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NCS Times - Voice of the Community

The importance of volunteering

By Megan Parsons


o l un te er i n g i s a ver y important thing in our lives and others as it can change your life a lot as well as the peopl e you are helping to volunteer. I’m an exampl e of this as for the past three years, I have helped the same pilgrim (Father Bryan) get a chance to see more things in life and to socialize with different people. My own personal experience is from Lourdes in France, I have been attending Lourdes for the past two years. When I am there I help out the elderly and the people who are sick or unable to do certain things. This gives them the chance to

go out shopping, or for a day out to The Pyrenees or The Lake, also even local things such as the volunteers going to the hospital where they stay for the week to socialize with them so they have some company. Whilst helping them out to socialize we also take them to many services including the whole Middlesbrough Diocese including the youth and church family. Volunteering can link towards the Social Action in NCS as i t c an h e l p youn g pe o pl e socialize with others. Through this, you’re able change not only their lives but your own life as also you are able to try new things and build up your confidence or face fears. For

example, if you are not great in communicating with new peopl e, volunteering gives you the chance to build up your confidence and improve this important skill. From volunteering you can witness peopl e’s lives ch ange just from the people who volunteer to help them, you may also ch ange the wa y you think about daily things and it also makes you take not as many things for granted, you realize how fortunate you actually are. So, if you are wanting to conquer any of your fears, build up your confidence or even want to do good deeds, volunteering is very important and worthwhile.

Volunteering: Improving skills and creating opportunities By Kathryn Harding


ne of the key principles of NCS is the ‘Social action’ as a way of enabling young people to interact and aid the community; however in many cases, NCS it isn’t the first instance where young people have had the opportunity to give back. “Personally I have volunteered outside of NCS, It was for a homeless charity nearby for six months. I found it reall y rewa rd i n g to p a r t i c i p a te because I knew I was making a difference. I’ll admit, sometimes I would wonder if it was really worth my time, but it always gave me such a great sense of accomplishment and it was so rewarding to know that it was a genuine worthwhile cause.” – George Hobley.

In my experience, I currently volunteer as a young leader in training for 3rd Marske Girl Guides. This happened through originally attending as a Guide in the unit for five years before being offered the opportunity to help organise activities and a ss i s t th e l e a der s i n any way possible. I find this experience enjoyable despite the fact I’ve onl y recentl y begun participating. I feel as if it’s important to volunteer in something you’re passionate about or interested in, as you’re more likely to be dedicated. Another benefit is th at it can provide opportunities to interact with different people you may not otherwise have spoken with, as well as gain better social skills. “I used to attend a Saturday

school but I reached a point where the y couldn’t reall y teach me anymore. That was when they said I could still attend but onl y if I helped out. At first I didn’t reall y want to, but when I started, it turned out to be really fun. Some of the things I would do was print out sheets to help children l earn, talk to the children and help them if I could. I think overall it was a good experience and really enjoyable.” – Aisha Nazir. These are only a few examples where NCS participants have volunteered outside of the programme. It just shows that NCS isn’t where volunteering stops, but has the potential to be something th at can be continued long after the programmes end.

The importance of NCS on the community By George Hopwood


s read by the website, “NCS brings together young people from different backgrounds and helps them develop greater confidence, self-awareness and responsibility”. NCS helps young people develop essential skills such as leadership and communication. I personally believe that NCS is a necessity for young people as it teaches them to use key skills in everyday life which will have a long-lasting impact on their future. One part of the NCS is the skills. Young people will learn to make CVs succeed in interviews and learn skills that employers will value. They can then implement these skills in their community when applying for jobs, volunteering and aiding in development work. However, that is only one part of the NCS. Another key part of the NCS is social action. This is where the young people will go out to make a difference in their community by developing or improving an area such as an allotment or park, perhaps even a fundraising event. The only requirement in this part is that it is sustainable, therefore lasting for many generations and having a positive impact on people’s lives. The NCS provides activities that many young people may never otherwise have the opportunity to do and overcome fears together with the support of others. Yet another ma jor part of the NCS is team building. Throughout the experience, the young person will work as part of one team to accomplish tasks and develop skills. This is a key part as it helps the person to realise that tasks are quicker as part of a team. It also helps them develop more skills while working within a team. Personally I believe that NCS is an important part of many communities as it provides a rare experience to young people, who can then pass on their newfound skills to others in their community and make a profound difference to the people around them.


NCS Times - Voice of the Community

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NCS Times - Voice of the Community

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