Iman Rejaie 2011 Portfolio

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Mondrian Buildings Seattle, Washington Page 1

Sustainable Cities Initiative Salem, Oregon Page 3

Rexius, Urban Planning/ Redevelopment Eugene, Oregon Page 4

Airport Tabriz, Iran Page 5

Shorabil Complex Tabriz, Iran Page 8

Abgineh Museum Tehran, Iran Page 9

Research Qazvin, Iran Page 11

School of Architecture Terhan, Iran Page 13

The Pyramid of Psychotherapy with Recycled Material San Jose, California Page 15

Research Shoshtar, Iran Page 17

Community Center Tehran, Iran Page 19

Urban Redevelopment Tehran, Iran

Technical Design Tehran, Iran

Architecture School Tehran, Iran Page 21

Community Center Ahvaz, Iran Page 22

Research Garmsar, Iran Page 12

Elevation Design Tehran, Iran Page 7

Mondrian Buildings Seattle, Washington 2011 Given that daylight is one of the most critical design elements, the focus of this design is specifically on optimum daylight capture. A tall 21 story building was designed next to a 6 story building such that a proper interaction between the two is implemented.

Residential Units_ Market Rate : 126 Floor: 16 Bedrooms: 198 Roof Gardens: 4

Office : 115,065 sf Floor: 5 Retail : 24,807 sf Floor: 1 Residential Units_ Affordable : 46 Floor: 6 Bedrooms: 66 Roof Gardens: 3

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Sustainable Cities Initiative Salem, Oregon 2010 In this group project, my responsibility was to assess the existing situation of the urban area in terms of traffic, building aesthetics, their harmony, and to recommend an improvement methodology.

Existing State

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Proposed Grand Boulevard

Regulative Plan

Rexius, Urban Planning/Redevelopment Eugene, Oregon 2010 In this team project, my responsibility was to design the roadway layout, as well as community center, clinic and residential units. A special feature of the design was to provide curved access roads for improved privacy, aesthetics as well as site view of the residential units.

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Airport Tabriz, Iran 2009 The design of the airport innovatively employs a modified version of traditional Persian architecture. Multiple curves on different radius from the center are used with different sizes and geometry to provide a secure shield.

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Professional Works Iran 2004-2010 Elevation Design Faรงade aesthetic is an important part of my design since it provides the first impression and gives character to a building. Facades typically include smaller elements such as horizontal and vertical boundaries of windows which can be used to create flow and rhythm. Additional elements such as curves, lines, shades and lighting can also be used to improve harmony and create elegance in design.

Five Story Hotel This is a 5-star luxury hotel with an amazing bay view. The hotel offers many amenities such as indoor pool, spa, workout room, two conference rooms with more than 260 guest capacity, full gourmet restaurant and a coffee-shop together with a sandwich stand, offices for the hotel staff and employees and an inviting lobby with different levels.

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Piano Villa This villa is designed specifically for a musician to function as his art studio as well as a teaching studio. Use of compressed fiber wall tiles over concave prefabricated cavities created a great acoustic feature to prevent intervention of other house activities when the class, practice or compositions are in session.

Shorabil Center This is the community center of Shorabil-Tabriz. It offers three separate movie screening theaters, indoor pool, basketball, bowling and squash courts, computer room, coffee shop, gift shop and a traditional Persian restaurant. It is designed by many circle and curve shapes to modernize the tradition style of city original buildings.

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Abgineh Museum Tehran, Iran 2008 The geometric and spatial design of the museum rooms are implemented based on their functions. At the same time, the whole museum has an overall harmonic flow among different spaces and follows the same pattern.

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Research Qazvin, Iran 2008 The ancient bazaar in Qazvin was studied. The architectural plans were drafted and the quality of light, structural systems and also building materials were also reviewed and documented.

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Research Garmsar, Iran 2005 A study was done on different types of buildings in Yatri village which has hot and dry climate. The focus of the study was on life style, urban design, connections, building structures, and local building materials.

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School of Architecture Tehran, Iran 2007 The department of architecture campus is designed such that all of the buildings on the campus have harmonic relationship and inner-connected. Shadows and shading devices have been meticulously used in order to reduce their carbon foot-print during summer.

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The Pyramid of Psychotherapy with Recycled Material San Jose, California 2006 - 2007 The Pyramid of Psychology offers a combination of concept, function and structure. The floor layout does not follow the shape of ordinary buildings. The same applies to the stud walls that are made of green and recycled materials such as light-gauge metal and organic straws. The reflections of the neighboring elements give more depth and complexion to the design. The project main concept is a place of peace and serenity, and a place where the comfort makes it feasible to empower the body and mind.

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Third Level

Second Level

First Level

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Researches Shoshtar, Iran 2006-2007 A study was completed on the ancient city of Shushtar to evaluate the importance and functionality of different elements of a small neighborhood such as buildings and their shape or orientation, access roads and pathways, effects of wind and shade in narrow passages such as alleys and also use of different kinds of building materials.

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A different study fully documented a private resident that survived more than a century. All floor-plans, elevations and sections were drafted. A separate study was done on building materials and structural systems, including the curved roof.

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Community Center Tehran, Iran 2006 The Community Center consists of two main parts namely Activity Spaces such as the coffee shop and restaurant with high traffic, and Study Spaces such as classrooms and library. These parts are connected by the main entrance hallway. The shading and lighting design is uniquely performed to accommodate the function of each space for a diverse age range.

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Community Center Ahvaz, Iran 2005 The community center is located in a flat, humid and high temperature terrain. It is designed to take advantage of natural breeze flow and to create shady cool areas both being parts of passive cooling system. Where applicable, this practice significantly reduces utility costs and creates a natural and pleasant environment for occupants. The structure is a 3 level steel space-frame over mat slab foundation due to the low soil capacity and high water level in the area.

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School of Architecture Tehran, Iran 2005 The school of Architecture in Tehran includes student work review galleries, art galleries, studios, computer rooms, library, offices for staff and faculty, conference rooms and more. Architectural design of this project pays close attention to several different lighting requirements for spaces with different functions. Additionally several ramps are considered between certain levels to accommodate the need for moving delicate models and tools.

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