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Imagine’s Family Guide After School Activities

Drama Kids International 281 829 2287 Blue Willow Bookshop 281 497 8675 Thimble Fingers 281 493 1941 Happy Playland 713 973 3941

Babysitting Services

Morningside Nannies 713 526 3989 Mommy’s Time Out (50% off coupon) 713 647 0112

Fitness Clubs

FIT Athletic Club Consistently voted the #1 fitness facility

713 782 9348 Memorial Athletic Club 281 497 7570 Lifetime Fitness 713 464 1200 Westside Tennis and Fitness 713 783 1620

Dental Care

Alsa Dental (Coupon inside) 832 230 5222 Avenue Dental (coupon inside) 281 920 3836 Clay- Dental 281 463 4333 Echeverri Dental Center 713 956 8767 Ashford Orthodontics 281 589 6100

Entertainment & Amusement Parks Downtown Aquarium 713 222 FISH Houston Zoo 713 533 6500 Pleasure Pier Galveston 855 789 7437 Space Center Houston 281 2442100 Schlitterbahn Beach Resort & Water Park (12$ off coupon) 409 770 WAVE (9283)

Gyms and Dancing Academies

Biron Gymnastics 281 497 6666 Danmar Academy 281 398 7600 Allegro Academy of Dance 281 496 4670 Intempo Dance 281 394 2773

Health Services

Concentra 281 679 5600 Children Weigh Control, Power Up Nutrition 281 558 0909

Maid @Cleaning Services 281 855 9212

Museums & Galleries

Children’s Museum of Houston 713 5221138 Houston Museum of Natural Science 713 639 4629

Music Lessons

AMO Music Bilingual 713 550 3903 Blackburn Music 832 582 0305

Party Planning & Supplies

Party Fiesta 281 935 2578 Arne’s Party Store 713 869 8321

Pet Sitting

Houstons Best Pet Sitters PetSmart® PetsHotel 281 599-1125


NN Photography 20% off session/print order 713 320 8288 Laura Sanz Photography ( 25% OFF IKM) 713 591 9598

Pool Safety

Pool Safety USA 832-409-1968

Real State

Claudia Fathivand Keller Williams 832 419 5426 Eneida Adrianza RE/MAX 281 994 5700

Kids Eat Free Restaurants

Candelari’s All day Tue. 832.200.1474 Luby’s Wed after 4:30 p.m. All Sat. (coupon web) Tossed Weekdays after 3PM Sat. 13410 Briar Forest Dr. 281.556.8677 Ashiana Indian Restaurant Sun. 5:30 p.m. - 10 p.m. 281-679-5555 Thai Spice Kids shorter than the cashier counter eat free daily Five locations in Houston IHOP Mon –Fri. after 4 p.m. certain locations The Black-eyed Pea Tue. After 5 p.m. six loc. in Houston Lasagna House III Kids each free Mon-Wed. Westheimer location. Chick-fil-A On Tue. Certain locations. 5:30pm to 7:30pm.

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Parents help change the way children and even adults treat one another. School classrooms are filled with all different kinds of amazing and awesome kids. Some kids are different on the inside. Some kids are different on the outside. They may wear glasses or braces or use a wheelchair to get around. Our differences make the world beautiful. Life would be so boring if we all looked exactly the same and talked exactly the same and were good at exactly the same things. Please urge your friends and family to always remind their children about tolerance and accepting each other’s differences. You already have what it takes to make the world a better place... Little efforts count, and you can start making small contributions today

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Meet Dr. Maria Calcina Pediatric Dentist Dr. Maria Calcina

Dr. Maria Calcina was born in Tientsin, China from a Japanese mother and an Italian father. She immigrated to Venezuela after living in Tientsin, Hong Kong, and in Sicily (Italy). At the young age of 11, as a consequence of a horrible toothache, she decided to become a dentist. She studied dentistry at the Universidad Central de Venezuela in Caracas, Venezuela, where she obtained her dental degree. She was always interested in pediatric dentistry, so she decided to pursue her postgraduate degree in pediatric dentistry at New York University College of Dentistry. During this time, she also attended rotations at the Beekman, Bellevue and Beth Israel Hospitals located in Lower Manhattan, NY. In 1985, after completing her postgraduate degree, Dr. Calcina returned to Venezuela where she continued working at her own practice. Simultaneously, she taught at the postgraduate


program of pediatric dentistry at the Universidad Central de Venezuela. Dr. Calcina is also a cancer survivor. After winning her battle with endometrial cancer, she decided to pursue her licensure in the United States. She was fortunate to work at the Dental Department in Westchester Medical Center in Valhalla, NY, and to teach at the University of Maryland College of Dentistry in Baltimore, MD. In 2007, in search of warmer weather, Dr. Calcina relocated to Houston, Texas and pursued her license in the Lone Star State. In 2008, and after winning her battle with breast cancer, Dr. Calcina decided to open her practice in Katy, Texas. Dr. Calcina is fluent in English, Spanish, Mandarin, and Italian. Besides enjoying her profession, she also enjoys cooking, listening to classical music, swimming, and spending time with her grandchildren.

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6 Easy Ways to Prevent Cavities in Kids Kids and cavities seem to go hand in hand. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 28 percent of children ages 2 through 5 have at least one dental cavity, compared to 24 percent a decade ago. Although 4 percent may not seem like a lot, that increase represents thousands and thousands of children and cavities -- as well as a trend in the opposite direction of the last 40 years, when tooth decay was on a gradual decline. So if you have children and cavities are a concern, here are six easy ways to reduce the risk: 1. Avoid giving your baby juice or formula at night. The sugar in juice and formula causes the bacteria in the mouth to produce the acids that cause baby bottle tooth decay. Use fluoridated water instead. 2. Choose low-fat foods from the basic food groups. Raw fruits and vegetables, nuts, whole-grain breads and low-fat dairy products are great for your child’s overall health and their dental health! 3. If you must, give sweets only 08

Dr. Hathuc

as a dessert. If your child must have sweets, limit it to dessert or following a main meal. Late-night snacking and frequent snacking are a major culprit of cavities in children. 4. Invest in a water filter. Instead of spending extra on bottled water, invest in a filter for your sink, or a filtered water pitcher. Fluoridated tap water is an excellent resource to help the battle between children and cavities. 5. Don’t share cups or utensils. Cavities are contagious. So if you have them, you can pass them onto your child by sharing cups and utensils. 6. If you smoke, stop. The University of Rochester’s Strong Children’s Research Center has discovered a link between smoking, children and cavities. Results from a study show that children of parents who smoke are more likely to develop cavities. Avenue Dental, PLLC 2602 Eldridge Pkwy Houston, TX 77082 (281) 920-3836 09

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Brain Monitor Tracks Neurological Signals in Children and Teens

The first medical device designed to help medical professionals diagnose attention deficit/ hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in children and teens has been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. The Neuropsychiatric EEG-Based Assessment Aid (NEBA) records and analyzes electric impulses produced by the brain’s nerve cells, the agency said in a news release. The non-invasive device, which takes about 20 minutes to produce complete results, measures brain wave frequencies called theta and beta waves. The theta/ beta ratio has been shown to be higher in young people with ADHD, the FDA said. Citing the American Psychiatric Association,

the FDA said about 9 percent of U.S. adolescents have ADHD, and the average age of diagnosis is 7 years. Children with ADHD typically have behavior problems, trouble paying attention and hyperactivity. Device maker NEBA Health submitted data from a clinical study of 275 children and adolescents, ranging in age from 6 to 17. The study found that the new device helped professionals better diagnose children with ADHD when combined with a psychological assessment, compared to a psychological assessment alone. First Medical Device to Help Diagnose ADHD Approved By Scott Roberts Source: 11

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No Joke,Texas Pollution Biggest in the Nation Leading CO2 Emissions

As parents, we worry about the future and wellbeing of our children as they grow up. Whether we choose to believe it or not, the environment affects us in many different ways. The time between conception and birth is perhaps one of the most vulnerable life stages, during which the environment may have tremendous immediate and lasting effects on health. Benzene can pass from mother to fetus through the placenta, possibly causing damage to DNA material. The defects occur during the first month of pregnancy. According to years of studies, Houston, Baytown, and Huntsville are ranked as #8 most OzonePolluted Cities in the United States. Although Texas produces the greatest amount of wind energy in the country, it performs poorly in several pollution categories.


Texas has the second largest population in the United States; it leads the nation for CO2 emissions from fossil fuel combustion, having produced over 670 million metric tons of Carbon Dioxide in a single year. Mothers exposed to high levels of CO2 and particles during pregnancy are at higher risk of adverse birth outcomes, including preterm delivery, low birth weight, and congenital heart defects. Whether you’re starting a new family, or simply watching out for the future of your children, it is very important to keep in mind how Texas is ranked in terms of air pollution, in order to protect the wellbeing and health of your entire family. By Natalie Noble 13

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Children Getting Smarter Inspirational Stories

15-Year-Old Kelvin Doe Kelvin Doe is a self-taught engineer from Sierra Leone, West Africa. In his hometown, “the lights come on once in a week, and the rest of the month, dark,” the young student told thnkrtv. From metal and wire scraps, he made a battery to “power lights in people’s houses,” an FM radio transmitter to disseminate news and a generator to power the device. This year, David Sengeh, a Ph.D. student at the research university’s media lab invited the young prodigy to MIT .Doe became the youngest invitee to the Visiting Practitioner’s Program for international development. Sengeh believes Doe and the inspired youth of Sierra Leone can transform their country. For his next project, Doe plans to build an electricity-generating windmill for his community.

17-Year-Old Marian Bechtel Marian Bechtel created a minedetecting device, which she presented at the White House Science Fair in February. Bechtel’s simple, cheap and reliable detector can unearth abandoned landmines. When the detector lands above a buried landmine, it will send a clear signal to the wearer’s headphones. Rocks and dirt won’t resonate sounds the same way. Bechtel believes as technology has contributed to the amount of war that takes place, scientific advances can help us approach world peace.


17-Year-Old Nithin Tumma We are one step closer to less toxic and more effective breast cancer treatments, thanks to the groundbreaking research by 17-yearoldNithin Tumma, of Fort Gratiot, Mich. The teen scientist discovered doctors could slow the growth of cancer cells by suppressing certain proteins. He won the top $100,000 prize at the Intel Science Talent Search.

Oluwatoyin and Bello Eniola Four Nigerian schoolgirls aged 14 to 15, created an urine-powered generator that can turn a liter of urine into nearly six hours of electricity. The simple generator separates urine into nitrogen, hydrogen and water. The process turns the plentiful waste product into power. The $64 prototype could help Nigeria’s 160 million citizens without access to electricity. Image Courtesy of Maker Faire Africa

15-Year-Old Jack Andraka Jack Andraka, 15, of Crownsville, Md., invented an ultra-sensitive and low-cost diagnostic test to quickly identify pancreatic cancer in its most early stages. The simple dipstick sensor detects a protein called mesothelin in blood or urine before the cancer becomes invasive. The test is 90% accurate and 26,000 times cheaper than today’s standard. Currently, pancreatic cancer is typically detected when the cancer has already spread, which contributes to a low survival rate — only about 4% of patients live up to five years after diagnosis. The 15-year-old’s test only takes a few minutes to detect the slightest pancreatic cancer biomarkers. He won the top Gordon E. Moore Award in the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair — the world’s largest high school science contest. 15

My Activities

Decorate the table with paper Pilgrims and Native Americans What you’ll need Scissors - Cardboard tissue tubes - Colored paper Fine-tipped markers - Glue How to make it 1.- For each figure, wrap a cardboard tissue tube with a 4- by 6-inch rectangle of colored paper and glue the paper in place. 2.- Draw the facial features on a 2- by 3-inch piece of paper with markers. Glue the face onto the tube. 3.- For the hair, cut fringe along one side of a small paper rectangle. Roll the hair around a pen to make curls, trim it, and glue it into place. 4.- Cut and decorate headbands and feathers for the Native Americans and collars for the Pilgrims. 5.- For the Pilgrim girl’s bonnet, wrap a 2- by 5-inch paper rectangle around the top of the tube with the ends overlapping and glue at the back. 6.- For the Pilgrim boy’s hat, cut out a black circle 2 1/2 inches in diameter. Roll and glue a black, 2- by 5-inch paper rectangle into a tube shape. Cut slits along one end, fold in the tabs, and glue them to the center of the paper circle. Add a 1/2-inch band and square buckle and glue the hat to the boy’s head. HAPPY THANKS GIVING FROM Imagine Kids Magazine

16 17


Marshmallow Pilgrim Hats Here’s a treat that looks old-fashioned but is made with two favorite modern-day sweets: marshmallows and chocolate What you’ll need - 24 chocolate-striped shortbread cookies - 12-ounce package of chocolate chips - 24 marshmallows - Tube of yellow decorators’ frosting How to make it 1.- Set the chocolate-striped cookies stripes down on a wax-papercovered tray, spacing them well apart. 2.- Melt the chocolate chips in a microwave or double boiler. 3.- One at a time, stick a wooden toothpick into a marshmallow, dip the marshmallow into the melted chocolate, and promptly center it atop a cookie. 4.- Using a second toothpick to lightly hold down the marshmallow, carefully pull out the first toothpick. 5.- Chill the hats until the chocolate sets, then pipe a yellow decorators’ frosting buckle on the front of each hat. 18 19

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Winter Calendar of Activities Nov. 8, 10am – 9pm Nutcracker Market @ Reliant Center. Over 325 national and international merchants, just in time for holiday shopping! www. and Nov. 9, 10:00 American Girl Club. Nov. 9 & 10, 10.00 AM 18TH ANNUAL CHILDREN’S FESTIVAL @ The Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion’s 18th Annual Children’s Festival. Disney Junior’s Imagination Movers at 1p.m. Nov. 9 Authors and illustrators Loren Long and Jon Agee discuss and sign their picture books. Fun activities planned!


Nov.16, 2013 12th Annual Festival of Lights Opens @ Moody Gardens. As the largest holiday lighting events on the Gulf Coast Nov.16, 10:00 Main Street Theater From the Page to the Stage Book Club Characters from the play The Best Christmas Pageant Ever Nov.16-Nov. 17 19th Annual American Girl Fashion Show, a major fundraiser for HITS Theatre. Nov. 22 Zoo Lights will open to the public 6 p.m. Hours 6 p.m. – 10 p.m.For this special night-time spectacular transformed into a winter wonderland.

Nov. 29, 2013 to Dec. 29, 2013The Nutcracker@ Wortham Theater Center.Sshimmering,glittering spectacle of holiday cheer. www.houstonballet.orgTheNutcracker/ Nov. 28, 2013 Uptown Holiday Lighting @ Post Oak Boulevard between Westheimer and San Felipe. On Thanksgiving evening, join thousands of Houstonians and out-oftown guests for the Uptown Holiday Lighting. Nov. 22, 2013 - February 2, 2014. Ice skating returns to Downtown Houston this holiday season! The ICE at Discovery is bigger than ever! The expanded 7,716 square-foot ice skating surface is the largest outdoor skating rink in the Southwest Dec.06, 2013 Elf Quote-a-Long @ The Orange Show Center for Visionary Art. Elf stars Will Ferrell as a confused human-sized elf from the North Pole who travels to New York City. Dec. 06 to Dec.19 Elf - The Musical is the hilarious tale of Buddy, a young orphan who mistakenly crawls into Santa’s bag of gifts and is transported to the North Pole. Dec.06,07,13,14,21 Join Buffalo Bayou Partnership in celebrating the holiday season with 30-minute pontoon boat rides. Dec.14 futurevet® clinics Children’s Museum of Houston shows you

the truths, tricks and “tails” of pet ownership, care and medicine with interactive workshop Dec. 14, 11:30am – 12:30pm Houston Symphony Family Series @ Jones Hall. How the Grinch Stole Christmas (Robert Franz, conductor) Music will tell the beloved Dr. Seuss tale. Dec. 14, 2013 at 7:30 AM Aldine/ Spring/Klein - Santa Stampede - 5K Fun Run and 3K Family. Dec.14, 7:00am – 8:30pm American Cheer Power Competition At Reliant Arena. Come out to watch as teams from all around compete for the gold! Go to Dec. 21- Dec. 22, 2013Allegro Ballet presents The Nutcracker .Performances 2:30 PM and 7:30. Sunday 2:30 PM Dec. 22, 4:00pm – 6:30pm Houston Children’s Chorus Holiday Pops Concert @ The Grand Opera House in Galveston. 100 plus voices of the internationally acclaimed Houston Children’s.Chorus. January 25 - 26, Harmem Globetrotters @Reliant Arena.Hilarious antics & amazing basketball skills will entertain the whole family. 21

Perfect Time for a Date with Daddy

Twelve years ago, Allegro Ballet started a new West Houston holiday tradition by presenting a full length production of The Nutcracker Ballet. It is our hope to continue to expose our community to the beauty of dance for many years to come. It is so important to encourage our young people in the arts as well as in sports. The costumes are beautiful the props and scenery are lovely and our audience continues to grow each year. You will even see it snow right in the theater! Featured also in our Nutcracker are dancers from the Houston Ballet II. They are absolutely wonderful. At the end of each performance, all the children (and adults) are invited to the stage to meet the dancers for autographs and photos. It is an exciting and joyful time for all. It is an outstanding production at an affordable price. To complement our ballet, we have an especially “sweet” event. The Breakfast with the Sugar Plum Fairy and Sugar Plum Market. This is also a much anticipated Holiday event in the West Houston/ Memorial area. This is our 11th year for the breakfast at Lakeside Country Club. An elegant breakfast is enjoyed while the Sugar Plum 22

Fairy and some of her friends from the ballet interact with the children. After breakfast excerpts from The Nutcracker are performed. This event is the perfect time for a Daddy and me date. He will never forget the joy and wonder in his little ones eyes as the Sugar Plum Fairy bends down to give her a hug! The accompanying Sugar Plum Market is a perfect way to start your Christmas shopping. The Breakfast with the Sugar Plum Fairy & Sugar Plum Market Dec. 7 9:30 a.m.– 1:00 p.m. Lakeside Country Club $35 per person or specialty tables for $50 per person If you would like to be a vendor, please call 281-496-4670. The Nutcracker Ballet Dec. 21, 2013 Sat. – 2:30 & 7:30 Dec. 22, 2013 Sun. – 2:30 James E. Taylor High School in Katy, TX Tickets $20., $25., and $30. For tickets online to all events: Allegro Ballet 281-496-4670 23


Let Us Be Your Guest At Your Royal Celebration TO BRING A REAL PRINCESS TO YOUR NEXT PARTY PLEASE CONTACT US AT (504) 377-6765 or (713) 955-8874 25

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day th birth 6 r e h ating Celebr Eva Py

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Friends forever!!

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Location : Happy Playland

Having fun with lots of friends

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013 ming 2 o c e m Ho Village

Homecoming Queen 2013: Valeria Brito Scores: 50 -6 to the Village Way to go Vikings!!

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Imagine´s Toy Testing Lab Truth or Myth? Science Kit * For families that are looking for ways to make science fun * Helps awaken your child’s  natural genius and curiosity * 11 science experiments * Instructions are easy enough to read  * Parental guidance is necessary * Both boys and girls would enjoy these experiments that cover  Solar Power, Chemistry , Physics and Electricity

Classic Wooden Tea Set * Develops language and social skills, encourages imaginative play * 25 wonderfully constructed components * Realistic teacups & saucers to cake & biscuits * Pieces are washable and durable - made to last!

Add-It-Up! Archery Set * Sized just right for children * Flexible and durable plastic material * Extremely safe archery set  * Allows practicing addition as they play



Conozca a la doctora María Calcina, Dentista Pediátrico

Dr. Maria Calcina

La doctora María Calcina nació en Tientsin (China) y es hija de madre japonesa y de padre italiano. Ella emigró a Venezuela después de vivir varios años en Tientsin, Hong Kong y Sicilia (Italia). Cuando tenía once años de edad tuvo un fuerte dolor de muelas y este incidente la convenció de que una vez adulta debía ser dentista. La carrera de odontología la hizo en la Universidad Central de Venezuela, en Caracas, donde obtuvo su título de Médico Dentista.

Universidad Central de Venezuela. La doctora María Calcina es además una sobreviviente del Cáncer, quien después de ganarle la batalla a un Cáncer del Endometrio optó por luchar para lograr su Licenciatura para ejercer en los Estados Unidos y afortunadamente pudo trabajar en el Departamento de Odontología del Westchester Medical Center de Valhalla (Nueva York) y dar clases en la Escuela de Odontología de la Universidad de Maryland en Baltimore, MD.

Debido a su marcado interés en llegar a ejercer la odontología pediátrica, tomó la decisión de inscribirse y cursar el Posgrado en Odontología Pediátrica en la Escuela de Odontología de la Universidad de Nueva York. En ese mismo periodo, también hizo interinados rotativos en los hospitales Beekman, Bellevue y Beth Israel localizados en el Bajo Manhattan, Nueva York.

En el año 2007, la doctora Calcina se muda a Houston (Texas) para disfrutar de un clima más cálido. Aquí logra licenciarse para ejercer la odontología pediátrica en el “Lone Star State” y a partir del año 2008, después de ganar otra batalla contra un cáncer de mama, comenzó a ejercer la profesión en su nueva Clínica Dental ubicada en Katy (Texas)

En el año 1985, después de completar y obtener su título de postgrado, la doctora Calcina regresó a Venezuela donde continuó trabajando en su Clínica y al mismo tiempo fué profesora en el Programa de Posgrado de Odontología Pediátrica de la 30

La doctora Calcina domina el idioma inglés, el español, el mandarín y el italiano. A ella le gusta mucho su profesión, pero además también disfruta de la cocina, le gusta escuchar música clásica, practicar la natación y compartir el tiempo con sus queridos nietos. 31

Mi Familia

Celebramos un PASO ADELANTE para la MUJER HISPANA La Fundación Bienestar para Crecer, coordino la Caminata Comunitaria 5K 2013: Un paso adelante por la mujer hispana el pasado 20 de Octubre de 2013 en la escuela secundaria Tompkins ubicada en Katy, TX. Las familias que se inscribieron en la caminata disfrutaron de una mañana de ejercicio, diversión, música, Zumba y ¡mucho más!. Además de que contribuyeron, con la compra de su entrada, a que la Fundación continúe con su misión de capacitación femenina en la comunidad hispana. La Fundación Bienestar para Crecer fue creada en Houston, TX como una iniciativa social con la misión de capacitar a mujeres hispanas de pocos recursos mediante la educación para el bienestar integral y destrezas para el crecimiento económico con el fin de mejorar su calidad


de vida y la de sus familias. A comienzos de 2013 se llevó a cabo el programa inicial en la escuela Piney Point con resultados excelentes. Actualmente el programa está siendo implementado en la escuela Amigos por Vida hasta comienzos de Diciembre. El cimiento de la Fundación es el trabajo en equipo llevado a cabo principalmente por el voluntariado. Si desean ser parte de esta iniciativa de capacitación para familias hispanas, quieren recibir información sobre los eventos y programas de la Fundación o prefieren colaborar con una donación pueden contactar a la organización a través de: Facebook: WellnessForGrowth Twitter: @Wellness4Growth YouTube: Wellness4Growth 33

Mi Salud

Estornudar en la manga El mejor método para detener la propagación de gérmenes ¿Cómo toser o estornudar ?Los médicos aconsejan toser en la manga como la forma más práctica y sanitaria para prevenir la propagación de gérmenes. El método deja las manos libres de contaminación lo que significa que son menos propensos a dejar un rastro de gérmenes del resfriado y la gripe en picaporte, pasamanos, auriculares de teléfonos y teclados de computadora . Labios Los participantes tocaron sus labios alrededor de 8 veces por hora. Colocaron un dedo en una fosa nasal aproximadamente 5 veces en una hora , y se frotaron los ojos mas de dos veces . Los agentes patógenos , como el virus de la gripe, se transmite generalmente por el uso de las manos contaminadas de tocar una membrana mucosa , como la boca o la nariz. Si ya ha tenido la gripe este año ?no es necesario recibir la vacuna


contra la gripe? Si ha tenido la gripe, usted e probablemente fue infectado con un tipo de virus , por lo que la vacuna puede evitar que te contagies con un virus diferente ¿Cuál de las superficies hace que el virus de la gripe viva más tiempo? En un estudio publicado en el Journal of Infectious Diseases, se determino que el tiempo en que el virus de la gripe sobrevive en superficies no porosas y duras, como el acero inoxidable y el plástico es de hasta 48 horas. En superficies porosas y blandas el virus vive entre 8 y 12 horas . ¿Cuánto tiempo dura el virus vivo de la gripe en las manos? El virus de la gripe se mantendrá con vida en sus manos durante15 minutos.Es por eso que el lavado de manos frecuente o el uso de desinfectantes para las manos en las aulas tiene un marcado efecto en la reducción de la transmisión de la gripe . 35


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ouse Open H eption Hall al Rec Pedreg

Animador : Martin Berlanga de Telemundo Actividades: Bailes, Demostraciones Culinarias, DJ, Fuente de Chocolate. Celebra tu proximo evento con nosotros (832) 661-4057

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: Crecer r para 2013 a t s e n ie aria 5K ci贸n B Funda ata Comunit Camin

Donde: Escuela Secundaria Tompkins A beneficio de: Fundacion Bienestar para Crecer.

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