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Preventative Ultrasound Service Contract

Ultrasound machine is a very important tool in your clinic.

What if one day, your ultrasound machine breaks down? What will you do?

Will you buy a new one?

Buying a brand new ultrasound machine is Very Expensive!

Preventative Ultrasound Service Contract

We’ll take care of it! The best way to protect your asset is to ensure it receives a regular annual service. Too often ultrasound machines break down because of something that could have been prevented and taken care of as part of the routine service.

What Kind Of Services Do We Have? Our PM Service has been designed over and above the manufacturer recommendations. We look at every aspect of your system to ensure it is working at “Peak-Performance� levels.

What’s Next? We also undertake image quality benchmarking on each transducer associated to your machine. This is done using an industry standard Gammex ultrasound phantom. These images are then stored on our server and can be accessed by you at any time to review your service report with each associated machine.

Who Are We? We are a team of ultrasound manufacturer trained engineers. We serviced ultrasound equipment for many years, (In some cases, we were probably your local engineer!) Our backgrounds enable us to support equipment from most manufacturers, but specifically, we can service and repair Philips, GE, Siemens ultrasound equipment. In 2012, we were awarded onto the NHS Supply Chain framework for ultrasound service offering ultrasound service coverage over the whole of the UK.

Want More Information? Visit Us Today! For more information, download our brochure by clicking on this link ‘Brochures’ here! Thank you for checking this report! Visit us today and subscribe!

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Preventative Ultrasound Service Contract  

We're a group of ultrasound manufacturer skilled engineers. We serviced ultrasound equipment for many years, (Occasionally, we were possibly...

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