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The Little Vain Ratita Rat Once upon a time, there was a little rat that was very vain. One day the rat was sweeping her house when suddenly on the ground she saw something very shiny, it was a gold coin. The rat picked it up and began to think what she would buy with the coin. “ I know I will buy candy ... Oh, no my teeth will hurt me”, she said. “Well I will buy cakes” ... “Oh, no my tummy will hurt me”. “ I know I’ll buy a red bow for my little tail”, she finally said. The rat kept her money in her pocket and went to the market. Once in the market asked the shopkeeper for a piece of her best red ribbon. She bought it and returned to her house. The next day when the rat stood still se managed to put her bow on her tiny tail and went to the balcony of her house. Then was a rooster passing by that impressed with the beauty of the little rat, says: “Ratita, Rat you are so pretty, will you marry me?” And the rat said to him “I do not know, do not know. What noise do you make at night? And the rooster says, cock-a-doodle-

doo, cock-a-doodle-doo. “Oh no, I will not marry you. I do not like the noise you make.” “You are too noisy”. The Rooster left and later on a dog appeared. Ratita, Rat you are so pretty. Would you marry me? What type of noise do you make at night? .Woof, Woof. “Oh no, I will not marry you that noise scares me”. The dog left and a pig appeared. “Ratita, rat you are so pretty, will you marry me”? And the rat said “I do not know, do not know”. ‘What noise do you make at night”? - Oink, oink.“Oh no, I will not marry you that is a very ordinary noise”. The pig disappears and suddenly a white cat appears, and says: Ratita, rat you are so beautiful will you marry me? . And the rat said: - “Do not know; do not know what noise are you doing at night”? . And the kitten with soft, sweet voice says: - Meow, meow. – “Oh yes I will marry you that your voice is very sweet”. And so the rat married the white cat with sweet voice. The two were together happily ever after. 23 23

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