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4. Communication. Humans want to generally convey thoughts, feelings, and information to each other. Communication is the link of understanding between people. 5. Activity. People generally like to stay busy by exploring, experiencing and practicing. 6. Manipulation. Humans need to take hold of their environment to understand it. People work with their hands; this is the connection between learning and doing. 7. Work. Humans feel worthwhile through their work. People work in cooperation with others and with their environment. Work leads to a feeling of accomplishment and self-respect. 8. Repetition. People learn through practice and reach closer to perfection through repetition. Even after mastery occurs, humans may continue to repeat the activity for the pleasure of just doing so. 9. Exactness. Humans seek to be particular and precise in their work. People adjust, refine and improve. 10. Abstraction and Creativity. Humans are able to visualize, feel and express emotions that are not tangible. Humans are creative. They can imagine and think beyond the concrete and real. 11. Self- Perfection. Once humans have explored, manipulated, and

worked in their environment, they can desire to improve. They find satisfaction in personal growth. Humans are masters of their own minds and bodies. When you eliminate any interferences to a child’s natural tendencies, the child will flourish and shock you with their thirst of understanding, their innovative thinking, and their immeasurable curiosity. The need for our children to develop 21st century skills, critical thinking and problem-solving skills, executive functioning, mindfulness and well-being has become more important today as they face the challenges to come in our rapidly changing world and future. Discover what an authentic Montessori education can do for your child. - Munir Shivji is the Executive Director of The Institute of Montessori Education and Head of The Innovative School both in Houston, Texas. He is also a key consultant for Educational Training & Consulting (ETC Montessori). He serves as a Professional Director on the board of the American Montessori Society.

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