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Suggestions of the 6th grade for an Ideal city Our city will have:

…a lot of green parks

Recycling of all materials and compost bins in every house

No factories in close proximity to inhabited areas

Hospitals that offer free services

High level schools for all students(disabled children, immigrants,etc.)

Better public transport for everyone, motives to use bicycles

Libraries and computer rooms

Prohibition of high buildings, houses with big border spaces, wide streets, wide and clean pavements, cycling tracks and parking places

Areas for organized athletics(courts, etc)

Measures of social solidarity from municipalities and citizens (places for homeless, social groceries, etc)

Cultural centrers and youth consultative centres to support the citizens

Promotion of the historical sights, creating cultural places. Entertainment with very cheap tickets

Ideal City for 6th grade of 7o Dimotiko Egaleo (Greek kids)  

Ideal City for 6th grade of 7o Dimotiko Egaleo

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