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Dormanstown Community Sports & Recreation Group

By Keri Barnett & Alec Petford


ormanstown Junior Football club is a small football group and youth centre, first opened in May 2009. They have many different teams varying throughout ages, but they want to move on to more. In the summer of 2015 NCS had visited the youth centre and given it a new look through redeveloping and decorating the old hut. The work they did during the two weeks there was a huge success, broadening the knowledge people had of the building and introducing lots of new people to the teams and club. The team began as just wanting to provide a safe and warm place for teenagers and children to go to during dark and cold nights – or even when they have nothing else to do. Their management team are a group of open people who just want to create a nice atmosphere where people can come along and make friends and play a sport or

do something they are passionate about. For the future the team would like to expand the ground they have – hopefully building an indoor pitch so in the winter they don’t have to spend lots of money hiring places out to train in. As well as this, they would like an all-weather dome type structure; “So parents aren’t left out freezing.” Said Billy Wells - the club’s welfare officer and secretary. One of the proudest moments for the club was when they were broken into, as not long after the incident the local community came together and began donating to help the club and keep it running. “This was all thanks to the NCS group previous as they had allowed so many people to become aware of our youth centre and its aims. ”said Alec Brown Domanstown councillor. Explaining their badge in a fluent and almost poetical manner by Billy. “As everyone is aware, the steelworks are now closed and this is the image we chose to use on the badge of our football team. Despite this, it shows that people may be able to shut down the steelworks but they will never take the steel out of our teams.” From our interview with them, I could tell they were very passionate about what they do and that their aims are not to profit themselves but to profit the local community around them. The volunteers and team members come in whenever they can and are a huge part of the team and Billy himself said he would rather we made a promotional film including those unsung heroes – not just the well-known people behind the club. Keep a close look out for soon Dormanstonw JFC could be appearing on screen near you very soon.

Bob Binns Billy Wells Alec Brown Dormanstown JFC with NCS Students

HOPE a sanctuary for those who have none

Hope Animals Shelters Carol with NCS Students By the NCS students


onkeys ,Dogs ,Cats ,Lizards ,Snakes ,Pigeons ,Ponies ,Racoons ,Rats ,Seagulls ,Parrots even Llamas and a Porcupine. You don’t h ave to know what they are to love them or not at least for the people who run HOPE. Cliff Spedding, owner of H o p e s a n c t u a r y for animals, has loved and adored animals since the earl y a ge of 3, this passion for caring for anima ls had grown as he has. Mr Spedding has now owned Hope for more than 36 years! In these years he and fellow volunteers have taken in beaten, starved, bald, bitten and infected creatures that have been abused or left by their owners. Each and every one HOPE takes in and gives love and care that these animals have been missing throughout their lives. HOPE was named after a particular greyhound Mr Spedding took in with conditions horrifying enough to inspire the need for a sanctuary for all lost animals. That Greyhound was given the correct medical care to live a long and happy life with a family. It is this that inspires all of the volunteers at HOPE to keep on going and why you need to help them. HOPE gets all of their funding from donations and are always in need of more with constant expansions for the safety and enjoyment of the animals, such as the recently creation of a new open area for the dogs to run around. Additionally constant medical services are required such as tagging and antibiotics for kittens, puppies and other such new born as well as the neutering and care of previously abused animals so they can be relocated to a new home. With cases such as “Hope” the greyhound coming in every single day there is always need for you! After meeting with some of the volunteers from HOPE NCS students decided they needed to be a part of this amazing organisation. Looking at some of the skills they had learnt over the NCS project they decided that the best thing they could do was try and raise awareness of the sanctuary through a promotional film. The main aim for the film would be to raise awareness of the shelter. It is so important to keep supporting such charities, people give their time for the love of it, and get very little recognition apart from knowing the animals they care for are safe and happy. The alternative if HOPE animal sanctuary was not around would mean hundreds of animals been terminated rather than going on to loving forever homes. The film the NCS students are creating will soon be circulated and hopefully will increase not only knowledge of the hard work going on at HOPE but also gets people giving much needed donations to secure the sanctuary for years to come. If you have any donations you would like to give please get in touch through email on info@hopeanimalsanctuary.co.uk.

Coastal View & Moor News Issue 65 December - January 2015/16

Imagine You Can NCS Graduation Night Autumn 2015


Profile for Imagine You Can NCS

IYC NCS Times Issue 7  

IYC NCS Times Issue 7