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Pop Culture Deconstructing Athi Patra Ruga – the artist

Fashion Feature When cars meet fashion



Feel Good A Jozi to CT walk for the sake of the orphans


Cape Indulgence The great broke pretender

IMBO/ ISSUE 3/ 9/ 2012


Campus Connect Welcome to Campus

Green Zone Let go of your rags and turn them into riches

Sports Profile

Tommy Oosthuizen – A 2013 Knockout!!!

Young Professionals Young guns re-inventing business


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Celebrating street art

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IMBO/ ISSUE 3/ 9/ 2012

Happpppyyyyy!!!!! Welcome to 2013! So it turns out the Mayans were wrong after all and we all made it past the 21st of December. The beginning of anything is always good and I for one can’t wait to see what this year has in store. As a country - hosting the rest of Africa on our shores for the Africa Cup of Nations tournament towards the end of this month is going to be epic. And as a magazine – the new office space and a couple of new faces are going to be great for our growth and our path of empowerment. In this issue we thought it appropriate to concentrate on being pioneers of our own destination(destiny) as young people no matter what that means to us. Our main feature (pg43) gives us two perfect examples of people who took their passion and ran with it no matter how bizarre it seemed as a “career”. Trevor Stuurman and Freddy Sam show us that street art is just as important in making a difference as any other profession. And it comes with a lifestyle! Another visionary and pioneer in his own right is Smiso Zwane aka OkMalumKoolKat from the group Dirty Paraffin, who has brought to life a different kind of funk that redefines hip hop as we know it. Read more about his TRUE COOL in our Entertainment feature (pg13).

Seeing it’s s a New Year and all we also delve into issues that many of us think about around this time of the year, like our physique. In the Wellness feature (pg38) we give you some exercise routines that could help you start the year on a high note when it comes to your health and wellbeing. Many young people are also making their way to tertiary for the first time and there are some things that could be easily overlooked, so in this month’s Campus Connect (pg58) we give you a nudge in the right direction.

From the


Everyone is also almost always a bit cash strapped in January so some finance guru’s (pg )have shared some tips with regards to how to make the little we have go further. As for those who still want to have a good time and money is nowhere to be found, be sure to check out Cape Indulgence (pg40), I’m sure there’s something that will appeal to you too. And all you fashionistas out there, this month’s fashion is blazing (pg18 –pg31) and will teach you a thing or two about style. But before I give it all away, go ahead and enjoy and here’s to a beautiful year ahead.



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on the cover GARETH: Carducci jacket R2600, C-squared shirt R599, C-squared pants R895, C-squared shoes R899, House of Monatic. ED: Carducci jacket R1400, C-squared shirt R599, Carducci pants R1200, Carducci shoes R899, House of Monatic. KARENZA: Stud biker R599.95, Traffic; Pleated blouse R220, Polka dot skirt R180, Babette; Shoes: models own; Opulent Swarovski Crystal Clip-on R999 with White Pearl Clip-on Charms R699, Burnished Silver Link Necklace with Sparkling Swarovski Crystals R1 499, Miglio. *Yivani, Karenza and Loren having fun on the fashion shoot.

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10 IMBO/ ISSUE 9/ 2012

out & about


Starting off the year the classique way. Let the sophisticated looks embrace the dame and dapper gentleman in you. Welcome to fashion in 2013... Majken




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Everyone`s favourite uncle Sipho Ndlovu

The ambassador of funk, armed with a “voetsek” attitude and the inspiring young artist behind the brand OkMalumKoolKat, Smiso Zwane is the new definition of cool. “Most of us are raised by single mothers, and look up to our uncles as father figures who could also double-up as a friend. So when I write poetry, I write from that perspective as okmalumkoolkat. However, there are other characters that feature in my song writing, inspired by other things.”


e is a pioneer of a wild and artistic revolution on the streets, a free-spirited black young man out to conquer with his creativity. “I guess it’s fitting (to be labelled a pioneer). I am doing what I really wanted to do and people relate. It’s of my own blueprint, it’s never been done like this before. My attitude is inspired by the times we live in and where we come from. We are in the information age and are a ‘Do It Yourself Generation’, so it’s all of that and a bag of Ghost Pops,” says Smiso Zwane aka OkMalumKoolKat. Smiso says his alias was inspired by his favourite radio DJ, Kool Kat. “This kat had a show every Saturday morning from as far as I can remember, where kids would call in, sing their favourite songs and give shout outs. I have never heard of any other radio DJ in the world who had a similar concept for a show.” On a more personal level, ‘malume’ which means uncle in isiZulu, is the other factor that gives the name purpose.

“I am doing what I really wanted to do and people relate. It’s of my own blueprint, it’s never been done like this before.”

Originally from Durban, KwaZulu Natal and now based in Johannesburg, Smiso is a musician who gives pantsula an alternative twist, together with his fellow slick cat, Zamani Xulu and form the duo Dirty Paraffin. Interested in packaging ideas whether in graphic design, music or fashion, he says it’s all him communicating. And he regularly keeps his thoughts in check on his blog, okmalume.blogspot.com.

The lyrics to his music take you back to the old school days, and the hood, when kwaito ruled the streets and the artists were mentors to their fans. When listening, it’s an emotional rollercoaster mixed with funk, gangster and poetry. “We built our music upon the feelings of nostalgia. The poems keep venturing to other stories so it could take you somewhere between earth and the moon. It’s a whirlwind,” he says. His fashion sense compliments his untamed complexity. He’s a street legend to the young and trendy community, and bravely breaks all the rules of fashion and leaves an unforgettable mark. “I’m inspired by SA street culture and what I’ve seen from countless classic movies and magazines,” says the trend setter. Veteran keyboardist Rex Rabanye is one of the musicians who Smiso deems great. “I wish I could work on a couple of projects with him, if he were alive.” Smiso’s status and influence keeps rising to a point where he now performs in clubs around the country, but he says, “I’m just a new jack.”- With a couple of aces up his sleeve. Smiso may not know what 2013 holds for him but he hopes the New Year can handle him.

more on okmalumkoolkat * Hang-out Spot? My house mostly but I play in clubs a lot so I end up there most of the time. * When he discovered music? As a young boy, I started dancing, illustrating and writing poetry, so music came to join the party. * If MalumKoolKat was not an artist? I would be a priest of a new religion. * Advice for up and coming pioneers? Go further.

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pop culture

The art of Performance Artistry Fumi May

Everything about Athi-Patra Ruga is larger than life. From his infectious laughter to his style of dress, right down to the way he lives his life – large and in charge. A seasoned agent provocateur, his very existence is performance art.


tireless and prolific creator, he is always working – even on holiday. He says it’s because he likes what he does, “It seeps into every aspect of my life… and that requires a lot of putting out.” His name “Athenkosi”, literally means “they say thank you” in isiXhosa - An almost prophetic moniker given which he has for almost his entire professional career been bowing to amongst thunderous, though sometimes bewildered, applause from appreciative audiences in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Berlin and New York.

known for extraordinary pieces athi never disappoints “Make me famous,” he says facetiously during our interview. But he already is. Earlier this year he performed Ilulwane – an audacious masterpiece involving twelve synchronised swimmers and a forty-five minute opera he co-composed with Spoek Mathambo, that deals with issues around traditional male circumcision – at the Long Street Baths in Cape Town. On both nights the venue was filled to capacity, with many turned away at the door after waiting for over an hour to gain entry. Early in his career he participated in a residency at Scenographies Urbaines, in Kinshasa, DRC. While there, he was invited to perform at a popular night club – or rather his first character, Miss Congo, was invited to perform. It is unclear whether or not the organisers were familiar with his work at this point. The performance is captured in a fifteen-minute video recording featuring Miss Congo, clad in his trademark red kerchief

pop culture saw was Cohen’s Chandelier. However Athi warns that a basic comparison is often the result of laziness, and not engaging with his work, which many reviewers have difficulty doing. His series of tapestries that formed part of his 2009 exhibit, Mister Floating Signifier And The Dead Boys, at Whatiftheworld Gallery in Cape Town, he took to male pornographic imagery as a basis for the

“It (performance art) seeps into every aspect of my life… and that requires a lot of putting out.”

and denims, gracefully poised atop a bar stool on a stage – a needle in one hand and a piece of tapestry fabric in the other. A mic stands at the ready directly in front of him, but all that is heard throughout the recording is the din made by club patrons gradually getting impatient with this man silently weaving tapestry in front of them. There was no applause that night. But Athi is not easily dismayed, the man is intrepid.

final product. One of the tapestries features a man in what appears ostensibly to be women’s garments: a gold-patterned black leotard (the artist’s favourite garment, even for himself) worn over a black full-body bodysuit, and long pink gloves that reach up to his upper-arms. His blackened manhood is clearly visible over the gold pattern of the

and it seems provocation pays He is often compared to fellow South African performance artist, Steven Cohen. A comparison that he feels honoured by, afterall the first performance piece he ever

duced over the years remains unsold, proving that provocation pays.

family support is pivotal When asked what his father, who he’s very close to, makes of his work, considering that black South African families are notoriously conservative, he says his father is enormously proud, though they never really discuss the semantics of the work. “My family is like any other South African family; we have this flabbergasting addiction to shock. And also they think ‘As long as he’s employed as’khathali (we don’t care)’. I think that my dad equates art making with activism sometimes. That puts pressure on me. But the funny thing is after he started hearing and seeing my work, he’s still expecting an album launch soon from his ‘performance artist son.’”

what the future holds Athi says he now has The Future White Women Of Azania to look forward to. Another epic performance-based project incorporating all the different media he is responsible for: print, video, craft etc. Will it still be dealing with body/sexuality/identity politics? “Oh yes. More with intimacy. It is set on a prison island. Companionship is the right word,” he says. Given South Africa’s history with a certain prison island, this new project is sure to ruffle some feathers. In a country that is only now learning to speak honestly to itself, it seems a conversation that has long lurked in the shadows is about to be initiated.

bodysuit, lending it an air of dissociation or dislocation from its owner. His eyes are also blackened out, but with a kind of violent strike-out that gives the impression that his identity has been taken from him without his consent. Very little of the work he has pro-


Fashion Ed`s Choice bag it like beckham Loren lee Henderson

Every man should be bagging it by now. And what could set you apart from the rest is the Style, Texture and Colour of the bag. BLACK is a definite NO-NO. Please get the words “black goes with everything” out of your head. Black is “outyds”, not vintage, but outyds! The ones that were once for women only are now used by men for the exact same reasons. A bag will never lose its purpose but you could be the reason for it losing its pizzazz. Allow this carrier to be an accessory that not only keeps your books or goods together but your look too. Explore all the possibilities by getting them in attractive yet masculine shapes and sizes.

16 IMBO/ ISSUE 9/ 2012


Hot list

dress me pretty... please! Loren lee Henderson

Loren lee Henderson

No need to compromise style for comfort. And there’s definitely no need for you to look like you just slapped any odd thing together either. Make use of your basics by adding some colour, jewellery and textures to make your outfit stand out.




3 4


5 9




1. Polka dot shirt, R275. 2. Easy care tie, R89.95. 3. Metal chrono watch, R350. 4. Belt, R140. 5. Straight leg jean, R299. 6. Suede lace up, R499. 7. Double drop collar, R89.95. 8. Tribal print dress, R170. 9. Chunky precious stones and gold, R99.95. 10. Swirl ring, R39.95. 11. T-bar, studded platform, R450. All items available at Woolworths IMBO/ ISSUE 9/ 2012 17

18 IMBO/ ISSUE 9/ 2012

Classically Tangled

Starting off the year in style should give you more than enough reason to be excited for the months to follow. Keep it classic with a touch of chic this month. Steer towards spontaneous selections and stay away from playing it safe. Get out of your shell.

ED: C-squared double breast jacket R1200, C-squared chinos R895, Carducci shoes R899, House of Monatic. KARENZA: Blazer R399.95, Traffic; Sheer top R270, Skirt R320, Babette; Shoes: models own; Burnished Silver Collar with Black Diamond Swarovski Crystal and Fine Applique Detail R1 999, Double Strand Burnished Silver Necklace R899 with Organic Burnished Silver Enhancer R299, Four Strand Multi Link Burnished Silver Necklace R399, Miglio. GARETH: C-squared shirt R599, C-squared waist coat R599, Carducci shorts R895,IMBO/ House of Monatics; Shoes: models ISSUE 9/ 2012 19 own.

20 IMBO/ ISSUE 9/ 2012

ED: Carducci jacket R2600, C-squared shirt R599, C-squared pants R895, Csquared shoes R899, House of Monatic. KARENZA: Studded dress R579.95, Traffic; Shoes: models own; Elegant set of 3 Interlocked Burnished Silver Bangles R299, Textured Burnished Silver Keepsake Bangles with Pearl Charm R399, Burnished Silver Keepsake Bangles with Vintage Key Charm R399, Sleek Burnished Silver Bracelet R399, Wheat Chain Bracelet with Removable Swarovski Crystal Heart Charms and Beads R699, Bracelet with Pearl Charms, Filigreed Heart Charm and Fine Chain Tassel R999, Miglio. GARETH: Veyilla jacket R3000, C-squared shirt R599, C-squared chinos R850, Veyilla shoes R3500, House of Monatic.

IMBO/ ISSUE 9/ 2012 21

22 IMBO/ ISSUE 9/ 2012

KARENZA: The owl dress R549.95, Traffic; White Shell Pearl Clip-on R499, White Shell Pearl Necklace with Lucky Key and Lock charms R1 699, Lustrous Shell Pearl Bracelet with Heart and Key Charms R 699, Miglio. IMBO/ ISSUE 9/ 2012 23

KARENZA: Mesh lace dress R399.95, Traffic; Shoes: models own; South Sea White Pearl Ring R199, Delicate White Shell Pearl Bracelet R499, Luminescent Round White Shell Pearls on Burnished Silver French Wire earrings R199, Miglio.

24 IMBO/ ISSUE 9/ 2012

GARETH: Carducci78 shirt R895, C-squared chinos R850, C-squared shoes R899, House of Monatic.

IMBO/ ISSUE 9/ 2012 25

GARETH: Carducci shirt R895, C-squared waist coat R599, Carducci pants R1200, House of Monatic; Shoes: models own. 26 IMBO/ ISSUE 9/ 2012

KARENZA: Vest R299.95, Chain skirt R199.95, Traffic; Bracelet of Swarovski crystals set in Burnished Silver R1 999 with two of these linked to create necklace and Amethyst Swarovski Crystal Heart Enhancer R799 added, Chic medium Burnished Silver Hoops R149 with Teardrop Amethyst Swarovski Crystal Pretty Woman Charms R599, Swarovski Crystal Burnished Silver Rings R399, Large Teardrop Swarovski Crystal Set on a Burnished Silver Band R59, Swarovski Crystal Burnished Silver Ring R279, Miglio. ED: C-squared shirt R599, Veyilla jacket R3000, C-squared pants R800, House of Monatic.

IMBO/ ISSUE 9/ 2012 27

28 IMBO/ ISSUE 9/ 2012

ED: C-squared shirt R599, Carducci pants R1200, Carducci shoes R899, House of Monatic. KARENZA: Blouse R379.95, Aztec skirt R299.95, Traffic; Shoes: models own; Flower French Wires encrusted with Swarovski Crystals R299 attached to these are Basic Teardrop Hoops R249 and Emerald Swarovski Crystal Teardrop Earrings R699, Emerald Crystal Bracelet worn as choker R1 399, Crystal Bracelet worn as choker R1 399, Double Strand Belcher Chain Necklace R999 with Heirloom Enhancer with Emerald, Brilliant and Cushion Cut Swarovski Crystals and White Shell Pearls R599, Miglio.

IMBO/ ISSUE 9/ 2012 29

KARENZA: Vintage dress R450, Babette; Collarless biker jacket R625, Traffic; Shoes: models own.

30 IMBO/ ISSUE 9/ 2012

Photographer: Lynn Dreyer Makeup artist: Kebone Bolofo Art director: Yivani Nkukwana Fashion coordinator: Loren lee Henderson Fashion assistant: Minky Mokapela Models: Karensa-3D models Gareth-Ice genetics Ed-Ice genetics

GARETH: C-squared shirt R599, C-squared pants R895, House of Monatic.

IMBO/ ISSUE 9/ 2012 31


When cars meet fashion Wale Oyerinde

In a century where the cars we drive are like an outer jacket, keen attention to detail is essential when buying an automobile that would not only take us from A to B but also make a strong fashion statement


or as long as I can remember cars and clothing have always had a steamy relationship, from the early motoring years of the 1890’s until now, automobile has always somehow influenced our individual sense of fashion and approach to trends. Apart from being a major influence on trends, the kind of car we drive is also a great way to mark our spots on the social map – somewhat of a ‘’social statement’’. In a century where a car we drive is like an extra layer of clothing it is important to get with the program. Cars and clothing are no doubt the most revealing things about an individual, so it’s not just about moving from point A to B, it goes beyond that. Our sense of style is no doubt an expression of our individuality. But still, the fashions and trends that we go for are not necessarily limited to clothing. Nowadays, cars are also used to convey just how fashionable we are. When I think of cars and fashion I get some mixed feelings. Just like cars having different specifications, individuals also have different personality traits and tastes in fashion, and matching our individual personalities to the car we drive is essential. You are what you drive. So when choosing a new car, consider the possible vibes you would want it to project.

32 IMBO/ ISSUE 9/ 2012

FASHION If you are the type who goes for the latest fashion, a car to match your stylish personality would highlight you in the crowd like a magic marker. And if you prefer a classier look, a small car with sleek lines would do you sophisticated justice. However, if you’re a gadget magnet, an automobile loaded with the latest GPRS navigation system and sophisticated devices would be the perfect fit.

the perfect match I have matched up five of my favourite city cars with different looks to give you a clearer understanding of what I mean by when cars meet fashion.

mini cooper paceman

The Mini Cooper Paceman is for the uber cool modern gentleman, who is highly stylish and always likes to make a statement.

ford fiesta st

the fiat 500c

This car is the epitome of everything stylish and super chic, and the Fiat 500 man strives to look his best without trying too hard. He’s extremely metropolitan, fashion forward and super savvy (it could also all be in his head). In a nutshell the Fiat 500C is a city car for the city man who is very concerned about the image he wants to project of himself.

The Ford fiesta ST is a choice for an individual with an exciting urban career, he’s got a great creative drive and is also very artsy. He loves clean lines on his clothing, a quality is better than quantity kind of guy.

range rover sport

volkswagen bug

The new Volkswagen bug is for the simple, easy and preppy urban individual. He or she is very aware of the changes in fashion, season after season but this person also loves the classic. The new Volkswagen is an updated version of his old love and definitely meets his needs - at least half way.

The Range Rover sport automobile would not only make a loud fashion statement, but is also for the adventurous and active type. The Range Rover has some tough elements which makes me come to a conclusion that every Range Rover lover would also have a thing for leather. This car is the definition of style meets high tech and ultimate performance.

IMBO/ ISSUE 9/ 2012 33


Beyond Fashion Blogging Lindile Ndwayana

Bloggers…well at least the young fashion orientated ones from Mzantsi all seem to want to travel the world. But this could be a guise for secretly wanting to run the world. No not with an iron fist but rather their stainless steel fingers pointing out what’s in and what’s not, the urban South African way.

blog: Boguslavsky Sisters (www.boguslavskysisters.com) bloggers: Marianna and Alla Boguslavsky A one of a kind fashion and lifestyle blog created by two sisters living in two different cities, one in Cape Town and the other in Dubai. Both international and local perspectives are packaged in this ‘fabulous’ tome filled with heels, quiches, the nearest pilates instructor and of course fashion week. Why we think you should take a look... Don’t get it twisted, they only have one mission and that is fashion. With that, you also get an appreciation for le good life, something we can all appreciate.

blog: The Renaissance Men (www.renaissancemensa.blogspot.com ) blogger: Monde Mtsi Dubbed the voice of menswear fashion by GQ South Africa, this blog aims to find and share different aspects of being a renaissance man in the 21st Century. With an eye set on both the South African menswear look book to the influential global menswear trends, the genuine renaissance men is always taken care of. Why we think you should take a look... Monde Mtsi has ‘Godly creative ambitions’ while attempting to cover as many relevant subjects with creative enthusiasm and sincere honesty. Isn’t that what we look for in a fashion blogger anyway?

blog: All Things Intriguing (www.sikidesign.blogspot.com ) blogger: Siki Msuseni Indeed, ‘intrigued’ is the right feeling. ‘All Things Intriguing’ is a journey through the many intriguing happenings of Cape Town, from the opening of a gallery to the blogger’s new ‘freeing’ hairstyle. Why we think you should take a look... Siki’s personality is seen, felt as well as heard throughout her writing and images. But more than that, her taste in creative expression and social events in Cape Town is what should be keeping you wanting more again and again.

34 IMBO/ ISSUE 9/ 2012


blog: Man of the Cloth (www.manofthecloth.co.za ) blogger: Marco Riekstins We could call Marco the ‘face of menswear fashion in SA’. The blog goes beyond just offering advice on men’s fashion, but also covers fashion ad campaigns, editorials, top models as well as fashion weeks from around the world. Why we think you should take a look... The Man of the Cloth ‘stands to prove that any one person can lead a fashionable existence’. To us that’s inspirational and much so for your unfashionable uncle who just never seems to get it right.

blog: Stuurman Style Diary (www.stuurmanstylediary.tumblr.com ) blogger: Trevor Stuurman The ability to stand out, being bold and saying it like it is without a single word are skill sets reserved for this unapologetic hustler. If eaves dropping on quirky, stylishly trendy African youth is what gets you high, then your fix is right here. Why we think you should take a look...Trevor Stuurman won the Elle South Africa Style Reporter last October in what seemed like an endurance challenge. Google him for yourself...

urbanmosadi blog: Urban Mosadi (www.urbanmosadi.blogspot.com ) blogger: Tiisetso Molobi The blog’s name conjures up images of a rooted warrior princess with street cred. And so it is that Urban Mosadi is all about celebrating ‘street cred’ and everything else that is stylishly pop culture from a sincere point of view. The blog is also about pushing the Urban Mosadi brand as well as other brands worthy of the ‘Urban Mosadi’ stamp of approval. Why we think you should take a look... You learn that honesty is not only about saying ‘I don’t like that burgundy dinner jacket’ but also being open about who and what

blog: A Fashion Friend (www.afashionfriend.co.za ) blogger: Robynne Kahn It’s not so much a blog but rather an online fashion magazine you can actually page through. The website also provides a platform for on the rise creatives, whether it be a crazy idea or a fashion shoot concept. It’s just like savouring on the freshness of trending fashion. Why we think you should take a look... If you want to be truly inspired and actually do something about something, this is the fashion-blog-slash-online-fashion-magazine for you. They describe themselves as ‘a purely creative place to play.’

IMBO/ ISSUE 9/ 2012 35

36 IMBO/ ISSUE 9/ 2012

IMBO/ ISSUE 9/ 2012 37


Work it out Chido Vanessa Dandajena

Weight loss and body sculpting have frequented the New Year’s Resolution list of many over the years and will always continue to do so. However you can’t keep repeating old methods and expect different results


n several magazines and television channels we’re constantly bombarded with images of what we should aspire to be, and countless companies take advantage of our gullible nature. They all claim to possess the magic key to the perfect body– all at a cost of course. We have been conditioned to emulate the images of celebrities, when in actual fact; we should be working to create a better version of ourselves. To give you a helping hand we’ve found these fun, effective and convenient exercising routines.

tricep dips

Sit on the edge of a chair or bench with your hands next to your thighs. Lift your body out just in front of the chair, with your feet flat on the floor and your knees bent. Lower yourself down so your elbows bend no more than 90 degrees and push yourself back up. * Start off with a few small sets and build up from there. * Straightening your legs increases the workout. * Avoid this exercise if you have wrist or shoulder problems.

wellness pushups

* Do a HIIT stair climb workout to burn hundreds of calories. * Run up two to three flight of stairs with maximum pace and walk down to recover. * Repeat as many times as you can.

sandbag training

burpees Everyone knows the standard pushup position, but you can also try some things to spice it up a bit. * If you have your hands wider than shoulder width you’ll get more of a shoulder and chest workout. * Bring your hands together into a diamond shape near the centre of your chest to work more of the triceps and shoulders. * Working half pushups – either going only half way down and then back up, or starting from the floor and only pushing up half way and then going back down will intensify your pushup workout.

hiit stair climbing

Burpees are a great way to burn abdominal fat and improve your shape with only a few minutes of exercising. A few minutes doing burpees will blast your fat burning trough the roof. * To do burpees, start in a squat position. Place your hands on the floor and kick your feet back so you are in a pushup position with your hands straight. * Immediately push back up and jump back to a squat position. * Now jump as high as you can from the squat extending your hands to the air. Repeat for 30 to 60 seconds as fast as you can.

Sandbag training will improve your strength as well as endurance while burning fat. Using sandbags in your workout will force your body to use more muscles and expand energy. * Use sandbags to do lunges, shoulder presses, squats, throwing, stair climbing and much more. * Pick 10 exercises and do them back-toback in a circuit. * Take a five minute break and repeat the full circuit two more times. Remember to pay attention to your body and take it easy at first. Soreness is a good thing, but pain means you need to stop. Of course if you want to see results it’s important to remember to accompany any exercise regiment with a healthy diet, consistency and water.

fun facts about exercise

High-intensity interval training or HIIT is an effective fat burning cardio exercise. It can help you burn more fat in less time than you would with typical cardio exercises. HIIT is based on alternating high-intensity sprints with low-intensity recovery periods.

* The best way to judge whether or not you are exercising at too high of an intensity is to see whether or not you can carry on a conversation. If you can’t, you may want to back off of the intensity just a little. * Bodies are creatures of habit. The more you exercise, the more your body learns to burn fat rather than storing it. * Regular exercise is linked to better sex, because it can improve body image, energy, self-esteem and overall fitness. * If you’re always in a bad mood, then getting fit just may help. Regular exercise can enhance mood and overall well-being.


The great broke pretender Noluvuyo Bacela

It’s amazing how January is synonymous with humble new beginnings, and by humble I mean close to penniless, nevertheless fun still needs to come to the party.


his is you at the local retail store till this January: looking over your shoulder hoping no-one sees you counting your coins, crumpling up last year’s receipts while occasionally holding your breath every time an item goes through the scanner. Just like how the paper trail you made over the past festive season probably left a good dent on the rain forest it has also left quite an impression on your bank balance. Casting those thoughts aside, just because the ATM machine has quickly forgotten how much interest you have given it over the past month (excuse the pun) doesn’t mean you must now sit at home and watch the remainder of the holiday sun go to waste. Here are a couple of ideas to make your pennies go further this January to keep the good times rolling!

it`s a house! - the ultimate hang out spot

Thankfully this is not your typical house next door with mean neighbours and a huge dog slobbering sticky saliva on the front porch, because the moment you walk into It’s A House you will never want to leave. The environment itself meets any creatives’ desires, it’s a space where you can create your own little dreamland while meeting some really cool chaps – it slowly becomes a home. It’s a bar, it’s a café, it’s a studio, and it’s a lounge. Here you can lounge around, read their magazines, use the Wi-Fi while, browsing through the displays which could be artwork, fashion showcases, rooftop parties or just the good looking baristas. It’s really a place where you can hangout and let your imagination take over. * Find them at De Waterkant, Greenpoint and on Twitter @itsahouse.

40 IMBO/ ISSUE 9/ 2012

CAPE INDULGENCE eastern food bazaar

say yes to yoga

cycle everywhere!

Indians genuinely have a thing for exaggerated portions and whether it’s in terms of their over the top weddings and festivals or just a plain ‘ol plate of food-it’s a good thing. Here’s a good example – one serving of R20 chicken biryani has five portions of chicken layered in some flavoursome rice and they throw in coleslaw just for kicks. They house a selection of different Indian and Pakistani cuisine dishes such as vegetarian falafel wraps, kebabs and masala dosa to Chinese noodles and some yummy ice cream for R10. They also make affordable pizza and samosas for people that live on the run. Whether you know what you are ordering or not, the ambience is enough to make you feel as though you’ve made one filling voyage to India - coleslaw in hand.

In the spirit of relaxation and easing your way into the New Year, how about making your way to Yoga life, yoga mat in hand this time. Cape Town residents can score free yoga classes for a good seven consecutive days at the YogaLife studios. Twisting and bending your body will not only make you feel better but will also increase your sensitivity, posture and mental fitness. With a handful more benefits like improving your concentration and stress and tension reduction it’s a great way to detox your body after boozing and over-eating during the holidays. With a little more self-control and a sense of calmness that allows you to get back in touch with yourself, this time round you’ll think before you swipe.

The best way to beat traffic and save money while avoiding some bergies is to cycle. Not only are they a faster mode of transportation, but you’ll also get a free work out. Breezing through the traffic with a burst of feel good endorphin hormones will not only counter stress but the physical activity will also help you make new friends. As you innocently cycle along you’ll find yourself meeting other enthusiasts, and get introduced to new parts of Cape Town that you hadn’t experienced before. The best plan would be to join the bicycle community through debut at Moonlight Mass - a casual night bicycle ride at the Greenpoint Circle on a full moon once a month. Bicycles are quite expensive so the best way to go would be to buy a second hand bike, from the UCT graduates or online classified ads like Gumtree.

* The Eastern Food Bazaar is at 96 Long Market St opens at 9am till 10pm. * YogaLife Studios are at 127 Waterkant Street, De Waterkant.

IMBO/ ISSUE 9/ 2012 41

42 IMBO/ ISSUE 9/ 2012


Celebrating Street Art Chido-Vanessa Dandajena

t Throughout time art has been one of the most relevan and controversial form s of expression whethe r it was used to unite, suppress or revolt. Historically, artists like Van Gough and Da Vinci were awed, revered and respected for their work in churches, town build ings and places of public gathering. Nowadays the depiction of stre et artists including dancers, photog d raphers and graffiti artists has somewhat depslete ith gang and w ed at ci so as en ev e m so to a tabo o, communities. y an m in ce en ol vi h ut yo the facilitation of hers and art p ra g to o h p f o ts h g u o The philosophical th as yester years and h uc m as r te af ht ug so ’t ists aren the expressive performances of dancers aren’t con sidered. However, there are exceptions to the rule, Freddy Sam and Trevor Stuurman.

IMBO/ ISSUE 9/ 2012 43


44 IMBO/ ISSUE 9/ 2012


Freddy Sam - The Art Activist

“I am an artist and art activist. It is my intent to inspire through art.” – Freddy Sam


reddy Sam is an accomplished street artist, from Cape Town, who has worked on projects in countless communities, particularly those needing a bit of artistic beautification. Like many, Freddy is not just an artist, but one with a strong opinion. IMBO: Describe Freddy Sam in one sentence? F.S: “I am an artist and art activist. It is my intent to inspire through art.” IMBO: How long have you been painting murals? F.S: “I have been painting murals on the street for over 12 years and it’s the core reason for my humility and respect towards art. Painting on the street for the everyday man is an experience and satisfaction that I feel cannot be replicated by any other art-form.” IMBO: Where does the name Freddy Sam come from? F.S: “Freddy Sam is my two grandfathers’ names put together and the name I have given myself to represent me as an artist. Freddy Sam is my forever youthful, fearless romantic alter ego who still believes in Peter Pan.” IMBO: Tell us more about your art and what it means to you F.S: “It is my intention to explore my community and surroundings using public art as a tool to communicate and connect with people from all walks of life as I am more interested in the experience than the result. I believe removing the greyness from the soul of the city is the job of artist’s musicians and poets. I have also been fortunate to exhibit and work on projects all over the world including Switzerland, Berlin, LA, London, Morocco, Atlanta, Portland, Gambia, New York, Swaziland, Baltimore, Transkei and more.” Freddy Sam considers himself an Art activist fighting for the creative freedom of expression, not only challenging views but presenting the views of fellow South Africans to the rest of the world. He has been fortunate enough to make a sustainable career from his passion and his works are recognized internationally. He is flamboyant, introspective, unrestrained, beautiful and intelligent.

IMBO/ ISSUE 9/ 2012 45


46 IMBO/ ISSUE 9/ 2012


Trevor Stuurman - Celebrating people through stills


uthor of the StuurmanStyle Diary fashion blog, street style photographer and winner of the Elle Style Reporter Challenge 2012, Trevor Stuurman is an artist on the rise. The last couple of weeks have been Stuurman-mania as every local fashion entity tries to get their piece of the talented artist. The StuurmanStyle Diary is a creative, collection of street style pictures depicting Cape Town’s young and fashionable youth culture and the ways in which they express themselves. Trevor’s action-shot, spontaneous “in-the-moment” pictures are authentic and raw and capture diverse subjects. Like Freddy Sam, Trevor is on his way to making a career out of what he loves giving a different outlook to street photography. Photographers like Trevor have been described as the mouthpiece of the country. The StuurmanStyle Diary has over 20 000 visitors, forty percent of which comprise of international viewers. Challenging the streams of international media painting a destitute and impoverished picture of Africa, photographers such as Stuurman provide a more relevant and modern perspective of the continent, its rich culture and the diversity of people. Street artistry is both liberating and constricting in its own right. The cases of Freddy Sam and Trevor are not like many other cases of illegal street art. As much as it can be used for positive expression, it can also be used to suppress communities. Street gangs in marginalized communities are known to use street art as a weapon to mark their territory and ward off enemies. There is reason for the taboo surrounding street art, but there is light and hope at the end of the tunnel. There is a place for progressive street art that empowers and uplifts and that is what we need to focus on.

“Just a small time boy from Kimberely- living big city dreams”- Trevor Stuurman

IMBO/ ISSUE 9/ 2012 47


The change is in you Noluvuyo Bacela

Placing a square peg into a square hole seems like a rather easy task to do now that we are older, especially when you are watching a two year old frantically shove the poor object into the opening. We look into why young South Africa prefers to be spoon-fed information as opposed to going out to look for it.

48 IMBO/ ISSUE 9/ 2012


ike they say in the Good Books too many options confuse the mind and having to sort between the round, square-like and triangular objects can be quite daunting if your mind hasn’t been fully developed for the task. What we hardly consider is that according to scientists it’s not particularity about how fast your mind connects the dots but how you manage to soldier on through the frustration of figuring the puzzle out. While taking a break from trying to figure things out may seem like a good idea to some – forcing matters appears to be the ideal thing to do for most of us. Take the staggering number of prospective students queuing outside the administration offices at the beginning of every year, for instance. This number contributes a significant amount to the rate of university drop outs and graduate unemployment that we are obviously oblivious to since the only statics we are concerned with are the Census and maybe the crime stats. But like clockwork, late applications flood education institutions almost as though people didn’t know they had the access to this system throughout their Matric year- granted they may have been anxious about the results but still it’s inexcusable.

One of the most admirable things about South Africans is their ability to throw caution to the wind and trust the “system”. Our gullibility to trust our politicians is truly admirable, forgetting to remember that politicians are not too far off from lawyers. Remember that time when former President Thabo Mbeki said “HIV doesn’t cause Aids” or just recently when the government said our first democratic President Mr Mandela was in Pretoria’s 1 Military Hospital but turned out to actually be at “an undisclosed location.” The newspaper headlines could be made bolder and live talk shows could invite political leaders, and open the phone lines, to give the general public a platform to state their views. But because we are so used to our leadership occasionally showing us the middle finger chances are we won’t say much to their faces. Our foible minds have been, over the years, corrupted into carelessly believing that an extra term (or three) regardless of their actions towards the public- will bring change.

IMBO/ ISSUE 9/ 2012 49

financial fundis

Beating JanuWorry Noluvuyo Bacela

Enterprise Development Manager Lungisa Dyasi and Accounting Candidate, Nangamso Majova join forces to dish out some much needed advice on how to manage your student budget.


y now, you should know what you’ll be doing for the next couple of years while in tertiary but with it comes hurdles that will keep coming as the year progresses. The pressures that come with the journey like the FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) and “Keeping up with the Joneses” mind-set may just cost you a little more that you actually have in the long run.

50 IMBO/ ISSUE 9/ 2012

prioritise priorise prioritise The first three months of the year come with an urgency to spend more cash than one actually has in their bank account, something that is often done by those who are relatively new to the idea of a monthly salary or weekly wage. For students and freshmen in the work environment alike, it’s mainly used for excessive things, none that are an investment of any kind. While there’s no problem with spoiling yourself- the issue here is that

of priority. Priority for students is textbooks, registration, transport and accommodation - all of these costs a lot of money. For the new recruits into the working world, priority is accommodation and transport and of cause the “F” word, food.

learn how to cut costs First things first, resist the temptation of shopping for any form of shoe or clothing or bags that is unnecessary. You have all of these things already why buy new ones just

financial fundis

because it’s a new year, take it easy times are rough. Get a financial planner as your mentor very early in the year as possible. They should advice you on dire issues like contract phones, clothing accounts as well as opening credit cards. Try to keep going out to a minimum for the first few month of the year until you settle into a financial routine or better yet - a lifestyle. You can save a bundle on food by staying at home, cooking your own meals as opposed to eating out almost every night. Buy second hand study material or better yet find a graduate and negotiate buying all their materials from them as “bulk buying” is always cheaper. Also, associate yourself with final year students, particularly those whose studies are sponsored as they are not too concerned about selling study material to earn income. If all else fails the library is always a good place to find material.

Lastly, be on the lookout for second hand textbooks and student discounts. There will be adverts all throughout the campuses, so make deals to get the textbooks for close to nothing. Always jot down your budget on a piece of paper and keep it safe so you can use it to reconcile your budget to your actual spending after the first, second and third month. This will help you manage your finances and reduce excessive spending.

top 5 tips on surviving january * Fall in love with bargains * Trade what you do not want with others * Don’t be an impulsive buyer * Budget and review you spending frequently (the shorter the review intervals the better) * Read a book – it keeps you away from shopping, outings, etc.

IMBO/ ISSUE 9/ 2012 51


Spyral Teknic takes denim to another dimension Noluvuyo Bacela

Thanks to clothing brand Spyral Teknic with a little embellishment here and treatment there Denim makes new advances in local street wear

“It’s a cut throat industry- you can’t just come out with an idea and leave it there.”


pyral Teknic is a high fashion clothing brand that was founded by three long-time friends that are based in the heart of Johannesburg. They decided to go into business together five years ago after finishing their studies at Parktown College – Zimasa Gxoyiya and Anthony Kobane, studied fashion while Siyanda Makhathini chose banking. The trio combined their talents and over the past year have been “hibernating” and building up for a greater impact. Siyanda says, “It’s a cut throat industry- you can’t just come out with an idea and leave it there.” To further develop their product he says they’ve also been utilising more platforms while working on getting their collections ready. “We’ve been putting our brand out there- styling music videos and showcasing our work at street fashion platforms all over Jo’burg like STR.CRD with imaginative and out-of-the box concepts.”

They specialise on creating jeanswear for the individual on the street- tailoring items that are distinctly for the customers’ physique and personality. “Most of our clientele feel that fashion events and streamline fashion don’t appeal to them as the public. We market to them directly and are more for the people rather than a mass crowd.” On a normal day you’ll find them styling, conceptualizing and interacting with this clientele that has gladly welcomed their approach to meeting the shopper’s needs. “People are dreamers, they are always hoping for more options to enhance their looks and we constantly have to redirect their farfetched ideas by using our knowledge because it will of course reflect on our own brand.” Over the years their passion has led them to designing costumes for puppeteers, suits for the corporates and the average street person who wants to stand out. “We currently work from one room with eight machines, a table, a couple of mannequins and a chair! Of course we’d love to expand and have more space like other fashion brands

but for now we are focused on this market that is more street and more casual.” The name Spiral Tecnik Siyanda says originated from a polymer lesson Anthony and Zimasa had while they were still in school. According to them a polymer is one of the core structures of the textile industry and so they found it fitting to use its spiral design as the foundation of their vision for the company. “The name signifies how we want the brand to grow spirally, upwards in a manner that goes from strength to strength.” The trio takes pride in being able to assist the ordinary man on the street inject their personalities into their look as an extension of themselves instead of just blending in.

for more information contact: Siyanda Makhatini- 078 828 3207 (t) @spyralteknik (f) Spyral Teknic


Jermaine Charles making strategic moves Noluvuyo Bacela

Four and a half qualifications later, ZAXL online store founder, Jermaine Charles tells us about his journey, his brand and being a creative entrepreneur. After losing out on a job, a two year wait for a work permit from the Home Affairs department and a trip back from Zimbabwe, he says he started dabbling on the deejaying decks as a means of making money. He also added a teaching job and a Marketing diploma to that which would ultimately change everything. “Deejaying gave me access to street culture and brands. I knew their concerns - how they couldn’t get into stores and so forth so I had an idea to start a pop-up store, incorporating everything I learnt along the way. I founded ZAXL, Mzansi Extra Large which is an online clothing brand.”

why an online clothing brand


n a nut shell, Zimbabwe- born Marketing Strategist Jermaine Charles describes himself as “a normal guy who just likes starting and finishing things”. He says he spent his Saturdays at the library reading at least ten books on different subjects, and by the time he finished high school he hadn’t a clue of what to study.

from humble beginnings come big things The obvious thing for him was to join his father at his newly opened construction company, so he enrolled for a degree in Civil Engineering which he “hated” so he switched to Fine Art and Design at the Design Technikon in Zimbabwe where he stayed for a year and a half. “I think that’s where the seeds of what I’m doing now

“I thought I wanted to be an Art Director - I still wasn’t sure what I wanted to do but I knew I was getting closer to realising my passion”

began because we had no computers. We had to do everything by hand, from lettering to developing photographs, and we were always researching,” he says.

things get better with time Things really started to take shape after his family situation turned around financially. This allowed him the opportunity to study in South Africa. He went on to finish his studies in Fine Arts and Architecture at the University of Cape Town in record time, to doing a year at AAA studying Advertising. “I thought I wanted to be an Art Director - I still wasn’t sure what I wanted to do but I knew I was getting closer to realising my passion,” Jermaine says.

The platform was founded to address the difficulty young businesses came up against in the local sphere, and to harness the informal creativity of everyday activities to create an income. In as much as the brand ZAXL was initially meant to be an online store, the small businesses’ strains to meet the required online customer orders caused the platforms to put the online store on hold. “The plan was and still is to gather all the merchandise from these street brands into one place and supply the demand, but these people don’t have access to cash flow, cash reserves and project management skills to run successful businesses. These small businesses don’t have R200 to pay someone to sit and sell their merchandise, transport and iron it,” he says. But what they currently have is a section of the rails at Strato in Long Street. ZAXL has had success at the Toffie Festival and STR.CRD Cape Town this year with over nine pop-up stores showcasing work from Head Honcho, Deep Settle Movement and Butan amongst other brands.

for more information contact: find XAZL Online of Facebook or tweet Jermaine Charles @charlesjaymr


Creative Mornings Connecting Cape Town Noluvuyo Bacela

Any self-respecting creative in Cape Town should be in the know about Creative Mornings by now - the 20-minute dose of inspiration will not only feed your soul but your tummy too… So get connected

“We host events once a month so you can meet people again and again which is a good way to network as opposed to waiting three months for TED[x]”

54 IMBO/ ISSUE 6/ 9/ 2012

cape town leading africa


reative Mornings Cape Town is currently the only monthly breakfast lecture held in Africa amongst the thirty-seven branches hosted around the world. The inspiring events originated in New York City after Swiss designer Tina Roth Eisenberg decided to host short and accessible talks to bring the creative community in the area together. The first one took place informally - a speak-

er was invited to share their experiences to a handful of creatives over a cup of coffee in a chosen location- and within a few talks, the initiative was making waves in the community.

a worldwide phenomenon It’s during this time that Daniel Frei approached Eisenberg with the idea of adding more lecture branches and decided to


launch one in Zurich, Germany and within a short space of time the talks grew into a global trend which now includes cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Cape Town, among the 37 countries duplicating Eisenberg’s model. Cape Town Creative Mornings Organiser, Catherine Henderson says, in all the branches the model is that every month you invite a keynote creative speaker to hold an audio-visual presentation for about 20 minutes, sharing about their creative journey, how it works for them and why it works for them. “We

host events once a month so you can meet people again and again which is a good way to network as opposed to waiting three months for TED[x],” she says. The lectures are basically a platform to showcase the cities creatives and after the talk there’s a question and answer session with the speaker. The events don’t take up too much of the day so the attendees can still get back to work and be productive.

when where & how

get in touch

Held once a month on a Friday from 8h30 till 10h00 the sponsors-Vida e Café, offer free coffee and croissant to the attendees during the quick morning session which allows the first 30-minutes for schmoozing. “We rely quite a bit on sponsorship, as it has to be free for the person to come, our sponsors get minimum exposure- it’s all about linking people up again, getting Cape Town to talk and being part of the global network,” says Henderson. The events offers 80 - 100 tickets dependant on the venue through online registration and are sold out in under an hour.

To register for forthcoming events and tickets sign up online for on www.cptcreativemornings.eventbrite.com

IMBO/ ISSUE 6/ 9/ 2012 55


Namibia Africa`s own Braveheart Kudzai Mazvarirwofa

A country where the hearts of its people are as warm as the sun itself. Known for its harsh yet angelic plains it’s no wonder she’s knows as the land of the brave. Be brave to tame and discover the blessing bestowed upon its people. her hardships Although not as established as her other


he ancient sands of the Namib Desert are shifted by the whistling winds; the landscape undulates and moves along, leaving red clouds and dunes in its wake. Herds of antelope kick up dust as they roam the plains to the north for grazing and water. Elephants traverse the dry riverbeds to the west while the cheetahs play a silent, deadly game of hide and seek. This is Namibia, a wildly beautiful land with diversity in every element that makes up its existence.

her borders

Namibia, officially the Republic of Namibia, is a Southern African state, whose western border is the Atlantic Ocean. It shares land borders with Angola and Zambia to the north, Botswana to the east and South Africa to the south and east. Although it does not directly border with Zimbabwe, less than 200 meters of riverbed separates them at their closest points.

56 IMBO/ ISSUE 9/ 2012

Namibia gained her independence from South Africa, in 1990, making her one of the few indigenously colonised states in African history. Namibia has a population of 2.1 million people and a stable multi-party parliamentary democracy. Agriculture, herding, tourism and the mining industry– including mining for gem diamonds, uranium, gold, silver, and base metals – form the backbone of Namibia’s economy. Given the presence of the arid Namib Desert, it is one of the least densely populated countries in the world. Approximately half the population live below the international poverty line, and the nation has suffered heavily from the effects of HIV/AIDS, with 15% of the adult population infected with HIV in a survey conducted in 2007.

her natural wilderness makes for an amazing sight

African counterparts, Namibia remains a gem for those searching for wilderness. Namibia is so untapped in her natural state, that she is the pinnacle of the juxtaposition between the desert and the wetlands (she is wedged between the Kalahari and the Atlantic); the dangerous and the luxurious, the raw and the posh, the wild and the tame. Roughly the size of Great Britain, Namibia is sparsely populated and this can be attributed to large parts of the landscape diverging in the oldest desert in the world, the Namib, as well as the northern reaches that creates some of the most inhospitable environments on the planet. Dry river beds, rich geological hills and incredible vistas make for an amazing sight. To the north eastern areas, the land is heavy with the weight of water. Twisting river systems and lush wetlands are home to a treasure chest of wildlife and flora species, marking Namibia as the beautiful, fruitful yet dangerous and dry as well. Namibia is one of those dreamlike places that make you question the existence of something so visually orgasmic. Time and space are less defined here, landscapes collide and experiences are developed. Watch a lion stalking its prey on a neverending plain in Etosha, attempt to ride a giant dune on a sandboard and spend a night alone in the desert under a sky so thick with stars you can’t differentiate them. Namibia is a fantasy land to those seeking visual stimuli, the epitome of the balance of nature.


My neighbour from Namibia Kudzai Mazvarirwofa

Student Selma Mulinga who recently moved to South Africa shares her experience of leaving her motherland Namibia for the very first time and her fondest memories of home

home sweet home Q: Where in Namibia are you from? A: I come from Grootfontein, it’s a small town. Q: What, in your opinion, is the best thing about Namibia? A: The country itself is amazing. It’s a tourist attraction so that is good for the economy. Q: What do you think about Namibia on an international scale? A: I mean as a developing country, she can do better, I have to say. We could use a little bit more development comparing Nam to SA, and the entertainment area needs some tweaking as well. Q: What is it like growing up in a tourist hotspot like Namibia? A: It is not really that different to any other person in any other country, it’s not like we are in contact with the tourists personally, day by day. It is just a normal childhood. Q: What is your fondest memory of Namibia? A: I grew up here, I was born here, my whole life is a fond memory of Namibia, I

haven’t been anywhere else except my recent travels to SA, but other than that, this is home, that is my fondest memory. Q: If I were to visit Namibia, where would you suggest I go first and why? A: The coast, to be specific Swakop, the place is beautiful and has all the beautiful places that one can visit. The weather up there is to die for and with regards to entertainment; I give it two thumbs up.

the transition to the mother city Q: Where are you studying in Cape Town? A: I’m at CTI College, and I just concluded my first year of varsity so its super exciting, hey. Q: How was your initial take on the culture in South Africa, in Cape Town, especially? A: South Africa is awesome! I love it. It’s beautiful and has a lot of places I have never seen before. As for the culture, I look upon it as a sort of adventure, you never know what to expect! I love the weather as

well, ‘cause it’s super hot in Nam right now, I could use one of the beaches in the Cape. Q: What is your view of the culture in Cape Town, versus the culture in Namibia? A: In terms of youth culture, it’s more or less the same around the world, you know because of globalised trends. But in terms of traditional culture, I haven’t quite witnessed it in South Africa, but I know it is quite strong. But in Namibia for instance, we have certain days where children at school would have to wear traditional gear and celebrate our culture, so we don’t forget where we are from. Q: What would you like to change in your country, now that you have seen South Africa? A: I love it just the way it is hey. I mean that is what makes it Namibia and not South Africa, after all. It is home and home will always be good just the way it is. However, I would turn down the temperatures a bit, it is HOT!

IMBO/ ISSUE 9/ 2012 57

Campus connect

Orientation week is worth all the fuss - just ask the student marshall Marie- Sarah Khoza

Everyone gets nervous before they start tertiary. Fears of becoming a social recluse and being outcast from your peers will always creep up. But don’t panic because for at least two weeks the Student Marshal will be your very own personal companion.


on’t get me wrong I’m not talking about that man whose duties are to apprehend fugitives, and take care of prisoner transportation, or the days in prep school where you had a marshal to guide you across the street. This marshal or “Orientation Leader” or whatever it’s likely to be called at your given tertiary institution will help you on your outlook when it comes to the university.

58 IMBO/ ISSUE 9/ 2012

get to know who`s who You will probably meet these leaders at your first day of Orientation which is a programme specifically crafted to assist all students in adapting to university life. These programs are run by the staff in the Student Housing Department and under the Division of Student Affairs. So these highly trained undergraduate student staff members will guide many of the sessions, and teach students how to register for courses and also assist in navigating through the process of becoming a student. They represent many of the 100 – plus majors offered and have par-

ticipated in a variety of campus programs and activities. They are friendly, willing to help, and excited to meet new “Freshers”.

keep your paper trail nearby For many, it will be their first taste of living on their own, but it is important to remember that Freshers’ Week is hardly a true reflection of what independent living is all about. Day-to-day life, even at university, rarely involves being assailed by free drinks, condoms, tins of beans and invitations to attempt skydiving. Nor does it usually of-

campus connect tips for first #freshers# * Try to go to all your classes - getting notes from classmates is not the same as actually going to class * Buy used textbooks * Review the lectures notes that you make * As soon as you feel like you’re falling behind do something about it immediately

fer so many opportunities for you to ask for help and support or to meet new friends. Although your one week companion will help you keep your eye on the ball with all your musts: registration, meeting your new tutors, the library tours, and most importantly the Freshers’ Fair. It’s also just as important to keep all significant paperwork nearby including copies of your exam certificates, fee payment forms or evidence of who is paying your fees, ID, useable passport photos, and any other documents you need for registration.

choose your societies wisely Try not to fall in love with your next door neighbour, get stuck with the same small group, pass out, or get arrested. Any of these could mean missing out on the full range of activities available. On the other hand, don’t join every wacky society that

waves a clipboard in front of you. You’re unlikely to find time for break dancing or hot – air ballooning if you’re also serious about student politics. And you’re perfectly entitled to spend an hour or two in your room reading a book.

this is only the beginning If after a week you’ve spent your entire loan for the term, eaten nothing but the lime that comes with the tequila slammers, and are still to sleep in your own bed, don’t feel you have to keep up this pace for three years. And if you’ve found the whole experience of being mentored boring, noisy and miserable, don’t give up and go home. Real university life only begins after this.

IMBO/ ISSUE 9/ 2012 59


Creating Realistic Goals Chido Vanessa Dandajena

Don’t fall into the resolution rut this New Year and don’t set resolutions but rather make lifestyle changes that will last longer than a month. This will leave you feeling accomplished and ready to take on another year. ting that brand new Lambo’ and saving the world, all in the space of a year...know that you’ve gone too far. New Year’s Resolutions are meant to improve aspects of our lives we feel need to be revamped. Certified Life Coach, Joy Tansley gives these practical suggestions on setting attainable New Year’s Resolutions for the year ahead.


hances are that you have succumbed to the need to set New Year’s resolutions to make yourself feel better about the past year. Or maybe you realise that this New Year’s resolution business is a money making ploy, but not so in your face as much as Valentine’s Day. Either way planning for the year ahead is one of the best things you can do for yourself, it’s just a matter of how.

resisting the resolution rut When there are family gatherings, and festivities in the air, it’s usually easy for unrealistic goals to be set especially amidst the bubbly and fireworks. New Year’s is not just a time of celebration but a time of reflection. Naturally, there would be nothing wrong with setting resolutions but they are usually

60 IMBO/ ISSUE 3/ 2012

so unattainable they leave you feeling utterly useless and unaccomplished by the time December comes back around. Set attainable goals We all need to make realistic goals and decisions in our lives. For example if it takes zero fat, less carbs, lean meats, vegetables and fruit in conjunction with regular weight training to achieve a toned body, you must ask yourself if you can follow it through. Being honest with yourself will conceive better decision-making consequently helping you arrive at realistic goals.

be practical The best New Year’s Resolutions are the most simple and practical ones. When your list includes becoming the president, get-

* Set resolutions that are achievable. Realistic New Year’s Resolutions should take you out of your comfort zone but should also be adaptable to your lifestyle. * Have three or four long-term resolutions and set monthly, short-term resolutions. * Write down an action plan for each longterm resolution describing how you will achieve your goal e.g. If your resolution is to stop smoking, your action plan would include going to support group meetings, reducing the packets of cigarettes per week until you stop and perhaps substituting smoking with a healthier alternative.

what`s your plan b Lastly and possibly the most important factor to consider is a contingency plan. Rome wasn’t built in a day and failure, at the beginning, should be expected. Learn not be too harsh on yourself and have back-up plans in place in case things spiral dismally out of control, which could happen. If things don’t necessarily go according to plan for the first month, don’t beat yourself up and hurl into a corner. Instead step back, re-evaluate where mistake were made and move forward.


A lesson learnt Lindile Ndwayana

what do you think about the perception that teachers are the back bone of society? That perception is true. Teachers have an opportunity to mould the younger generation, thus they are seen as the backbone of society because they are in the position to steer the young people in a positive direction. Teaching is not a career that young people aspire to. They are aware of the challenges teachers face every day. In addition, it is not a well-paid career.

what are the challenges teachers faces from the onset of a new academic year? Supporting new grade 8 learners adjust and have an easy transition from primary to high school. New educators also need assistance in different aspects that teaching requires. We are faced with discipline problems, bullying and contraband. The timetable must also be relooked at in the event, that in practice it doesn’t work.

do you think there is a particular personality type that is best suited to be a teacher, if so please describe it?

Teachers are labeled as the back bone of society and seemingly the profession is not so attractive in the eyes of the younger generation. We speak educator Elvida Smith who gives us a better insight into this profession.

Yes, there is. A teacher must be a hardworking individual with a passion for children and a love for teaching; someone that is committed to improving society through quality education. A teacher must be able to adjust to a variety of situations and challenges. And also have excellent conflict management and problem solving skills. Above all a teacher must have patience.

what satisfies you the most about your job? It gives me great pleasure to see a class enjoying my lessons. I have a good rapport with the learners and it pleases me when they feel comfortable enough to open up and tell me when they have personal problems. It is also very satisfying to see the learners that I have taught succeed in life.

what would you say to a young person pursuing teaching as a career? It is a very rewarding career in the sense that you are in the position to mould young people and in turn have a great influence on society at large. You must be prepared to spend a lot of extra hours at school without receiving remuneration and be willing to work at home in your spare time.

how can government play a role in fostering a better education system? They can assist by eradicating poverty and try to correct the social ills which find their way into the confines of the education system, for example, unemployment, crime, gangsterism and substance abuse.

please share some of the most positive and not so positive experience youve had throughout your career? At our valedictory last year the grade 12 learners chose three teachers that they awarded certificates of appreciation to and I was one of those teachers. The lack of parental involvement is a huge negative for me, especially with problematic learners.

how do you feel about the minimum pass rate being 30%? It is pathetic. Every time the pass rate is lowered learners’ aims and goals are lowered as well. They aim only to pass. Thus, the overall majority of our learners are underperforming.

IMBO/ ISSUE 3/ 2012 61

Alternative Thinking

The pioneer in You Lerato T Kuzwayo

set your own trends It’s often said that it takes a village to raise a child or in a more indigenous fashion “uMuntu ngu Muntu nga bantu. I am because we are and we are because I am. The message is to always remember that it always all begins with you. This can be meant to inspire a culture of innovation. You must begin to think of yourself as an original thinker with original ideas and solutions that need to be heard. This is about trend setting on a social scale, setting trends, not only on how to look more beautiful, but on how to change the world and make it go around.

lead your passion


he evolution of human beings and their progression is dependent on generational change and this change needs to take place at a global, communal family and most importantly an individual level.

be your own pioneer Be the change you want to see, said Mahatma Ghandi. Wise words I say. The world is a grand place for it to be changed globally, when one has not become an agent of change within themselves. Problems in society are plenty and clearly evident, and we may all agree that there needs to be some level of change. But this change needs to be happen at an individual level. So you need to be a pioneer of your own space and your own environment. Radical young people in

62 IMBO/ ISSUE 9/ 2012

civil organisations in the country usually define themselves and their bodies as places of rebellion and revolution.

community leaders still exist-you just need to find them I write this article from an auditorium in Rosebank Johannesburg, in a Pan African Youth Leadership Forum where we are in discussions on how the delegates as community leaders can become more influential in improving the direction of our continent and be the drivers of change in the African continent. This being my current environment it automatically factors into what m thoughts are on what change needs to be and how we can best be the pioneers we need to be for our communities.

It is sometimes said that one of the strangest attributes of human beings is that we yearn for individuality or individual recognition and we do this by trying to emulate and copy others, which is clearly hypocritical. In the world of you and what surrounds you, you have to be your own leader and subsequently a leader of others in the one thing you have found to be your most constructive passion. We must learn to each be a master in our own passions, be perfect at being ourselves. Be you in the way that only you can best be you.

smile a little The best way I can imagine a person being beautiful and happy is when they smile. Smiles have been scientifically proven to be contagious, of course there is always doubt on how genuine smiles are, but if yours is the freshest and most genuine gear to be worn, then more people will be keen to emulate you and wear smiles like yours. Be the kind of smile that can change the world by being the best that you can be, the best in your own skin. Have a pioneering attitude and existence that will keep the world around you spinning.


A walk to remember Noluvuyo Bacela

At five cents per step three guys walk through South Africa, from Jo’burg to Cape Town in a bid to raise funds for orphans


ight days after setting off on a trip that was initially supposed to take 16 days in conjunction with the 16 days of Activism against Women and Child Abuse, Sello Motau, Thabang Nkuna and Mike Ntsibane arrived in Cape Town. Exhausted, sunburnt and a bit delusional the three had just completed a strenuous walk through South Africa from Johannesburg to Cape Town.

to- little by little we do a lot and falls under the Wits student structure, United Africa Youth Movement Improvement Organisation. The idea is that each person would contribute five cents per step. For example 1km would equal R100 rand which is equivalent to 2000 steps to raise a million rand for an education fund for orphans. Because the Karoo was dangerous during night time Sello would walk towards his fellow travellers and seek shelter. “I’d make them drive 10 km ahead at night because it wasn’t safe but because of dehydration and the heat, it was a logistical nightmare,” he says.

the road is harder with no support

a team makes all the difference Sello Motau was accompanied by the two Witwatersrand University students Thabang and Mike who respectively acted as “physiotherapist” and administrator. With not much of a budget and medical assistance he depended on these two to keep him sane, hydrated and on track. “It was so exhilarating; especially with the right team - the one time I hurt my muscles because I forgot to eat and was walking too much and they had to remind me,” says Sello.

bitjie bitjie maak meer The drive behind the campaign was “Bitjie bitjie maak meer” – which directly translates

you are losing our mind- it’s underneath you, surrounds you, it’s everywhere!”

training is essential Training for the walk meant going uphill, walking fast on the road to obtain about five km on the street and eight in the gym because there are no obstacles. “If I hadn’t gotten my mind around how some people would want to run me over on the road, I would’ve gotten hurt. Some trucks would actually swerve and every little grain would hit me. I had to literally walk on the yellow lane all the way to Cape Town and only one person stopped to ask why I was walking alone - I was 30 km away from the mark,” he says. “With literally no life for 100km at a time in the Karoo, when I think about it I wouldn’t have stopped for myself either. The whole time I kept wondering how it looked from behind. At some point I thought I was losing dehydrated with no medical assistance. But now that we’ve done it once we definitely want to do it again.”

to support the initiative please go check out their page on facebook – Uayio Alkebulan

Because their student structure is independent of SRC, they lost out on sponsorship due to the new Wits SRC body and had to fund their walk from their own pockets. From boycotting compiling applications for every precinct they had to walk through, to ducking hail for eight km and sleeping three of the eight days on the road in the car and one on a golf field in Kalkfontein were just the tip of the iceberg for Sello. “The Karoo is heavy, it’s so hot and at some point you feel

IMBO/ ISSUE 9/ 2012 63


Internships INTERN RESEARCHER Research internship for 2013 at a small research firm specialising in economic development, business case studies and monitoring and evaluation. A Bachelors degree in economics and related fields is preferable. Candidate must have excellent written skills, fluent in English and able to speak either Xhosa or Afrikaans How To Apply: Please contact Leigh-Ann Leibbrandt from FEM Research Consultants on 021-447-4350 or at admin@femresearch.co.za

INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY INTERN OPPORTUNITY TYPE: Intern Information Technology (ref: Q9/2012/35) COMPANY: The Investec CA Programme offers financial assistance in the form of a full academic scholarship to undergraduate students studying towards a CA(SA) degree. DESCRIPTION: Candidates are selected on the basis of academic achievement and distinctive personal accomplishment. Applications are open all year round. Successful candidates are offered the opportunity to apply for the Investec CA Programme (to complete their 3 year training contract. REQUIREMENTS: Those studying towards a Chartered Accountant degree at a SAICA accredited university. CLOSING DATE: Open all year round HOW TO APPLY: Complete the online application form if you require any further information, please call 011 286 9457 or email CAscholarship@investec. co.za http://www.investec.co.za/about-investec/careers/ ca-programme/scholarship.html

64 IMBO/ ISSUE 9/ 8/ 2012

INSTITUTE FOR CULTURAL DIPLOMACY OFFERS INTERNSHIPS IN BERLIN The ICD offers internship opportunities to individuals who would like to gain practical experience in: Marketing & PR, Business & Economics, International law, Communication, Journalism, Administration, Event Management. PLEASE NOTE: Applications are accepted on a rolling basis for full-time internships. A minimum of 3 months commitment is required. Applications for longer periods are welcome. For more info, please email to internship@culturalÂŹdiplomacy.org

Financial Management Applicable to unemployed youth between 18-35 years of age, with relevant Degree/ National Diploma qualifications in Pietermaritzburg. Successful interns will be expected to enter into a 12 months contract. Interns will receive a monthly stipend of R3785.25 per month. Ref No : MR 07 Applications should be submitted on form Z83 obtainable from any Public Service Department, stating the reference number, and should be accompanied by a covering application/ motivational letter, curriculum vitae, proof of residential address, certified copies of qualifications (3 year qualifications) and a certified copy of identity document. Graduates who have not previously taken part in any internship programme are encouraged to apply. Applications should be sent to the following address: The Deputy Manager: Human Resources Utilisation and Capacity Development, Department of Arts and Culture, Private Bag X9140, PIETERMARITZBURG, 3200 or hand- delivered to 171 Boshoff Street, PIETERMARITZBURG, 3201. Closing Date: 16 January 2013. Note: Preference will be given to applicants who reside near places where training posts exist.

OPPOrTUNITIES Graduate Consultant Internship Astraia, a client driven Accpac consulting firm focussing on delivering superior technical support and outstanding customer service, is looking to employ the services of a Graduate consultant to start Jan 2013. Based in Observatory/Woodsock area. Key Requirements: Relevant degree Minimum average pass rate of 60% for all subjects ¬ transcripts to be provided as proof Excellent command (written and spoken) of English language Own transport with valid drivers¬ license (advantageous) Good interpersonal skills NO (or limited) work experience MUST be a South African Citizen residing in Cape Town Available to start immediately (Jan 2013) The following must accompany your application: Motivational letter, CV, Most recent transcripts of marks, Copy of degrees/diplomas, Contactable references

Public Management Applicable to unemployed youth between 18-35 years of age, with relevant Degree/ National Diploma qualifications in Pietermaritzburg. Successful interns will be expected to enter into a 12 months contract. Interns will receive a monthly stipend of R3785.25 per month. Ref No : MR 21 Applications should be submitted on form Z83 obtainable from any Public Service Department, stating the reference number, and should be accompanied by a covering application/ motivational letter, curriculum vitae, proof of residential address, certified copies of qualifications (3 year qualifications) and a certified copy of identity document. Graduates who have not previously taken part in any internship programme are encouraged to apply. Applications should be sent to the following address: The Deputy Manager: Human Resources Utilisation and Capacity Development, Department of Arts and Culture, Private Bag X9140, PIETERMARITZBURG, 3200 or hand- delivered to 171 Boshoff Street, PIETERMARITZBURG, 3201. Closing Date: 16 January 2013. Note: Preference will be given to applicants who reside near places where training posts exist.

Geographical Information System/ Town Planning Applicable to unemployed youth between 18-35 years of age, with relevant Degree/ National Diploma qualifications in Pietermaritzburg. Successful interns will be expected to enter into a 12 months contract. Interns will receive a monthly stipend of R3785.25 per month. Ref No : MR 21 Applications should be submitted on form Z83 obtainable from any Public Service Department, stating the reference number, and should be accompanied by a covering application/ motivational letter, curriculum vitae, proof of residential address, certified copies of qualifications (3 year qualifications) and a certified copy of identity document. Graduates who have not previously taken part in any internship programme are encouraged to apply. Applications should be sent to the following address: The Deputy Manager: Human Resources Utilisation and Capacity Development, Department of Arts and Culture, Private Bag X9140, PIETERMARITZBURG, 3200 or hand- delivered to 171 Boshoff Street, PIETERMARITZBURG, 3201. Closing Date: 16 January 2013. Note: Preference will be given to applicants who reside near places where training posts exist.

Psychometry Intern Full time, 6 Month contract position in the Human Resources sector at SHL based in Pretoria (Gauteng), South Africa. Contract to commence: February 2013 Requirements The minimum requirement for application is a postgraduate Honours degree in Industrial Psychology and able to commence with a Psychometry internship. Valid driver¬s license. A high level of proficiency in Business English, in addition to familiarity with human resources terminology would be a further advantage. Responsibilties: Administering assessments for a range of clients, and rendering support for long term projects to clients and/or consultants as required by business. Gain exposure to a wide range of SHL solution and services

IMBO/ ISSUE 9/ 8/ 2012 65


Jobs Juniour/Mid Client Service Person Fishgate Advertising in Cape Town is looking for a Client Services person to manage accounts across the Agency. Key responsibilities include scheduling, communicating job expectations, planning, monitoring, appraising and reviewing job contributions. Key requirements include a minimum of two - three years Advertising Agency experience in a Client Service position; a post-graduate degree or National Diploma with main subjects in communication, marketing, advertising or other related business sciences. How to apply: Please contact Michael Heyns from Fishgate Advertising at 021 9144054 and/or jobs@fishgate.co.za

Editors Assistant Film & Event Media is looking for an Editorial Assistant to provide assistance and project management in all stages of the publication of magazines, online content, and bespoke publishing materials as well as a broad range of publicity materials. Key Responsibilities include layout of printed materials using InDesign; supporting the executive editor in all activities leading to a publication; writing articles and content; filing, photocopying and other routine administrative tasks; and organising and researching projects to tight deadlines. Key Requirements include solid writing and editing skills; computer literacy; journalism experience (academic or workplace); working knowledge of InDesign; and ability to work under extreme pressure and to strict deadlines. How to apply: Please contact Maya Kulycky from Film & Event Media at 021 674 0646 and/ or maya@filmeventmedia.co.za. Potchefstroom Academy & Saahst

66 IMBO/ ISSUE 9/ 8/ 2012

Gallery Admin Assistant The AVA Gallery, a contemporary art gallery based in Cape Town requires a full time administration assistant - (accounting, publicity and project management) Key requirements include understanding of Pastel; Photoshop (basic); Photographic experience (basic); ability to articulate oneself clearly and in writing with a high attention for detail. How to apply: Send a cover letter detailing accounting/visual arts/publicity experience and biography, as well as a CV and one written reference and names and contact details of two contactable references to Kirsty Cockerill from The AVA Gallery at +27 21 424 7436 kirsty.ava@iafrica.com. Applications close on the 15 of January 2013

Personal Assistant to Group Managing Director Boomtown Strategic Brand Agency, an awardwining untraditional strategic brand agency, with operations in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Port Elizabeth, is looking for a PA to the Group Managing Director for its Port Elizabeth office. Key responsibilities include maintaining diaries of the Managing Director; screen calls and callers, as required; undertakes internet and other research when required and prepares reports and presentations; follows up on the receipt of reports and other information as requested. Key requirements include attention to detail (a must!); professionalism and articulation; relevant experience in a similar position. How to apply: Please contact Boomtown Strategic Brand Agency at 041-364-0180 and/ or careers@boomtown.co.za. Preference will be given to affirmative action candidates as per the Boomtown Strategic Brand Agency Employment Equity Policy. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted during the week of 7 January 2013.

OPPOrTUNITIES Creative Writer South Africa’s leading entertainment company, Endemol, has a vacancy for a mid-level creative writer. Key responsibilities include conceptualising, creating and developing format treatments; develop and write drama scripts; assist in writing, preparing, and co-ordinating proposals for new formats and programming; liaising daily with HOD on functioning of the department; engage and contribute to creative brainstorms; monitor national and international media trends and translate these into new ideas for TV and digital. Key requirements include verbal and written proficiency in English, Nguni, Basotho languages; three years’ experience in creative writing, research and development; ability to develop and write drama scripts; proficiency in MS Office and Final Draft.

. Office Manager/Team PA High Digital Media in Claremont, Cape Town is looking for a dynamic Office Manager/Team PA. There is a good chance that the successful applicant will be exposed to various marketing campaigns with the potential to help out where necessary. Key responsibilities include reception duties: answering of Telephone, taking messages, welcoming clients; team personal assistant: Will be required to book flights, arrange meetings, manage diaries; shopping; costing: Sourcing suppliers for various projects Key requirements include great organisational skills; PC literacy; Microsoft Office How to apply: Please contact Leigh Hitch from Hitch Digital Media at 073 952 4961 and/ or leigh@hitchdigital.com

Bursaries SAUVCA Bursary WHO CAN APPLY: Students planning to study at any South African university with a Senior Certificate (with matric endorsement). The award is based on financial need and academic merit. CLOSING DATE: 31 January - for return of forms. Enclose a SAE with letter requesting application form. ADDRESS: SAUVCA; Chief Executive; P O Box 27392; Sunnyside; 0132

National Arts Council WHO CAN APPLY: Postgraduate students who are studying Theatre, Drama, Dance Choreography, Music applying to study at any south African or international tertiary institution. Please note: Institutions must apply to the NAC for registration; Block funding is available to institutions for undergraduate study; Postgraduate students must apply directly to the NAC in writing (see website for application forms); Undergraduate students must apply to their institutions for an NAC bursary. CLOSING DATE: 15 September for study in South Africa; 15 February for international study both dates for return of forms ADDRESS: National Arts Council of SA; P O Box 500; Newtown; 2113 WEBSITE: www.nac.org.za E-MAIL: info.@nac.org.za

IMBO/ ISSUE 9/ 8/ 2012 67


All degrees appropriate to continue study towards a chartered accounting qualification WHO CAN APPLY: Scholars with a matric exemption

REQUIREMENTS: Minimum C symbol for maths and Eng’lish (HG). Favourable AARP scores will be taken into consideration SERVICE CONTRACT: Three-year training contract on comple’tion of degree CLOSING DATE: Apply Bursaries for 2013 online ADDRESS: Office of the Auditor-General PO Box 446 Pretoria 0001

ARCELOR MITTAL (ENGINEERING) WHO CAN APPLY: All those interested in full time undergraduate studies in BSc Engineering at selected SA universities. Grade 12 with university exemption with at least 60% in Mathematics and Physical Science. REQUIREMENTS: Merit and previously disadvantaged. SERVICE CONTRACT: You’ll be expected to serve one year’s service for each year of study CLOSING DATE: 28 February 2013 ADDRESS: Resourcing Officer Training CoE P O Box 2 Vanderbijlpark, 1900 Fax: (016) 889-3300

MEDICAL EDUCATION FOR SA BLACKS MICK LEARY EDUCATIONAL TRUST BURSARIES IN SOUTH AFRICA FIELDS AVAILABLE: All degree areas WHO CAN APPLY: Pre’viously disadvantaged stu’dents with epilepsy REQUIREMENTS: Must be prepared to participate in epilepsy awareness programmes and act as role models. CLOSING DATE: N/A however most Mick Leary 2013 bursary applications are still open. ADDRESS: c/o Epilepsy South Africa PO Box 73

68 IMBO/ ISSUE 9/ 8/ 2012

WHO CAN APPLY: Students who are African, Indian and Coloured studying towards a MBChB and other health-related courses. The award is given to students under the age of 25 and is based on financial need. Students studying at Wits, Durban, Natal (Medical), Stellenbosch, UCT, MEDUNSA. Please note that those who apply to the University of Natal Financial Aid are automatically considered for a MESAB bursary, but must not make spe-cial application to the Registrar. CLOSING DATE: Check with the university ADDRESS: Medical Education for SA Blacks (MESAB) Apply to university


Charles Bryars Scholarship Bursary

WHO CAN APPLY: Undergraduate, full-time students of Metallurgy, Chemistry, Physics or Mechanical Engineering

WHO CAN APPLY: Music students above practical Grade 7 audition for the bursary. CLOSING DATE: Auditions are held in April

CONTRACT: It comes with a service obligation towards Element Six (Pty) Ltd

APPLY TO: NMMU School of Music TEL: (041) 504-4235

CLOSING DATE: 28 February 2013 HOW TO APPLY: Forward applications, CVs, academic records. Correspondence only conducted with short listed candidates. If no reply within 30 working day consider application unsuccessful ADDRESS: Bursaries Department P O Box 561 Springs 1560 E-mail: recruitmentzapro@e6.com Fax : (011) 812-9352

KPMG Bursary (CA) WHO CAN APPLY: Awarded to full-time students studying towards CA (SA) at universities recognised to offer Chartered Accounting at a value of R17 500- R60 000. SERVICE CONTRACT: Must serve 3 years in the SA office of KPMG, also compulsory vacation work of 1 vacation period per annum. CLOSING DATE: Before the start of the academic year


HOW TO APPLY: Apply online at www.joinkpmg.co.za and/or za.kpmg.mobi

WHO CAN APPLY: Students who want to study food technology at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology and who have a good academic record. Practical training in the THIRD YEAR of study. CLOSING DATE: Check on application ADDRESS: Mr M Caine Manpower Development Manager Baker’s Limited P O Box 599 Pinetown 3600

IMBO/ ISSUE 9/ 8/ 2012 69

OPPOrTUNITIES CA Bursary - Deloitte & Touche (for undergraduates) Who Can Apply: Students with good marks who are currently studying full-time towards a Chartered Accounting qualification at a SAICA accredited universities offering an undergraduate and postgraduate Chartered Accounting qualification (See www.saica.co.za for details). Service Contract: Candidates will have to complete a 3-year traineeship with Deloitte. Please note: Only online applications can be submitted at - www.deloitte.com. You can also call (011) 806-5000

Mondi WHO CAN APPLY: Only students from second to fourth year with a 60% aggregate will be considered for this bursary who are studying in the following fields: National Diploma Forestry (NMMU – Saasveld), BSc Agric with forestry majors (UKZN – PMB), Engineering: Mechanical, Electrical, Chemical SERVICE CONTRACT On completion of studies, graduates will be required to work for a period corresponding to the duration of the bursary Closing Date 31 January PLEASE NOTE: Preference will be given to University of KZN students. Apply online to: www. mondigroup.com

BOB BLUNDELL MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP WHO CAN APPLY: Students who want to study Veterinary Science at the University of Pretoria. CLOSING DATE: 31 December 2012 ADDRESS: Conveying Trustee,

70 IMBO/ ISSUE 9/ 8/ 2012

SA Society for Crop Production WHO CAN APPLY: Undergraduate and postgraduates wishing to study Crop Production (Agronomy / Crop Science) at any South African university at a value of R10 000. CLOSING DATE: 15 March ADDRESS: SASCP Secretary, Department Agronomy, Private Bag X1, Matieland, 7602

SAA Cadet Pilot Training WHO CAN APPLY: Whilst the group of cadets will be wholly representative of South Africa–s diverse population, the main focus is to open doors to a career that was historically closed to previously disadvantaged individuals. Matric Certificate or relevant qualification (SAQA accredited). Compulsory Mathematics or Statistics 101 and English, coupled with one of the following: Physical Science or Computer Science (D symbol), South African citizen. Preferably up to 25 years of age. At least 1.60 metres tall. Medically fit. Training programme is totally free of charge. The cadets are accommodated at appropriate venues conducive to training. All transport, meals, accommodation and study materials are provided as required. SERVICE CONTRACT: All trainees must be prepared to undergo vigorous training (free of charge) for up to two years. This includes preparation training which takes place over 4 months. CLOSING DATE: SAA places advertisements in national newspapers twice a year. However, an application form and further details can be obtained from the website: HOW TO APPLY: www.flysaa.com then go to About SAA

IMBO/ ISSUE 9/ 2012 71


Tommy Gun bashes his way to the top Khanya Ndlela

South Africa is an exceptional sporting nation. There are very few sports we enter into without the intention and realistic possibility of being the world’s best and boxing is but one of those


raditionally, boxing has been another one of the sports where we were blessed with world title holders across divisions. Famous township gyms across the Eastern Cape and Gauteng would produce fighters capable of winning the biggest fights in Vegas and the country was never short of world champions. We produced greats like Corrie Sanders, Dingaan Thobela, Brian Mitchell, and Baby Jake Matlala. There was a huge fan base and television coverage of boxing was sufficient. Somehow and very disappointingly, our boxing legacy has been tainted due to inaction, lack of interest, lack of investment and poor foundation phase development structures. This has led to us moving backwards in most spheres of the sport.

introducing tommy ''gun'' oosthuizen Cue Tommy Oosthuizen - South Africa’s torchbearer in the quest for world boxing domination. Tommy Gun as he is affectionately known by his loyal and growing fan base is a lanky 1.93m Southpaw fighter from Boksburg. Fighting out of the Golden Gloves stable with the famous Harold Volbrecht as a trainer manager, the man is making waves. The man they called Superstar in school which is not so long ago for the 24-yearold, is setting the world of boxing alight with his ferocious power in both fists and lightening fast movement. After hurting his opponents with rapid and heavy punching he evaporates into another corner of the ring

72 IMBO/ ISSUE 9/ 2012

sport which saw the referee needing to step in to save Bravo from taking more punishment. This then made a world champion. The Mecca of professional boxing is the United States and in true testament to his swelling profile, Tommy Gun signed a promotion contract with the legendary American promoter Lou Di Bella. He went on to make his American debut against Aaron Pryor Jnr in September of 2011. Tommy says it was his greatest fight to date. The fight went twelve rounds toe to toe but Tommy Gun won in a unanimous decision to record what he calls the sweetest victory of his career thus far.

more determined than ever while his challenger chases shadows. Tommy Gun possesses a piercing jab and aggressive body punching. His height gives him a freakishly long reach with deceptive power. Watching this young man fight is like watching a resurrected combination of former world champions Bob Foster and Thomas Hearns.

when it all started Tommy made his professional debut in February 2008, knocking out Johannes Swart inside two rounds. He went on to win twelve on the trot (nine by way of knockout) before being held to a draw against Isaac Chilem-

ba. Tommy Gun was challenging Chilemba for the IBO Super Middleweight crown and the match was a colossal clash and resulted in a split decision draw which allowed Chilemba to retain the title. Much to Tommy Guns’ frustration, attempts of a rematch were swiftly declined by the then still champion.

Tommy Oosthuizen stands where many before him have stood and imploded. He is at the precipice of his career and has the potential to go on and become a global legend. He is aware of the dangers and is more focused and determined than ever.

moving on up In the beginning of 2011 Chilemba had vacated the title to move up to the Light Heavyweight division and Tommy got his second shot at the IBO crown in a fight against Evert Bravo. Tommy Gun won the fight after a ninth round technical knockout

The guidance of his trainer coupled with his commitment to his cause means this young man trains every day for four hours with the exception of Sundays. With a father was a two division South African champion, Tommy is taking his family legacy further than he could have anticipated and is showing no signs of slowing down, while all the more proving that he will live up to his billing. Tommy Gun wants to be the best in his generation and he is well on his way.

IMBO/ ISSUE 9/ 2012 73


Nomad-ing within Cape Town Minky Mokapela

If she could speak, I’m quite certain the Mother City would say, “Come forth with curiosity as ye lack the privilege of naming ye-self a citizen of mine, these imbeciles that I have birthed and adopted neglect to explore the beauties I have for them.”


ear citizens of the City that seldom slumbers, how about you take a short right and explore in response to the cry of the beloved Cape Town? I have been fortunate enough to be an offspring of two very curious adopted children of Cape Town. Having grown up in the rural Eastern Cape, my parents say they often dreamed about being in the big cities with bright lights and yeah yeah we know - the African dream. However, unlike most people, they stuck to the guidelines that they had set for themselves were they to ever make it to Cape Town.

74 IMBO/ ISSUE 9/ 2012

the typical are not so typical

Each and every year we explore a new place in this land with a vast circumference. Not only have we been to the world renowned sites which I would have liked not to mention due to the fact that one hears about them everywhere, but it would be disrespectful not to because they possess rich heritage and beauty. Robben Island and Table Mountain (where a slice of pizza

TRAVEL was R30 way back in the day) and it was well worth the steep prices. Even places like Cape Point where nature just leaves you in awe. Places like those dig a deep hole in the pocket though, which is why this proud Capetonian has numerous suggestions of places one can explore and still have sufficient funds to embark on the New Year.

take a train to kalkbay

bites away one’s sanity, this is the place to go. There’s the option of booking to eat at Moyo then enjoying the breeze amidst all the greenery, or going to the deli to fill up your basket for a picnic with family, friends or your munch-kin. Going into the cheetah camp costs a lousy R5 and I know no other place where one can pay so little to get close to such a majestic creature, if you’re keen to get inside and touch a cheetah it costs a lot more, which in my opinion is well worth it. Yet another destination where how much you spend completely depends on you.

New Year, so have fun but be safe and stay on top of your game.

discover your townships Have you ever opened a magazine or travel book and seen those beautiful colourful bungalows in rows telling a story of Cape Town heritage? My guess is you probably thought it would be too expensive to go there right? Well, do I have news for you; all it costs is a train ticket to Kalkbay and voila! An experience which includes a variety of restaurants, pubs and even feeding the seals, if swimming is not your thing. The beaches are usually overcrowded as numbers of people flock there throughout the holidays, so if you love the beach but not the crowd I suggest you find your way to Cape Town Station and buy yourself a cheap ticket to Kalkbay.

When the buzzing life of Long Street gets monotonous, make sure you take a short right to Mzoli’s in Gugs. I wasted many years too afraid to go and man do I regret it now that meat is no longer my thing. If you

get lost in the beauty of spier

Also run wild with the fastest animals on earth – cheetahs! This place, is one my family visits more often than any other. Renowned for its amazing restaurant and hosting spectacular wedding receptions, Spier is a beautiful natural site where one can just go to chill out. When the holidays have gone on for so long that it feels like each day

want to see a true representation of the diversity and transformation in this prestigious country you must really find your way to the Deck (rank). Take a taxi to Gugulethu and get into iphela (township cab) to Mzoli’s and enjoy the music and socializing with locals and tourists alike. Make sure you go on an empty stomach so you can devour the meat properly. Later make your way to an elite club in Khayelitsha called Aces place, you’ll be sure to have a good time. Festive is about refreshing yourself for the

IMBO/ ISSUE 9/ 2012 75

Green Zone

Turn your junk into funds Minky Mokapela

So December was a little less glamorous than you had hoped due to lack of money. Yet you have so many belongings you often forget about most of them. If this is you this right here is the answer.

be careful of becoming a hoarder Many of us, especially the ladies develop the very nasty habit of collecting, and not in a healthy manner. We gather so many belongings that they pile up to the point where you would trip over on a regular if there weren’t enough corners in the room to shove them into. This becomes an illness called hoarding which is defined as compulsive collecting. According to doctor Google hoarding starts off with things you would consider insignificant such as; keeping junk mail and old magazines and newspapers. Black people

76 IMBO/ ISSUE 9/ 2012

green zone you’ve been holding onto just because it’s pretty or has a memory. Dust it up nice and pretty, and put it on a table just outside your yard and make Yard Sales fashionable in South Africa.

will say in defence to this “but newspapers wipe the windows properly”. No, you need one newspaper for windows not the whole year’s pile. Those newspapers can be recycled and made into paper mache products that can make a fortune for struggling kids in a shelter somewhere. The better thing to do is to find out where paper is needed for such purpose or where it can be recycled for a better cause than housing bugs in your living space,

the reality of hoarding This obsessive-compulsive disorder gets worse with age and is often triggered by anxiety, depression and even ADHD. It is also hazardous because even cleaning the living space becomes difficult allowing for unsanitary inflicted sicknesses such as respiratory disorders from dust and mould, worst of all it is a playground for fire. Rather get less than what you spent with top-notch living, and have a wallet full of notes.

Someone out there really needs what you just want and even forget you own on the odd occasion. Even your clothes can make you lots of money just ensure they are in good condition. But don’t sell anything you wouldn’t buy and at a price close to what you bought it for. At the end of the day everything that you’re selling you’ve used so if you remember the price, or find some things with prices tags sell them at 40%. It seems too little but it is a lot for something that was often forgotten.

make your clutter work for you Now getting to how you will gain more than blessings for contributing to charity, sit down and meditate on what you really need amongst all of your belongings. Be very honest with yourself and pick out everything

IMBO/ ISSUE 9/ 2012 77


Gadgets of the Future Lindile Ndwayana

The future is paved with incredible ideas and creations. And although these devices have not yet been manufactured for the masses, we take a look at the advances these techno companies are heading for.

apple ipad mini




he rumoured iPad Mini is expected to become T3’s 2013 Tablet of the Year. And it has not even been made yet. We’re not so sure about a scaled down version of the iPad, but I guess we should give the peeps from T3 the benefit of the doubt. The iPad Mini is expected to sport a Retina display, iOS 6 and dual cameras.

xbox 720 and ps4


2 78 78IMBO/ IMBO/ ISSUE ISSUE 3/ 2012 9/ 2012


t’s still hush-hush for now, but rumour has it that Sony and Microsoft may give birth to a next generation console. Dubbed the PS4 and XBOX 720, development kits and documents have suggested that the console makers are geared towards a more advanced hardware. Let’s wait and see how this gadget will fair when it gets launched in the up-coming months.




apple itv


he Art Director and junior designer of IMBO are serious adherents of the Apple religion. In fact, we think we might have heard them say they are going to turn Apple Inc.’s Silicon Valley building into their own Mecca. And it’s with that type of mindset and Steve Job’s legacy that Apple has entered the TV making business. It is reported that the company’s first TV will come with iOS 6, enhanced version of Ti unes, and a massive 50-inch screen with Retina display technology.

nokia lumia 920




e are still on the ‘can be wirelessly charged’ bit, but there’s more. The Nokia/ Microsoft collaboration comes equipped with the much lauded Windows 8, a 4.5-inch display with PureView camera technology and 4G. With this kind of collaboration, Lord knows where this smartphone race is going to take us.

IMBO/ IMBO/ ISSUE ISSUE 9/ 2012 3/ 201279 79


5 5


headset iphone concept


ish... but I don’t know hey...’ is what you might be thinking. And of course some of us have thought about this ‘combination of a pair of headphones with a hands-free placeholder to grip the iPhone while keeping the smartphone at eye level thus creating the mobile home theatre experience’ concept somewhere deep in the crevasses of our brains. But the thought of actually walking out of our houses with these made us think twice.

6. warm n` cool box


e call this ‘The Dignity Keeper While On-The-Go in Summer Box’ because so much of our beloved leftovers begin to lose their values so much faster during this season. This lunchbox-sized fridge can also reheat your food through thermoelectric batteries charged by the refrigeration process. It just makes us go ‘Wow...’

80 IMBO/ ISSUE 9/ 2012




samsung galaxy s4 concept



he best gadgets are still just ideas and yet have rendered techno geeks speechless. This idea is hoped to create a one of a kind Samsung Galaxy S4 that comes with a ‘mammoth’ 11.8-Megapixel camera, Android 4.1 Jelly Bean that is powered by an Exynos 5 ARM 15 dual core processor. Glide your hands on the 5-inch Super AMOLED display and uncover all the fun to be had.



doodle book in hand


osing ideas just because you’re on the run sucks, but thanks to this Doodle Book in Hand that should soon be a thing of the past. It sports an OLED display touch screen and a stylus interaction pen you can use to write or draw on top of documents, images and videos. Creatives and serious organisers should have this device nearby.



reviews book A short while ago a writer friend of mine had a piece published in a Sunday newspaper on what is now the historic African writers series, Pan Macmillan publishers have undertaken a similar cause in partnership with Mandy Wiener as an editor and have published some of South Africa’s vibrant minds, including Danny K, the ever so funny Nick Ribinovitz, Khaya Dlanga who became known to me as the South African Copywriter who got to speak with Obama during his election candidacy, Anele Mdoda, and Shaka Sisulu. My review will be on the last three mentioned writers.

It feels Wrong to laugh But...


Anele Mdoda’s

n the book Anele takes us on a trip through her thought is a humorous manner about some of the most challenging things that occur in life, she sums this up in her intro when she describes her mother’s passing and how she handled it and she goes on in the very next chapter to say that her mother is “Bat-shit Crazy”(Her words not mine). The book is riddled with conversational metaphors about political figures such as Khulubuse. In one chapter she tackles the issue of youth ignorance in S.A. by personalising public holidays as these people we know and like but are not really familiar. She really tackles some of the topical issues and reflects on how they impact on her own life.

82 IMBO/ ISSUE 9/ 2012

In My arrogant Opinion. Khaya Dlanga


haya Dlanga kind of puts together a few on edge thoughts about social relation in the country, one that jumps out at me was a piece the Sunday Independent extracted on the issue of Apartheid as a continuously topical issue amongst black people and how white guilt around this issue further has us adrift from finding solutions he mentions that black people insist on talking on the past while white people are in ever anxious to move on. He touches in one chapter on the ever prevalent fake smile I know I have gotten from white folks on some and I quote “Please do not grab my bag”. Stating that white women have a black belt in the “fake smile”. The book is divided into two provocatively named sections, the Angry Black and the Good black. He delves into issued of race relations in a way familiar to me and most black guys my age. He wraps it up with some witty Quotes with the Quotable Black.



Shaka Sisulu

rom the title i thought immediately that this was going to be on some spiritual tip. Shaka’s approach is a little bit more poetic than the other two books which a thoroughly enjoyed personally. He explores his social activism an business life in the boom and what thoughts he carried through. Perhaps it is my linking him to the Sisulu family that has me seeking out his political ideas, thou i find he does make a few comments on what kind of a country we live in and the character of the leaders that shaped it. He carries the idea of Becoming the different aspects of his being very eloquently throughout the book, weighing the different social and economic influences that impact on Young South African. Over all the Youngsters series is an exciting look South African life through the eyes of the youth, wrapped up with interviews by the editor Mandy Wiener. These are pocket sized books that make the reading experience compact, some of the thoughts here carry a distinctly social network communiqué.


reviews music

some musicians only get better with time Baphe Phukwana

Trey Songz


Chapter V

nB crooner Trey Songz is back with his latest offering Chapter V which is a follow up to his 2011 album Inevitable. Chapter V was released mid-2012 preceded by Heart Attack as its lead single. Chapter V will take you to the club with Hail Mary by Young Jeezy and Lil Wayne as well as with Diddy and Meek Mill’s Check Me Out. The album will then continue to whisk you to the bedroom with the ballads Dive In and the appropriately titled Panty Wetter. On this album Trey Songz has been described as the prince of RNB for staying true to the music he’s always made. Chapter debuted at number one on the US Billboard 200, selling 135,000 copies in its first week.


Kelly Rowland



ce is Kelly Rowland’s lead single lifted from her soon to be release fourth studio album Year of Woman. Ice features guest appearance by rapper Lil’Wayne, which Kelly has with before on their 2011 hit-single Motivation. The track tells the tale of a couple on the verge of self-destruction, with Weezy playing the part of a man trying to make sense of it on his own terms. With everything on point for this song, vocals, lyrics and the visuals, I’d say Kelly Rowland has got a hit on her hands. Since its debut on blogs the song has received positive reviews and is currently sitting at number #09 on Billboard RnB/Hip-hop charts. The full album is due out in early 2013.

Crazy Love


outh Africa’s only boy bandDenim is back. After releasing their club-banger tune We Own The Night featuring Jamali’s Liesl, Denim has finally released their long awaited comeback album. The album is titled Crazy Love. Apart from inviting Liesl into the project, the boys have gone all out to make sure their sound stays fresh enough to bring all music genres into one album. Denim has also featured Nigerian artist KDO and our very own Kwaito King Pin Brickz on a song called I Like. Widely regarded as South Africa’s most soughtafter party band – Denim tops the bill with a fresh performance so be on the lookout for them as thet tour the country promoting their new material. We Own The Night, the album’s lead single is currently on circulation in radio stations around the country and is also available on iTunes.

IMBO/ ISSUE 9/ 2012 83


reviews movie

take a breather with these summer flicks A T

Nastassja Dowman

The Perks of be- Gangster Squad ing a Wallflower


harlie (Logan Lerman) and Sam (Emma Watson) take us on a journey of the most epic teenage thrills. Get ready to “ooh” and “ncaaaw” your way through a romantic coming of age story about an introverted boy, Charlie. He finds himself at a new school where a brother and sister decide it’s up to them to introduce him to the experimental world of the cool. He ends up in a frenzy of tricky situations that we all at some time in our adolescent lives could relate to - making this movie a nostalgic bomb. Based on a novel by author Stephen Chbosky, those who had read the book might expect to be disappointed by the films adaptation, however not this time around as the author himself as the film director. Rest assured that every aspect of the book has been scrutinized to give you the most satisfying cinematic version. Definitely everybody’s kind of movie!

84 IMBO/ ISSUE 9/ 2012

ransporting you back to the 1940s and ‘50s is the sexy cast of Gangster Squad. Starring Ryan Gosling (Jerry), Josh Brolin (Sgt. John O’Mara) and the gorgeous Emma Stone (Grace). And set in a time of blood red lips, wide legged trousers held up by suspenders, fedora hats and the notorious East Coast Mafia this movie is vintage viewing pleasure. It’s an action packed crime film centred around the LAPD’s efforts to eradicate the East Coast Mafia, who unlawfully, controlled the city of Los Angeles in the ‘40s and 50’s. The Mafia, having strong power over politicians as well as police, make this a job for a dauntless group of crime fighters - Sgt. John O’Mara and his squad. Directed by Zombieland producer, Ruben Fleischer, Warner Bros brings us yet another brutal big screen showdown. With lines like, “You’re gonna be begging for a bullet before it’s over” this film will show you the gloss and gruff of Holly Wood.


n ensemble comedy with entertaining characters that will keep you engaged for the full 90 minutes. Starring Jennifer Garner as Laura, Olivia Wilde as Brooke, Yara Shahidi as Destiny and Ty Burrel as Bob. Bob Pickler the winner of a butter sculpture contest for 15 consecutive years is banned from entering the competition again to give other entrants a chance to win. His wife Laura Pickler is furious about this and decides to then enter the competition herself. Only to find that the prostitute she once caught her husband with is competing as well, but only with the motive to get money from the Pickler family. It turns out Bob still owes her for her last service rendered to him. Meanwhile Destiny an orphan girl whom after seeing and correcting one of Bob’s sculptures discovers she’s got a talent for the art too. She later discovers one of her winning sculptures has been mysteriously beheaded. One crazy, eventful and mischievous comedy.


reviews seminar

recolonize - conscription starts now I Gugu Madlala

t was only a few weeks ago that the administrators of Cape Town decided to succumb to the requests of the opposition to take down the old South African flag from atop the Castle of Goodhope. The flag flew high and proud along with the Dutch and British flag to commemorate the original colonizers of our land.

All over Africa we are dealing with the repercussions of colonization while the former colonizers continue to reap benefit from their previously occupied lands. So when I was invited to attend an event themed ‘Re-colonize’ hosted at the Castle of Goodhope I found myself grinning and impressed. The invitation sported a great design concept that gave me the sense of a high-level coup. The event was called Constructus Masterclass and commissioned and run by the Jupiter Drawing Room. It is essentially a seminar and workshop for creative entrepreneurs in Cape Town. To spice it up, there is the lure of a prize which includes among other things, R 75 000 in cash. The event started at 09:00 on a Monday morning and I arrived at 08:55 after flying sneakily along the N2 bus lane. Quite chuffed with myself I walked into the registration room only to find that I was actually only the third delegate to arrive out of twenty. I quickly remembered that this is Cape Town and these are creative’s. The first speaker was Ravi Naidoo, an inspiring entrepreneur who among other things founded and runs the Design Indaba. It was a truly motivating way to kick the seminar off and helped the delegates get swiftly into a place of focus. Next up

was Athi–Patra Ruga, a sensational performance artist who defines commitment and passion. The last session featured the Creative Director of Jupiter, Mr Jonathon Beggs who gave a powerful presentation on the power of collaboration. Between sessions we enjoyed a seated lunch together as delegates and networking exploded. I was blown away by the amount of awesome and innovative businesses and projects people in the City are working on. Again I found reason for inspiration. The second day was much better from a punctuality perspective with the last delegate arriving only 30 minutes late. The first speaker of the day was a brilliant and unforgettable man. Andile Khumalo is a young businessman that has demonstrated how high young people can achieve with determination, skill and commitment. Next up were the guys that had won the inaugural 2011 Constructus Masterclass, 2Bop. They shared their story and their insights of global trading, a truly useful session. Closing out the day was Helen Qually who gave an extremely valuable talk on branding and brand communication. On the final day, every delegate had arrived by 08:55 and that alone gave me affirmation that the seminar was a great success. The day’s sessions included Gordon Cook – the founder of Vega School of Brand Leadership and Spoek Mathambo the founder of a new genre of

music. The seminar was closed by the top echelon of Jupiter Drawing Room in Founders Kevin Aspoas and Ross Chowles and Claire Cobbledick the Managing Director. Constructus Masterclass 2012 was a great success and I learnt some valuable lessons. I found some great people in my peers and built some relationships which I intend to grow long into the future.

IMBO/ ISSUE 9/ 2012 85

Sipho 'Hotstix' Mabuse Kirstenbosch Sun 17 Feb 13 17h30 R80 - R110

Swedish House Mafia

Lourensford Wine Estate, Somerset West Sun 27 Jan 13 13h00 R450 - R700

Elvis Blue

Paul Cluver Forest Amphitheater Sat 19 Jan 13 19h00 R200

David Kramer's Kalahari Karoo Blues Baxter Theatre Wed 9 Jan 20h00 R130

Music Comedy Lifestyle

86 IMBO/ ISSUE 9/ 2012

I don't Work On Sundays Baxter Concert Hall Tues 20 Nov 12 to 5 Jan 13 20h15 R90

Riaad Moosa - What's Next Baxter Theatre 7 - 12 Jan 13 20h15 R100

The Three Little Pigs Baxter Theatre 16 Jan - 9 Feb 13 20h15 R60 - R85

Jou Ma Se Comedy Club The River Club The River Club Thursdays 20h00 R35 - R70

37TH Summer Salon Hout Street Gallery, Paarl 8 Dec - 31 Jan 8h30 Free

Carmen The Fugard Theatre Bioscope Sun 13 Jan 13 14h00 R50 - R100

13th IPA Classic Car & Bike Show Timour Hall Villa Sat 19 Jan 13 10h00 R20

Village Market Cape Quarter Every Sunday 10h00 R5. (Parking)

IMBO/ ISSUE 9/ 2012 87

88 IMBO/ ISSUE 9/ 2012

Profile for Bambisana Media Consortium

Imbo Magazine January 2013  

The youth empowerment magazine bridging the gap between corporate and youth with the mandate of empowering through entertainment.

Imbo Magazine January 2013  

The youth empowerment magazine bridging the gap between corporate and youth with the mandate of empowering through entertainment.

Profile for imbomag