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The Adventures of Little Timmy Baker

Once Upon a Time, There was a boy named Little Timmy Baker. Contrary to what his name might imply, Little Timmy was a chef.

One day, Little Timmy Baker wanted to make a blackberry quiche. Unfortunately, he didn’t have any parsley at hand. After three minutes of fretting around, he decided to go to his community’s garden.

After 10 minutes of walking, Little Timmy baker arrived at the community garden. Unfortunately for Little Timmy, the community garden was all out of parsley as well. Feeling somewhat defeated, Timmy decided that his best plan of action would be to go to the market.

After 14 minutes of walking, Little Timmy Baker arrived at the market. As soon as he entered, he went straight to the herb farmer. Lucky for Timmy, the herb farmer, whose name is Herman, had just enough parsley for Little Timmy’s quiche.

After two minutes, Timmy Baker exited the market, content as could be. Then he noticed a rather quirky looking vehicle. as he approached the car, a sad clown jumped out of the window and abducted Little Timmy Baker.

In the car, Little Timmy was tied up with a relatively chromatic chain of argyle handkerchiefs. sitting next to little Timmy was a rather dapper looking rabbit who munched on a carrot quite sophistically.

After 5 minutes of driving at sixty miles per hour, the clown car arrived at the clown’s farm, which was appropriately named “The Happy Barn”. Little Timmy concluded it was time to formulate his escape. He decided it was best if he could bribe the dapper rabbit with something of eloquence and sophistication.

After a couple minutes, Little Timmy had a plan. As soon as the sad clown exited the car, Timmy promised the rabbit that he will give him an extravagant gold pocket watch if he sets him free. The rabbit, Intrigued by the boy’s proposition, untied the chromatic chain of argyle handkerchiefs, and set Little Timmy Baker free.

Timmy scrambled out of the clown’s car and made a run for it.

Departing from The Funny Barn, spotted a chained wallaroo, and decided to set the poor little animal free in exchange for a ride home. The wallaroo agreed to the boy’s proposition and was set free.

The wallaroo, being quite swift, got Little Timmy Baker back to his home (which is 6.5 miles away) in only 2 minutes. Traveling by wallaroo is definitely superior to any other form of exotic animal transportation.

After thanking the wallaroo profusely, Little Timmy was finally able to cook his blackberry quiche.

Before he could finish his cookery, the rather dapper rabbit rapped upon his door. Remembering his previous proposition, Little Timmy Baker fetched his golden pocket watch and presented it to the rabbit.

After the dapper rabbit admired the watch and thanked Little Timmy Baker, Timmy invited him to brunch. The rabbit accepted, and the two had a lovely meal of blackberry quiche and spiced apple cider.

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The Adventures of Little Timmy Baker  
The Adventures of Little Timmy Baker  

Follow Little Timmy Baker on his quest to find parsley for his blackberry quiche!