? That was a question most used to ask back in the day. At least until with their music they answered. Love. Great tracks. Quotable wisdom and incredible empathy/realness. It is not surprising that with project number 10 (if we include solo Eps in the number) the duo did not disappoint. The new deal with Capitol Music Group, home of juggernauts -including Hillsong- was welcome news. However, there were fears they could lose that indie touch that had made the Misfit sound so refreshing. False alarm. The Misadventures of Fern & Marty is probably the pair’s strongest offering till date. With the machinery of a label behind them, they’ve put out a really settled and well-rounded 15-track project. Familiar reflections on the Christian life and walk in a bleak world seem like they’ll never leave Social Club’s music. They are dripping from this album. It’s not hard to see why. Fern is a father who has experienced God’s love in incredible measure. Marty is still the playful single chap, searching and joking about it all. Both still deliver profound bar after profound bar on the album. Both love Christ and let it show almost effortlessly. The album has 9 features on it, ranging from their Pastor Chris D’urso, to more famous names like Andy Mineo. Still, you do not see the rappers get swallowed up or lost amidst these guest spots. The production is superb, the track arrangement (a forgotten art I always lament) a joy to hear and the general vibe is such the gems off the album will remain seared in the memory. In this month of love I’d say peep track 3 and its splendid Nigerian flavour thanks to Daramola (formerly known as “D-flow”). That’s not even the album’s best song! That would probably be Track 14, or The Misfit Anthem (personal bias warning here). If anyone asks why they should get this album, the simple answer is that this is clean, godly music that does not suck or require guiltbaiting for you to get it. This is not so much the misadventures of these two as much as it is a living journal of 2 page | 04 individuals just like you.







We begin to mould marriage into an idol which we worship in the Facebook comments section as #RelationshipGoals. Marriage, the idol becomes god in our minds and it slowly but surely pushes out the LORD from the CENTER of our lives. We should repent and return to the Lord.

au o Shaf

ingleness remains one of the banes of today’s youth. New years are ushered in with Twitter hashtags such as #SeizetheBae #CommitorComot #ShootYourShot which

connote the expectation of finding the one to marry and settle down with.


When we begin to yearn so deeply for marriage, we miss out on the valuable aspects of the single season.

I’m not one to dampen expectations but more often than not, we find that this yearning for marriage leads to us lose out on lessons and experiences that should be had while in the season of singleness. The society is unkind towards singles. Every occasion is an opportunity to ask the ultimate question - “when will it be your turn (to get married)?”. Discouragement and disillusion follows and this only serves to derail our devotion and ministry. We need to live with the daily realization that we are vessels of the Lord intended for good works. God intends to use completely, not only within the confines of marriage. So why do we idolize marriage as a means to some sort of self-defined end? 

God wants ALL of us, not married ‘us’. He wants our faith, our time, our singleness completely and truly. The church’s unkindness towards singles may come in the form of forums and prayer sessions to lead erring singles down the path of marriage. The intention may be rooted in love but it often transforms into pressure and desperation. I really wonder why these forums often focus on the ‘sisters’ while giving a hall pass to the brothers. This will make a topic for another day.  Gentle reminder: “You shall not make for yourself an idol, or any likeness of what is in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the water under the earth. You shall not worship them or serve them; for I, the LORD your God, am a jealous God” (Exodus 20:45). 

Marshall Segal lays out how the apostle Paul (1 Corinthians 7) touts singleness saying: “Paul sings singleness’s praises, listing the spiritual benefits of being spouse-free. The single life can be (relatively) free from relational anxieties (7:32), worldly distractions (7:33), and wide open for worship, devotion, and ministry (7:35). So, Paul concludes, skip the ceremony, literally, and enjoy “your undivided devotion to the Lord.”  Being unmarried, our biggest desire should be to please the Lord. We should not be concerned about the affairs of the world as the Bible puts it rather we should be devoted to the Lord completely, body and spirit. The mission we are faced with in our singleness is not to find and seize the ‘bae’ as soon as possible, it is not to come up with the catchiest hashtag for your future wedding ceremony. Our mission is to live fully devoted to the Lord. Without wasting words, I summarize this article by encouraging my fellow brethren and ‘sistren’: Don’t waste your singleness Be a blessing in the season There is no pressure to enter a relationship, the pressure is to do exploits for the Lord! 





You see, there is this thing the Christian rapper is subjected to these days. Either you are seen as unapologetically explicit with the message of Salvation and thus feted by the Church, or you try to speak to societal ills and automatically become a pariah to the fold.

LIFE IS SACRED. LOVE IS NECESSARY. GOD’S PATH IS NOT AN OBSCURE ONE It’s probably worse out there too. The world outside the Church calls the Christian rapper corny if he comes with a faith based worldview. The same artiste is seen as inauthentic if he tries to be a bit more subtle. You almost can’t win right? Well, that has been Sho Baraka’s reality for years now.

Starting a “conscious” movement after years of catering to the Church youth group demographic was not welcomed with glee by the brethren. (Remember the Tunnel Rats and others had already set off on this path, with similar dissent of course). The “Church in the Wild” concept still rubs off on people the wrong way. This change of tack saw him split with Lecrae and Reach Records, release an edgy album and in the midst of it all deal with unique challenges at home. Dealing with autism in the family while being pelted with ignorant remarks from without did not stop Mr “Keeping it 100.” One constant through this entire period? Love. Sho Baraka kept proclaiming Christ, speaking to culture and ensuring that his people walked through life with full confidence.  A lot of time has passed (actually half a decade) and the smoke has finally cleared. Or has it? Well maybe not, but the clarity is unmistakable. He’s on a new label and he has begun to push an entirely new yet vital initiative (the AND campaign, a key contribution to not just politics but meaningful dialogue for the Church and Society). Nonetheless, it’s the same old Sho.   Call him the swagged out conscience of a subculture and genre that has often struggled with identity crisis if you will. He might disagree with you anyway. He’s not so much preaching as much as he’s chronicling the sounds and times of a movement. So perhaps calling him a Narrator Is not out of place. This is a man bearing the weight of having to narrate God’s love and superior thought process even as so many remain hurt and confused. This chaos has come with the vents of the past few months in America and even globally. It is great to see one man maintain a consistent storyline that must be heard. Life is Sacred. Love is Necessary. God’s path is not an obscure one. Oh, he has had to navigate a small spat with a Christian bookstore that took down his music because they deemed his all too honest narration of things too abrasive for their following. His response? The typically witty and knowledge laden talk that has come to define his art and expression of faith. This sort of tug of war is perhaps the least necessary thing we want to witness and yet the most important conversation the church in today’s world needs to see. What then is the place of the Christian today? Is the narrative one that touts love for the body of Christ while ignoring the lost? This tale is still ongoing. Do not ignore it. 




ove doesn’t have to be complicated. Forget what they told you. Love must come easily for Sho Baraka then. He’s always been something of an uncomfortable insider if not an outright outsider. In such a position, and within Christian circles too, learning to love has to come with the territory.





In present times and even in times before, love has and is still a notion that has so many controversies surrounding it. It is such a beautiful thing, yet sometimes complicated. It stirs up arguments and questions that one may not necessarily find answers to. Regardless, everyone wants to be a recipient of love. It comes with its good sides and not so rosy sides, with its myths and stereotypes. Ultimately, it turns out, love conquers all. We will be discussing some of the most common stereotypes attached to this thing called “LOVE”.

Even in cases when it does, such relationships will probably end in a few months to a year. It has become a common stereotype that even those who have hopes of taking it farther than that tend to fall within the stereotype.

This stirs up the question of why this has suddenly become a common phenomenon. Some of the reasons this may result may be because the man in the relationship may still be in the process of becoming a man, the lady may want to jump into marriage right away or both parties are just not mature enough amongst several other reasons. SCHOOL LOVE NEVER LASTS However, I don’t think this I believe that many of us have heard stereotypes apply to all. People are this time without number. Whether gradually beginning to break that it be secondary school love or even jinx and the story is beginning to higher institution love, it is believed change. I believe that with God as that it can’t last beyond the four the foundation and with the clear  walls of that school. 

assurance that this is the path that God has set out for you in your marital life, no amount of stereotype can stop it from coming into manifestation. So, take a chill pill and make that decision that you will be grateful for in many years to come regardless of the myth surrounding it. THE BIGGER THE PROPOSAL OR THE WEDDING, THE CHANCES OF AN UNSUCCESSFUL MARRIAGE  Whenever I hear this, all I smell is envy and jealousy. Just because some people who had grand proposals or weddings ended up with broken relationships doesn’t mean it applies to all. The moment they see the next viral proposal/prewedding/wedding video, the reaction is *yimu* (raise your nose in mockery), “after all the paparazzi, 

LONG DISTANCE RELATIONSHIPS NEVER WORK Who said? Please, are you the one mediating on their behalf? What really made you come to that conclusion? These and more questions is what I would like to ask the believers of this notion. In as much as proximity is essential to the growth of a relationship, some people have managed to build sustainable relationships without a great deal of physical proximity. Yes, there have been cases where the long distance relationship didn’t work and hearts were shattered and broken but it still doesn’t apply to all. Some have gone through this same cycle and have come out stronger and better and vice versa. Major point is to do what works for you and put God at the center of it and you are good to go.  ALL MEN CHEAT BUT WOMEN ARE BETTER CHEATS 

THE LONGER THE COURTSHIP, THE BETTER THE RELATIONSHIP OR MARRIAGE Some people have been in relationships for uncountable years, yet the relationship is rocky or it ends after a sizeable number of years. Some other people have just known each other for a few months, yet their relationship is the most beautiful. Does it then make longer courtships a waste of time? I don’t necessarily think so. Should people engage in shorter courtships? Not necessarily again. Some have been fortunate enough to have longer courtships that led to blissful marriages and some others who had shorter courtships also ended up with the same result. One cannot exactly say what will work for each person or that long or short courtships are better. Different strokes for different folks. However, we should not generalize because the experience is not the same for everyone. Everyone should simply find a balance with the help of God.



Hmmmmm, this one is tiring. All men are cheats, really?! So, most of you will agree that your brother or father is a cheat? Wow! I don’t even know what to say. I don’t think all men are cheats, although a majority might be. I know some will still differ with this point and say men are naturally not monogamous but that’s left to you. For the women side, the way people, particularly ladies are so sure that women are better cheats, I have come to the conclusion that these ladies are also cheats. Haba! How can you say your fellow ladies are better cheats? I don’t know the statistics, but I beg to differ on that one. I think that most ladies are faithful and would rather not cheat. We probably would have to interview these ladies and find out the reasons why they cheated. I don’t think anyone, male or female would just cheat because it is in their genes. There is always a reason behind the cheating. Despite the reasons however, there is no valid reason to cheat.



It’s February! The month of love is here again! Not that other months are not worthy to be called months of love but February has its peculiarities. It’s once again a time where people are reminded to show love and expect to be shown love even though many have limited it to just romantic love. However, love transcends several areas and phases. The reviews below look at different movies across several years but from a love perspective and this perspective will range from self-love to God love and other ways love can be expressed and understood.


This story is one that tells about self-love. Bianca a high school student has two best friends, Jess and Casey who are cooler and more popular than she is. Ideally, people like her usually don’t roll with the popular students in school. Incidentally, she has a childhood friend, Wesley who is a popular footballer in school. On one occasion she goes out with her friends and gets talking with Wesley when he reveals to her that she is the “duff” amongst her friends. Duff meaning “designated ugly fat friend”. The duff is the approachable one, the unattractive one, the ignored one to mention a few. Upon realizing this, she decides to cut ties with her friends and enlists the help of Wesley to change her duff status whilst helping her get closer to her crush, Toby. Wesley helps her discover a new side to herself and on one of those days, she is recorded in a compromising act expressing her love for Toby.





This movie is the second part of the movie “The Sisterhood of Traveling Pants”. It is about four friends who haven’t seen each other in a long while. They agree to spend summer break together but as it turns out each of them already had plans. What sustains their bond is a pair of jeans that they pass amongst themselves from time to time to keep abreast of happenings in their lives. Each of them goes on their different summer trips, have several experiences ranging from the suspicion of pregnancy to finding new love to developing new skills and finding out secrets. They encounter challenges but in the end still sustain their bond. Looking at this movie from the standpoint of friendship, the pair of jeans which is their bond is more or less a symbol of their love for one another. It reminds them that they are friends and no matter how far apart they are from each other, they will always remain friends. Through all of their experiences, the travelling pants, travels from girl to girl till it gets to the last girl where it is stolen by her sister who misplaces the pants. They end up not finding the pants but reunite in Greece with their friendship stronger than ever.


The Perfect match is a romantic comedy that opens up into the life of Charlie, a notorious playboy who claims not to believe in love. On many occasions while hanging out with friends, some married, some in relationships, he brings a different girl. He enters into a bet with his friends who challenge him to stick with one girl for one month to test his immunity to love. He graciously accepts the deal but ends up falling in love with a lady named Eva. Although, when he met Eva, they agree to a no strings attached kind of relationship, Charlie falls for Eva. He later discovers that Eva is in another relationship and is set to marry. He shuts out family and friends but eventually learns to love even though he learns the hard way. This movie highlights a different dimension to love. It reminds me of that saying that you can’t cheat love and that love is powerful. Charlies was supposed to be the Mr. No Love guy but love apparently has its ways. This was a guy who loved his sister, loved his friends but couldn’t seem to see himself loving a lady for the rest of his life.


Miraculously, he doesn’t end up killing himself and a donor is found for his son. Michael eventually gets the much needed treatment. Although, this movie is an old movie, it is evergreen. This movie touches matters of the heart. Every time I watch it, a few drops of tears seem to roll. It reminds me of Christ’s love for the world in that He was willing and He did lay down his life for us on the cross of Calvary. John Q was a man who loved his wife and his son dearly and he was willing to do anything for them even if it meant dying for his son. He had tried every option available to him and one day, his wife Denise told him “Do something”!!! What could a man in his position do? He had no money to foot these bills, his son was dying and the health workers weren’t bothered about his predicament, instead, they advised him to spend quality time with his son while waiting till he eventually dies.



This movie is about a father who goes through several hurdles to save the life of his son. John Quincy Archibald aka (John Q) is the father of Michael, a young boy who loves to play baseball. One day, Michael collapses on the field and he is later diagnosed with a heart problem. The only way Michael can live is through a heart transplant, however, the procedure is expensive and there is a long list of patients already in that category. John Q’s hopes are dashed when he is informed that his insurance policy cannot cover the cost of the operation. He sells most of his belongings and gets donations from friends and family in order to save his son but he is unable to get enough money. Unwilling to let his only son die and especially after a stern warning by his wife, John Q goes to a hospital and decides to hold them hostage. He gets his son’s name on the donor list but they can’t seem to find a match for his son. John Q makes the decision to kill himself so that his heart can be used for the transplant for his son.




In logic there is a principle known as the Law of the Excluded Middle. A thing either is or it is not. A line either is straight or it is not; there is no middle position. If it is partially straight and crooked then it is


not straight...for people who are of that school of thought that a statement, fact or piece of information cannot hold two different positions of absolute certainty simultaneously. Having established that logically, it is important to consider the subject of sexual perversion from two perspective: the scientific truth which seeks to explain every singular human behavior through experiments, research and surveys that further attempts to interprete results by comparing and contrasting such results with evidence that may or may not be conclusive and the religious truth which rests on a set law and certain code of conduct according to the practiced belief and faith in the existence of a sovereign God.

Sexual perversion is any behaviour that seeks to enjoy the pleasures of sex out of the context of marriage. This includes fornication which may represent various kinds of unsanctioned sexual intercourse such as homosexuality, bestiality, incest, bisexuality and so on. In recent times, we have seen a rapid decline in moral values in every human society especially on issues concerning sexual relations and interactions among people. No longer content to practice perversion behind closed doors, certain schools of thought have taken to the streets, schools, law courts, markets and even churches. We watch it on the televisions, nod our heads to the rhythms of its beat in songs and we dance to its tunes in the name of entertainment. The truth is, no matter how sweet the melody is, bad is bad. Sex for animals may essentially boil down to Biochemistry. However, humans are much more than just biochemical machines and certainly much more than your typical jungle animal species. If then, our central belief system depends on scientific facts then science has proven that homosexual and bisexual behaviour is not a result of an abnormality in the X&Y chromosome but rather a learned behaviour. In the words of late Dr. Myles Munroe,

"...the male human body has no entrance where sex is concerned and just in case you are confused "that" is an exit and no legislation on earth can transform an exit into an entrance and that is a scientific biological explanation..." No legislation can make adultery, fornication

or any other form of sexual perversion. No legislation can make adultery, fornication or any other form of sexual perversion morally right and adultery isn't less weighty than homosexuality on the perversion scale or holier on the righteousness scale. Sexual perversion is a moral evil that assaults the home, the very heart of the human society and threatens core values that restrain the human race from being just a herd of wild goats without norms or a sense of reasoning. It has never been tolerated by God (Leviticus 18:22, 20:13, Romans 1: 26-27, 1Corinthians 6:9-11). There can only be a right understanding of human sexuality if God takes the central place in our thinking and in our behaviour. Sexual Perversion has no middle foot hold, it is either you believe in the age old man to woman relationship or you subscribe to information and hold it supreme. Even science says no to homosexuality as the health implication far outweigh the benefits. It has even gone as far as spelling out the health risks. Religion, on the other hand says "it is a sin..." The 21st century individual is always at risk of being a victim of an intellectual onslaught and with so many unanswered questions even as these questions are gradually seeking to be answered in the form of legislation and school curriculums that attempt to re-define for the younger generation age-old concepts that govern human relationships and serve as methods of procreation, perhaps a step in the right direction should begin by first asking ourselves what we believe in...on this matter, there is no inclusive middle. It's either God's way or man's way.






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Gl  wree HalleluYah


We believe in your music here at Imbue and we sincerely appreciate your labour of love. In faith, we love you with a perfect kind of love and look forward to seeing what God has planned for the future. What kind of responsibility does the knowledge of being a music icon place on you? What sort of consciousness does it bring? First of all, many thanks to Imbue for the feature and for reposing such confidence in me for the purpose. As regards the question posed, this responsibility comes with a huge trust. A divine trust that transcends to all spheres of my assignment. It is a consciousness that goes beyond the norm. It branches out to first of all being a law-abiding citizen of the country. The tentacles of this trust spreads to community responsibility combined with the understanding that the transparency of what I communicate in music and art form must be consistent in my daily living. It means that I play an active part in people's lives. It means that I am responsible for shaping young people with my thoughts, words and deeds. It means that I must stand up for righteousness, truth and justice. Being in the public eye and the consciousness of being a Kingdom ambassador was a bit frightening at first but ultimately, only grace and divine wisdom can enable this responsibility. In your walk of faith, music obviously plays a huge role but I'd like you to describe it to us. What's music really like for you? Music has always been that unseen guide that helps me navigate in my life’s voyage with the Lord Jesus Christ; one of the easiest ways to express my love and worship for Him. Overall, music helps me communicate what my soul is seeking to express. Music has been a balm. I lost a friend recently. All I did was seek out music that was speaking to the situation and helped to make the depth of pain easier to cope with. My personal life in the past was replete with heart-breaking and terrifying situations. Music was my heart-cry through those seasons. My album 'The Expression' is proof evident of that. Through sunshine and rain, music has been one of the greatest gifts of God to mankind and in this particular context, to me.

Outside of music and church, what other platforms do you express God (obviously as Christians we express Him daily and everywhere we find ourselves, but we can't deny that some instances call for conscious effort -like your musicso where else for you)? I recently founded an NGO called The Starbeam Foundation that enables me pursue causes that are dear and passionate to my heart; especially as regards Children and Young people. In late 2016, we were actively involved in a mini-campaign called #RACK which stands for ‘Random Acts of Care & Kindness’. The Starbeam Foundation provided supplies, counsel and engaged with a few treatment and rehabilitation homes for young people, the physically challenged and the elderly. When time and chance permit, I engage in Legal Advocacy or Volunteer Activities with other relevant NGOS and Value-based causes. Other forms of expression for me would be through Public speaking opportunities at forums for young ladies/women. I enjoy Freelance writing/Creative Consulting for third parties as a business. In years past, I wrote for Sesame Square Nigeria in affiliation with Sesame Street Workshop USA and USAID. This opportunity enabled me to write in cultural and situational context for the Nigerian child but with a global overview in perspective. Every family with more than one kid has varied experiences of everyday life. What was growing up with siblings like for you? This question has put a huge smile on my face. With all the flashbacks from the past, It makes me wonder how time just kept slipping into the future. I come from a large and very interesting family. No family setting is perfect but I am grateful for mine. Our parents operated an open-door policy. Strangers were welcomed warmly at ours. Once we had a Sri-Lankan gentleman live with us for close to 2 years. There were lots and lots of books in our library and we were encouraged to read all that we could.

There was always music playing somewhere in the house. My Dad would either be playing the piano after work in the evenings or my Mum would be playing some of her favourite Folk or French music. My siblings and I have a lot of fond and shared memories. Memories of dance, drama and entertainment shows that we organised for our inhouse presentations. Memories of organising and having funeral rites for dead pets buried in make-shift sandy graves. Too many fond memories. Growing up with siblings with different personalities has taught me unconditional love and resilient commitment.

"Our gospel must translate to lives being changed. It must translate to having better roads, basic amenities and infrastructural development. "

Scripture says we overcame by the blood and the word of our testimony, loving not our lives even unto death. What was your overcoming moment in the last season of your life? That point where you had to die to yourself. My entire life journey as revealed in my album ‘The Expression’’ summarises my last season, song after song. ‘’Miracle-Worker ‘’ was birthed from my 2 year old niece’s 2-3 week coma experience in hospital in America. ‘’Covenant-Keeper’’ was




usic for Glowreeyah Briamah isnt all about belting out notes, find out how she continues to light up hearts and the entire music scene in this interview.



birthed from being faced with a difficult family issue etc. Overcoming the great and sudden loss of a loved one in a plane crash, overcoming emotional torture and rejection, overcoming broken and fractured relationships, etc. The Expression album is still the evidence of my sacrifice of worship. Left to myself, I can only attest to what grace has done in my life so far. When you die to yourself, only the Resurrected King has the power to resurrect you. We live in a generation that has seen evidence of the "overnight success" story. You however strike me as one who has grown steadily building with time. You went through "The Wait". What would you say is the worth of The Wait? The worth of the wait is worth the weight. The days of irrelevance and anonymity in

the waiting phase are actually the most essential part of the success story. It is in the wait that your heart and motives are tested. It is in the wait that your true friends and destiny-helpers are revealed. The most important revelation that I’ve had so far is that the worth of the wait is worth the weight! The weight that allows you build strength and spiritual muscles in the secret place. The weight of character-building which serves as a strong foundation to enable the gift expressed. The weight of empathy which enables one to be touched with the feelings of infirmities of others. The weight of heavenly glory which can only be carried by a submitted vessel of purpose. Everyday we meet Jesus in the most unlikely of ways and sometimes we don't immediately recognize Him. After many years in the Lord, what's the one experience where you found Him and were blown away?

There are too many experiences to recount. However, there’s this particular incident. I hope to write about in detail. Perhaps in a book someday. It happened during my persecution years. How the Lord sent a nameless dog that couldn’t bark to me one night where I had slept in the outdoors on the street. That pet/dog was considered so useless that we didn’t even name it. That night, that so-called ‘useless’ dog crept out by digging a hole from our main gate to get to me. He miraculously started barking and made as if to protect me from unseen things. Before the sun rose, he came to me and rubbed his almost furless body on me as if to comfort me. Then, I heard a voice loud and clear in my spirit ‘For you know, I will never leave you nor forsake you, Glowreeyah’. I wept incessantly. In the middle of that harmattan night in 1998, God used a nameless, barkless dog to remind me of His unfailing love for me. After that night, I never heard that nameless dog bark again.

As an ardent believer of social responsibility, how would you say social responsibility plays out in the story of the gospel? Our greatest example and role model is the Lord Jesus Christ. Throughout the scriptures, everywhere Jesus went he kept on doing good. He was anointed with the Holy Ghost and power and performed mighty miracles. He was compassionate and did not turn a blind eye or a deaf ear to people in need. He did not only preach about salvation and the kingdom come. He believed in justice and equity. I call him the relevant Jesus. A gospel that cannot affect the heart and core of the people and the society at large is not a complete gospel. Our gospel of the kingdom must readily translate to not just being merely talked about but experienced in every ramification and in all spheres of our political, economic and socio-cultural spheres. Our gospel must translate to lives being changed. It must translate to having better roads, basic amenities and infrastructural development. As seen in Isaiah Chapter 58, It must translate to speaking up for the oppressed and the voiceless. It must translate to catering for the welfare for the aged and the vulnerable in our midst. This is a call of action to the government and the governed. This goes beyond tongue, tribe, creed and affiliations. We must all arise as stakeholders in this regard and play our part today. No one is too young and no one is too old to do the right thing! Nigeria as a country is currently in a state of turmoil. What word of hope would you give the average Nigerian?


I have lived long enough to know that we have gone through eras of great uncertainty and turmoil. Seasons have come and gone. Political climates have shifted. Power has changed hands. Over and over again, I have also seen how resilient my people have been through it all. I must commend us all for still standing, for still smiling. However, the darker it gets, the brighter our light must shine. We must never stop praying and standing on the promises of the Lord. We must not be weary in doing good. 25 We must believe that our God sees, hears and knows everything. We must not stop being our brotherâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s keepers. We must remember that the Lord who is faithful to His own will give us beauty for ashes, gladness for mourning and peace for despair. We must remember that The Lord who started a good work in us will not abandon as unfinished projects. We must believe that all these things will still work together for our collective good.




Let’s talk about fear a little. What exactly is it? Every day, people the world over, step out preparing for the day weighed down by fears of what’s going to be. From this magnitude and diversity of people alone, it’s obvious fear has got like this ( …) much power – I inserted the ellipses to cover up for your different variations of fear – yet we’ve been told time and time again that it’s a figment of our imagination. Now, we all claim that love is the greatest thing to ever happen on earth yet shockingly, regardless of our supposedly deep-seated conviction, we don’t live that way. The bible tells us perfect love casts out all fear and as believers; I’d like to think we naturally believe the words written in the Good Book. So if that’s the natural thing to do, why oh why, does fear still have such a strong hold over us? Why do we live our lives based on our everyday whims? Fear is probably the greatest tactic of the devil (right after deception of course). Fear is a powerful tool. Even the bible says so, if not fear probably wouldn’t be what perfect love is said to cast out. It would probably be something like envy or lust or kleptomaniacy (…is there such a word?).

Anyway, back to my original point. What’s the deal with fear? One day, David got up and began declaring the good things of God right in the midst of what I’d like to consider the greatest fear of man, *inserts dramatic pause* ‘death’. In the heat of all of that, with all the backbone he could muster, he said, “I know, I walk in the deepest darkest crevice of death’s shade, still, I look good and haven’t broken a sweat because the greatest light lives within me and for such a reason, I have no fear” …well, he said so in more or less the same words. Back to our musing! This statement makes you wonder doesn’t it? It’s more than a statement really; it’s a declaration of faith. What gave David such audacity?! What dared him to make such a bold statement in the face of “almighty fear”? Hadn’t he heard of the territories fear had conquered and razed to the ground?! Obviously he had cause, I hear fear had such a great reputation he didn’t need to be announced when he

walked into a room. So, what did David know? Let me pose this to you; we all know that perfect love casts out all fear and we all know in God is Perfect Love, Jesus is Love made manifest and the Holy Spirit is Love at work in us who believe. 1John 4:17-18 tells us perfected love gives us boldness and Perfect Love casts out all fear. In love, there is no room for fear. Having said all this, give praise! For God who loves us despite our fearful hearts, said He has not given us a spirit of fear (Romans 8:15). So even if you find yourself in a den full of lions (be it literal or figurative), He has said He will never leave you nor forsake you (Hebrews 13:5). So put that fear aside, it isn’t yours to carry, send it back to the valley from whence it came. Receive boldness from the Spirit, for the Lord has said, His grace is enough! And always remember, here at Imbue, we love you with a perfect kind of love.

The Dangers of Hand-me-down Â


For most Christians, the identity of being “Christ-like” is one that was conferred on them by reason of being born into a Christian home. As such, the daily and weekly routine of praying to Jesus and going to church forms part of the foundation for all who fall in this category. We find that we are Christians not because we believe in Jesus but because Jesus fits into the routine we have known all our lives. This is one of the major reasons why we have nonchalant Christians who only go by the name but have nothing Christ-like to show in their lives. At some point in their lives, these Christians will wake up feeling like their parents forced them into service of a God who has done nothing for them. This scenario is present not just in the biological Christian family alone, but is also evident in the spiritual family (The Church). We find many in the fold following men of God looking for the results they produce and completely bypassing the Source of those results, forgetting that those men of God have dedicated their entire lives there seeking His face. Many who copy the consecrations of men of God without knowing why such consecrations were required in the first place. Many who cannot pray for themselves but are rather waiting on the prayers of the man of God on their behalf. This was the exact situation that played out between Moses and the children of Israel out in the wilderness. Had Israel sought God in their hearts as their ‘father’ Moses sought Him, they would not have erred as many times as they did. All it took was an understanding of God for themselves. The Bible states clearly “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” (Proverbs 22:6 KJV). For most, this scripture means that once a person is set in a particular routine from an early age, s/he will carry it on into the latter years of their life.



However, I’d like to point out that this scripture doesn’t refer to setting a routine alone, it actually means that in building routine for a child, you expose the child to the foundations that have birthed those particular consecrations in your life thereby leading them to the source of your devotion (Jesus). In leading your children to the source Himself, you guarantee that they too find truth for themselves and serve the God of their fathers. Isaac is a clear cut example of a child who grew up not only partaking of his father’s consecrations (the routine), but also being privy to the God who drove his father to such commitments. Knowing the source Himself is what made Isaac stand to declare that the God of his father would be his God as well. If you want to give an excuse for Israel in that time, you could say that they didn’t have the Holy Spirit dwelling within and so they couldn’t approach God on their own and required an intercessor whom they found in Moses. IF per chance that excuse were to stand, the case is different today. Jesus has come and not only does He serve as the eternal intercession, He has made a way for all to come boldly before the throne of grace. He has given the Holy Spirit to all who are willing to receive. Every man will stand before God to give account of his life. We cannot fall on the “assurance” of hand-medown faith believing it has what it takes to carry us through the courts of the King. For each of us there is a decision to make. The journey of faith is a personal one. Do not allow yourself fall captive to the illusion offered by faith handed down. The faith of another simply serves to encourage and build Your Own Faith.

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