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emPOWERing women from the inside out






emPOWERing women from the inside out

GREETINGS!!!! It is my pleasure to introduce the launch of iMatter Magazine, where we are collectively emPOWERing women from the inside out! This has been an adventurous journey. One met with many twists and turns. From thought to execution, the one thing that has kept us going has been the thought of SOME woman, SOMEwhere at her breaking point reading THIS magazine DISCOVERING HOPE that she can APPLY to her situation and LIVE VICTORIOUSLY! With you in mind, we kept taking strides until our vision manifested before our eyes. Life can present itself as a bully at times, attempting to drive you insane and abort your dreams. Friends and family may not fully understand WHY you do the things you do and take the risks you take. YOU may very well want to throw in the towel yourself …


From my heart to yours, Shirelle „Diamond‟ Hogans Editor in Chief





with Stacy Harrison Mortgage Loan Consultant

STRUT Boutique 11 The STRUT Profiles


SHARP EDGES: Learning to LOVE AGAIN after painful relationships…


12 featuring

Rocquelle Devine







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Fashion this fall screams boldness and color, and color.... and more color! Whatever your fashion flavor is, there is an array of accessories, clothing, and shoes to tickle your wardrobe's fancy.

Let's start off with the color palette for this fall, we have rich carafe brown, bold mykonos blue, luxurious samba red and elegant emerald green and we cant forget... vivacious pink and koy orange to make our outfits pop! There is also subtle colors to take it down a notch such as linden green.


Add a Dose of

FLAVOR to Your Fall Fashion!

Shoes are doing a whole lot of talking while your walking this fall! Take your pick from a bright colored loafer, a dainty ankle strap sandal or a fierce knee high boot. If you dare go for a pair of graphic print pumps! Versatility is the name of the shoe game, this season's shoe picks work with many wardrobe looks.

Grey becomes the new neutral this season giving us an alternative from basic black and color-blocking is still a fave this fall.

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You can't help but love fall handbags. This season brings all shapes and sizes to our doorstep. Choose from duffle bags, that are not just for the gym anymore or go for a studded envelope clutch.

There is so much fashion to choose from this fall season. Try adding a little flavor to your fashion by mixing different patterns with prints, or mixing colors you normally would not. Whatever your fashion flow is , this season's picks will have you tasting bright and bold!




Instead of a basic satchel style bag opt for a elongated frame or a shopper style tote. There is so much arm candy to choose from, but lets sweeten the deal with a slouch or bucket style handbag.

Quick Beauty Tip: Eye colors are as rich and bold as the colors of fall leaves. Softer colors complete the new smokey eye look, while colored eyeliner is the new craze. High profile nail designs add such flair to our overall look and we are loving the sensual look that dark lipcolor brings

Give black a rest and use purple and grey to create your smokey eye! It works for day or night!

We can't leave out the fall beauty forecast! Hair calls for lush bouncy waves and updo‘s with a twist. Show off your wild side with a little punk rock style or opt for low hung ponytail.

Jewelry is shining bright with bold chunky multilayered necklaces and opulent crystal designs. Double cuff bracelets and earring cuffs are for those who want a little edge on their outfit. Try on a stacked set of rings for some extra pow!

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I Matter © L'Oreal "ElleVintage" Chrisp-Seels

Words regretted Walks a creeping Talks are silent Begging the pardons of lack lusters rebuilding themselves through pain Climbing ladders where all‘s the matter and forged possibilities become used syringes sucking life‘s ignorance(s)

I MATTER Or haven‘t you heard yet… We excuse not the pedal pushers pressing by to hide themselves just in the nic of time Wheeewww The mirrors reflecting is reflecting reminiscing the better days Of spoken words to be heard and not dismissed Don‘t be played… this powers prayed… These these these mountains aren‘t high enough nor these valleys low low enough Without stringing me high noose tied…tight scratches branded in my heart yet hung by the big ben of hatred, the cock eyed and frugal Strange fruited Please don‘t pass me by cause I matter….. I need you more now than ever……


We be intrakinectic through the heavens Sun-moon-Sun sons and daughters of the one The creators CREATOR Or or or is it that we want more

Love more complete than opinionated Or will he or she love me less should I swim Fare no fair fly by night fly my spirits air see all that no longer resides here im lifting my face off this pillow stroke of tears they soak no more dancing in my rain reigning victory I Matter and no you have no precedence within me My walls have healed full of life My heart mended for the empowering My cascades mask broken porcelain shattered in many pieces exposing my very struggles I plead…….. Shouting with my south paw I WILL NEVER HIDE….this Soul is the synagogue with God resides Doesn‘t matter how you see me In His eyes I M A T T E R……..

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In my new book, I Didn‘t Know– Identifying, Confronting, and Overcoming Child Sexual Abuse I expose the enemy for who he really is; a deceitful, cunning thief who will terrorize you to death if you allow him to. Many victims of child sexual abuse do not come forward because of the guilt and shame; these are lies from the enemy. The enemy knows how to taunt us into feeling guilty and ashamed, as if we bought this on ourselves. No one has the right to violate us and take (steal) our most prized possession (our bodies Website: http://www.yvetteallentatum.com Facebook: http://facebook.com/yvette.tatum Twitter: http://twitter.com/loosed03 YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/loosed03

Yvette L. Allen-Tatum

DIAMOND EXPOSED!!! Diamond confesses her most intimate secrets, hang-ups & life challenges that almost cost her the happiness she desired. Discover how the pressures of life were manipulated to reveal a ―DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH‖. Available at www.radikalpublications.com


In a world where ―Reality‖ shows have become a platform of how life should be, the essence of marriage is lost in scripted drama, cat fights, infidelity wars and lack of self respect for ones spouse all for the sake of ratings. Diamond posed the questions: Does anyone take marriage seriously anymore? Have women become so independent that they don‟t need a husband? Do women value and respect “Men” as providers & protectors anymore? The negativity displayed in today‘s society doesn‘t uphold the values or characteristics of a woman let alone a wife. Nor does the façade of a ―perfect‖ marriage exist without trials and tribulations and most of all WORK.

As little girls, we all dreamed of one day being married, but with a rapid increasing rate of broken homes, single parenting, same sex-marriages and divorces, who prepares the little girl in all of us to be a wife?

Full Name: Prophetess LaTrice Williams Date of Birth: 05/22/1975 Place of Birth: Albany, Georgia Current Place of Residence: Winder, Georgia Favorite Quote, Motto, or Scripture: Scripture- Psalm 34:8 Oh Taste and see that the Lord is good! Blessed is the man that taketh refuge in Him! Quote: I’m free to be me in Him; Sanctified, Set Aside & Got the nerve to by Fly! Theme Song: Free, A LaTrice Williams Original Education: Georgia Southern University, Graduated from Missouri College 1997-Business Administration Associates Current Profession: CEO of LaTrice Williams Ministries, Author, Actress, Artist What’s Next: Release of 2nd book Hurt to Healing tentatively December 2013, Release of 3rd book, Articles of Encouragement-31 days of Empowering You-date not set, Release of 1st CDFREE-in progress. Coming soon: LaTrice Williams Ministries presents One Night of Worship. Conferences to Empower, Encourage and Strengthen the body of Christ! A few of the Conference themes will include 1. Ditch Diggers Conference! Getting to the Root of You (Healing and Deliverance) 2. The Encounter Conference (An Encounter With the King Changes Everything) 3. The M.O.V.E. Conference (Moving On Victoriously Empowered) 4. Books & Music (Rhythms and Ryhmes)- Celebrating All forms of Art/ Using Art to Empower 5. First conference is scheduled for January 2014- Details and Registration information soon to come! If you were a Shoe, what kind would you be and why? Stiletto! Confident, Comfortable & Purposefully making Impact not Impression!



beautiful, Fun, Attendees at

Most people would not expect to see these words together, but if you know Rocquelle Devine, you know that these words fit together quite well. Currently hailing from LaPlata, Maryland, Rocquelle was born and raised in Little Rock, Arkansas, where she describes her upbringing as one heavily influenced by ―the food culture of the south‖. It is this culture, known to celebrate any kind of event with a gathering of people at a good fish fry or a barbeque, that is the reason behind Rocquelle‘s love for cooking that she has had longer than she can recall. Rocquelle has taken that southern-inspired affinity for cooking and parlayed it into a full-blown career as hostess extraordinaire of Devine Cooking Parties. These are cooking classes, enhanced with dash of fun and dollop of laughter, created to bring together women who want to learn to cook, improve their cooking skills, or add more variety to the home menus they have created for themselves and their families.



one of these events leave with hands-on cooking experience, recipes, prizes, memories of fun with other aspiring cooks, full tummies, and most importantly, the confidence to take what they learned and prepare meals that are both ―fast and fabulous‖ for the people they know and love. As an added treat, those who attended her most recent party were among the first to learn of the exciting news that Rocquelle‘s first cookbook, Fast and Fabulous Family Meals, is being released in August 2013.

AND COOKING? Rocquelle‘s online popularity led to her being named ―Home Cook of the Week‖ by Every Day with Rachel Ray, the celebrity chef‘s magazine. While this is indeed an exciting honor, Rocquelle‘s greatest honor is being a wife and mother to a loving husband and three, very cool teenagers. She is extremely grateful to God for them, not only for being her first-round tastetesters, but also for their steadfast love, sup-port, and inspiration. Their inspiration is what we have to thank for the inspiration she gives to us to get excited about cooking fabulous meals for our families and to get out of the drive-thru line and into the kitchen to and dine. How Devine!

If that is not enough, Rocquelle has also used her cooking skills to give back to the community by volunteering her time to host Devine Cooking Parties for single mothers, who are sure to appreciate learning how to prepare meals that are both fast and fabulous since time demands often have them focusing more on the former when the latter is possible as well. And much to the benefit of those who have not yet had the opportunity ORDER YOUR COPY TODAY: to attend one of her classes, www.supermomdecoded.com she also posts instructional cooking videos online.


INGREDIENTS 2 tablespoons olive oil 4 uncooked boneless, skinless chicken breasts cut into ½” cubes 1 tablespoon dried Italian herb seasoning ½ teaspoon salt ½ teaspoon pepper 3 cups bow tie pasta 1/2 cup store bought or pre made basil pesto ¼ cup grape tomatoes, sliced in half


DIRECTIONS Sprinkle dried Italian herb seasoning, salt, and pepper onto diced chicken. Heat olive oil in a skillet to medium-high heat. Add seasoned chicken and cook over mediumhigh heat for 5 to 7 minutes, turning chicken cubes with a spatula when they become lightly browned on each side, and the center is no longer pink. Prepare bow tie pasta according to package directions and drain. Immediately place hot pasta into a large bowl, along with chicken and basil pesto. Stir well, generously covering pasta and chicken with basil pesto. Top with tomatoes. Serve warm or refrigerate and serve cold.


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CRAB CAKES with Chef

Jarrett James

INGREDIENTS 1 large egg 2-3 tablespoons of Oil 2 tablespoons mayonnaise 1 teaspoon Dijon mustard 1 teaspoon worcestershire sauce 1/4 teaspoon Tabasco sauce 1/4 teaspoon lemon juice 2 teaspoons Old Bay Seasoning 1/4 teaspoon salt 1/4 teaspoon black pepper 1/4 cup break crumbs 2 tablespoons chopped fresh parsley 1 pound fresh jumbo lump crabmeat, drained of all excess liquid

DIRECTIONS In a medium bowl, combine the egg, mayonnaise, mustard, worcestershire, tabasco, lemon juice, old bay, salt and pepper. Mix so that all the ingredients are well incorporated. Add the bread crumbs and parsley and mix well. Gently fold in crabmeat until just combined (try not to break up lumps of crabmeat). Using wet hands, shape mixture into 4- 6 patties if you like them smaller (do not pack too firmly, cakes should be as loose as possible and still hold their shape) Put the crab cakes on a large platter or cookie sheet as they're shaped. Cover with foil and refrigerate at least 1 hour before cooking. Heat pan on the stove to Medium heat, pour 2-3 Tblsp of Oil once hot place crab cake in pan (don't over crowd pan) using a spatula Cook 3 minutes or until golden brown. Flip crab cake cook for another 3 minutes or until golden brown. Chef Jarrett James Drain on paper towels. Contact- chefjames37@yahoo.com


Full Name: Keisha Pooler Date of Birth: March 4 Place of Birth: Dublin, GA Current Place of Residence: Atlanta, GA Favorite Quote, Motto, or Scripture: When you walk in the vision, the victory will run towards you. – Keisha Pooler Theme Song: Giving You the Best That I Got by Anita Baker Education: Morris Brown College: Bachelor of Arts in English Language and Literature Morris Brown, Troy University: Master of Education in Higher Education Administration Current Profession: Instructional Coach for English Language Arts What’s Next: I am currently working on a book of poetry with plans for release in 2014. In addition, I am continuously performing, speaking, and allowing grace to groom me for greater. If you were a Shoe, what kind would you be and why? I can’t select one style…different terrains require different shoes. Whether flats, sandals, heels, or hi tops, I’ve never been too concerned about the flair of footwear, just consumed by the miles I need to conquer in the midst of my walk.


with Stacy Harrison Mortgage Loan Consultant We must do our best to overcome these challenges. Let‘s look at a few scenarios:

Hello Ladies, while we approach the last quarter of the 2013, we must do a selfevaluation on our finances. Did I accomplish my goals that I set for myself?

Christmas is fast approaching and most people clean out their entire savings account just purchase unwanted gifts for others. If you went to your credit union to open up a Christmas club account and had the funds withdrawn monthly straight from your paycheck, this would allow you to not use your personal savings and not go broke.

Are my savings where I expected it to be? Did I pay down my credit cards? Did I payoff all or most of my collection accounts? At the end of every year we always set new goals for the upcoming year but never follow through with them. Why do we give up so fast? Why does our motivation level fall so fast? Some would say unexpected events such as loss of job, unexpected bills, sickness, inflations, etc.

Many employers allow you to have your paycheck applied to multiple accounts. You should have a savings/money market account set up without a debit card and checks attached. Select a fare dollar amount to be deducted from your paycheck into this account every month. Example: If you get 26 pays a year X $100 saved per pay = $2,600 in your savings account.

Along with building your savings, please continue to

monitor your credit cards. Remember to keep your credit card balances very low. If your credit limit is $300, keep your balance around $100 or lower. The lower your balances, the higher your credit scores will become. If you don‘t know what‘s on your credit report, please order a free copy at www.annualcreditreport.com . You MUST check your report once a year! So many times customers come to me for the purchase of a new home or refinance and they‘re totally shocked to see the outcome. So at the end of the day, we must realize that change can be good if our priorities remain in order. Paying bills on time, monitoring your credit cards and saving on monthly bases are some important ways to keep your life in prospective. Cell (302) 275-4828 sharrison@meridianmortgage.com


Lastly my friends create a



for you in 2014. Do you have a system in place for paying your bills every month? Let‘s put together one simple way now: 1. We must know the average amount of income received per month 2. List of all bills along with the due dates and dollar amount 3. You must pay yourself and tithes first 4. Take the total amount of your bills and divide it in two 5. Each pay, put aside half of the total bills 6. At the end of each month you will have the funds available for next month total bills. Ok ladies let‘s review this new budget in our next quarterly article. IF you should have any personal questions concerning your budget, credit, purchasing a home or refinancing your home, please fill free to contact me.


Office (302) 477-9449 ext. 104 Cell (302) 275-4828 eFax (302) 450-7226 Stacy Harrison Mortgage Loan Consultant NMLS#508223 sharrison@meridianmortgage.com


The Sky Opened… © Dr. Serena Walker One day that Fall my soul was altered One day that Fall my life was changed One day I looked completely different The sky was pouring ruby rain I stood there, heart pounding, sweat on my upper lip Did I hear right? Was I one of the chosen? ―Answer her!!!‖ said the voice inside my head ―Y-Yes ma‘am,‖ I said in return I accept the challenge

One day that Fall my soul was altered One day that Fall my life was changed One day I thought completely different The sky was pouring scarlet rain How many others? Twenty-nine? Are they as nervous as I? And we will make it- how? TOGETHER, I thought to myself Together, I heard them answer One day that Fall my soul was altered One day that Fall my life was changed One day I walked completely different The sky was pouring crimson rain Head high. Shoulders down. Work for it, they said Arms out. Chin up. We‘ll make it, we thought Hand linked. Legs braced. Blood, sweat and tears We gave our hearts to HER She gave her love in kind One day that Fall my soul was altered One day that Fall my life was changed One day I was a new woman The sky was pouring Delta rain



AWAKENING Š KyraSoul Aggression is a hell of a thing Birthed from one-dimensional thinking Lacking self examination Insecurity gone wrong A moment Or many Sharp tongues and unadulterated consequence Mindless persecution U know I get this way So don't act all surprised Like I'm changing Lying faces Trying to protect That which never was Seems if I hadn't got all comfy, cozy My words wouldn't appear empty Rhetoric, void of purpose Illegitimate banter Slashing your intangible emotions With plastic scissors As if I could Absurdity So, I take a step back Relax Revisit Regain control... It either came without warning Or u weren't paying attention Clearly I was finding me Scratchin my head Wonderin why you‘re so perplexed It didn't occur to me that my self-discovery was crippling You? Inculpable I never even bothered to communicate my awakening I'm sorry www.facebook.com/Kyra Soul www.twitter.com/Kyrasoul kyrasoul1@gmail.com 302.250.0126


Full Name: Faith Renee’ Spells Date of Birth: 01/28/1981 Place of Birth: Orangeburg, SC Current Place of Residence: Orangeburg, SC Favorite Quote, Motto, or Scripture: Hebrews 11:1 “Now Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not yet seen.” Theme Song: “I am NOT My Hair” by India Arie Education: Bachelor of Science from Voorhees College, MBA from Colorado Technical University, MBA-HR concentration from Colorado Technical University Current Profession: Student Services Coordinator/Transcript Evaluator at Claflin University, Support Group Coordinator for Alopecia, Minister, Spoken Word Artist, & Stylist What’s Next: Publishing my fist literary masterpiece, Unmasked: An Alopecian Beauty’s Journey of Self-Awareness and Acceptance If you were a Shoe, what kind would you be and why? Thigh high black, leather boots. Black is my favorite color and I think that because I am height challenged (5’4”), it will allow me to be 22 fierce, classy and feminine

Tinesar Forrest/President of Ty Enterprise, LLC

Do you have a ministry you want to birth? Then this article is for you! Starting a nonprofit is as simple as 1-2-3! No, not really  but a lot of people think it is. The paperwork to create a nonprofit business is easy to complete but making the agency successful takes work.

In this article you will find 10 steps that I strongly encourage you to follow if you are considering starting a nonprofit. It‘s not the easy way—but it is the successful way. There are a lot of nonprofits trying to do good work but most of them are not as successful as they could be because they didn‘t start with a solid foundation. Following the steps below will create the right foundation for success.

www.radikalpublications.com | 302.648.6131 | imatter@radikalpublications.com


Tinesar Forrest/President of Ty Enterprise, LLC


RECRUIT A BOARD OF ADVISORS No one should start a nonprofit alone. You need help. A diverse board of advisors will help review the business plan, share ideas, ask critical questions, support your venture and (hopefully) serve as your inaugural board of directors. They should be used in virtually every area as you prepare to launch.

#2 RESEARCH AND DOCUMENT THE NEED In most cases your nonprofit won‘t be the first agency created to support your target audience. The question becomes is there room for another organization? You need more than a gut feeling and anecdotal data to start a nonprofit business. Explore your target audience, the services already being provided by other agencies, available funding, how your agency will differ or complement existing providers, and more. This research will increase your awareness and cause you to develop your idea in a more informed way.

24. Visit Tinesar at www.ty-enterprise.com

#3 WRITE A BUSINESS PLAN This is often the place where people‘s eyes glaze over. They immediately think of a 30-40 page document and get overwhelmed. Exhaustive business plans are still the industry standard for most businesses seeking loans and private funding. But there are also other options available—like a one page business plan, a mini business plan that I assist clients with and more. The key is to make sure the business plan achieves the identified purpose (secure a loan, provide general information, recruit board members, etc.) by including the information that the recipient will need to make an informed decision. Use the business plan to develop the business, program and funding models. Every business plan should include a financial section. Think about how your agency will raise money and sustain itself. I personally encourage clients to have at least one year of money available (preferably two years) before launching. That allows you to provide services, gain experience, grow your exposure and capture client testimonials that can be used to secure future funding. The business plan is also a decision point. Do you go full steam ahead? Or is this where the journey ends? Maybe you‘ll decide not to start a new agency and help an existing nonprofit that has a similar vision. Whatever the decision, when it‘s based on facts instead of emotion, is the right one.

Full Name: Candice Smith Date of Birth: 1/31/76 Place of Birth: Monterey, California Current Place of Residence: Los Angeles, California Favorite Quote, Motto, or Scripture:

Be the best you can be! Theme Song: Survive (Mary,Mary) Education: BS, MBA in Accounting, Special Education Credential &

Masters in Special Education Current Profession: Special Education Teacher and Event Planner

What’s Next: Whatever the future holds! If you were a Shoe, what kind would you be and why? I would be a sneaker! Can be comfortable and can be used when you need to get around and be on the go! www.radikalpublications.com | 302.648.6131 | imatter@radikalpublications.com


Tinesar Forrest/President of Ty Enterprise, LLC

SUBMIT STATE #4INCORPORATION PAPERWORK (contact Sec. of State’s Office) Articles of Incorporation are official organization statements filed with the state agency. I like to call the Articles of Incorporation the foundation on which the organization is built. If your nonprofit plans to apply for tax exemption status in the future make sure you include the agency‘s charitable purpose and dissolution clause in the articles of incorporation.


WRITE THE BYLAWS Bylaws are the "rules" of how the organization operates. Bylaws are not required to file for 501(c)(3) status however they are a must for agency governance.


GET BUSINESS READY Get an EIN from the IRS and open a bank account. You can contact the IRS via phone or online to get a free EIN.




It is not a grueling, arduous interview but more like a simple question and answer session. Having an interview process shows that you moving the agency forward with a specific goal. Your board members are the primary decision making body for the nonprofit so choose wisely. An agency is only as strong as its leadership. It is not enough for board members to like your idea and think you are a great person. You need to know they have a genuine interest in assisting your agency and are able to share their time, talent and treasure to enhance the nonprofit.

#8 DEVELOP RECORD-KEEPING SYSTEMS Legally, you must save all Board meeting documents including minutes and financial statements. Nonprofits are also accountable to the public, their funders, and, in some instances, government granting bodies, and it is vital to establish a system of controls (checks and balances) when establishing the organization‘s accounting practices. It‘s much easier to start off with an organized filing system then trying to dig through boxes of information later to find what you need.

www.radikalpublications.com | 302.648.6131 | imatter@radikalpublications.com

Tinesar Forrest/President of Ty Enterprise, LLC

#9 GET STARTED Hold the first Board meeting to get approval of by-laws and establish the course of action. I also find new agencies are more successful when in the first months of having formalized board meetings there is a board member orientation and training.

About the Author: Tinesar Forrest , MPA is a Nonprofit Enthusiast, Speaker and Consultant. She is the President of Ty Enterprise, LLC-- a consulting firm that specializes in providing capacity building supports for charitable nonprofits of all sizes. When your dream is mixed with Tinesar‘s passion, creativity, and laser focus expect nothing less than success. Visit her at www.ty-enterprise.com

#10 MONITOR PROGRESS Review the programs, funding model, networks and relationships to make sure things are in line with the agency‘s mission and purpose. If not, work with the board of directors to correct it.


“IF IT HAD NOT BEEN”, written by singer and song writer Tammy Johnson, is a song reflecting on God’s goodness, mercy and grace. Taken from Psalm 124, this song will cause you to look back over your life and see the many things God saved you from, kept you from, healed you of and the many ways He’s made. Ask yourself, “IF IT HAD NOT BEEN for the Lord on my side, where would I be?” Download your copy of “IF IT HAD NOT BEEN” at Amazon, iTunes or CDBaby You can also purchase your copy at www.TammyTerrell.net

Tinesar Forrest/President of Ty Enterprise, LLC

WHAT IS A NONPROFIT A nonprofit is an organization whose primary objective is to support some issue or matter of private interest or public concern (such as the arts, charities, education, politics, religion, research, or some other endeavor) for non-commercial purposes. Noncommercial means the primary purpose is not to generate profit or income-- the primary purpose is to meet a need or interest. Nonprofits have long been the backbone of America. Without an established Governmental framework, the early settlers formed charitable and other ―voluntary‖ associations, such as hospitals, fire departments, and orphanages, to confront a wide variety of issues and ills of the era. These types of voluntary organizations have continued to thrive in the United States for centuries. In 1831, during his historic visit to the United States, Alexis de Tocqueville observed: “Americans of all ages, conditions, and dispositions constantly unite together. Not only do they have commercial and industrial associations to which all belong but also a thousand other kinds, religious, moral, serious, futile…Americans group together to hold fetes, found seminaries, build inns, construct churches, distribute books…

They establish prisons, schools by the same method…I have frequently admired the endless skill with which the inhabitants of the United States manage to set a common aim to the efforts of a great number of men and to persuade them to pursue it voluntarily.” Voluntary associations and philanthropic vehicles continue to coexist and forge a relationship with Government that remains into the 21st century. Excerpt from A History of the Tax-Exempt Sector: An SOI Perspective by Paul Arnsberger, Margaret Riley, Melissa Ludlum and Mark Stanton. According to IRS records in 2010 there were 1.6 million tax exempt nonprofits. If we added the number of nonprofits that don‘t have tax exempt status, I‘m sure that number would be around 3 million or more. 63% of charitable nonprofits were formed in the last 20 years. This data shows there is a great interest in charitable and community oriented services and there are a lot of great people like you looking to do their part to enhance communities and change lives.

. Visit Tinesar at www.ty-enterprise.com


Your Holiday Season Photo by: Alyscia Cunningham

Attack Plan with StayJay Fitness

5 MOVES to help you stay on track through the holiday cheer with StayJay Fitness www.stayjayfitness.com

Photo by: Alyscia Cunningham


It happens to many of us. Summer ends. Daylight hours shorten. Before you know it, the holidays are here, and that ferocious drive you had to look and feel your best falls by the wayside. It doesn‘t have to! Maintain your health goals by arming yourself with these strategies for success:

Police holiday eating

Two things happen in the fall and winter seasons: We eat more carb-heavy comfort foods like macaroni and cheese, sweet potato casseroles, and the like. We also attend more festive, food-centric gatherings that serve all the goodies we've been shunning all summer. Avoiding these foods may be unrealistic. But you should always walk in the door with a game plan. • ALWAYS EAT A MEAL BEFORE YOU GO TO A PARTY Fill your tummy with a protein and vegetables to give you a feeling of fullness. Chicken breast over salad greens, for example. Down a big glass of water after. Now you can go. www.radikalpublications.com | 302.648.6131 | imatter@radikalpublications.com


5 •

MOVES to help you stay on track through the holiday cheer with StayJay Fitness


COMMIT TO SMALLER PORTION SIZES Know that you get one serving to enjoy, and that’s it. • DON’T DENY YOURSELF Satisfy your cravings by enjoying a nibble of every thing you want on the buffet table. When your plate is clean, drink another big glass of water and step away (far away) from the buffet table.


Cold temperatures shouldn't stop you from getting at least 30 minutes in 4-5 days a week. Especially if you‘ll be indulging in those yummy foods referenced earlier. When motivation is low, opt for short, but • WATCH THE DIPS intense workouts that include cardio and The creamier it is, strength training. usually the higher the fat calorie count. Step out of your comfort zone and into a Instead, opt for low-calorie salsas for your dipping pleasure. warm, indoor fitness or dance class or boot camp. Dress for the weather and continue your outdoor runs and walks.




If you're cooking this season, this year deliver healthier versions of your specialty dishes. For example, instead of mashed potatoes, try mashed cauliflower. Use skim milk instead of heavy cream, and add olive oil to reduce saturated fat. Steam veggies, instead of sautéing them in butter. Freshly made cranberry sauce is a wonderful alternative to the canned version. Add orange slices and walnut for extra flavor and protein.



WATCH THE EGGNOG What's a holiday meal without a holiday drink? Reality check: One cup of sweet eggnog can pack 200-plus calories. In fact, many seasonally inspired cocktails are simply laden with too much sugar and fat. If you must indulge, try mixes of vodka with soda or fall flavors like apple, cinnamon and pomegranate. BONUS TIP: Chase every holiday beverage with a glass of water. We bet you‘ll drink less alcohol and save yourself some calories, too.

www.radikalpublications.com | 302.648.6131 | imatter@radikalpublications.com

Your Holiday Season

Tamara Shirer

Attack Plan

Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant (302) 377-1635 www.MaryKay.com/Tshirer

with StayJay Fitness


“My mission is to help every woman feel good about herself and her skin”

MAKE water your friend See a theme here? We want you to drink more water. When chilly weather sets in, we run to hot, sugary beverages to warm our insides. Enjoy that in moderation, but don‘t let up on your water consumption. Not only does H2O help control hunger, but also it‘s a winner for keeping your hair and skin hydrated and energizing your workouts. Have a happy and healthful holiday season!



Assorted Colors and Sizes Available at: www.radikalpublications.com



…a lot of us, as women, are hiding a range of emotions underneath our wardrobe

What Does Fashion Mean to You?

As we enter the realm of fall fashion, we are eager to embrace everything it has to offer, the ankle strap shoes that ripped the runway or for others the sleek pantsuits that give us the edge to handle that power meeting. Whatever it is, Do we ever take time to evaluate what fashion does for us? or rather what sense does it make in our everyday lives? Fashion has more of an impact on our day to day lives than we can even imagine, from certain colors that affect our mood, to a certain style shoe to makes us strut... oh just that way! I don't know about you, but ever since I can remember playing with Barbie dolls and looking at Cosmo or Vogue magazines, fashion has been an important part of my life. The endless color palettes to choose from, mixing/matching various styles, shiny new baubles, must have accessories, and of course we can't forget the to die for shoes!.....

I began to ponder what impact and meaning fashion really has in our lives. For one woman those fierce new shoes are the pick me up to a bad day and for another that chic new dress is the bandaid for the self induced insecurities she possesses. I can admit I am guilty of buying a new pair of shoes to provide the quick emotional pick me up, Only to end up brooding again once the newness of the shoes wore off. Truth be told, a lot of us, as women, are hiding a range of emotions underneath our wardrobe. For those women, their clothes become the mask that hides all of the untold fears. Society tells us that we must look the part of the super model, be her size and have her looks

and we have a billion dollar fashion industry to prove it. The industry forces us to be ever evolving creatures with our hair and style. Don't get me wrong, I am not saying change is bad, but we need to look at the reasoning behind it. We need to look in mirror and embrace ourselves the way we were created and realize their is only one us and that makes us special and unique, not an outfit or a new pair of shoes. Fashion should only be used as an enhancer to the beauty that we already possess. If we feel the need to shop in order to comfort or cover an underlying

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Allow fashion to ENHANCE you not DEFINE you! -DELL SCOTT

As a stylist, I see women all the time who are looking for fashion makeovers. They want revamp their wardrobe and they want a fabulous new look. But as I am assisting them, I see the women that are troubled with loving themselves, have low self esteem or lack of confidence. I help them not only with a makeover on the outside, but to also see the beauty they possess on the inside.

issue, we need to realize that and address it. Buying a new outfit will only suffice temporarily for your lack of self confidence and that new handbag will only put a smile on your face for the moment, but you still need to love who YOU are without it. To many of us as women are walking around with an identity crisis because we don't know who we are, we envy entertainers like Beyonce or supermodels like Gisele Bundchen for "their beauty" rather than embracing our own. We start to emulate how they look and dress and don't even recognize ourselves when we turn to look in the mirror.

We need to individually redefine fashion as we see it, not as society sees it. We are in an era where there is a bevy of plus size curvaceous women that are secure in every facet of who they are and their fashion only further enhances them. There is always one, that comes along to break the mold of how society defines beauty, remember model AlekWek?

Well she was one of the most (by society's standards) natural looking models to grace the runway and yet rise to supermodel status. She wore exclusive designers fashions just as well as any other as she ripped the runway. We are in an era where beauty and fashion is defined yet yearning to further evolve as society knows it. So break away from the chains of low self esteem and lack of confidence that you have been allowing fashion to place on you. Allow fashion to enhance you not define you!

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GREEN CORRIDORS © DSPENCE Open your eyes and see what I see because what I see are icy corridors of green colors. Colors screaming for my sisters and brothers to progress but beware the road‘s icy covers. Green corridors, I mean that‘s nice but beware of the black ice that you‘ll come across in life. Brother you are a king. Do not become so drawn to the distractions this world sings. Stay true to yourself. Put God first and you will never fail. When the world reminds you that a recession is among us, remind them that you will prevail because you are rich in faith. Be an individual. Do not become so lost in achieving success that you lose your pursuit for greatness. Words of Brother Cornell West. But when he said that, he wasn‘t just speaking to the rest… he was speaking to you, and I am too. Young Queen never forget: You are no harlot, you are a starlet to by far get as far as the stars get…to. And as long as you never give up, we‘ll never forget you. Face your fears and say: ―I do not regret you.‖ Choose to conquer such feelings and watch yourself evolve in this world as you shatter glass ceilings. Cont….


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Reach for the stars. Grasp their ambience and stitch them to your soul, so that their aura becomes your own. And for each star sewn, Feel it augment the very essence you‘ve always known. I read once that ―My people are destroyed for their lack of knowledge.‖ So seek as much as you can. And when seeking for answers you‘ll find most lie within the Most High, so continue seeking Him in order to understand. Give. Become so unselfish that you can give in all directions except up. Because when you walk by faith, you‘ll never have to be concerned with luck. Gain Understanding Cocoon yourself with it. and butterfly your life into one that is vivid…and live it… to the fullest extent. Because the only thing that can hold you back is yourself. Complacency…the number one double agency is not detrimental to your health. Do not dwell in an environment of doubt where lack of self confidence is the high commodity out there. Do not believe those that tell you what you ―can‘t do‖. For if they have no seeds of encouragement to grant you, then plant your own seed, matter of fact plant two. This way the naysayers themselves will have something to believe in. Cont….

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And if not, then at least you tried your best. Because you cannot save all the rest if they are not willing to progress. Just tell them that off in the distance you see scores upon scores of green corridors. And it would be wrong for you to not advance. And tomorrow‘s not promised, so your last glance could be your last chance. So touch your heart and reach for God within you to continue. And remember all the barriers you have been through. As they smoothly lead you to… Green Corridors.

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SHARP EDGES: Learning to LOVE AGAIN after painful relationships… Her … Winter time...again.... This time a little bit different. He's here, and I'm not sure how. I had all the deadbolts on the door of my heart with the inferred rays ready to pierce his skin down to the white meat if he dared to cross the unseen white line of comfortability. Somehow, he's here and now we're forced to deal with the elephant in the room called vulnerability.

Truthfully, we don’t even want to face that monster. We cover it up and make it look pretty, tolerable at best so that we can continue our lives as if it doesn’t exist. Yet, at the most inopportune time, our insecurities rear its ugly head and demands attention. The tough exterior of me is like a high voltage electric fence, put in place to protect the more sensitive side of me. The part that’s been beaten to a pulp by the possibility of love over and over and over again.

Do I trust him? Can I trust myself to not hold him accountable for every man that’s ever hurt me?

Can he love me? No REALLY love me... past the facade of what I allow him to see? Is he willing to invest the time, delve to the deepest part of me and love the ugliness of it all. Am I even worth it?

Our conversations are construed by his lack of vision to see its not just he and I when we speak and interact. In my reality it’s me and THEM. Him and everyone else I've dated. Instead of living in the moment, I'm anticipating when THEY will show up in HIM. My heart and mind are on high alert and distress signals take over my mouth when I let my guard down. Giving him full access to my heart seems like Mission Impossible. Allowing him to love me, genuinely, is a desired possibility that quickly turns into a tragedy....I just cant take the chance of him getting that close to me...

SHARP EDGES: Learning to LOVE AGAIN after painful relationships… Him…


Remove all articles of poetic assumption. Now listen to me with naked ears. I refuse to call you beautiful, for I feel it is almost deceitful to label you as something you already know you are. Maybe I could say you are something like the color blue. The visible form of beauty physically and emotionally wrapped in two… I mean one. I cannot not even imagine the essence of the color as God made a way to separate the cerulean from the oceans on the second day. Maybe He was thinking about you… Maybe Miles was too…naming a whole album after you. Maybe you‘re the tears my pen cries every time it glides across blue lines. Telling cursive stories of pain and joy. This way when lower case i‘s run, you can still dot them. Undress for me… Bare your mind to me so that the transparency of my words may sound clear. Like the water that passes through your lips to replenish your Temple. And although most would go great lengths for the size and strength of something so simple, I can only envy the fact that everyday it touches your lips. And if eyes are the windows to the soul then maybe our lips are the doors for that which is not sacred should not enter the House of the Lord. Maybe that is why we bless our food before we eat it. Maybe that is why we close our eyes when we kiss our lovers. Open doors…closed windows. Entering the heart and soul where there are no exit signs. Entering the mind…then the body, because I want to make sure I am actually into you before I am into you, and if a child can wait nine months for a woman to allow it to slide past her thighs… so can I. Longer if need be. Undress for me… strip down to the thoughts in the back of your mind. I want to do more than kiss the back of your neck,


SHARP EDGES: Learning to LOVE AGAIN after painful relationships…


I want to whisper to your cerebellum so I can tell you that you are the Queen of the Second Light that shines during the nighttime. With a worth far beyond sublime… your eyes are the full moon‘s phase that forces an absence of direction when I stare into your gaze; or could it be the half moon of your smile? Or maybe the five quarter moons you keep on each finger? As if God gave you your own French manicure in the sky where a man must fly just so he can kiss the back of your hand. And I‘m feeling light as a feather, or the number of feathers it takes to caress an angel‘s wing. May I be one of your feathers? Forever in your presence for you are where heaven is. Tip toeing on the sun like a flame dancing so vigorous, but unlike Icharus, you are too fly to fall. Undress for me… Take off the influence of others. Unbutton your insecurities and leave them on the floor. For they are only see through garments that you wish to be, rather than the pure essence which lies underneath. Like the raw passion that lies behind the majestic beauty of a leopard‘s rosettes. You…are the strawberry that hides behind a chocolate veil. Sweet on the outside, yet still much more deserving on the inside. And I‘m willing to explore the horizon of your mind and all its outline. In due time… But for now…just undress for me. The conversation will continue in the next issue…. Email any questions or dialogue for Diamond and Dennis: www.radikalpublications.com | 302.648.6131 | imatter@radikalpublications.com

Bianca Renee James, most sought after therapist and mother of two had unknowingly allowed herself to become vulnerable to a man that she felt had managed to break down the barriers that she had established in her quest to protect her heart. Bianca James was now faced with needing someone to help her, where she had always helped and cared for those around her. She now needed answers and advice, comforting and understanding, from someone that would aid her in processing what was now one of the biggest dilemmas in her life. Book cost: $15.99 Contact info: ebonymaddrey@gmail.com www.bookstore.xlibris.com www.amazon.com www.barnesandnoble.com

Full Name: Jessica Cheria Dishmon Date of Birth: 10/18/1982 Place of Birth: Chicago, Illinois Current Place of Residence: Las Vegas, Nevada Favorite Quote, Motto, or Scripture: Excuses are tools of the incompetent, they build monuments of nothingness and those that use them seldom accomplish anything. Theme Song: “Living my Life like it’s Golden” Education: *Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) *Master of Arts in Education with a focus on Multicultural Counseling (San Diego State University) *Education Specialist Degree in School Psychology (San Diego State University) Current Profession: School Psychologist What’s Next: Launching my own organization outside of my current servicing school that focuses on building, strengthening and empowering middle school age young ladies in becoming their best selves. If you were a Shoe, what kind would you be and why? If I were a shoe I would be a studded boot. They are sturdy in nature, grounded, they have a strong foundation, are desired and purchased amongst numerous consumers and they “stand out” amongst their other shoe counterparts for their individuality and uniqueness.


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iMATTER MAGAZINE is a quarterly publication designed to emPOWER women form the inside out. Fashion & Beauty | Love & Relationships | Recip...

iMatter Magazine Fall 2013  

iMATTER MAGAZINE is a quarterly publication designed to emPOWER women form the inside out. Fashion & Beauty | Love & Relationships | Recip...