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biography “I have learned so much from him and I strongly believe that the message Trent T. Daniel has is timely and much needed!” Bern Nadette Stanis Television Star “Thelma” from the hit TV Show, Good Times

Trent T. Daniel was born to Colonel Howard Daniel, Jr. and Marie T. Daniel in 1972 on a military base in Fort Riley, Kansas. After his father’s retirement, the family settled down in Livingston, Texas. Trent went on to attend Prairie View A&M University on a full scholarship, majoring in radio and television. In 1997 he graduated with a B.S. in Mass Communications. While only a freshman, Trent successfully produced a radio show on KPVU, the university’s radio station. The show, Panther Talk, had a variety show format featuring various skits and segments revolving around college life. After the success of Panther Talk, Trent went on to cohost another successful radio show on KYOK Radio 1590 AM in Houston, Texas. The program Teen Expressions was centered around teenage lifestyles. Trent also was the 6 - 10 PM weeknight DJ at Power 94 in College Station, Texas. After leaving Prairie View, Trent continued his education at the Hollywood Film Institute and was later recruited by the UCE Film Entertainment Company. While at UCE, Trent would be the producer of two feature films, The Kangaroo and Freaknik ‘98. It was a natural progression for Trent to channel his creative energy into entrepreneurship. In 2002, he and his partner Corinda Joanne Melton started SeeJay Graphic Design Group which became one of the top minority owned graphic design companies in Houston.

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In 2004, Trent and Joanne ventured into the world of magazine publishing with the creation of Makeover Houston Magazine. Makeover Houston Magazine became one of the hottest publications in Houston and was quickly developed into a onehour television program titled The Makeover Houston Show. The Makeover Houston Show premiered on CBS affiliate KHOU Channel 11 on July 12, 2005 and quickly became one of the highest rated programs on Houston daytime TV, with its final episode actually being rated number one over Live with Regis and Kelly. Along with his many appearances on the Makeover Houston

biography (cont.) “Trent Daniel is one of the most inspiring people I have meet in a long time. He is multi-talented and has a strong grasp of what is required to be successful as an entrepreneur.” Ernest Thomas Television Star “Raj” from the TV show, What’s Happening!! and “Mr. Omar” from Everybody Hates Chris

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Show, Trent has also been featured on KHOU Channel 11 News and KTRK Channel 13, Crossroads with Melanie Lawson. Currently, Trent serves as the Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Imagine International Inc., a network marketing company he co-founded in 2006. Since its official launch in 2009, Imagine International has become one of the fastest growing network marketing companies in US History and shows no signs of slowing down. Due to the amazing growth of Imagine International, Trent was afforded the opportunity to partner with legendary TV Star, Bern Nadette Stanis, of the hit TV show Good Times. They coauthored their first book together called Situations 101: Finances - The Good, The Bad…and The Ugly. The book was released for worldwide distribution on July 4th weekend at the 2010 Essence Music Festival. Aside from his many duties in business, Trent travels nationwide to teach business owners about the value of developing and maintaining a strong business credit profile through Dun & Bradstreet so they can obtain financing for their businesses without the use of their personal credit. Trent is a member of Alpha Phi Omega, a service fraternity devoted to aiding various communities nationwide through charitable projects and programs. He also created Daddies & Daughters, an initiative for fostering strong relationships between men and their daughters. Trent currently resides in Houston, Texas and is the husband of Sarah “Diva” Daniel, who is a motivational speaker, author and life coach. He is also the proud father of three little girls, Dessiah, Sydney, and Kira.

greatness workshops “Trent Daniel talks about what’s happening in America. So many people do not understand business building and end up going out of business because they make all of the wrong decisions.” David W. Hollins Sr.,CSA,CRFA Charter Vice President HBW Insurance & Financial Services, Inc.

To achieve Entrepreneurial Greatness you have to be willing to see your business from a unique point of view. Every business owner wants to be successful but the reality is that very few ever achieve success. The big question is ... why? What is the common thread between unsuccessful people? Maybe it’s a BAD ATTITUDE. Maybe it’s LACK OF CONFIDENCE. Maybe it’s a LOW DESERVE LEVEL. One could go on forever trying to figure out the problem, but when you have achieved Entrepreneurial Greatness you will know that all of the problems you face are a part of YOUR ultimate perfection. Anyone can realize their own Greatness by following what I call the 5 Rules of the Path Less Traveled. 1. Love the CHALLENGES. 2. Grow from ADVERSITY. 3. Be PASSIONATE and PRODUCTIVE.

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4. ALWAYS take it personal. 5. Focus strictly on RESULTS. When you have mastered these rules you will find yourself in the state of Entrepreneurial Greatness and your business will always be whatever you want it to be. Success is simple if you know how to define it.

greatness workshops “As a former Vice President at JP Morgan Chase I thought I had things all figured out when it came to running a business, but Mr. Daniel showed me how to deal with the pitfalls I never even knew existed. Our business is a continuing success based on his unique and engaging style of success training.” C. Joanne Melton President and CEO Imagine International, Inc.

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When Excellence is Possible ... Good Just Won’t Do! Duration 2-4 Hours An empowering and impactful look at how to properly define EXCELLENCE and therefore learn how to achieve and maintain it. Who should attend? This program is for anyone who finds they are not achieving the results they want in any endeavour. This workshop will help participants realize the importance of the small decisions they make on a daily basis that are keeping them from being EXCELLENT. Program outline and benefits: Participants will learn skills, have the opportunity to practice them during the course of the workshop and be able to integrate these specific tools to help them in their personal and professional lives. Participants will also discover how much unlimited potential they really have and be energized to become more effective and efficient. Benefits: • Increased awareness, focus and clarity. • Improved personal and workplace morale. • Reduced stress. • Flexible approach at work and the ability to get the job done effortlessly. • Boosted confidence and courage to face any difficulties presented to them.

greatness workshops “One of the hardest times of my life was when I was unemployed and completely out of options. I attended one of Trent Daniel’s Greatness workshops and have never been the same. I know what success looks like and have become very comfortable with having it in my life.”

The Wonderful World of Struggle, Adversity and Hard Times

Kedra Teague-Smith Co-Founder Planet 3 Sports


Duration 2-4 Hours A unique and compelling dialogue on keeping things in perspective when facing difficult times and circumstances. Who should attend? This program is designed for general audiences. The core focus of the program is to equip attendees with a greater sense of self in dealing with crisis and stress management. Program outline and benefits: Participants will learn how to eliminate fear and frustration when faced with tough and “under pressure” decision making.

• Better “in-crisis” decision making. • Improved personal and workplace stress management. • Develop stronger inward and outward relationships.

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financial workshops “I thought I understood credit until my mortgage rate adjusted and I couldn’t refinance due to some credit challenges. The Ultimate Personal and Business Credit Workshop gave me all of the tools I needed to start over and rebuild. This session should be required for every homebuyer.” Allyson Diehl-Kendrick Homeowner

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The Ultimate Personal and Business Credit Workshop Duration 1-2 Hours The Ultimate Personal and Business Credit workshop will change everything you think you know about credit and credit reporting, as Trent T. Daniel shows you how the credit reporting system really works and what you can do to empower yourself. Who should attend? Anyone over the age of 18 with a credit score. Program outline and benefits: Participants will learn how to understand credit and credit reporting as well as gain the knowledge of how to self-improve credit scores and build business credit. Benefits: Personal Credit Education • • • • •

What is personal credit reporting and how does it work? Myths and fables of personal credit scoring? How to read a credit report? What are the credit bureaus? Why “credit repair” does not work.

Business Credit Education • • • •

What is Dun & Bradstreet? Getting approved for credit regardless of personal credit. Benefits of business credit. How to build credit with Dun & Bradstreet.

financial workshops “As an educator with over 10 years in the classroom, I have never seen a program to educate young people about credit and credit reporting like this one from Mr. Daniel. It is a powerful education for every young person and it needs to be in every school across the country.”

Understanding Credit Before It’s Too Late!

Michael Pelton Teacher Fondren Middle School Houston, Texas


Duration 1-2 Hours This session is designed to teach young people or those without credit how to build credit and use it wisely. Who should attend? This session is designed for anyone under the age of 18 or someone older who has not yet established any personal credit. Program outline and benefits: Participants will get a clear and concise understanding of the fundamentals of credit and credit reporting in America. Attendees will walk away with the knowledge and insight needed to avoid the many pitfalls of credit and credit reporting.

• Strong understanding of the American credit reporting system. • Step-by-step process to building and maintaining great credit. • How to read a credit report.

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• Understanding creative finance when starting a business.

client list “Mr. Daniel has been my Entrepreneurial Success coach for almost a year now and I have been able to build a substantial following for my e-church because of his expertise and insight.” Pastor Richard Harper Prevailing Life Covenant Church

Trent T. Daniel is committed to protecting the privacy of his clients. Due to the sensitive and personal nature of his Entrepreneurial Greatness consulting services, a list of private clients cannot be supplied. A list of contacts can be supplied upon request, should personal references be required. Below is a list of organizations Trent T. Daniel has worked with and/or presented to: • Prairie View A & M University (Prairie View, Texas) • DeVry University (Commencement - Keynote Speaker) • The Black Women’s Expo (Chicago, Illinois) • The Houston Citizens Chamber of Commerce • CNN Radio • KHOU Channel 11 - CBS Affiliate (Houston, Texas) • BizRadio Network • eWomen Network

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• Mary Kay (National Sales Director Organization) • The Texas Sharks Pro Football Team • Fondren Middle School (Houston, Texas) • Power 95.7 Radio Station (Houston, Texas) • The Real Estate Investment Club of Houston

now @ “The education and information that Mr. Daniel gives is worth its weight in gold.” Keith “D-Mars” Davis President and CEO

Books Situations 101 Finances $20.00 The Good, The Bad...and The Ugly In this highly anticipated second book from the Situations 101 series, America’s most well known and loved TV legend, Bern Nadette Stanis (aka Thelma of Good Times) teams with celebrity financial expert, Trent T. Daniel to give the reader a real world perspective on financial situations that everyone can relate to.

Recordings When Excellence is Possible $12.00 Never give up on living into your own Excellence. We were not created to be second best so why do so many never get ahead? Haters Have a Place in Life $12.00 What do you do when someone is trying to take you down and destroy you and your dreams? You keep a cool head and understand that haters were put here for a reason. Are You Giving God a Bad Name? $12.00 The bible clearly teaches us that we should always give our best and to do the work that is required for faith to be effective.

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Oh No! My Rolodex is Full of Losers $12.00 The best way to not be a loser is to not associate with them. This live session gives a humorous and fun perspective on the evaluation of those we have around us. Small Business Thinking and Other Bad Habits $12.00 A wild and hard hitting journey on the path to achieving true Entrepreneurial Greatness.

Trent T. Daniel Media Kit  

Trent T. Daniel Media Kit

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