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Understanding Montessori By Munir Shivji As the head of an authentic Montessori school, I am frequently asked, “Why is there so much variation from one school to another? How can I know if I’ve found a ‘real’ Montessori school?” The word “Montessori” is in the public domain. This means that anyone can use the term, without legal restrictions. It also means that a wide range of schools exist that call themselves Montessori. It’s therefore imperative for parents to do research before beginning the search for a Montessori program, so that they can recognize the essential characteristics of the philosophy and practice. Choosing an authentic Montessori program for your child will be the ultimate gift that will truly last a lifetime. When visiting Montessori schools, first notice if the class includes mixed-aged students. A classroom with a range of ages (usually about three years, for example, ages 2.5 to 6 or 6 to 9) is a fundamental characteristic of Montessori. A group with children of varying ages generates a cooperative mentality in which older children spontaneously share their knowledge with younger children. You will also want to look at the classroom set-up. Montessori classrooms are homelike, equipped with a full array of hands-on Montessori materials, teacher-made materials, and up-to-date learning equipment for each stage of development (see figure 1). The focus of activity in the Montessori setting is on the children’s learning, not on the teachers’ teaching. The environment is designed to meet the individual needs, interests, abilities, and development of the children. Students rarely learn from workbooks, worksheets or color-in sheets. In almost all cases, direct, personal, hands06

on contact with real things, multi-sensory “manipulatives,” and concrete models allow children to gain a much deeper understanding of abstract concepts. True Montessori environments encourage children to move about freely, within reasonable limits of appropriate behavior. Current brain research shows us that real learning occurs when the hand is in use, the learner feels happy and safe, and movement is involved. When children are allowed to choose their own activities, they are more interested in and engaged by the classroom environment. In an authentic Montessori classroom, you will perceive an atmosphere of peacefulness and joy. Montessori philosophy emphasizes that the real work of learning belongs to the individual child. The teacher recognizes that her role is not so much to teach as it is to observe and facilitate the learning process (see figure 2). Children learn in many different ways and at their own pace. Trained Montessori teachers understand that they must “follow the child,” adjusting their strategies and timetable to fit the needs and interests of each child as a unique individual. Remember, the Montessori teacher creates a learning environment where children feel safe, cherished, loved, and empowered. She works to ensure that each child reaches his full potential as a human being.

Finally, ask about a school’s professional affiliations. I recommend looking for a school that belongs either to the American Montessori Society, which requires members to agree to comply with a Code of Ethics and offers opportunities for accreditation as well as different membership levels (dependent on the number of appropriately

credentialed teachers in each classroom), or to the Association Montessori Internationale, which also has membership levels. You will also want to know about the teachers’ Montessori credentials: both the level for which they were issued, such as Infant & Toddler or Early Childhood, and the accrediting body. Be especially impressed if the accrediting body is the Montessori Accreditation Council for Teacher Education (MACTE)—it is recognized as an international standard-setter of the highest level of excellence.

I believe that each child is born to be a learner, and that the full potential of each child is realized only through an ordered, planned, prepared and nurturing environment. Authentic Montessori programs are places where children’s physical, intellectual, social, and spiritual needs are met. A Montessori education will transform your child into a lifelong learner -- it is truly education for life.

(figure 1) This early childhood classroom is rich with specially-designed Montessori learning materials.

(figure 2) Gently guided by his teacher, this student is using a “dressing frame” to learn how to button.

Munir Shivji is head of The Innovative School and executive director of The Institute of Montessori Education, both in Houston, TX. He manages the Texas Montessori Administrators Network Committee and serves on various national committees for the American Montessori Society. 07

My Health

Is your child a Thumb-Sucker? You should not be concerned about thumbsucking until your child is six years old; however, if your child continues to suck his/ her thumb, this issue will need to be addressed. Did you know that thumb-sucking could affect the jaw bone? Jaw bones of children under eight years of age are especially soft and malleable. Thumbs and fingers can move teeth and shape the bone. Continuous and forceful thumb-sucking makes the front teeth move and reshape the jaw bone. This causes the front teeth to flare out and tip upward and the lower front teeth to move inward. This, in turn, creates an “open bite”, which can result in speech abnormalities, chewing difficulties, poor tongue placement and an unattractive smile, if not addressed. Thumb-sucking may also cause your child’s teeth to become misaligned, causing a malocclusion. Tongue thrusting is usually an outcome of a thumb-sucking habit, as well. It is very important to break this habit before permanent teeth come in. This will allow the teeth to erupt properly and the open bite will disappear. As a parent, you want what is best for your child. Together we can help your child dispel his/her thumbsucking and tongue thrusting habits. Your orthodontist can accomplish this through the placement of a “Habit” or “Crib” appliance. The purpose of the habit appliance is to reprogram the tongue’s posture during swallowing and create a physical barrier between the thumb and the teeth. The habit appliance is temporarily placed in your child’s mouth for approximately 6-10 months. Thumb-sucking is one of the many reasons why the American Association of Orthodontists and I recommend that your child’s first orthodontic check-up be no later than 08

Dr. Vladimir Tabakman

seven years of age. The goals of orthodontic treatment are a good functional bite, and straight teeth with properly aligned jaws and tooth positioning. Many orthodontic problems are easier to correct if they are found early. It is important to prevent a potential problem from developing, intercept a developing problem, and guide the growth of the jaw bones. Below is an actual patient who was treated in our office for her thumb-sucking habit with a “Habit” or “Crib” appliance. I look forward to having you in my practice, Dr. Vladimir Tabakman, DDS, MS West Houston Orthodontics 1510 Eldridge Pkwy, Ste 114 281.752.4222

Katrina Before

Katrina After 09

My Health

Dogi Shoes

Expert tips for your child’s little feet! Baby foot care

Baby walk is part of normal development. Although not all babies start walking at the same age, children learn to walk when they are between 12 and 18 months old. When lying on their stomachs, babies use their arms to push themselves up. They do many activities such as crawl and sit up and they will gradually try to stand. It is important that babies wear shoes that allow feet to develop naturally. Walking barefoot develops muscular strength and good toe gripping; hence, keeping a child without shoes in dry or warm places is a good idea. Shoes should have good support at the front and back of the feet. Baby shoes shouldn’t have heels; they have to be securely fastened to the feet, flexible, and lightweight.


· Being barefoot is good for babies if they are in a dry, warm place.

· Baby shoes must prevent slipping · · ·


while running, standing or walking on tile or wood floors. Baby shoes should be made of breathable materials such as textiles or leather, never plastic. Baby shoes must be easy to care. Shoes shouldn’t be too tight; you should be able to put them on and take them off easily. If they are too tight, they can cause foot malformation. Shoes usually need to be replaced after three or four months due to fast feet growth at early ages.

My Health

Who is a healthy child? 1. A child who doesn’t have cavities in the primary teeth. A child with dental cavities may be in pain and is unable to focus at school. He/she has more bacteria in their mouth, which may cause infections in other tissues or organs. He/she has an increased risk of dental cavities in permanent teeth. 2. A child whose permanent molars have erupted and are sealed. The average age for the first permanent molars to erupt is 6 years old. It has been shown that sealing the chewing surface of the recently erupted molars reduces dental cavities in these teeth in up to 75%. 3. A child with healthy gums and other soft tissues. Gums and other soft tissue in the child’s mouth must be light pink, with a thin contour around the teeth. Gums must not bleed when brushing the teeth.

By Elsa Alfonzo-Echeverri, DDS

5. A child with a symmetrical bite and an adequate temporomandibular articulation. It has been shown that the temporomandibular articulation doesn’t develop properly in children with bite problems (upper arch teeth don’t fit well with lower arch teeth.)

6. A child with a symmetrical face where the upper maxilla and the lower maxilla grow in harmony. Crossbites don’t allow face bones to grow symmetrically; therefore, the face is asymmetrical. Children do care about their look; it is an important factor in their selfesteem and wellbeing. 7. A child who can make sounds correctly.

4. A child who can breathe through the nose with adequate oxygenation. Children must be able to breathe freely through the nose. Those who breathe through the mouth have dry lips, don’t sleep well, snore, and have red and inflamed gums.

For children to speak correctly, the tongue needs to move without restrictions. In some cases, the tongue is too close to the floor of the mouth and in other cases open bites don’t allow children to correctly pronounce certain words or sounds. 8. A child with fresh breath. Dental cavities, gum disease, and a tongue that hasn’t been brushed may cause bad breath.

12 13

Activities 6-8 April Easter Weekend - Decorate Easter egg cookies, visit with the Easter Bunny & try our Bunny Hop egg hunt for kids (8 and under). Kemah Boardwalk 215 Kipp Ave Kemah, TX 77565 877-AT-KEMAH (877-285-3624) April 11, 2012 - Sunday, April 15, 2012 Disney on Ice presents Dare to Dream Get tangled up in the newest thrilling show to hit the ice, Disney on Ice presents Dare to Dream. All your favorite princesses take to the ice in a spectacular finale at the ultimate Disney Princess event of a lifetime! Reliant Stadium Houston, TX 77054 14 April Imagine Kids Magazine Spring Party 2012 Free Fun, Music, magic, color, laughter and lots of family activities. More Information Discovery Green Conservancy 1500 McKinney Houston, TX 77010 12:00pm - 6:00pm April 14, 10:00 - 4:00 TeenBookCon - 25+ authors for young adults all in one place! For more information, visit Blue Willow BookShop 14

14532 Memorial Dr - Houston. Texas For more information please visit April 18, 7:00 pm 5 Fabulous Authors for Kids: • Michael Northrop: PLUNKED • Sarah Mylnowski: WHATEVER AFTER • Jennifer A. Nielson: THE FALSE PRINCE • Chris D’Lacey: THE FIRE ASCENDING • Augusta Scattergood: GLORY BE Blue Willow BookShop 14532 Memorial Dr - Houston. Texas For more information please visit April 21, 3:00 pm Lauren Conrad Blue Willow BookShop 14532 Memorial Dr - Houston. Texas For more information please visit 21st April Zoologist for a Day Downtown Aquarium 410 Bagby St @ Memorial Dr. Houston, TX 77002 713-223-FISH (3474) Main Line 22nd April Party for the Planet - Join us for our Earth Day Celebration! Downtown Aquarium 410 Bagby St @ Memorial Dr. Houston, TX 77002 713-223-FISH (3474) Main Line

April 26, 5:00 pm Peter Lerangis, one of the authors of The 39 Clues, signs his new novel for children Blue Willow BookShop 14532 Memorial Dr - Houston. Texas For more information please visit 22 April -1:00pm - 4:00pm Sunday Family Zone & Studio Museum of Fine Arts Houston Apr 29 2012 12:00 PM to 6:00 PM CDT Day of the Child Celebration Children’s Museum of Houston 1500 Binz Houston TX 77004 US Phone: (713) 522-1138 April 30, 5:00 pm Trenton Lee Stewart, Author of The Mysterious Benedict Society, signs his new novel for children. Blue Willow BookShop 14532 Memorial Dr - Houston. Texas For more information please visit May 2, 5:00 pm Herman Parrish, author of Amelia Bedelia series, signs his new book Blue Willow BookShop 14532 Memorial Dr - Houston. Texas For more information please visit May 3, 3 p.m. Don’t forget the FREE Cinco de Mayo festivities Sunday, The annual celebration features mariachis, folkloric dances, and more. Miller Outdoor Theatre, 100 Concert Drive in Hermann Park, 281.373.3386 May 2, from 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Check out the Houston Dragon Boat Festival on This FREE, 9th annual event features 30 teams racing in dragon boats. The festival is held at the Fluor Daniel campus in Sugar Land,Sponsored by the Texas Dragon Boat Association, 281.381.7154 May 5 June 3 At Holly Woods Boutique join us for a tea

party, $25 p/ Child includes refreshments, tutu, tiara and wings. Reservations are required. Calliope Center. 14520 Memorial Dr. Suite 110 ( located inside Rose of Texas) ph. 832-594-2820 May 6, 2012 Dynamo Charities Go For Goal 5K presented by Fiber One & Dynamo Diesel’s Kids Fun Run goforgoal May 7, 5:00 pm Sarah Pennypacker, author of the Clementine series, signs her new novel for children. Blue Willow BookShop 14532 Memorial Dr - Houston. Texas For more information please visit May 8 Story time with Wiggles the puppet Story time with puppet for pre-kindergarden kids - prepare young kids for school, also provided free face and/or handpainting, free balloon animals. Please visit: For more detailed info as well as “Story Gallery.” Also visit Wendy’s - 6670 Woodlands Parkway, The Woodlands, Texas 77382 May 19th and Every Sunday Lakeshore Learning Center FREE Crafts & Activities Every Saturday from 11am – 3pm Lakeshore Learning Store offers FREE craft activities for kids ages 3 and up at all of our locations! Please visit FreeCrafts4Kids for more information. Lakeshore Learning Center - 2405 Post Oak Blvd. Houston, TX 77056 June 25-29 ( Ages 4-5) June 18-22 ( Ages 6-11) June 25-29 ( Ages 12-15) Drama Kids Camp Schedule The Holly Apostles Church 1225, W Grand Pkwy. S Katy 77494. Register online at ph. 281-829-2287 15

My School

The importance of pedagogical values in schools According to Gandhi (2000), “Before teaching kids to read, we must teach them to love and make their imagination flourish.” For all those involved in the teaching-learning process at school, joining their students in the assimilation and learning of virtues or values is an important mission. Patience is key. We cannot prepare students to build their dream world in the future if we don’t believe in them. It is then when teachers accomplish their aspiration: make their imagination flourish to achieve creative expression and knowledge, working toward an integral education to become a whole human being.


Values instilled and reinforced in a timely manner, contribute to the consciousness, growth, education and development of the person. Hence lessons, teaching strategies, resources, activities and dynamics should be proposed to create spaces to reflect, act and compromise in the classrooms. Teachers must abandon the role of instructors who only transmit knowledge and take the role of strategists who create learning situations. Teachers must guide the students process of building knowledge. For that, they must be involved not only with the curriculum –which is important- but also with the knowledgebuilding process, with the development of skill to be used with the ability to create new relationships, and new knowledge from the knowledge acquired. In education, we cannot be effective without being also affective. Caring for the students means, among other things, to believe in them, to have positive expectations about their possibilities, try to make them feel happy in the classroom, and respect each student learning style. 17


Thousand-Shapes Balloons Supplies: • Balloons • Wheat flour • Wiggly eyes • Scissors • Indelible ink markers • Cool silicone • Funnel • Wood stick


Directions: Choose a balloon in your favorite color. Insert the funnel in the tip of the balloon and pour enough flour inside. Using the wood stick, carefully squeeze the balloon to get rid of the air. When you are done with the flour, tie a knot in your balloon, cut the excess latex from the knot, and decorate your balloon with wiggly eyes and markers. 19


Fun Easter Supplies: • Foam in different colors: for the body, arms, legs and nose. • Plastic cup • Scissors • Glue gun • Black Marker


Directions: Cut a sheet of any color foam into 1.5-inch wide strips. Cut the legs. Glue several of these strips around the plastic cup. Cut foam of different colors to make the nose, arms, and carrot so your rabbit looks very real; glue them with the glue gun. This fun rabbit can be used as a pencil holder or as storage in your bedroom or study. 21

FUN Games for Road Trips If your child refuses to travel by car for long hours, it might be because he ends up bored. Following are some option for family games: 1. I see… In this game you need to watch outside the car window and say a random color. For example, if you see something yellow, say “yellow” and all the others need to find out at what you were looking. Whoever guesses, plays next. 2. Who is this character? This is a well-known game. One of the players thinks of a famous person, in this case you will use a children’s character, let’s say Mickey Mouse, Barney or Peter Pan. The other players may ask up to 20 questions in order to find out who the character is, but the only answers allowed are “yes” or “no”. Whoever comes up with the correct answer wins the game. 3. The family in the next car. It’s all about making up a story about the people traveling in the car closest to yours. Each fictitious statement has to be connected to the previous one for the story to make sense. 4. Word game. You choose a subject, for example, the house. What’s in there? Multiple things, right? One of the players begins by saying one of those things, like “pot”, the next player picks the last letter of that word and lists another item, like “tub”. Whoever repeats an object loses. 22


Chocolate spoons to prepare with children This is a perfect recipe to make with children at birthday parties, children’s parties, or simply for a fun moment any time of the year.

Ingredients: This chocolate recipe is very easy to prepare and we are sure that what kids will enjoy more is decorating their spoons with sprinkles, and other toppings.

• White or milk chocolate tablet • Plastic spoons • Candies and sprinkles

Preparation: • Melt chocolate in a double boiler • When the chocolate is melted, pour i in the spoons • While the chocolate is still hot, decorate the spoons with candies that you like. • Once decorated, put the spoons in the refrigerator to cool the chocolate. Be careful not to spill the chocolate. . Now the fun part is when the cold chocolate melts in our mouths! 23

My Party

Katelyn Smith, Emma McIntire, and Faye Gilmore eating pizza and chicken nuggets

irthday r 2nd B e h g n ati ith Celebr yn Sm


Emma McIntire being spun in the parachute

Katelyn Smith making a parachute tent

Surya Tran on the side

Location: Gymboree Play & Music Theme: Sesame Street Activities: A Gymboree Play Leader guided the fun on Gymboree’s unique and creative play equipment. The party included music, singing, parachute time, bubbles, and so much more! 24

Bubble time! (Surya Tran, Austin & Faye Gilmore, and Emma McIntire) 25

My Party

Coach Angela and Olivia giving instructions

thday 6th Bir r e h g atin Celebr Thorn


Coach Angela and Olivia in the pit

Alexis, Olivia, Penny and Darian

Olivia Hanging Around

Place: Cypress Academy of Gymnastics Cake : Beautiful pink birthday cake, and many colorful cupcakes Activities: Jumping on trampolines, climbing, and swinging on ropes, balance beam, etc.

Birthday Cake 27

My Party

thday 3th Bir r e h g e atin Celebr n Hack


Raelee relaxing


Grandma Albie, Aunt Julie, Granny, Raelee, Corbyn , Kendall, Grandpa Donald, Grandma Danna, George, Mom Shannon, Aunt Meagan, Grandma Lisa, Great Grandma Carol, and Grandpa George.

Theme : Dora the Explorer Location: Pattison Area Volunteer Fire Department Activities: Playing games, Put Dora’s bracelet on her wrist, bouncing balls, blowing bubbles


Raelee saying “Can I open these yet?” 29

My Party

Mindy and Haley on the Catwalk

irthday r 2nd B e h g ensuk n ati B y e l Celebr a H



Building a Custom Tutu

Girls striking a pose on the runaway

Girls striking a pose on the runaway

Location: Holly Woods Boutique Activities: Building a custom Tutu, make up time, catwalk time, dressing up and lot of fun The Beautiful Cake, congratulations!!



Marianela Cañizales Marianela Cañizales, conocida cariñosamente como Nana, es una venezolana emprendedora y negociante por vocación, Licenciada en Administración que se inicia en el ramo de eventos con una pequeña pero exclusiva empresa de festejos llamada “Agasajos” en su país natal Venezuela. Agasajos prestaba servicios de alquiler de mobiliario para fiestas de adultos y para niños con Agasajos Kids, servicios de mobiliario y atracciones para los más pequeños. Al residenciarse en Houston decide continuar en su faceta de eventos y comienza con KATY PARTY KIDS, renta de mobiliario infantil para niños de hasta 5 añitos de edad, brindando su acostumbrada calidad y servicio. A medida que KATY PARTY KIDS se daba a conocer fue aumentando cada vez más la demanda de servicios de repostería, tortas, gelatinas y cupcakes con motivos infantiles o de las fiestas de cumpleaños, por lo que decide incursionar en este ramo y especializarse en las famosas gelatinas en capas de colores con la imagen del motivo de la fiesta.


Marianela amplía sus servicios con Dulces Delicias de Nana, ofreciendo unos exquisitos Postres Fríos de Guanábana, Parchita, Marquesa de Chocolate, Gelatina de Guayaba, que vienen en bandejas medianas o grandes y en mini Shots para las reuniones y fiestas. También en temporada navideña deleita a sus clientes con la famosa Torta de Navidad en tamaño mini, excelente para un detalle de regalo y para lo no tan dulce, los famosos Sanduchones Venezolanos, de Pollo y Atún finamente decorados. DULCES DELICIAS deleita los paladares más exigentes desde el año 2010, caracterizándose por ofrecer siempre novedad, calidad y servicio en una amplia variedad de postres y dulcería tradicional venezolana y entre sus proyectos a futuro está consolidarse en un cómodo espacio o local comercial para deleitar con sus postres de forma amena y en un ambiente de tertulia agradable. Email:, Facebook Katy Party Kids 33

En Familia

¡A jugar en familia!

Jugar en familia es la mejor manera de reforzar las relaciones entre los miembros del hogar. A través del juego expresamos emociones, sentimientos, afecto y fortalecemos los lazos de unión entre las personas que participan.Compartir y jugar con los hijos, por lo menos en un momento del día, es útil para favorecer la comunicación familiar; no es la cantidad de tiempo que se les brinde, sino la calidad de estos. Observando a nuestros niños jugar, podremos conocer sus habilidades, gustos, preferencias, capacidades y sentimientos. Beneficios de jugar en familia: •El juego nos relaja, hace sentirnos libres, auténticos y espontáneos. •Favorece el encuentro, la unión familiar, la comunicación, la confianza y el afecto entre los miembros de la familia. •Ayuda construir una relación familiar sólida y duradera. •Desarrollamos la autoestima de nuestros hijos, ya que sentirán que como padres dedicamos tiempo para divertirnos juntos. ¿Qué actividades o juegos se pueden realizar en familia? Cualquier tipo de juego que le guste al niño, lo importante es que ambos disfruten de compartir el momento. Por ejemplo: 34

• Aprovechando el baño del niño, podemos jugar con él soplando burbujas y cantando juntos melodías. • Podemos jugar a las escondidas y abrazarlo cuando nos encuentre. • Cuando los niños jueguen con carritos, muñecas o la cocinita, participemos del juego y seamos como un niño más. • Jugar con disfraces, máscaras o a través de muñecos, para estimular la imaginación y la expresión de sentimientos entre los participantes. • Organicen un día de algún deporte que guste a la mayoría de miembros de la familia. • Los juegos de cooperación como armar entre todos un rompecabezas, resolver crucigramas o armar frases a partir de palabras en desorden. • Los juegos de mesa son una excelente oportunidad para compartir en familia, además de permitirle también aprender a competir. El ganar o perder ayudarán al niño en su desarrollo social. Dedique un tiempo para jugar en familia, no sólo pasará un momento grato con sus hijos sino que encontrará momentos felices para compartir y esto dejará huellas importantes en cada uno de los integrantes. 35

Mi Fiesta



o su

nd lebra


m o. Cu



Me lanis

Fabiola Castro, Rosemary Mesa, Alanis Mesa, Dulce Avendano, Glenda Gonzalez y Emily Delgado


Emily Diaz, Victoria Negrin, Riley Martin, Emily Delgado, Alanis Mesa, Isabella Negrin, Valeria Delgado, Ana Avendano

El Mago Phil durante su impresionante show.

Lugar: Club House Silver Lake Actividades : Show del Mago Phil 36

Mi Evento

Daniel Moreira

la no decon a i P e usic ez erto d Concimia AMO M ly Lop Acadaeestra Arace la M

Samuel Fonseca interpret贸 el Waltz No 7 de F. Chopin

Isabella Garcia deleito a los asistentes con la Sonata III de W. A. Mozart.

Samuel demostr贸 su inmenso talento

Lugar: Iglesia de la Roca Destacados estudiantes en concierto: Samuel Fonseca, Isabella Garcia, Daniel Moreira y Fabiana Toro Patrocinadores: Imagine Kids Magazine, Karen Uribe y Laura Orozco Fabiana Toro Figueira brillo al interpretar Clair de Lune de Debussy

Mi Evento

Entre risas y bromas la tarde estuvo llena de mucha diversion

Piñata u T o p Ex


Lugar : Plaza Las Americas Actividades : Diversidad de shows, magos, payasos, Infantilisimo y mucho más.


El público asistente disfrutando del evento

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Imagine Kids Magazine

Imagine Kids Magazine 08  

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