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ds, the Long known for its orchar turning locallyHendersonville area is now into delicious hard grown apples and grapes to that five craft ciders and wines. Add local beer creations, breweries serving up their for every palate on and you’ll find something this new tasting trail.


Take a Guided Tou

828.216.1343 The Brewery Experience: – explore Henderson scene with a Certified County’s craft brewery tours – group and individual Cicerone as your guide 828.606.8606 The Trolley Company: – add a tour of local cideries to your group wineries, breweries and guides, variety of event; experienced local transportation options

Immerse yourself in the heritage of historic Henders onville and surrounding com munities with a visit to the num erous sites that tell our story and shar e our many traditions through music, events and historic sites . Although our terra in is considered a typical mountain county, our rich heritage and frien dly people will inspire you to disc over the rich heritage of our wonderful community.


A Guide To Beer Wine & Cider 8.4244 1.800.82 rsonv illenc .org

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Heritage Trail

Rich and interesting heritage sites that inspire,

Look closely into the mountains of North Carolina and you’ll discover a place unlike any other. Hendersonville calls out to all to seek out and explore new experiences year-round.

enrich and educate. 1.800.828.4

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Pick up a guide to your next adventure! Discover Fine Arts & Crafts, Breweries & Wineries, Hendersonville’s Heritage Sites and the Freshest regional produce!

North Carolin a is the 7th larg est apple-producin g state in the nati on and Henderson County is the largest apple-p roducing county in North Carolin a. The apple harvest season runs from late August through Octob er. Fresh apples, cider and man y other items may be purchased at the many road side apple markets or produce stan ds located through out Henderson County. Som e orchards offe r tours and allo w you to pick your own apples.

Be moved. Because that’s what happens in Hendersonville. utiful mountains Nestled in the bea th Carolina, the of Western Nor embodies a area ille Hendersonv spirit. Whether wonderful artistic craft, your ne fi or art ne fi it’s ghted. Plan on senses will be deli strolling through spending the day artists’ studios, the galleries and in immersing yourself ess. the creative proc e piec a e Bring hom s. of the mountain


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of the Blue


Orchard Trail

A Guide to Locally Grow n Fruits & Vegetables 1.800.828.4

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ART Gallery Trail

A Guide to Fine Art & Fine Craft 244 .828.4 rg 1.800der son ville nc.o

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Blue Ridge Digest Spring / Summer 2017  

Summer happenings near the Blue Ridge Parkway in Tennessee, Virginia, and North Carolina for travelers of that region.

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