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Summer 2019

Welcome to the Summer edition of County Golfer.


my latest exploits in the game of golf haven’t quite had the success rate I hoped for. June was by far the wettest month and each time I wanted to play I thought, “blow this for a game of soldiers, I’m not getting soaking wet and risking arthritis”. Obviously if there had been a few million resting on it I would have made an extra effort and put my umbrella in, well you would have to make the effort wouldn't you? It’s this 'fair weather golfer' attitude that I feel has stopped me challenging the likes of James Whatley and Rory to major honours. That and a distinct lack of talent. As a child playing out in snow, rain, wind and hail it was exciting and exhilarating but now I’m not so keen. Maybe snooker or cricket would suit me better, they don’t play in the rain. I find driving ranges boring and that’s another pitfall to my progress. Give me a rolling golf course on any dry day and I’m happy. So June relegated me to nipping into the garden to practice my swing and I managed to get rid of a few wasps. I recently watched an old black and white news clipping of a round of golf at St. Andrews taking place in driving rain and gale force winds. I just thought ‘why?’ Then I realized that to get to the top of any profession sacrifices are needed and that’s what’s lacking in me. Last year I stood in the clubhouse at Rufford Park and watched a four ball trying to chip onto the 9th green in an absolute torrent of rain with water dripping off their caps. The green, bless it’s heart, was trying to contain the water but to no avail. The guys tried to putt out through huge puddles but short of firing the ball with a cannon it wasn’t going to reach

the hole. Again you may have noticed I was in the warm clubhouse eating steak and ale pie. Who’s daft now? The best thing was that after coming off the 9th they went straight on to the 10th, again in a downpour. I’d loved to have seen their cards. A major golf magazine had a bit of advice on how to get out of wet, clingy rough. I could tell them!! Believe it or not the first piece of advice was, 'try to avoid it'. Well I’ll be blowed! I would never have thought of that. Here’s me trying my best to get in there. There is one advantage of playing in the rain I’ve discovered, when the bunkers are full of water you can take a drop. Magic. So arranging to play Renishaw GC I carefully checked the weather forecast to get the best day possible to play and played in blistering sunshine in a most idyllic setting which was in contrast to Spence, Lefty and Newby's exploits at Oakmere where the rain decided to drench them. Taking Spence is a bit like taking Noah with you!! He attracts rain like nobody I’ve ever met. (Check out the videos of their exploits last year). On a brighter note, Lefty, Newby and the Yorkshire Terrier had an invite to play the new JCB course which was in glorious sunshine. That proves my point about Spence but I’m convinced he will play in the sunshine with us one day. We hope that you're enjoying your summer of golf and this edition of County Golfer.

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Sherwood Forest Golf Club

August Green Fee Offer Four for the price of three in August (spaces are limited - book early to avoid disappointment)

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Renishaw Park 6 www.countygolfer.co.uk

I started my visit to Renishaw Park Golf Club in a negative financial situation. My golf bag decided that it had come to the end of its life, so I had to buy a new one. Fortunately Michael Ramsden PGA Professional had the answer and, for a very good price, furnished me with a new Taylor Made golf bag complete with a chiller compartment (well, who likes drinking cold beer!) This bag has more pockets than a space suit.


ichael has enjoyed considerable success on the playing front and is the 2017 winner of the Leeds Cup (the worlds oldest golf trophy). In the 2017 season Michael became the PGA North Region number 1 winner of the order of merit and in 2018 he later represented England PGA in Greece. It was an absolute delight to play a course that is so well cared for and in immaculate condition. I take my hat off to all the staff for the fantastic job they do here. It is definitely a course of two halves. I preferred the front nine and Brian the back nine. I’m a hill person so the course suited all our needs. However I have to say I was tiring by hole 11 and realised the back nine were the perfect antidote. Michael equipped us with scorecards and off we went across the busy main road to the first tee. Standing on the tee I suddenly remembered that I played here about 15 years ago in my early golf days (I was a late starter!). John, my playing partner then, said “aim left for the trees” so I did. He then said “I didn’t mean go in them”. Lost ball there then. After a couple of practice shots we were off. This time I am a lot more accurate off the tee sometimes, and decided to aim for the trees knowing I will go a bit right, hoping that my ball didn’t go too far down the slope and it worked. What a start. The one thing about the front nine is that it can be pretty tight between the trees and going into the wispy rough is not advisable. We both lost a few balls on our round due to lack of course knowledge(that’s my excuse!). I love trees and at one point found myself next to a Sequoia tree. From that you know I was in

the rough but my ball was clear to see and the tree was stunning. I could have been in Canada looking up into the giant sequoias. It's quite a relief that there aren’t any bunkers on the first three holes. The greens at Renishaw are absolutely superb, the best I’ve played on this year. Maybe it's my imagination but to me the front nine greens were faster than the back, but regardless of that they were so true. I enjoyed reading the rise and fall and managed to have my best putting round too. The whole course is a testament to the attention to detail of the staff. We take a lot for granted in golf and are apt to complain if things aren’t quite right but as we progressed on, ground work was taking place everywhere keeping the course to the high standard they have set for themselves. When you come to think of it, being a member at Renishaw is only £799.00 per year which equates to only £15.36 per week to have a quality round of golf. I think that’s cracking value for money. With easy access off junction 30 of the M1 it makes it an accessible place to play too. Back to the golf….. Hole 3, a tricky Par 4 at 461 yards and stroke index 3, really is a test of accuracy with a steep slope, then make sure you don’t find yourself with a tree blocking your shot. The green was pretty quick and I slid past the hole even though I had read the slope well. I ended with a 6 here, not good but I felt that I had played it well but wasted a couple of shots getting to the green having had to take a drop out of the rough. Two putts saved me. I missed the green on the Par 3 5th. Brian was just on the edge and I was way off having scuffed a tee shot and then had to chip on. www.countygolfer.co.uk 7

RENISHAW PARK We both really messed up the 8th. As a par 3 and stroke index 18 it should have been a piece of cake but we either rushed things, didn’t concentrate or were worried that we were being caught up by the two ball behind. Whatever it was, we both had wild tee shots on a pretty straight forward hole. No winner here. The 9th and I hit a peach of a tee shot up the hill. I went right and it rolled to the left a little, and then a 7 iron to the green which

8 www.countygolfer.co.uk

was a bit short but a chip on would see me there. I scuffed it but recovered with a nice straight putt and came off with a five. That’s my problem I can seem to waste a shot when I’m in line for a par. I must get too excited. We turned the corner with me having won five of the nine holes, two drawn and two to Brian. Could my run of form continue? The tenth is a super Par 5 hole and we both hit good tee shots. This was a neck and

neck hole which I only won on the green. Missing the humps in the fairway is a plus. A lovely aspect of this part of the course is that there is evidence of the old furrowed farming system of yesteryear, and some of the tops of the humps are scorched in places which is to be expected. At least your ball goes over quicker! My hole, but it couldn’t continue as Brian then pulled back the next two holes and was catching up with a chance of drawing level by the end. I got the 14th, Brian the15th &16th, I

was now worried but in the end ran out the winner as it was a bridge too far! There are signs on sections of the course of the amount of work that has been done to ensure good drainage ,and so far no golfing days have been lost over the past couple of years due to the River Rother overflowing its banks. The only problem they have had is when a water main burst and flooded everywhere. You can't blame the river for human failure can you?

LEFT: I got between the trees and chipped on here, Easy! RIGHT: Looking down at the 10th.

www.countygolfer.co.uk 9

RENISHAW PARK I did lose the 17th but I didn’t care by then and decided I would really go for the green over the trees. Big mistake, but I had to try to do something I’m poor at. I didn’t make it but on my next shot went between the trees and over and off the back. I’m glad I didn’t need this hole as I lost it badly. We played the 18th in a relaxed manner and enjoyed our final hole chatting as we walked along the fairway. I was starving at this point and was gutted to find that Renishaw are “between caterers” so no food today chaps. Ah well, there’s always a pint of bitter to fall back on. I had set my heart on sitting in the dining room designed by Sir Edwin Lutyens. I have decided to be a little controversial and mentioned that the problem with catering at golf clubs is that “golfers can naturally be a little mean, and if food isn’t cheap they don’t like it”. Apparently after golf they go home for their tea! What happened to camaraderie in the

ABOVE: The back nine presents its own challenges. RIGHT: With all that fairway to aim for I still ended in the rough on the left. BELOW: This was a close call FAR RIGHT: Brian fired this shot beautifully straight.

clubhouse and lots of chat over pie, chips and gravy, and a beer? It’s a dying art I feel! Chatting to one of the past presidents, he mentioned that youngsters nowadays spend too much time on their tablets to come and play golf. I can agree with that to a point, but golf clubs shot themselves in the foot many years ago with big joining fees and high membership prices, with the view to keeping “the little folks off our course” in case they cause damage. No one likes a course that’s all dug up with bad shots, but there wasn’t a balance which is why there aren’t any waiting lists anymore,and golf clubs are looking for members. On a brighter note the Juniors section at Renishaw is well supported and there’s coaching available from professional Michael Ramsden who had a hand in Danny Willets success. This goes to show we all have to start somewhere, and if it's your

dream to succeed then there's always time. Just look at the 15 year old girl who reached the third round at Wimbledon and walked away with £175,000 prize money. It's there if you want it! When Sir George Sitwell designed Renishaw Golf course this was his statement that contained two criteria. “That no bunkers should be seen from the windows of the Hall and secondly that there be an artisans section with specially reduced rates for the many estate workers and men involved in the local Iron Foundry and Pits enabling them to enjoy the game alongside the more well to do who formed the nucleus of the club when

it started” And there you have it in a nutshell. Well said Sir George, you’re a man after my own heart as there has to be room for all or the game dies. Having enjoyed a cracking round of golf on a beautifully cared for course, what more is there to say but thanks to Michael for making us welcome (and supplying the bag that won the round), and all those who care for the course. We had a superb day, why not join or get a group together to play and see how good it is.

Garry www.countygolfer.co.uk 11


Mill Lane, Renishaw. Sheffield S21 3UZ



£30pp £35pp £25pp £30pp £20pp £25pp



Email: michaelramsden-renishawparkgolfclub@mail.com



15-17yrs £100 22yrs £500 25yrs £650 28yrs £800 18-20yrs £410 23yrs £550 26yrs £700 29yrs £850 21yrs £450 24yrs £600 27yrs £750 30yrs £900

31yrs and over £999 Junior Membership from £20 Corporate Membership £1300 inc vat


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op international golf architects Mackenzie and Ebert, designers of Trump Turnberry and Royal Portrush, have recently completed the re-design of Oakmere Park Golf Club. Oakmere Park seems to have it all, a splendid countryside location with a heathland landscape and sandy base. It was originally designed by Frank Pennink

in 1974 with 27 holes, 800 members, a driving range, excellent practice facilities and FootGolf too, all complimented by a modern styled and extensive 19th hole club house. Having all of this was clearly not enough, the staff, owners and members alike had aspirations to raise the bar much higher and the club, after investing a cool ÂŁ1million, have done just that. The finished project was opened on June 25th. What have they done with this investment? Well read on! Everything was in place for the grand opening, the day would start with

Oakmere Park

14 www.countygolfer.co.uk

a Pro/Am competition, on offer for the victors were hoards of prizes, and for afters, the chefs were ready to fire up the BBQ, but in true British fashion the weather had a different idea and the forecast was for torrential rain and thunderstorms!!

and since Spence was the only one with an umbrella, it would be more than likely that he would be struck by lightning, it was a risk myself (Lefty), and Newby were willing to take! Now the upside of the competition being

The grand open day was cancelled, so it looked as though no one would get to play the new improved Admirals course, that is until 3 intrepid golfers from the County Golfer office decided, “No! We won't let a bit of rain stop us,�

The par 5 1st hole at Oakmere Park is one of the best opening holes in the area

www.countygolfer.co.uk 15

OAKMERE PARK cancelled was that we were going to be the very first to play the new course.... millionaires golf. So what has happened to the Admirals Course? It has had a full renovation that has taken 5 years! All of the bunkers on the course have been moved or re-built, all 18 greens have been scraped away and re-landscaped making them larger with undulations, and 4 brand new holes have been created, 7th, 8th, 14th, 15th also the old irrigation system has been replaced at a cost of a further ÂŁ330,000 this will help increase and thicken the fairways so the ball sits up better, music to

16 www.countygolfer.co.uk

my ears. The 1st on the Admirals is one of my favorite holes in the county, an elevated tee looking down to a dogleg left fairway with a woodland back drop, a great par5 to get you warmed up. We did notice straight away the bunkers, with the wispy grass on the edges making them look like they have eyelashes, this is a nod to courses like Turnberry. This hole is followed by a delicious par 3 protected by a pond and shrub surrounded green. It's now you start to see the work that has been done to the greens, they are larger and banked up making them a joy to play.

For this course report I'm going to talk about the new holes, because really this is what we were here to look at, so let me move you onto the first of these, the 7th par 5, 462yards off the yellows. I can say that the definition from fairway to rough is excellent, looking down the fairway it looks visually stunning. With two bunkers on the right to catch the ambitious driver trying to cut the corner, the Dover Beck meanders in front of the green so it is best to lay up short to leave a simple pitch on to the two tiered green. The bigger hitters will probably want to take the green on in two, this

is the option Spence took but with the damp conditions on the day this was not the best, he found the Dover Beck and had to drop a shot. For most of us even on a good day it's best to attack the green on your 3rd shot, again the green was so nice to play on. Moving on to the 8th par 3, 111yards off the yellows, one thing Mackenzie & Ebert hate is a par 3 you have to play uphill to, which back in the days the old Admirals Course had. Their rule is that you should always where ever possible be looking down onto the green, and I must say I totally agree with them, who does not

There are many well placed bunkers waiting to catch the wayward shots.

www.countygolfer.co.uk 17

OAKMERE PARK like standing on an elevated tee looking down onto a pristine green? They have achieved something special here, but be warned the green does slope away gently from you. I can imagine if the green keeper is having a bad day he could place the flag on the right, woe betide if you go long you could see your ball meandering towards the brook. I'll be honest here, we stood on the yellow tee, looked behind us and saw the black tee that was cut back into the trees, the pull was too much, we just had to tee off from the blacks. It's such a great shot off this tee, it's cut back into the wood and visually it looks great, it also makes it a respectable 155 yards to the green. I personally would move the yellows to where the black tee is, but hey ho, each to their own.

18 www.countygolfer.co.uk

The 14th is a par4, relatively short at 391 yards, it's a pretty open fairway but you will have to carry the rough, so if you scuff it off the tea you're in trouble. Also avoid the large tree to the left of the fairway that will block your shot to the green, I know this because I ended up behind it, the only option open was a punched 3 iron shot. The green here is built up with a slope running off the back, it's a great green to attack, again you can see the ethos of the course designers making sure the green is large and undulating. 15th a par 3, 143 yards off the yellows, here we see again the Mackenzie and Ebert touch, an elevated tee looking down on to the green, it's banked up on the back protected by the wispy eyelash bunkers. Newby nearly baptized this hole, his shot

went straight at the flag, pitched a foot short and just missed the hole, but at least he has the claim to fame to be the first golfer to birdie the hole. I was a little bit short, but because the area around the green is so playable you can bump and run you ball onto the green, which could lead to a par. A sure test of a top quality course is the quality of its green surrounds. One casualty of the new course is the old par 3, 16th the axe has come down on this hole, all that remains is the path that winds past it to the 17th. Why has this hole been replaced you might ask, well I will tell you, it was an uphill par 3! This is a big no no in modern course design, and I for one agree. I'm sold on the Mackenzie and Ebert ideology that you should be looking onto the green not guessing where it is.

know they are in a great place being on a sandy base hence while it rained all day we did not see any standing water on the course, they openly want to compete with the big 3 in the area Hollinwell, Sherwood Forest and Coxmoor and attract prestigious competitions. In my mind it's the most radical overhaul of a golf course I have seen. Will they become part of that holy trinity of golf courses in the area? Well only time will tell. In the meantime why not go to Oakemere and play the Admirals Course and make up your own mind, I feel they have certainly put themselves on the map! P.S For those worried about Spence being struck by lighting, I can inform you that he only got struck once, and has not stopped moaning about it since!

Oakmere are not messing about, they

The first 2 greens at Oakmere Park, A par 5 followed by a par 3.

www.countygolfer.co.uk 19

M: 07711 934 377 T: 01773 448639 E: j.t.treeservices@outlook.com W. www.jttrees.co.uk

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Weekday and Weekend society packages available from 1st april - 31st october

cob, coffee and 18 holes Weekdays from £24 • Weekends from £32

cob, coffee and 27 holes Weekdays from £30 • Weekends from £40

For groups of 20 or more the organiser plays free • 1, 2 or 3 course meals available • Buggies available all year round Oakmere Park Golf Club, Oaks Lane, Oxton, Notts NG25 0RH • 0115 965 3545 www.oakmerepark.co.uk • enquiries@oakmerepark.co.uk

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JAMES WHATLEY James Whatley, writes for County Golfer, informing us about the life of one of Derbyshire’s top Professionals. James is A AA PGA Professional, Head Professional of Morley Hayes and Academy Director of East Midlands Golf Academy. James has been ranked in the top 10 in the Midlands 7 out of the last 8 years. He has represented Great Britain and Ireland in the PGA cup against the USA, played for England in the International Team Championships and played on the European Tour. His reputation as a consistent player and a highly regarded coach is recognised by top class amateurs and professionals who regularly seek his advice and knowledge on their own games.

22 www.countygolfer.co.uk


’m sitting writing this article in the sun just before the first round of the English PGA Championship at Bowood Golf Cub in Wiltshire. The English heat wave has hit and it's two days after Shane Lowery won the open championship at Royal Portrush.

What a story, an Irishman winning in Ireland. I have to say I thought it would be Rory , but Lowery has great pedigree ever since winning the Irish Open as an amateur ten years ago. I loved watching him celebrate with the claret jug on the Sunday night, drink in hand and singing his heart out… I think in one of my dreams growing up, I drank Guinness out of the claret jug when winning the open at St Andrews.

in an upbeat mood, I had played great, quite a few mistakes but I had made a shed load of birdies. I hadn’t prepared myself for how I would feel 24 hours later. I lay in bed and felt physically sick, I was replaying shot by shot the bogeys I had made, the putts that I had missed. I felt I had failed. I played a Midland Order of Merit event the day after, and my head was terrible, I didn’t want to be on the golf course, I just wanted to go home. It took me a good week to sort my head out and realise that you will have many ups and downs in professional sport and it doesn’t define you as a person. I am three weeks on now and have put some nice displays in at pro ams, I am looking forward to the rest of the season.

It was always a dream to just play in The Open never mind winning it. I had been to final qualifying numerous times in the last 16 years but had never got close. Why would this year be any different, I was drawn at St Anne’s old links for 36 holes of final qualifying, first out at 7am. Three over par after 4 holes, I thought this is going to be a long day. How things can change, 14 birdies later, I finished the 36 hole event at 8 under par, and I had a long wait to see if it was going to be enough to get into the Open Championship. I had so many thoughts going through my head, especially about my Dad and how he would have loved seeing me in The Open. I think about him a lot on the golf course, it’s a time where you have a lot of head space, it can sometimes be a distraction. A couple of hours passed and Matthew Baldwin birdied the last to knock me into 4th and my hopes of playing my first major championship shattered. The drive home, was filled with phone calls from friends consoling me. I was www.countygolfer.co.uk 23

JAMES WHATLEY Griffiths, and their song was , ‘it don’t mean a thing, if ain’t got swing‘ They also won best dressed! Thank you to everyone that played and supported the event. I must finally thank Morley Hayes for putting the day on for me, it made the day a success and helped raise the money that can really make a difference in the huge fight against the dreaded word -Cancer.


In other news, as a business East Midlands Golf Academy is launching a project, EMGA Golf Schools. To start with it will be with myself and Steve Astle delivering the days.


ast week we ran the 2nd Boobie Date Golf day in memory of my sister Janine who passed away last year. It was a fun 9 hole event on the Tower course at Morley Hayes. We had 33 teams, with the emphasis on having fun with family and friends whilst remembering Janine. I was over whelmed with the support we had and we raised over £4,500 for the research department at the University of Nottingham. It was a very emotional day, as we miss Janine every day, but she would have loved the day. Each team chose a song to tee off to. The winning team was led by Dawn 24 www.countygolfer.co.uk

We will launch with a two day school at the beginning of October, and if a residential option is required, the fantastic Morley Hayes Hotel will be available. If you are serious about improving please get in touch via emailing james@emga.co.uk


The years are passing too quickly and I’ve been at Morley Hayes coming up to 16 years now but I am very lucky to work at such a great venue. The next phase of the driving range is underway, which will see extra bays and on the end a double teaching bay. This will really complement what EMGA has to offer and will make the experience even better for our clients. The recent launch of the tower course membership, which you will see advertised in this magazine, has been hugely

successful. It’s only £60, giving you three rounds of golf, a CONGU handicap and the chance to play in competitions. The golf landscape has changed, and I think it’s important you change with it. If you haven’t played the tower course, come and try it, the course consists of 6 x par 3’s and three short par 4’s. The course is kept to the high standards that the Manor Course is. Golf can take too long, so if you want a quick round, or something that isn’t too testing to walk, please come and play the Tower Course. You don’t need to book, just come and pay your green fee at the Driving Range.

A lot of people the last few days have complained about the hot weather. You won’t hear me complain, I love the heat. For six months of the year I can be found wearing 10 layers and freezing, the summer is a great time. I hope everyone is enjoying their golf, and if you need any help please get in touch with East Midlands Golf Academy. My best - James


I’m seeing a large uptake in beginners coaching at the Academy and I really think there are more people out there that want to play. If you have friends you think would like to play this great game, please get in touch with an email james@emga.co.uk


SAM PUTT LAB www.countygolfer.co.uk 25


Every so often in the County Golfer office, the opportunity to play a course will pop up that brings real excitement and anticipation. They tend to be the big named courses. For example; the 2010 course at Celtic Manor, The Centenary Course at Glen Eagles, St Andrews Old Course and a few others. They all have a prestige and history attached to them, and are incredibly well known. You’ve seen them on television, you’ve watched the big names play there, you know a lot of the holes, they are the ‘world famous courses’. But never before have we felt the excitement of playing a course, that in reality, we’d never seen and knew so little about.

26 www.countygolfer.co.uk

The mystery around the course at JCB is what made the opportunity to play such an intriguing one. The website gives little away, a handful of pictures, all of which are stunning. The rumours from the very few that have played are that it’s incredible. But the fact that it’s never publicised, never been used for a big tournament and practically impossible to arrange to play means that really you’re not sure exactly what to expect. It’s such a new course too, that if you try and sneak a look at the layout on google maps you’ll just see what looks like a building site. So we arrived in great anticipation of what to expect, other than the stunning course we’d been led to believe it would be. But nothing, and I mean

absolutely nothing really prepares you for what JCB have created! You arrive at a large stone gate house, where they check that you’re expected before letting you pull down the drive. Then they radio ahead to the club house to let them know you’re on your way. As we drove into the car park, 3 concierges greeted us and directed us where to park, they proceeded to open the car boot and remove our clubs. We never lifted our bags all day. We were then escorted to the changing rooms, and then to the bar/restaurant. When we sat here we noticed that our clubs stood on the driving range with a tray of balls waiting for us....but first we’d had breakfast of course! After warming up on the driving range, chipping area and putting green we decided to head off to play, but

LEFT: The par 3 17th, no description needed! RIGHT: On the 1st tee, being given an insight into the course that lay ahead.

www.countygolfer.co.uk 27

JCB GOLF not before being told off for taking our chipping balls back to the range (apparently that was someone else’s job!) We walked to the buggies where our bags had been taken and strapped on for us. From here we were taken by one of the guides to the first hole, where we were given a good 10 minutes of tips and advice on how to play the course, what to look out for, but most importantly we were advised “don’t go chasing a good score, just enjoy the experience”. Some of the best advice I’ve ever had. We’ve added a few pictures to try and give you an idea of the quality of this course, but the reality is that the pictures don’t even come close to doing it justice. Every hole is spectacular in its own way. The fairways are near perfect, the greens roll beautifully, the bunkers are outstanding. The course would be

amazing if it was 50 years old, but 3???!!! That’s just remarkable. It’s amazing what you can do when you have a limitless supply of diggers and earth movers! It’s hard to pick out a few top holes, but the 1st stands out as it really introduces you to what’s to come. A big drive over water to start, with a choice of how brave you want to be. The second is then again over water, so you need to know exactly what yardage you’re capable of. The approach is uphill onto an elevated green, surrounded by white sand bunkers. The 17th is the picture hole. It’s a par 3 downhill over water onto an island green only accessible by a bridge, with a bunker just before it that runs into the water. From the back tees it’s a 3 wood or a driver. A spectacular hole.

LEFT: The opening hole, playing over the water. RIGHT: The very well guarded Par 3 9th hole. TOP RIGHT: Club house, academy and driving range.

28 www.countygolfer.co.uk

www.countygolfer.co.uk 29


My favourite hole though was the par 5 that initially is a drive uphill onto a fairly open fairway, too far though and you land in a lake. The rest of the fairway then gently sweeps right round the water, with bunkers dotted along its edge to catch you if you’re too greedy. The bigger you can hit your fairway wood or irons, the more of the bend you can take on. The finish is a beautifully big green, again surrounded by bunkers. This course has been created simply to be the best in every department and it doesn’t disappoint. The service is a step up from anything I’ve experienced in a long time, and on a par with the 2010 course at Celtic

Manor back when they were building up to the Ryder Cup. Be warned, it’s incredibly hard to get a round at the JCB course, so if the opportunity comes - grab it! You never know when you’ll get the chance again. What they’ve created in such a short period of time is nothing short of remarkable, with such huge investments still going on and much more planned for the future. The thought of what the JCB Golf Course will be like in years to come boggles the mind!!


Do you have questions about your Pension? *How much tax free cash can we have? Can we now get more from our annuity? Can we reduce our existing pension charges?

32 www.countygolfer.co.uk

www.countygolfer.co.uk 33

Discover the Fred. Olsen Difference... Fred. Olsen, together with Martins World Travel, understands and appreciates what makes a cruise holiday so special.


Every Fred. Olsen cruise is an enjoyable, engaging and memorable experience even for the most experienced cruiser. This is all part of the ‘Fred. Olsen Difference’.

Itineraries’ and ‘Best Ocean Cruise Line’ at the Silver Travel Awards for three consecutive years, and gaining the highest rating for cruises under £200 per night in the 2018 Which? Cruise Survey. Most importantly, from over 27,000 independent guest reviews, Fred. Olsen has a guest experience rating of over 4 out of 5 – along with being awarded Feefo’s Gold Trusted Merchant status for the fourth time. Perhaps that’s why people who try them once so often choose to cruise with them again. There’s never been a better time to experience the ‘Fred. Olsen Difference.’

Award-winning cruises

Local ports for departure

There’s never been a better time to cruise with Fred. Olsen and they will strive to give you the holiday of a lifetime – but don’t just take our word for it. Pleasingly, this has been recognised by Fred. Olsen winning a number of high-profile awards over the past few years, including Cruise Critic’s ‘Best for

Newcastle is a fantastic starting point having excellent road and rail connections with ample car parking at the cruise terminal Port of Tyne. This convenient port offers a wide selection of stunning cruise itineraries that make Fred. Olsen an awardwinning cruise line.

ith four perfect ocean ships and one inland river cruise ship, Fred. Olsen offers elegance and relaxed comfort on board ships that are sensibly sized yet retain all the facilities guests could possibly wish for. With over 120 years of seafaring heritage Fred. Olsen Traditional Ships make guests feel completely at ease and at ‘home’.

34 www.countygolfer.co.uk

Included in the price These great value cruises include: •

Comfortable rooms and suites with TV, hairdryer, tea and coffee making facilities and individually-controlled air conditioning.

Tempting cuisine every day throughout your cruise - with five-course à la carte dinners, casual breakfast and lunch buffets and late-night snacks.

n Difference...

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Self-service tea and coffee at selected venues, morning coffee with biscuits and afternoon sandwiches and cakes

In-room sandwiches and snacks.

W •

All evening entertainment, including cabaret shows, live music and dancing.

ITH four perfect ocean Captain’s Drinks Party and Gala Buffet. ships and one inland • Use of leisure facilities including river cruise ship, Fred. swimming pools, Jacuzzis and gym. Olsen offers elegance • A wide choice of on-board activities elaxed comfort on board ships and lectures throughout the day. are sensibly sized yet retain all the • Luggage porterage between room and ties guests could possibly wish the drop-off/pick-up point. for. th over 120 years of seafaring heritage Olsen Traditional Ships make guests ompletely at ease and at ‘home’. ery Fred. Olsen cruise is an enjoyable, •

Ship experience and service All four of the ocean-going cruise ships provide a wealth of facilities, scrumptious cuisine every day, and unrivalled onboard experiences – all delivered in a similar style and format. The Balmoral, Boudicca, Black Watch and Braemar all embody an exceptional bond between shipboard staff and client, where attention to detail, appreciation of personal preference and outstanding service are paramount. It’s the little things that matter and remembering names, favourite tipples and even the way eggs are cooked at breakfast comes as standard. www.countygolfer.co.uk 35

ee lly-

oughout la and acks. lected scuits cakes s. spectacular landscapes, magnificent natural Get closer to the world’s uding wonders and inspirational waterways. greatest destinations dancing.Get closer Fred. alloptions cruise from options Another advantage of the smaller cruise Fred. Olsen Olsen covers covers all cruise shortto the world’s greatest a Buffet.destinations fromcruises short-break cruises to fly-cruise vessels is that they can get closer to some of break to fly-cruise holidays to the Caribbean, g to the Caribbean, as well as and the greatest destinations on earth and help guests asholidays well as exciting longer-duration cruises advantage of the smaller world cruise itineraries. gym. Another exciting longer-duration cruises and the discover towns, cities andcruise scenicvessels wonders that magnificent they can get closer to some of the greatest ities is thatmay magnificent cruise itineraries. well be out of reach to larger ships. They With Fred. Olsenworld and Martins World Travel, guests destinations on earth and help guests discover towns, y. With Fred. Olsen and Martins World Travel can sail the world’s oceans to idyllic islands can sail to incredible destinations far and wide, cities and scenic wonders that may well be out of m guests can sail to incredible destinations and breathtaking countries, into narrow discover out-of-this-world experiences and experience reach to larger ships. They can sail the world’s oceans awe-inspiring sights, whilstout-of-this-world forging friendships along far and wide, discover Norwegian fjords and along size-restricted to idyllic islands and breathtaking countries, into the way that will lastexperience a lifetime. awe-inspiring experiences and rivers into the heart ofalong delightful cities. narrow Norwegian fjords and size-restricted sights, adventures with hundreds – not Please e rivers intoSharing the heart of delightful cities. feelwhilst free toforging give thefriendships friendly andalong cruisethe way that will last a lifetime. thousands – of others is so important. Guests ps experienced Martins World Travel staff a call on Sharing adventures with hundreds – not thousands – Please feel free to give the friendly and canisrelax on boardGuests and enjoy a memorable tious of others so important. can relax on board 01246 221717 / 01246 823763 cruise experiencecruise without feelingwithout overcrowded. cruise-experienced Martins World Travel staff and enjoy a memorable experience www.martins-world-travel.co.uk a call on 01246 221717 / 01246 823763 Inovercrowded. fact, it’s likeInbeing partlike of being a family feeling fact, it’s partinofthe a familyexploration in the exploration the world friends, www.martins-world-travel.co.uk of theof world with with friends, loved al, loved ones ones and people with mutual andlike-minded like-minded people with mutual all interests and a shared attitudeattitude to life. to life. interests and a shared n ntion Taking guests closer with RIBs


urite oked


Taking guests closer with RIBs

Fred. Olsen now is taking to the nexttolevel Fred. is Olsen nowexploration taking exploration the with the introduction of all-new RIBs (Rigid Inflatable next level with the introduction of all-new Boats): the latest enhancement to their fleet. These (Rigid Inflatable Boats): latest boats RIBs can travel even closer than ever the before to enhancement to their fleet. These spectacular landscapes, magnificent naturalboats wonders can travel even closer than ever before to and inspirational waterways. 36 www.countygolfer.co.uk

49 Reflections March 2019




FROM £9,995



TEL: 01773 420823



NEWARK GOLF CLUB There are 2 kinds of bad rounds of golf in life. The first is the round that you walk away from thinking “I can play better than that, I know I can, I can’t wait to get on the driving range to correct things and get back out there”. Then there’s the other type of bad, which when you walk away you think “I wonder how much of my money I’d get back for my clubs if I put them on eBay??” Or “I wonder if the club would refund me any of my membership if I was to cancel it now?” A week before arriving at Newark I’d played a deplorable round of golf and felt very much like the latter. It had been poring with rain, I’d forgotten to take my proper waterproofs, and had a thousand and one other excuses as well!! It was so bad that I didn’t even play the last 4 holes. ‘When the enjoyment stops, stop!’ (I think that may relate to something else, but it fitted the bill pretty well!)

38 www.countygolfer.co.uk

www.countygolfer.co.uk 39

NEWARK GOLF As much as when I’d walked off the course never wanting to see another golf club again as long as I lived, a week later I found that I was happy to go again and was even looking forward to another round. There were 4 reasons for this; 1) The pain of the previous round had worn off quite a bit. 2) The sun was shining and the sky was blue (which does make a huge difference! ) 3) My other option was staying in the office. 4) It was at Newark, a course I’d played a few times before and always enjoyed, it’s a happy memory course!

enter the club shop, a big open, light shop, well stocked with all the latest equipment. Where some club shops sometimes have a bit of a factory shop feel to them, Newark’s definitely has a more ‘high end’ clothing shop atmosphere. They also have a swing studio for a little bit of fine tuning before you go out and play. Newark even have their own app which gives you a course guide, course conditions, booking facilities, and even the food menu for the clubhouse! As I say, not your standard golf club.

So off we trotter to Newark Golf Course to see what had changed in the past few years and to see if it still really is as good as I remembered.

We sat looking through the Course Guide on the app as we tucked into our full English breakfast before going out. It gives you a bit of an insight into the course layout before you get started, if you plan on visiting Newark I strongly recommend you download it before you go.

As soon as you arrive at the club you are aware that this is not just your average club with average facilities. The open driving range on the left as you drive in starts to tell the story of a club that has invested well in its facilities. You then

40 www.countygolfer.co.uk

The round we had was definitely one of 2 halves, going out was a fight to stay

within touching distance of my handicap, coming back in was an absolute joy, playing 4 under my handicap even with a double bogie on the last (I got a little greedy with the corner!). The course however is a lot more consistent than I am. The fairways and greens are all in

fantastic condition, last years’ drought that damaged so many courses either didn’t affect Newark, or they’ve made a quick and full recovery. Although Newark is a relatively flat course, they’ve sculpted the bunkers, greens and parts of the fairways to give the course a flowing feel to it. The big impression the first few holes make, are that the greens are fantastic, they’re in great condition, run smoothly, straight and are a joy to putt on. If you start putting with confidence on the first few holes it’s a great feeling for the rest of the round and can make an immense impact on your scorecard. There are a number of holes to look out for on the course. The 8th is one of these, a par 4 at 357 yards from the yellows with a dog leg right. Taking the corner on over the trees isn’t really an option unless you’re a really big hitter. Try it and land short and there are bunkers, trees and water waiting for you… in that order.

ABOVE: Lefty tees off on the 4th hole, over the water. BOTTON: Newby finding the dangers of being too greedy on the dog legged 8th hole RIGHT: Sometimes it’s better to be in the bunker!!

www.countygolfer.co.uk 41

NEWARK GOLF Driver or long iron up to the corner and it’ll leave a 100 yard or less approach shot into the inviting green. The 15th is the pick of the par 3s, a hole that has not so long ago been remodelled. It’s 151yards from the yellows. The green is raised higher that the tee, with a large bunker right in front of it and another to the left. Thankfully the green is in fantastic condition and slopes towards you, so a nice high struck iron sticks beautifully to the green. The trees surrounding the green just add to the visuals.

TOP: The greens all ran so true and straight, giving you mountains of confidence. BOTTOM: The very well protected 15th green.

42 www.countygolfer.co.uk

The course has a feeling of a very wellestablished course, with mature trees lining most of the fairways and towering above you, dividing the fairways up nicely. The years of nurture and care given to the layout and the flow make for a fantastic course, unlike many of the newer courses that tend to have a handful of good holes padded out to 18 with ‘filler holes’. Newark is a quality course throughout and of consistent quality.

As far as ticking boxes is concerned, Newark ticks as many as is possible. Great clubhouse, great Pro shop, driving range, buggies, golf simulator and great website and app. When you add all these ‘extras’ to a mature and beautifully maintained golf course, you can see why Newark is such a popular destination for so many golfers.


www.countygolfer.co.uk 43













it’s on your DOORSTEP!

Golf is for everyone! Want to get into golf? Do you play already? Thinking about becoming a member or looking for somewhere local to play?

Give us a call see what we have to offer Alfreton has active ladies, junior and seniors sections with regular formal and social competitions. Golf is great for burning calories too, kick start your exercise regime.

Alfreton Golf Club:

Information and membership details:

Club secretary: 07966 547334 alwynbrooks@hotmail.com

Professional: 01773 832070 or 07980 955489 Nev Hallam, provides tuition, advice & club fitting and a well stocked shop.

Catering & room hire: 01773 832070 Open to both members and visitors. Function room hire, restaurant, regular speciality food nights and Sunday lunches. For more information visit our website, follow us on facebook and twitter.

44 www.countygolfer.co.uk


GROUP & SOCIETY GOLF Packages from £29pp for 6 players or more Other membership options available

Golf only options also available

Easy access from A1 & A46 | Easy walking course in mature woodland All year round golf | Flexible dining options | Great value


Sleaford Road, Coddington, Newark, Nottinghamshire NG24 2QX

T: 01636 626282

E: marketing@newarkgolfclub.co.uk

www.newarkgolfclub.co.uk www.countygolfer.co.uk 45

The Resin Specialists

Driveways • Pathways • Patios

“Where quality matters”


Why Choose a Resin Drive? 4

Maintenance free


UV protected - won’t fade or discolour


Anti-slip surface


The latest premium looks


Completely porous - no more puddles


Many colours to choose from


Weed resistant


No sinking or cracking

Join us for a coffee and free advice on colours and designs Unit 1, Amber Drive, Baily Brook Business Park, Langley Mill, Derbyshire NG16 4BE

46 www.countygolfer.co.uk 01773 712 288 • buffalodriveways.co.uk


The Resin Specialists

We won’t be beaten on quality and price

Buffalo Driveways are the areas leading installer of porous resin bound driveways, patios and pathways. Buffalo will transform your driveway old or new. As well as laying resin on a new base, in many cases we can overlay existing surfaces (subject to survey) which means less mess and a faster result.

Don’t just take our word for it, check out our reviews on…

Why Choose Buffalo Driveways? 4

A well-known name you can trust, backed by unbeatable service.


10 year guarantee on driveways with sub-base completed by us or alternatively 5 years on overlay only, all insurance backed.


Full design and planning service backed by a full technical survey.


No pushy salesmen, we have fully trained surveyors.


All Buffalo staff are fully trained in groundworks and resin laying, all with valid certificates.


Over 100 local installations for you to view.

Call for a FREE quote

01773 712 288

You’d be surprised at how little a new Buffalo resin driveway would cost

Join us for a coffee and free advice on colours and designs Unit 1, Amber Drive, Baily Brook Business Park, Langley Mill, Derbyshire NG16 4BE 01773 712 288


www.countygolfer.co.uk 47 sales@buffalodriveways.co.uk


All Change at Stanedge Golf Club


e are five months in now at Stanedge Golf Club and it is quite hard to put into words the journey so far. We have achieved such an awful lot in such a short period of time, and I still have to pinch myself to remind myself that it is only five months. We have attracted over 80 members since acquiring the club in February, some of which are completely new and some previous members who have returned to the club, and the numbers are ever-increasing.

48 www.countygolfer.co.uk

This is certainly something that we are focusing on to grow and develop. The course is open to everyone 7 days a week, both members and visitors. There are a series of membership options in place to make the club affordable to all. Membership benefits include being able to have advanced booking for tee-time reservations, use of member registration, entry into club competitions and access to social events. Being a member also offers the opportunity to gain an official CONGU handicap, and the online booking system means that there is no queuing on the first tee. Visitors can simply phone up and book a time.

It was hugely important for me to make positive changes from the out set both in terms of the clubhouse, and on the course in order for members and visitors to see that we meant business, and that we were there for the long haul. We have undergone a full clubhouse refurbishment both internally and externally. The kitchen had to be completely ripped out, full refurbishment of the locker rooms, the bar and lounge area and the office. Lighting inside and outside, all new windows and doors…..the list is endless but literally everything that we touched needed attention as no work had been done to the clubhouse for such a long period of time. With some elements, we started one job and it led to ten others. In terms of the course, a comprehensive plan has been put together and an ever changing list of what needs doing on a daily and a weekly basis with a plan for the ensuing months. Obviously certain elements are subject to change depending on the weather and priorities, but it is very important that every member of the team knows what they are doing and what needs to be done. Everyone who comes to the club can see the hard work that goes into Stanedge on a daily basis. We are a team and all muck in. If something needs doing someone is always at hand to step up and get the job done. I am a firm believer that I would never ask a member of my team to do something that I am not willing to do myself. Every day is a school day and that will always be a never ending process. I had a vision and a mission of what I wanted to achieve at the club but

Ladies night

without my team and everyone’s hard work, we wouldn’t be where we are now. It really has been a monumental effort by many people who have put many unsociable hours into making the club a place people now want to visit and enjoy being at. From a coaching point of view, myself and Peter Ball run various initiatives to get new people into the game in addition to the weekly group and individual coaching that we both do. For example, on Tuesday evenings between 18:00 and 19:00, we have a ladies “New to Golf” session, encouraging ladies that have never played before or who are in need of refreshing their technique to have some fun, learn new skills and the ability to play a few holes. In addition to this, we run mixed adult coaching, junior coaching and holiday camps. On a Wednesday night, we have a 6 hole golf league, followed by a hot meal afterwards. This attracts between 50 and 70 people on a weekly basis and has done wonders to promote the benefits of social golf and the fact that golf doesn’t have to be so time consuming. Last Wednesday evening I was on the practice area coaching and to look back at the clubhouse and to see lots of people sat outside having drinks, eating food and hearing laughter and conversation brought a smile to my face. That’s what makes all of the hard work worthwhile…..seeing people enjoying themselves in an informal environment and having fun. Congratulations to our League One winners: Adam Wild (Non-CONGU) and Mike Keenan (CONGU). Due to its success and popularity, this is something that will continue for the foreseeable future. On the 17th June we hosted our Seniors Open, attracting over 60 golfers not only from our club but from other clubs within the locality. It was a super day and our well deserved winners were Sam O’Donnell and Mike Saqui. Last month we joined the Foremost buying group, where we can now offer a service to www.countygolfer.co.uk 49


Pete and Fame members and visitors enabling them to buy equipment, clothing etc. We have just launched our “Tuesday Treats” where anyone can come along and enjoy the beautiful setting, have one of our home made baked goods, including unlimited tea or coffee all for £5.00 between 09:00 and 19:00 every Tuesday. In addition to all of this there are weekly competitions for members and on Sunday 11th August we are hosting our Stanedge Open, which is an 18 hole individual Stableford competition, played off full handicap. We are a 10 hole facility however, I feel that people are a lot more time constrained these days. The course layout is perfect for those who just want to play a loop of 3 or 6 holes without ever being too far away from the clubhouse. The course suits all levels of ability with an engaging and varied test of golf, with three par 3’s, six par 4’s and one par 5 and if you don’t have equipment, you can hire everything that you need from us. It is so important that we promote all 50 www.countygolfer.co.uk

One of the seniors winners Sam O’ Donnell with Fame elements of what we have to offer, not just the golf. We offer food 7days a week and our breakfasts are hugely popular with members and visitors, with all of our ingredients locally sourced from Highfield Farm Shop. Our bar offers a wide array of drinks including nespresso coffee, teapigs, artisan gins and we provide free wi-fi for our members and visitors. I feel very proud to say that we have transformed Stanedge from a run down clubhouse and golf course to a thriving facility with refurbished amenities that is family friendly. We have broken the mould from the “traditional” golf club model, and that was my aim from day one. I think that golf should be accessible and affordable, giving everyone the opportunity to come to a facility that is welcoming, safe and relaxed. We sit down as a team regularly to discuss and reflect on what is working or how we could do things better. There is something to be said for being able to make decisions and run with them. That is one of the biggest areas where we differ from the traditional model as we don’t have a

committee. We don’t get everything right, but what we don’t, we learn from and improve on. I want Stanedge Golf Club to be the best it can possibly be for its members and visitors, and myself and my team will do everything that we can to achieve this. You don’t have to be a golfer or a member to come to Stanedge Golf Club. Everyone will always be welcomed by our friendly team and it is a super facility to come and enjoy the scenic views and have some home cooked food. The whole place is buzzing again and everyone is extremely positive about the future. A huge thank you to everyone who has supported us on our journey so far, there are many exciting times ahead. Fame

O The welcoming clubhouse

n a personal note, on the 1st July I won the “Outstanding Achievement” Award at the English Women’s Awards North. The awards celebrated and honoured the talent and hard work of female professionals and entrepreneurs across the region that make the North a great and more equal place to live and work. I was absolutely over the moon and genuinely very surprised. I was so thrilled to have been nominated as a finalist in the first place and I couldn’t have done it without the hard work of my team. Next week I have been selected to work at the Ladies British Open at Woburn Golf Club, working for the Ladies European Tour in the coaching zone, which I am very much looking forward to. www.countygolfer.co.uk 51

Time for some fun in the most powerful

Caterham Seven!

The only other option is fun…


aterham Cars has launched a CSR version of its most powerful European car – the Seven 485. The 485 CSR is the pinnacle of the EU range of Sevens, offering 237ps and 206nm in torque from its two-litre Ford Duratec engine. This Caterham 485 CSR will accelerate from 0-100kmh in a rapid 3.9 seconds and push on to a top speed of 225kmh. With a host of additional options available via Caterham’s expansive Signature personalisation range, the 485 CSR is easily the most desirable and luxurious of the iconic British brand’s model line-up. Adding purpose and initiative to the 485 CSR over its standard 485 brother is its push-rod inboard front suspension, its fully independent, doublewishbone rear suspension, 15” CSR alloy

52 www.countygolfer.co.uk

wheels, shod with Avon ZZS tyres and aero front wing guards. Weighing in at just 580kg, the 485 CSR delivers an eyewatering 409 ps per-tonne, almost the same as a Lamborghini Huracan or a Ferrari 599. Delivered built from the Caterham factory, the 485 CSR includes carpeted interior panels, a carbon dashboard, adjustable leather seats, a collapsible Momo steering wheel, a limited-slip differential and a choice of four paint options. Options available to owners who want to up the level of luxury even further include carbon fibre front wings, carbon leather side panels on the interior, a black Alcantara dashboard and LED highintensity daytime running lights. Visit www.caterham.co.uk for full details






SHOWRO Now open to the public

Beautiful, Solid Wood, Hand Made Furniture

Estate Works, Bullock Lane, Brailsford, Derbyshire DE6 3DA T: 01335 361132 info@hentysofbrailsford.co.uk | www.henrysofbrailsford.co.uk www.countygolfer.co.uk 53


SCOTTY CAMERON Introduces New 2019 Teryllium T22 Putters


wenty-two years after the emergence of his original Teryllium inserted, major-winning TeI3 designs, Scotty Cameron has reimagined and announced the limited release of three new putter models built under the “T22” moniker. Available in golf shops beginning Aug. 16, the Teryllium T22 Newport and Teryllium T22 Newport 2 offer modernized versions of the TeI3 models first introduced in 1997, while the Teryllium T22 Fastback 1.5 becomes the first Fastback 1.5 designed with a Teryllium insert.


CAMERON: “There’s nothing quite like the feel of Teryllium. It’s the number one material request I get from players. And, as we’ve seen multiple majors won over the past few seasons with a Teryllium-inserted putter, it’s a great time to celebrate this legendary design.


Each Teryllium T22 model extends Scotty Cameron’s proven construction methodology of incorporating complementary materials to achieve desired performance 54 www.countygolfer.co.uk

characteristics and feel. With a precision milled Teryllium insert expertly designed into the 303 stainless steel putter head, Scotty’s early execution of this concept has been improved upon using modern milling and manufacturing techniques, while preserving the incomparable feel of Teryllium.


A new black Pistolini Plus grip with copper paint fill was designed especially for the T22 release and features a thicker, less tapered low hand.


Inspired by the early Teryllium models, the new Teryllium T22 putters feature a tactical matte black finish with a unique bead blast for a radiant yet glare resistant appearance, with metallic gold and white paint fill. The familiar back cavity “domino pattern” is produced by the white vibration dampening elastomer membrane used in the assembly of the Teryllium alloy face inlay.


Limited Release Teryllium T22 putters will be available worldwide on August 16, 2019, at Titleist authorized golf shops.

WILSON GOLF modernises timeless classic iron


ilson Golf, the brand that has won more Majors with its irons than any other (61), has modernised one of its most iconic clubs with the release of the new Wilson Staff Model blade irons.

The Staff Model irons had a debut to remember with new Staff player Gary Woodland the first to play the prototype irons with great success. In his first event at the QBE Shootout in the Bahamas, Woodland made a hole-in-one on a 202-yard Par 3. Just three weeks later, at the Sentry Tournament of Champions in Maui, Woodland led the field in Greens in Regulation, with an impressive 87.5% for the week. The brand has a rich history of forged blade irons, many of which have been played by game’s greats and the Staff Model iron is based on the classic, timeless design seen through the years. Tour Advisory Staff member and multiple PGA Tour winner Brendan Steele had direct input into the design of the new blade. His

hands-on approach has been critical to the development of new Wilson golf products recently, which will continue after Steele officially extend his long standing relationship with the brand for three more years, through 2021. After racking up two PGA Tour victories playing the FG Tour 100 irons, Steele went and collaborated with the Wilson LABS team to assist in the development of the new Staff Model irons. The American challenged the team at Wilson to create a more modern aesthetic, without sacrificing performance. Steele felt it was crucial to keep the execution consistent and was eager to incorporate his feedback on design, specifically maintaining a thinner top line at address. After two years of development, the new Staff Model blades were finally brought to life. “To be able to provide my insight on the next generation on FG Tour 100 irons was an experience I’ll never forget,” said Steele. “We crafted the new Staff Model irons to have a similar look as the FG Tour 100’s, which was vital as I continue to evaluate changes to my equipment,” he added. www.countygolfer.co.uk 55

ALL THE GEAR‌ Callaway Chrome Soft X Triple Track Golf Balls

THIS BALL IS DIFFERENT‌ Chrome Soft Golf Balls combine Tour-proven performance with unparalleled feel and exceptional mis-hit forgiveness. Everything about the ball that changed the ball is better because Callaway have innovated at every layer, starting with their ground breaking new Graphene Dual SoftFast Core. The result is an extremely fast and soft-feeling ball that promotes high-launch and low spin off the tee for long distance, and incredible shot-stopping spin around the green. The new Chrome Soft is better to its core.

FEATURES & BENEFITS: Fast Ball Speeds & Low Spin Off The Driver New Graphene infused Dual Soft Fast Core with a new, larger inner core maximizes compression energy while minimizing driver-spin and promoting high launch for long distance.

Distance & Control Through The Bag Premium dual-core construction promotes more distance off of your longer clubs, and more control off of mid-irons, short-irons and wedges.

Pinpoint Greenside Control Thin ultra-soft Tour Urethane Cover feels fantastic and generates shotcontrolling, stroke-saving spin on pitches and chips.

Ultra-Soft Feel The fast SubMantle, soft Tour Urethane Cover, and low compression core combine for unparalleled feel.

Forgiveness Softer golf balls compress easier on off center hits for incredible distance all over the face.

Which Ball Should You Play? Chrome Soft: Softest feel, best forgiveness, straight flight Chrome Soft X: Soft feel, high forgiveness, workable flight. 56 www.countygolfer.co.uk

GOLFING NEWS LEFT: Newark Golf Club - Ladies Invitation Day Winners - Diane Jackson left Tracy MacDonald right Ladies Captain Sandra Goodwin BELOW LEFT: Newark Golf Club - Ladies Captains Day BELOW RIGHT: Newark Golf Club - Captains Day Winner David Thompson & Captain Howard Jones

THREE HOLES IN ONE, IN FOURTEEN DAYS. Jim Harrower’s amazing fortnight.


f ever there was a story of hope in golf this is it. Some of us never get that illustrious hole in one. Well, some may have but kept it quiet due to the price of whiskey!

ABOVE: Newark Golf Club - Ladies Captains Day BELOW LEFT: Vice Captain Keith Whitfield & Captain Howard Jones BELOW RIGHT: Newark Golf Club Captains Day - Captain Howard Jones

Jim Harrower took up the game of golf at the age of 9 and during 57 years never had a hole in one. The closest he ever came to it, as with many of us, was about 10” from the hole. To get 3 holes in one in the space of 14 days brought tears to his eyes, not just for the holes in one but shelling out around £60 for the famous grouse. All the guys he plays with congratulated him, even the people he didn’t know. It certainly made him feel really good inside as it would all of us. Jim describes it this way. “The first was at the 11th hole at Worksop on 9th July, the club I used was a 5 iron. A par 3 hole. The second was at the 11th hole using the same club on the 20th July and if that was not enough, on the 23rd July at the 18th hole par 3 I used a rescue club 20. I saw both holes in one at the 11th go in but didn’t see the last one at the 18th go in, but heard plenty of cheers from the clubhouse. Jim thanks everyone for their support during “my lucky/skilful few days at Worksop Golf Club”. Well done Jim, none of us here at County Golfer have done it, so you bring hope to us all. www.countygolfer.co.uk 57


SkyCaddie SX500 helps Baker to maiden victory on Staysure Tour


nglishman Peter Baker used his SkyCaddie SX500 to help secure a five-stroke victory in the Senior Open Hauts de France by Jean Van de Velde at the Arras Golf Resort in northern France, on the Staysure Tour. Spanish golfer and fellow SkyCaddie SX500 owner Miguel Angel Martin followed up his third place finish in last week’s Italian Open with fourth place in France alongside Roger Chapman, Dan Olsen and Philip Price. Baker’s win means that competitors using the new SkyCaddie SX500, increasingly regarded as the sport’s most powerful distance measuring device, have finished strongly in a Staysure Tour event for the second week in a row. The victorious Peter Baker, a three-time European Tour winner who represented Europe in the 1993 Ryder Cup, was one of the first Staysure Tour competitors to get a SkyCaddie SX500, having picked his up in November 2018. The victory in France was his first on the Staysure Tour, and meant that he has now won a Tour event in four different decades. “I used my SkyCaddie SX500 frequently this weekend in France” said Baker, who is Head Professional at The South Staffordshire Golf Club near Wolverhampton. “From the tee I used it to work out layup and 58 www.countygolfer.co.uk

carry distances, particularly when bunkers or water are in play. “And with the day’s pin positions entered into the SX500 it is also great for distance control as regards shots to the green. I use the SkyCaddie to pick the right spot to land the ball on the green – it shows me what’s short of the pin and what’s beyond it too.” The Staysure Tour now heads for the UK, with the Farmfoods European Legends Links Championship starting on June 21st at Trevose Golf & Country Club in Cornwall. The event is hosted by Ian Woosnam – who is another SkyCaddie SX500 user. “Peter’s brilliant victory proves once again that Europe’s best golfers are gradually turning to the SkyCaddie SX500 for their yardages under intense tournament conditions” said James Holmes, SkyCaddie’s General Manager in the UK & Europe. “That indicates a high level of trust in our course data, and validates our policy of always creating and updating every golf course map on foot.” The SkyCaddie SX500 is available in all good PGA pro shops and golf retailers. See www.skycaddie.co.uk for all SX500 information.

Inter Counties Match - Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire & Rutland, Northamptonshire & Derbyshire, news from Newark-Golf-Club The open was played at Beeston Fields, the county course for 2019. Paul went on to victory in a 3 hole play off against Andy Willey of Oakmere Park. Quote from Paul “ I am delighted to win again after not competing in the competition for 11 years – when I won last time! It is a great confidence boost, especially ahead of the Titleist FootJoy Championship taking place in Hunstanton next week!”

Seniors’ Captain’s Charity Day - Monday 1st July 2019 More than 60 of Newark’s Seniors Section turned out to pay a fiver to play in Seniors’ Captain Len Astill’s Charity Day, in aid of Beaumond House Community Hospice. It was a tight finish on a windy but bright day, with Simon Channon (14 handicap) winning with 38 pts.  Paul Speakman (6) was second with 37 and Howard Wibberley (16), with a back nine of 21, was best of a group on 36.  The Seniors Section raised funds for Beaumond House throughout the year.  This event’s £300+ will be added to proceeds from raffles and fines, to be presented to Beaumond House after the Hole in One event in the autumn. Picture shows: Len Astill (centre) sharing a joke with John Duckett (left) and Derrick Lewis.   Paul Bagshaw, PGA Pro at Newark Golf Club, Champion of The Nottinghamshire Open. The Nottinghamshire Open is the county open for the top 10 PGA Professionals plus a selection of the top amateurs for Nottinghamshire.

Newark Ladies Open The Newark Ladies Open took place on Tuesday 14 May with ladies from 24 different clubs taking part in a 4 ball AmAm. The winning team with 84 points on count back were S Scotton; C Miller; L Reddick and E Moulton who were from Forest Hill and Charnwood Forest Golf Clubs, Ms Scotton being in the winning team last year (pictured). In second place again with 84 points were A Meadows; J Francis; B Warner and D Sharpe all from Belton Woods. Third with 80 points on count back were a team from Rushcliffe/Beeston Fields and Scraptoft; Fourth again with 80 points were a team from Lingdale and in fifth place was a team from Nene. www.countygolfer.co.uk 59

GOLFING NEWS Zen Green Stage

scores Sky Sports hat-trick at Royal Portrush


he adjustable Zen Green Stage completed a hat-trick of Open appearances last week, once again acting as the dynamic and exciting centrepiece for the Open Zone during Sky Sports Golf’s impressive TV coverage of the 148th Open Championship from Royal Portrush. Its TV appearance in Northern Ireland last week meant that the Zen Green Stage was present at each of this year’s four Majors – in Augusta for The Masters, at Bethpage Black in New York for the PGA Championship, at Pebble Beach for the U.S Open, and at the Open Championship, each time as part of Sky Sports Golf’s presentation of the event. At Royal Portrush, for the third year running the world’s leading golfers and coaches used the Green Stage’s adjustable slopes to put on Open Championship masterclasses for the watching TV audience. Danny Willett (who placed joint 6th) and Tom Lewis (joint 11th) used the Green Stage in full-swing mode to show how to hit approach shots from sloping lies, and five-time PGA Tour winner Billy Horschel used the Green Stage to give viewers tips on reading green contours in a live putting clinic – as did former European Ryder Cup star Oliver Wilson. Superstars such as Adam Scott and last year’s Open Champion Francesco Molinari also showed off their skills on the Green Stage, as did Ryan Fox, Branden Grace and Dame 60 www.countygolfer.co.uk

Laura Davies and numerous others who took part in Sky Sports’ entertaining 148-Yard Challenge. Tour coaches Pete Cowen and Graham Walker also presented from the Zen Green Stage, with the latter talking about how he helped last week’s runner-up Tommy Fleetwood with his short game on Tour. Sky Sports pundits Paul McGinley, David Howell and Andrew Coltart took part in a live putting contest on the Zen Green Stage, tackling a variety of real-world slopes, and the rest of Sky Sport’s talented presenting team also took their turns on the Green Stage, including Nick Dougherty, Sarah Stirk, Tim Barter and Iona Stephen. “The team at Sky Sports is incredibly receptive to new ideas, and it is a privilege to have such a profound relationship with Europe’s leading sports broadcaster” said Zen Green Stage founder, Nick Middleton. “Being able to put superstars onto real-world slopes in the live Open Zone environment creates brilliant flexibility when planning a TV feature, especially with instruction in mind. “Sky Sports continue to lead the broadcast revolution” he continued. “Innovations such as last week’s debut of Sky Scope are just the latest example of how Sky Sports is showing the world how to present golf in an accessible, entertaining and authentic way.” See www.zenoracle.com for all details.

Linthwaite House launch



inthwaite House, part of the Leeu Collection, has launched a ‘Summer Golfing in the Lakes’ package that combines a stay at the newly renovated luxury property with a round of golf at the nearby Windermere Golf Club, regarded as one of Cumbria’s finest and most picturesque golf courses. Like Linthwaite House, which is less than a mile away, Windermere Golf Club boasts spectacular panoramic views over Windermere and across to the distant fells. Founded in 1891, the layout has great pedigree having been designed by George Lowe who – at the time – was the professional at Royal Lytham & St Annes (which has hosted 11 Open Championships), a course he also created. In true moorland style, each hole at Windermere follows the gently rolling and rugged character of the local terrain to create a layout that is both charming and challenging. After golf, Linthwaite House, recognised as one of the finest hotels in the Lakes, provides

a tranquil retreat for rest and relaxation. The Conservatory, Bar and Terrace are the perfect place for a light meal or early evening drink, while admiring the breath-taking views over Windermere (the largest of the Lakes) towards Coniston. Keen golfers may wish to try several of the other golf courses in the area, such as the Harry Colt parkland course at Ulverston just 15 miles away and the highlyregarded Silloth on Solway golf course, rated by Top 100 Golf Courses as the number one course in Cumbria, which is located on the coast about a 90-minute drive from Linthwaite House. The ‘Summer Golfing in the Lakes’ package includes an overnight stay, three-course dinner in the Stella restaurant, a round of golf for two at Windermere Golf Club (with return transfers to the club from Linthwaite House) and some scrumptious snacks to maintain energy levels whilst out on the fairways. Rates start from £390 per person, dependent on the season and room category chosen; to book, email reservations@linthwaitehouse. com or call +44 (0) 15394 88600 and use the promotional code “Leeu Golf”. www.countygolfer.co.uk 61

The Twittersphere

Erewash Valley GC Happy to see how the course is progressing! There is always room for improvement though, our aim is to provide the best golf course possible for EVGC members and visitors!

Burton On Trent GC Well played from all, A Glass act! Ben Jenks assistant at Burton Golf Club wins the PGA Midlands 14th Glazerite Trophy Pro-Am with a five-under-par score of 67.

Chesterfield Golf Club Greens looking pure and running at 10ft 11 for our 36 holes members cup!!! 62 www.countygolfer.co.uk

Cavendish Golf Club Our brilliant greenkeepers have done a fantastic job to ensure that our course is open today and #OpenWeek can start!t

Chevin Golf Club Congratulations to Catrin Russell who is once more our Derbyshire Ladies Senior Champion winning with a gross score of 78, after winning last year also. Lesley Watson came 3rd and Janet Thomas came 11th. Well done ladies, we hope you had a fantastic day!

Alfreton Golf Club Ernest Goodwin Trophy today for Captains, Past Captains and Committee members. A family affair with Dan Bennett overcoming his dad Phil to win with 39pts, well done to all.

Beeston Fields If you fancy a round of golf but not a member with us, you can pay & play any day of the week at Beeston Fields. Head to our website to book your tee time today to make the most of this gorgeous weather!

Coxmoor Golf Club Congratulations to Mr & Mrs Shaw from Glen Gorse GC on winning today’s Seniors Mixed Open with a fabulous score of 49 points!!

Notts. Golf Club The calm before the storm @ nottsgolfclub The team managed to complete the course prep this morning without getting wet. Always nice, particularly on a Friday.

Oakmere New Holes open & Ebert project completed. New holes 14 & 15 now open. Both courses are in great condition. Book now.

Rufford Park Our first customers hiring out our new Ecaddy trikes, available to hire now and such great fun.

Sherwood Forest Golf Club Join now‌ get a free junior membership for the rest of the year. Just in time for summer holiday Golf :) www.countygolfer.co.uk 63


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No waiting lists. We won’t keep you waiting. At Nuffield Health Derby Hospital you don’t need private medical insurance, you can just pay for the treatment as and when you need it. We’re open to everyone and our treatment prices are all-inclusive*, covering everything from your procedure through to recovery.

Call 01332 898 202 for further information. Or visit: nuffieldhealth.com/hospitals/derby *Initial consultation(s), diagnostic scans/tests and investigations required to establish a diagnosis are not part of your procedure price.

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Nottingham’s only 36 hole golf & hotel complex situated just six miles from the city centre Ideal for groups we welcome visitors seven days a week to enjoy 36 holes of Championship Golf Golf Academy & Driving Range Full A La Carte Lakeview Restaurant Lounge Bar with 16ft Videowall showing LIVE Sports

Thirty Bedroom onsite Residence Hotel EXCLUSIVE COUNTY GOLFER READER OFFER Enjoy 20% OFF our Midweek 2019 Stay & Play Packages when booking direct and quoting CJSUMMER

The Nottinghamshire Golf & Country Club Main Road | Cotgrave | Nottingham | NG12 3HB

www.thenottinghamshire.com For booking please call 0115 933 3344 or email reservations@thenottinghamshire.com

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Brand New for 2019 Tower Course Membership £60.00 Are you a? • • •

Beginner Golfer Looking for your first Handicap? Senior Golfer wanting to keep your Handicap? Nomadic Golfer wanting a base for your Handicap?

What’s Included? • • • •

Official CONGU Handicap Union affiliation Fees 3 x 9 Holes on The Tower Course Reduced Green Fees 9 Hole Tower Course Competitions

For further information please contact the Golf Department on 01332 782 000 Main Road, Morley, Derbyshire, DE7 6DG • www.morleyhayes.com • golf@morleyhayes.com


Profile for Alistair Plant

County Golfer Magazine Summer 2019  

County Golfer Magazine Summer 2019

County Golfer Magazine Summer 2019  

County Golfer Magazine Summer 2019