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Welcome to the Mountains! Thank you for making your vacation an All-American experience in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountain area. Your vacation dollars go further on U.S. soil and by spending time in the mountains, you not only benefit communities and businesses in your own back yard, but avoid flight delays and exchange rates. Now more than ever, Americans are looking for ways to stretch their dollars, spend time with family and friends, reconnect to the wonders of the natural world, and, if only for a moment, take a breath of fresh air. The time you spend in the Blue Ridge Mountain area will provide all of this and more: go whitewater rafting, experience historic and cultural sites, find unique shopping areas, take a hike, taste delicious local foods, and just breathe the clean mountain air. Hopefully this issue of the Blue Ridge Digest will be an aid in planning your trip and a keepsake to remember your vacation in the mountains.

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Museum of Appalachia “

We simply cannot appreciate where we are today, or understand where we are going tomorrow, unless we understand where, as a culture, we’ve been in the past.” “These are our people. They are world renowned, unknown, famous, infamous, interesting, diverse, different, but above all, they are a warm, colorful and jolly lot, in love with our land, our mountains, and our culture. May their memories ever be preserved— not so much in reverence to them but as a gift to us and to generations to come.” John Rice Irwin, Founder of the Museum of Appalachia. See and read the stories of a hardy and resourceful people. Share memories between parents and children, grandparents and

grandchildren. Spend time in the Hall of Fame, a tribute to the Appalachian people. Walk through the Display Barn and marvel at the ingenuity of our ancestors. Stroll rustic paths to the cabins—or simply rock on the porch and enjoy the picturesque view. Hear musicians playing old time music… watch farm animals grazing peacefully in the fields... enjoy a home-style lunch… browse regional crafts in the gift shop. The Museum of Appalachia

is an American treasure that stands alone as a tribute to the American spirit. It is about family, country, hard work, and respect for tradition. The Museum is located 16 miles north of Knoxville, Tennessee, on I-75 at Exit 122, then east 1 mile at 2819 Andersonville Highway, Clinton, TN 37716. Call for more information.. (800) 524-3602 or

Best Pick in Virginia for…

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Blue Ridge Digest Spring / Summer 2017  

Summer happenings near the Blue Ridge Parkway in Tennessee, Virginia, and North Carolina for travelers of that region.

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