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Serving Christ through the Children of the Loyal Oaks Community Chapel Children’s Home, Despinos, Haiti FALL 2012

















We were blessed with two new family members this past month. Wilbensky Cherfrero and Wilnika Dani. Wilbenskey is eight years old. Wilnika is seven years old. They are brother and sister who were living with their mother in Port de Paix when she became ill and died. They were brought to their Uncle Claudine here in Croix des Bouquet but he was not able to provide

for them. Fitting in perfectly with our family, Wilnika and Wilbenskey are two very sweet children. Happy to have friends and go to church, they are looking for sponsors along with 19 of our other children who still need sponsorship. It is $30 per month for a 12 month commitment. If you are interested in sponsoring a child please email April Linard at

OUR STAFF MEMBER OF THE QUARTER- YPPOLENE PIERRE Yppolene came to live at the orphanage when she was 15 with one of her sisters, Katinia. Two more sisters, Elizabeth and Lourde, soon followed. In all, Yppolene has seven sisters and four brothers. Her mother passed away many

years ago. Her father is still living but she has not seen him and does not know where he is. At the age of 20 she was asked to start caring for two babies at the orphanage, Staley and Jamesly. This past year we asked Yppolene to come and work

fulltime at the team house. This was a very difficult decision because she would have to leave the boys at the orphanage who she has been mom to for the last four years. She decided that she would like to work at Continued on page 6 . . .


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WELCOME TO AMERICA, JEFF PIERRE HOSTETLER! BETH & CHRIS HOSTETELER, CANTON, OHIO After the earthquake, my husband Chris and I decided to go to Haiti to help out. While in the process of trying to find an organization to go with, my dad brought a newspaper to lunch featuring an article on Melissa and Park Christian Church’s involvement with the orphanage in Haiti. Park Christian Church was my childhood church. My parents were married in that church and my mom’s funeral was at that church, so Park will always hold a big place in my heart. I immediately knew we should plan a trip with the church. We were originally part of a large group going to Haiti in June 2010. Two weeks before the trip, I hurt my back, so we had to cancel. I think God works in mysterious ways because I really feel that if we went as part of a large group we may not have ended up adopting Jeff. Chris and I rescheduled our trip for the only other vacation time we had left, which was in October 2010. I distinctly remember Melissa asking if we would be interested in adopting on our first day in Haiti. I said “No way. We are just here to help for a week.” The next day

I said, “How would you ever pick a child? They are all such wonderful children.” By the end of the week, we feel Jeff picked us. I would have never believed it if someone would have told me that we would adopt a teenager. God had a plan for all of us and we listened. Jeff Pierre Hostetler officially became a citizen of the United States on September 12th, 2012. He spent his first full day in the United States at Disney World. Jeff especially enjoyed the Buzz Lightyear ride and meeting Buzz. Before Jeff started school, we went on several day trips. Jeff really enjoyed the zoo, aquarium and natural history museum. He is not a fan of ice skating. Jeff’s English has improved dramatically in the last couple months. He is pretty fluent already. It is really amazing. Jeff is playing soccer (football) for Perry U14. He has scored numerous goals in games. Jeff really enjoys riding his bicycle and going to 3D movies. He is excelling at school and all the teachers are impressed with how fast he is learning and how he fits right in with all the other students. On his first re-

port card he received all A’s and B’s plus wonderful comments from all of his teachers.

Any Fundraising ideas, please email Beth and Chris

We would like to thank Hostetler: everyone for the prayers. We could not be more bethandproud of how Jeff is chrishostetler adapting. He studies really hard and is making the most of all the opportunities available to him in We’re on the Web! the United States. www.imaginemissions. Please continue to keep com Jeff in your prayers and all the other families who are Contributions may be in the process of adoptmailed to: ing. Imagine Missions Thank you, c/o Park Christian Beth and Chris 236 Miller Ave. Hostetler Dennison, OH 44621


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WALT & CONNIE’S CORNER We arrived in Haiti on September 29, 2012, after spending two weeks in North Carolina at Medical Missionary Intensive training. Praise God for Melissa and Rosel being patient as our flight encountered bad weather and was four hours late arriving. That is not how we wanted to see the Dominican Republic! It was great to see them and to walk into the orphanage and see the children that we had missed so much. This has been a very quick transition and we would like to thank everyone who played a part in sending and welcoming us into this mission. We want to give God all the glory for the privilege to serve Him.

lip. It is all healed and you can barely see where it was injured. Praise the Lord! The children meet us daily when we arrive with varying needs of minor medical treatment. Since the weather is turning “cold” there are a lot of runny hoses and coughing. First aid and bandaids are daily needs. A few antibiotics have been needed. We are in the process of getting Staley ready for a hernia repair. If should happen around November 13th. Please pray for his surgery and speedy recovery.

Work has begun on the clinic by rearranging and cleaning. Walt tore out a section of a wall, which opened up a second room for use. We are waiting on funding to renovate the clinic We have jumped in with into a more useful space. Iniboth feet, even in the mud after tially, to have the clinic ready to Hurricane Sandy! We are busy be put into service we need to learning Creole. We have a tutor install a ceiling, windows, tile on two days a week. They tell us the concrete flooring, replace or that soon we will be conversrepair doors, repair concrete ing. Let’s just say that we feel and paint the walls. Most of this that we have a long way to is needed to seal out the rodents go. We are enjoying being part and insects. Water also needs to of the team and we have a be ran. Supplies are the weekly planning meeting to next need: medication and keep communication open. equipment. I have applied to Our first full day here we Missionary Flights International as were called to the orphanage at a way to get supplies in, the cost about 8:30 pm because John $180 per year. Once that is paid, Francois hurt his lip. I was not poundage is charged on whatprepared for the extent of the ever is sent. They occasionally injury. He hit his lip on another have donated supplies too. I am boy’s head and split his upper lip also going to apply to Blessings nearly all the way through. We International and Christian Aid have no supplies to care for this Ministry for reduced cost medi(plus thankfully I didn’t have to cations. Many people are workdo my first stitching on a child’s ing very hard to get our apartface). We took him to a friend’s ment built. We now have house that runs a local clinic and walls. This week they will start on she placed four stitches in his

the roof. We are very thankful for the hard work and dedication. It is not quite as automated as in the U.S. Walt is working hard with the Canadian team on the project of drainage and landscaping of the orphanage. It is proving more difficult than was initially thought because of the high water table and soft ground. The boy’s section of the Transition House is nearly to a point that they can move in. The tile is in the process of being laid. Water, sewer, plumbing and electricity remain to be done. We are looking forward to our role in the lives of the older children. The girl’s section will begin as soon as the funding is provided. We are looking forward to all the teams that are scheduled to arrive. It began this week and will continue through January. Thanks to everyone for your prayers. In His Service,

Connie & Walt Eck


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MELISSA’S MEMORANDUM family. Mom and baby

drains in the back of the


are going great.

orphanage in a drain

Walt and

October. Three months

field. All great improve-


was a long time to be

ments and Shean plans


away from my kids.

to be back in March or

ment is

April to continue the


work. Thanks to Shean!


It was so great arriving back home in

Back to school time was near when I


arrived home. The kids were making uniforms

They will be pouring the

November has

roof this week. Walt

and Pascal was buying

been very busy. Our

books, shoes, undergar-

friends from Canada

ments and all the items

arrived. Shean headed

kids need to start

up the grounds work.

school. We have 34 stu-

although things did not

dents going out to sec-

go exactly as he would

ondary school. We still

have hoped, they did

with Dr. Blair and Barb

have 12 students that

get a lot done. The

doing clinics. Dr Blair

need sponsored. It is

ground in the back is

and Barb were very

$500 for one year and if

very soft. The backhoe

happy with the health

you would be willing to

got buried two times

of our children after one

sponsor a student,

and the dump truck,

year. They were so en-

to be done but we

please email me. It is

once. In total we

couraged to see the

keep praying and mov-

very import to have all

growth and weight gain

ing ahead with what

of these student spon-

they showed.

God has been blessing

and Connie are getting very excited to be in and start the ministry with our young adults. Connie worked

There is still much

us with.

sored by January.

We are looking forward to a great holiday season with lots of “family” visiting to share brought in about 150 In October we also had the arrival of a new baby. Louinege and Elimene welcomed baby girl Lori into their

truck loads of dirt and gravel and 50 loads of nice smooth gravel. They ran pipe underground and closed up the canal that now

this time with us. I am so Work on the

grateful for everyone’s

Transition House contin-

continued prayers and

ues. Tiling is almost done

support. We could not

in the bathrooms and

do it without you!

sleeping area for the



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I had several amazing

somewhere to find un-

opportunities: I went to

conditional love? My

three other orphanages

son Adam & I just had

that Melissa had ar-

such an opportunity.

ranged for Dr. Blair to

We visited a very spe-

have clinics, I ministered

cial orphanage in Haiti

to prisoners and I was

with so many won-

and from the moment

invited on a very special

derful people who

we arrived until we said

visit to a Haitian home

were selfless and

our goodbyes we were

to meet the parents of a

giving with their time

the team house and

amazed at the un-

fine young man who

and themselves to help

bonding with Melissa

abashed affection.

called me Mom from

those children have a

and the people we

From the moment

the moment I met him.

better life. Walter and

worked with everyday

Melissa picked us up at

Adam worked on a

Connie are two of these

gave us a real sense of

the airport and the

road and sewer project

people who have given

extended family in a

gates opened at the

at the orphanage or-

themselves over to God

very short time. We ex-

orphanage we were

ganized by some other

and those children and

perienced the true

fully embraced with

wonderful missionaries.

we would like to thank

meaning of “Family”!!!!

love and acceptance.

We met and worked

them for that. Staying at



We have initiated a new sponsorship program to

Connie Eck would like to initiate a daily vitamin

provide the daily essentials that our children need

program for our children. This would take 120 vita-

such as food, medical attention, school, staff to

mins per day. The problem is: she can’t buy

care for them and items for everyday living. For ex-

these in Haiti!!! If anyone is traveling to visit us and

ample: hygiene items and diesel fuel for the gen-

you would like to support this could you please

erators. We are looking for 500 people who will

put some in your suitcase (not the gummies, they

commit to $20 a month for two years. We hope

melt). Sam’s club sells Kirkland brand children’s

and pray that we will have 500 members by Janu-

multivitamins that have everything necessary in-

ary, 2013. If you are interested in joining the Essen-

cluding the iodine. For the

tials Club, we have envelopes that we will send you

girls age 12 and older they

for your monthly donation. Please contact April

need a multivitamin plus

Linard at to join and she will

iron. The boys over 12 need

mail your envelopes to you. Please invite and en-

an adult vitamin. Thank

courage your family and friends to join this club.

you in advance for your help.


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YPPOLENE, CONTINUED FROM PAGE ONE the team house but goes daily to see the boys. Yppolene also really wanted to finish her education so last year she started back to school. She is a very dedicated to her studies and will stay up till ten or eleven at night studying. She has one year of school left. She would like to be a pediatric nurse because


she says she wants to take care of babies. Yppolene is very dedicated to her ministry at church. She teaches Sunday school to the little kids and leads worship. She has even preached a few sermons. Yppolene would like to say thank you for all the possibilities that you have given her and she is praying for all of you daily.

Melissa Young: Cell: 330.340.4921 Haiti phone: 001.509.3170.7667 Park Christian Church: 740.922.4118 236 Miller Ave., Dennison, OH 44621

SHIPMENT UPDATE BY NATHAN DOUGLAS, DENNISON, OHIO In the very early morning hours of Monday, October 8, two trucks pulled out of a warehouse in Dennison, Ohio that contained nearly 13,000 pounds of supplies for the orphanage. Each of the gassed up trucks and their trailers successfully made the nearly seven hour trip to Ephrata, Pennsylvania, the home of Christian Aid Ministries, our shipper. The works and sacrifices made by all were nothing short of the hands of God working in this mission. A huge thank you goes to those who generously donated funds to pay for a large portion of the shipment; those who spent countless hours gathering, boxing and inventorying supplies; and to the crew who at literally a moment’s notice, made plans to transport the shipment from Park Christian Church to the Laurel Warehouse and hung in there until the last pallet was securely wrapped and ready to be loaded. Thanks to Laurel Grocery and Frank Golec for the use of the warehouse as a staging area that allowed us to

keep the pallets secured over the weekend. A special thank you is given to the Iowa crew for your donations of funds and supplies and to Denny Hicks, and Mark and Sherri Evans who made the trip over and back with their vehicles. In an attempt to not forget anyone, if you helped or contributed in any way, thank you. Your generosity did not go unnoticed. By the time you all read this, the shipment should have arrived at port and all of the items should be safely secured at the children’s home. Additionally, we are more than happy to send team project supplies and equipment as part of any shipment but we do ask that those teams pay for the shipping costs associated with those supplies. If you have any questions about this please feel free to contact me. Lastly, our next shipment will focus primarily on food products and less clothing or other supplies. Our food depot is on a week to week basis and what

food was sent down will last only a few weeks. More information will be given soon but rather than collect food and pay for all the extra travel and fuel expenses, we will likely be doing a couple of special fundraisers to purchase food in bulk from our wholesale provider. We look forward to working alongside all of you in the future and are always looking for more hands during packing sessions. On behalf of the shipment team; thank you all!!!! In Christian Love,



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HAITI SUMMIT UPDATE BY JULIE CRAINSHAW, OLATHE, KANSAS In September I was privileged to participate in the first-ever Haiti Summit. Melissa planned the event to bring together many folks from around the country who have supported the orphanage since Imagine Missions took over. The Summit was held at Park Christian Church in Dennison, Ohio. About 30 people attended, each of them passionate about improving life for the children of the orphanage and the surrounding community.

their way to Haiti. Another special moment was when we all prayed for Walt and Connie as they left to make final preparations before moving to Haiti. Saturday wrapped up with another delicious dinner and worship service.

The image I carried home Sunday was one of our Heavenly Father weaving a beautiful tapestry. He is weaving together the time and talents of scores of faithful people in order to accomplish His purposes in Haiti. It amazes me how when we are Friday evening’s each faithful to do the agenda included fellowship, dinner and wor- little bits He calls us to ship. Saturday was filled do, He weaves those bits into something so with wonderful reports much bigger than the of projects completed sum of our individual from January through August 2012, such as the efforts. I am deeply shelter house, picnic ta- humbled by the level of commitment and the bles, playground, garden and chicken coop. tender, obedient hearts God has tapped for serMelissa also shared upvice to the “least of dates about the propthese” in Haiti. Make erty, adoption process, plans now to attend the food and clothing second annual Haiti needs, transition house Summit, which will be and future plans. We held September 6-8, took a break in the af2013. Everyone has a ternoon to pack donapart to play and I can tions for the next shipassure you, you will ment of food and supplies. I was so moved by come away blessed to the spirit of teamwork have been there. and by the piles of Christmas gifts that would soon be making


Nov 20 - 27: Bolivar Wesleyan Church (Guys) Dec 1 - 8: Heartland Vineyard Church of Cedar Falls, Iowa Dec 22 - 29: Kevin, Wendy and Tori Whiddonfour Dec 23 - 31: Thomas Watt and Amber Beading Dec 26 - 30: Vineyard of Augusta, GA Youth Team Jan 5 - 12: Vineyard of Augusta, GA Adult Team Jan 9 - 18: Scot & Audrey Caley Jan 17 - 24: Harlem Rd United Methodist Mar 9 - 23: Heartland Vineyard Church of Cedar Falls, Iowa Mar 23 - Apr 1: Bolivar Wesleyan Church (Ladies) May - June: Travis Surreal Johnson University Internship May 21-30: Galilee Christian Youth June 7-17: Bolivar Wesleyan TWAN Team June 17-24: Bre Sholtz Team


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“The stockings were hung by the chimney with care, in hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there….” Well, I’m not sure about the stockings or the chimney, but I DO know the kids at the Children’s Home in Haiti are hoping that St. Nicholas soon will be there . . . and thanks to almost one hundred “angels” across the United States, they won’t be disappointed! Last July, sponsors and volunteers shopped for each child and sent all the gifts to me in Ohio so that they could be sorted and packed up prior to the Haiti Summit in September. At the Summit, members of mission teams who planned to go to Haiti between then and December 25th volunteered to carry duffle bags of toys with them . . . NINETEEN duffle bags in all. What generous sponsors and volunteers we have! In addition to the gifts for all the kids, the sponsors and volunteers also collectively

donated over $3,000 in cash that will be used as gifts for all the staff. On Christmas day, “our” kids will each receive one new outfit, complete with shoes, and other fun stuff. The gifts were packed into a brightly colored draw-string backpack. The backpack has written on it, in Creole, “Jesus is the light of the world”. In January, I and a team from my church will be going down to ensure that each child writes a thank-you note to his/her sponsor. We hope to be able to include a picture with each thank-you note.

Thank you and God bless each of you who could help this year!


Imagine Missions Newsletter  

What's been happening with the orphanage at Croix de Bouquets Haiti

Imagine Missions Newsletter  

What's been happening with the orphanage at Croix de Bouquets Haiti