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DarkRoom records cd cover Summary: This was the ablum cover project and in this projet we made a cover and a inside cover I tried to make it look as if someone had made it by hand with a tape and the more damaged look of the cover and this was made in photoshop. The project was hard and an unpleasent expicenee beacuse I barely finished on time

Career Center cover Summary:


In this project we did a career center cover and this project was stressful beacause they changed the theme of the project 2 or 3 days before the turn in date. We made this in illistionor I tried to make it so that your eyes follow the triangle to the “I can”.




Typography Assignment Summary: In this project we made a thing out of different letters. Wasnt the greatest fan of this project. I tried to make Morty from Rick and Morty great show by the way 8 out of 10. This was a hard project but forced you to think outside of the box

Breaking Tradition Poster




John Doe

Health Science Comminuty college

John Doe

Health Science Comminuty college


John Doe

Health Science Comminuty college


John Doe

Health Science Comminuty college

John Doe

Health Science Comminuty college

John Doe

Health Science Comminuty college



John DoeHealth Science Comminuty college

John DoeHealth Science Comminuty college

John DoeHealth Science Comminuty college

Scholarships provided by: Crowder College, East Central College, Jefferson College, Metropolitan Community College, Mineral Area College, Missouri Stem Foundation, Moberly Area Community College, North Central Missouri College, Ozarks Technical Community College, St. Charles Community College, St. Louis Community College, State Fair Community College, State Technical College of Missouri, Three Rivers Community College. The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, national origin, age, or disability in its programs and activities. Inquiries related to Department programs and to the location of services, activities, and facilities that are accessible by persons with disabilities may be directed to the Jefferson State Office Building, Office of the General Counsel, Coordinator – Civil Rights Compliance (Title VI/Title IX/504/ADA/Age Act), 6th Floor, 205 Jefferson Street, P.O. Box 480, Jefferson City, MO 65102-0480; elephone number 573-526-4 757 or TTY 800-735-2966; email Sponsored by DESE and College and Career Consultants. For nontraditional careers contact your local College and Career Consultant.

Summary: This was the breaking traditions postser very rigged project by the way they only pick weding posters but told you to think outside the box. In this project I used the rare career for women so farming I was trying to showthe levels of dirt. And the pink text were supposed to be worms I liked how it came out and it was fun project.

Visual Puns

Summary: This was a short project made in photoshop to help think outside of the box to tell stories with pictures. In this was a fun one.

Animal Remix


In this project we used clipping mask to mix to animals in this case a bunny and a kitten. This was a fun project and I learned alot about clipping mask and it looks pretty real. A good photoshop job.

Typography Hieracrchy poster Contemporary Design Lecture Series


t he


31 East 81st Street New York City, NY 11999

ro u n d

Michael Gabellini | Gabellini Associates Wednesday, April 2 6:00 pm Michael Gabellini, a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design, worked for Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates before founding his own practice in 2012. Recent projects include exhibitions for the Guggenheim Museum, the Marian Goodman Gallery, and the Council of Fashion Designers of America.

Julie Bargmann | D.I.R.T. Studio Tuesday, March 9 7:30 pm Julie Bargmann founded D.I.R.T Studio, a landscape consultancy, in 2010. Recent projects include the landscaping of the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art In North Adams, and Riverside Park South and the Hudson River Park in New York City.

Erik Adigard | M.A.D. Thursday, February 12 6:00 pm Graphic designer Erik Adigard founded McShane Adigard Design (M.A.D.) in 2005. The firm has since designed Web sites, multimedia installations, and print publications for global clients, including Wired magazine.


This project was one of the first in the year and we had to make a flyer. Turned out okay I just wish i thought outside of the box. And I used purple accents to draw to imporant information. And tried to make the dates and times stand out.

Bussiness Set


Expert Dependable Professional 1816 Vandiver Dr, Columbia, MO 65202 (573) 474-8431

E x p e rt , D e p e n d a b l e , Pro f e s s i o n a l P.O. Box 1423 Columbia, Mo 65205

Cathy Young Owner, President/CEO

Expert Dependable Professional 1816 Vandiver Dr, Columbia, MO 65202

This project was for an outdated company in need of new graphics. We had to make an logo and letter hand, bussiness card, and the letters they would use. I did awful this project the logo was a strugge so when that went down hill a falling mess. I went for yellow and blue. Blue meaning stability and yellow which is easy to see from long distance.

Three Page Magazine Article Title, May 2018









This was the 3 page magazine and we got to pick an article for what the magazine would be about. I picked mars and I wanted to feel like space more so than being on mars. I wanted the spread to be spacy and open. I wanted the lines to make you follow the paragraphs up and down the page.

Zou Nation WHAT EXPERTS ARE SAYING ZOUNation Magazine spoke to six college basketball analysts with extensive experience on the national scene or around the Missouri basketball program to get a sense of what to expect out of the Porter brothers, the rest of the Tigers’ top-five nationally ranked recruiting class and the team as a whole, as Missouri and first-year coach Cuonzo Martin head into the 2017-18 season with significantly elevated standards for success. By David Morrison

Michael Porter Jr “He is talented enough to be the best player in the country. He can do that. He can have a Kevin Durant-type season. I’m not saying he’ll average 25, but everybody’s going to know his name by the end of this. He can be in the Ben Simmons, Kevin Durant realm of accomplishment as an individual.” — Jay Bilas, ESPN

Jontay Porter “They remind me of the Gasol brothers, in that Michael looks the part and Jontay looks like just a young, big kid, still has to get a little baby fat off like Marc Gasol did. But, like Marc, I think he’s going to turn out to be an outstanding player. He’s got a unique skill set for someone his size. Jontay, to me, could be one of the major surprises in the country this year. Jontay has got an awful lot of talent. He’s a terrific passer for his size, in addition to the scoring.” — Fran Fraschilla, ESPN


Minute Break Down


Michael Porter Jr. 6-10/215, Fr Wing One of the top-rated recruits in the nation, Porter will immediately step into the role of Missouri’s go-to guy on offense. He’s most natural at small forward but can basically play anywhere from point guard to center. When it’s winning time, Porter’s going to be the one with the ball at the top of the key.


Kevin Puryear 6-7/238, Jr. Post Puryear can play with his back to the basket, but he should be able to face up more often on offense this season with the Tigers’ influx of size. That suits him well. So does the fact that, with Porter in the fold, he can be a complementary scorer instead of the one on which opposing teams will focus.


Kassius Robertson 6-3/180, Sr Wing The graduate transfer from Canisius fills an immediate need for a team that shot only 30.4 percent behind the arc last year: He’s a sniper. Robertson shot 41.0 percent from 3-point range last season and took 60 percent of his shots from out there. That’ll transfer well with Porter collapsing the defense into the lane. Minutes per Game: 27


Jontay Porter 6-11/240, Fr. Post/Center Possibly the most versatile player on the roster, the younger Porter can be a matchup nightmare for power forwards and centers. He has the size to maneuver down low, the jump shot to step out and the passing ability to make double teams hurt.

This was the Zou Nation project and this was by far the least exicting project. The guide lines were very tough and there wasnt much you could really do anything other then what they done in the past. I did 4 side bars and then the page is for the spread about a girl basketball player.

Extra Projects

we are

thankful to have


a custodial and kitchen staff


Theres are just extra things that we did in between projects the big one is a info graphic is about Malaysia and I really enjoyed this project given you would really do anything and pick any stype of inforgraphic. And the other one was a poster for the custodial and kichen staff which I also came out nice.

True/False T-Shirt desgin


This project was fun the True False Film Fest where you made a logo for a tshirt and the theme was weather/ wheather. And I went for weather and I wanted the desgin to be clear about True and Fasle and that it would be clear far away what the object was. I had fun with this project.




Menu Project


This was also a very hard project in this project we had a chef commission where we had to make a menu for their resturante. The chef I had wanted a japanese inspired look with a touch of comicy style dots. The chef also wanted a simplier style of menu I really liked how it came out it was an uphill battle most of the time with this project but im happy how this project came out. HONEY MATCHA CAKE 天国のマッチャ red bean filling and matcha buttercream icing traditional japanese flavors meshes with traditional american recipes. match cake sweetened with honey, forming a beautiful three layer cake is a thin layer of bitter sweet red bean paste with a layer of matcha icing




strawberry glaze

lemonade icebox pie generate feelings of summertime vibes as you back patio and eat somethiing cool with friends to beat the heat. this simple, yet delectable dish combines the sweet and sour sensation offf qulity made lemonade, with a heavenly graham cracker crust .heavenly


matcha green tea mochi

New take on a traditional japanese dessert will revitalize your tastebuds and expose you to something entirely new. Japanese matcha-flavored mochi, fill that with cherry blossom flavored ice cream, before freezing. This delicious treat will melt in your mouth and dance on your tastebuds like the traditional nihon buyo!

Resume Iman Reed

Street Address Columbia, Missouri 652 Phone number with area code Email


2017 - Present: Battle High School, Columbia, Missouri 65202 Courses: Spanish, Chinese 2017 - Present: Columbia Area Career Center, Columbia, Missouri 65203 Courses: Digital Media,​ ​Child Development, Graphic Design

Skills and Abilities

Computer Skills Experience with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere Pro; Microsoft Word, PowerPoint Music Skills Played violin for 6 years

People Skills

Teamwork Skills, Active Listener, T ​ olerance, Public Speaking Experience

Activities and Awards

Build a magazine cover using PhotoShop Created personal logos using Illustrator Designed Logos Created 2 page magazine spread using InDesign Produced documentary and music videos using Premiere Pro Designed albums Created infographics Produced posters

School Chamber Orchestra (2016-2017)

Table of Contents Darkroom Records CD Cover and Label Career Center Cover for HS Opportunities Typography Assignment – (Letters as Shapes) Breaking Traditions Poster Visual Puns Animal Remix - include both animals used and final product Typography Hierarchy Poster - ART IN THE ROUND Infographic Poster Business Set - Columbia EDP– all pieces (pdfs of logo, business card, letterhead, envelope) Three Page Magazine Spread Zou Nation Sidebar/spread True/False T-Shirt Design Menu Project Resume