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Issue No. 1



ARE YOU LI As time slowly begins to draw the session to an end, the importance of what we have experienced here together needs to be recognised. From the craziness of team building to the intriguing elements of committee work, everything we have done has become a new integral part of us. Memories have been created, laughs have been shared and friends have been made. The reason we stand with our cameras documenting every aspect of the session is for you to remember what we have experienced together here in Saranda. In a world full of poverty, discrimination, global warming and pressing societal issues, its easy to think that the world of politics can be quite exhausting to be involved in. Yet what we are doing here at the session sets a spark of hope regarding the potential of youth in the realm of politics. Nevertheless even though EYP provides us a platform to engage in relevant topics, it is still much more than that. It allows you to develop as a person if you will let it. By diving into the entire process of the session, you will begin to learn much more than just a topic. However this aspect relies completely on your willingness to have an open mind and your attention to details and your surroundings. The more you pay attention to your surrundings the more you learn. So are you engaged? Are you reflective?.. Are you listening?







Being involved in the European Youth Parliament lets you research and shape an opinion regarding many political issues of today’s Europe or even the globe. Politics and EYP are usually linked through the academic part of each session. And everyone can occupy themselves with such topics. But what about the people who study ? Indeed, many Officials of Saranda 2016 study Politics and International Relations, so let’s take a look at what they have to share with the world

Realdo, 19, Organiser Realdo studies International Relations and Political Science in the University of New York in Tirana. Since he was a kid, he always knew what path to follow. That of diplomacy. He has always been thinking of becoming an ambassador, and when he had the chance to be educated on what he loves, he immediately seized it. The main reason he thinks studying politics is important is because of the world becoming even more globalised, which leads to a need for more people occupied with political sciences.

Kled, 21, Chairperson Kled studies International Relations in Epoka University and he is very interested into this course. Having been involved in EYP, he admits that these kind of experiences were the most important factor that let him follow the path of diplomacy and international affairs, and build his own way towards getting more out of it.

Vasilis, 18, Journalist Ending with me, I am in my first semester of a Political Science and International Relations course in the University of Peloponnese. I can pretty much say that, just like other EYPers, participating in my first National Session in Greece was the reason I made this choice. Through discussing topics like the partnerships with Eastern European Countries, or the Economic and Monetary Union in Europe, I understood that the details and the complexity is what intrigues me, this is the field that I am interested into!





After the Albanian declaration of independence in 1912, the city had only 110 inhabitants, but now the population has risen to approximately 41,173 people.

Saranda can offer the opportunity to look into the historical aspects of Balcans, for example, the National Park of Butrint or Lekuresi castle.

3 It’s a prosperous region with varied attractions, plants and mountains, rivers and lakes, springs and virgin beaches, citrus plantations, olive groves and vineyards, pastures and woods, fish and shellfish farming, desirable hunting places.


Saranda, the small town that can be called “The getaway to the Southern Albania”, is one of the main tourist resorts in the Ionian sea, which expects more than 1 000 000 people during the summer


Saranda is from the name of the Byzantine monastery of the Agioi Saranda, meaning the “Forty Saints” and honoring the Forty Martyrs of Sebaste.


SARANDA 2016 - Issue 1  
SARANDA 2016 - Issue 1