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Travel Dorothea Weber President of Odense 2017

“Maciek and I met up in Berlin and had dinner, which was really nice. Afterwards, we took the bus with a weird Dutch bus driver. The bus driver had a very funny accent. So that was the first good part of the trip. Then we changed in Hamburg and made a lot of new friends, who had very creative ways of asking us for money. One guy told us “I don’t have a passport so I can’t get money from the ATM right now. But if you give me one hundred euros now, I can open my phone and transfer 200 euros to you… I’m going to a shop for five minutes, so you can think about it, and then I’ll come back.” We didn’t give him the hundred euros, nor did we stay befriended for a long time with our other new friends from Hamburg, because we didn’t give the money. So when the fourth or fifth person came to ask for money we left the bus station and went to the central train station, which was next door. It was a very nice place, as there was a McDonalds where we could be seated. There we met Arne, Kaya, Kira, and Laura. We waited for our bus together. It was supposed to arrive at three 3 AM, but then we got a message that it was 20 minutes delayed; at 20 past 3 we got a message that it was actually 40 minutes delayed… It came at 4. In the meantime, all our limbs had frozen off. Even during the bus drive, we still felt frozen from the inside. Frozen bones, you know. But then we slept a bit which was quite nice. In the morning we arrived in Odense, with a bus that stopped in front of the school which was very nice because we didn’t have to walk. And yeah, then we made ourselves home here – which was pretty great.”

stories Amna Dedic Delegate

“When we (the other Bosnian delegates and me) first heard of this session, we were told that it would be great, and even more important to us: cheap. So I went to my dad and said: “Dad! I’m selected for a National Session! It’s not going to be that expensive. Believe me, I’ve got everything under control.” Fortunately, he approved of it, as long as I kept my promise and made it cheap. That is why my delegation and I booked our tickets three months ago. The distance between Bosnia and Denmark might not be that small, but we found a very cheap flight for 40 euros, which even enabled us to do some Scandinavian exploring both before and after the session. So that is what we did. And that’s where our journey began. We decided to go to Copenhagen first, where I met up with my boyfriend who lives in Germany. Since we, as Bosnians, don’t really know how to use a debit card, he organised everything relating to our trip. Well, everything except one thing. And that one was our trip from Copenhagen to Odense. So we ended up in Copenhagen without a plan for reaching Odense, with only two hours left until the beginning of the session. So, in desperation, we decided to take a bus. All seats were already taken in that bus. So we had to be more creative, and decided to try hitchhiking. We were praying to all the gods in the universe, including the Danish people, to help us. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out. After trying to get on a car for about half an hour, it turned out that we were on a local road. We stood there and didn’t know what to do. It was getting cold. We started worrying about not being able to participate in the session. So, getting more and more stressed, we decided to buy train tickets for 270 kroner. Damn expensive tickets. So at one of our very first days in Denmark, we already spent all our kronerr. Sorry dad, but you have know it was worth it. The feeling you get when you meet different kinds of people, becoming friends while working in the meanwhile, is amazing. Whatever follows after this session now we will have to face without any money left, but that doesn’t even bother me right now. I just enjoy it here.”

Humans of I am passionnate about everything that is connected to art. I hope that I’ll find somewhere where I can really create. But it is quite hard to get in to those fancy art schools, even if we have some great ones in Germany. You have to prepare a whole projet, and there aren’t many spots available, but a lot of people who want to get in. I really hope I’ll succeed, because I am proud of my talent in art. Sometimes it is hard to remember it, because art isn’t very valued at school and I am not very interested in other disciplines, but when I remind myself that I am good at it, I know that it is what makes me happy. - Lara Kneschke

I am in a higher technical college in engineering. I have one year left and then I’d like to go to university and study abroad, perhaps in America, where I would really want to get in to MIT in Boston. My dream job would be either engineer or design constructor, or maybe even astronaut. One of my most crazy experiences would be my first EYP session in Austria, if we talk about the social part of it. It was really amazing to meet some people around Europe and discussing topics you normally never talk about. - Martin Zwifil

Odense My main goal for 2017 would be to get in to this program where you can go to Uganda and teach English to children in primary school for a few weeks. You have to apply, have some references, and with some luck you get in. I’d like to go for three or four weeks, during the summer fall holidays, because we get special time to do an exchange. I would like to go and help because I think that I could learn a lot from that experience and that the children can learn something from me. As Africa is obviously different from Switzerlandthis kind of exchange allows to share those differences. - Nina Steffen

My best friend is here at the session! We’ve been best friends for four years and we travel a lot together. We’ve been in London, we went to Cambridge and to a Slovenian session together. We share everything: I help her when she has issues with her boyfriend, we do our homework together, we both love shopping, we go out together. She is fantastic, and she knows me better than I know myself. We fell out two years ago and it took us a year to make up. I don’t know if we will be best friends forever because you never know what life has in store for you, but I certainly hope so. - Anna Trost

Odense 2017 - Flowchart Should you raise a point? Do you actually have anything Yes

Do you wa Do you want that hot delegate to notice you? No Yes



Is the point somewhat rel

Yes you do Yes

Oh so you just wa you looking all

Is the point politically correct? Yes

It better be funny Go for it fam



Are you wearing a fancy outfit? Yes

Might as well go for an attack speech then


A point

to say? No

ant to impress the president? No Are you paying attention?




No Don’t lie to us

Do you want to watch to world burn?

ant a new profile pic of fly while speaching? No

Yes Go ahead, you sick bastard

Sit yo ass down, boi


t at open debate will do

No Hold you horses m8

What is your EYP 1. Do you like working by yourself?


a.. Yes, completly b. I enjoy it a bit c. I work better with other people

3. Do you like working with a set structure? a. No, I like more freedom in my work b. I like structure, yet enjoy some flexibility c. I like to work with a good structure

2. How much do you like the academic aspect of the session? a. I like it to some extent b. It is my favorite part of the session c. I like like other aspects more

4. How much creativeness do you like in your work? a. Quite a lot b. To some extent c. I do not mind working without it

5. How much sleep do you need? a. I can survive on naps b. I can go a day without sleep c. Team no sleep

Most A: Congrats you’re a Media Team Member Most B: Looks like you fit the Chair’s Team Most C: And its the Orga life for you


I consider cyberbullying to be one of the most vicious ways of bullying someone. Cyberbullying is more personal than normal bullying, because even though it can be done anonymously, you can think the thing represents yourself, and it spreads quickly. Most cyberbullying cases are connected to social media like Facebook or Instagram. When it comes to regulation, I think there should be a strict age restriction, because social media is just not for twelve-year-olds. The bullies should also be permanently banned from the websites, not only advised to stop, as it is not just a joke. By Josephine

In my opinion, other countries than just Finland should give a chance to some changes in the curricula. Our educational system was created a hundred years ago and has not changed, despite the world doing so. The problem today comes not from the brains, but from the heart; the sciences have breakthroughs regularly. The issue is that we are missing humanity, and people tend to rely more on technology than on themselves. It’s not just about humanity, but also about manners. For example, Japanese people spend a lot of time just studying how they should behave. By Amina



Even though I am personally pro-choice, I do not think the EU should take a strong stance towards either the pro-choice or the pro-life side. It is mostly because the decision is influenced by cultural and religious contexta that should be taken into consideration. The EU should, however, provide a platform for dialogue between these two opposing sides. By Nina

I do not think there should be strong directives regarding renewable energy. I see the role of the Members States more like the entities whose role it is to make fossil fuels unattractive to industrial companies and households, through higher taxation for example. However, the companies and households are the real key actors here and therefore the most reasonable solution is to make renewable energy sources more economically attractive to them. By Giovanni


What I see as a problem is the acceptance of mental illnesses. There is basically a big stigma surrounding them. Another issue is that mental illness are not a priority of the Member States, because they focus on physical illnesses more. Therefore, I think the Member States should be more supportive by providing a better healthcare system and facilitate conditions for investments into mental health. By Henry

The problem with Euroscepticism is that young people are usually in favour of remaining, and older for leaving the European Union. Since these decisions affect the youth disproportionately, their opinions should be given more consideration. Personally, I think that Brexit was an unfair decision, and the UK should have waited for a while to reevaluate the decision to leave. By Lara




It is great how much the LGBT community has achieved in the last years. Sadly, the extent of their rights differs greatly across the Member States. In some, they can get married; in others they cannot. For example, there is a huge gap between the rights that LGBT people enjoy in Denmark and in Poland. Even though some countries might disagree, I think that the EU should agree on common rights for the LGBT community to enjoy across the entirety of the EU. By Luise


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