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Our training services combine field experience gained in the various industry sectors during our employment days. This helps us to deliver, motivate and engage the individual in achieving overall personal, career and professional goals.

Our online Training Modules

Topic MS Office Applications Online Communication Personal productivity management tools Internet & Websites Social Media Creating Training Materials manuals & Videos Quality & Information Security Networking Fundamentals Network Security Windows Operating Systems Linux Operating Systems



Training Mode

Using MS Word, Excel & PowerPoint What, Why & How What, Why & How

20 Hrs


4 Hrs 5 Hrs


What, Why & How What, Why & How What, Why & How

20 Hrs 10 Hrs 10 Hrs


What, Why & How

5 Hrs


What, Why & How What, Why & How What, Why & How What, Why & How

10 Hrs 10 Hrs 20 Hrs 20 Hrs


Additional information

Training Mode: online training using SKYPE & Webinar platforms. Candidate can attend the training from his/her comfort zone of home or office. Training Medium: English Flexibility: Training hours can be discussed and planned to suit your requirement. Urgent / crash training requirement can also be accommodated. Pre-requisites: Candidate should be literate in basic computer skills.

Training aids: Training manual, student guide will be provided. Value Adds: After training period, support through IM/Chat for 3 months on any clarification on the topics attended. Guarantee: 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

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