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1) Read this biography and correct the sentences: Galileo was born in 1564 in Italy. His family was very musicial, and he played the organ and the lute. He studied to be a doctor, but he preferred Maths and Physics. In 1609 he made a telescope. He discovered a lot of important things that we know of the solar system. For example he discovered the four moons of Jupiter and the rings of Saturn. He discovered that the planets go round the sun. He died in 1642. Now correct these sentences: A) He was born in France. B) He made a microscope. C) He studied English. D) He discovered Saturn. E) He died in 1700. 2) Order these sentences: A) you / lose / passport / your /did ? B) born / cousin / your /was /where ? C) the / didn’t / art gallery / last Saturday / I / visit. D) to / your party / come / couldn’t / my friend ! E) at six / didn’t / as usual / begin / the film. 3) Complete with had / did / was / were. 1) A: It …….my birthday last night. I’m 30! 2) B: Really? What ……you do? 3) A: Well. I …….dinner with friends in a restaurant. 4) B: What ……you eat? 5) A: We all ……. pizzas and ice cream. 6) They ………delicious! 7) ……you enjoy your birthday then? 8) Yes! It ……..excellent!

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